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Think back to when you were much younger. Did you have a regular babysitter who took care of you when your parent or parents were out? Was it a tween or teen who totally impressed you with how cool she was, how much he knew, and how much fun you all had together?

Most of us have had experiences like that. Now that you're older, you may be thinking, "Now it's MY turn to be the babysitter!" After all, babysitting is one of the most popular ways for young people to earn money of their own. Many IML'ers told us about how they got started babysitting:

Says Danielle, 12: "I do babysit, but for my little brother and sometimes my younger cousins. I had to prove that I was responsible and could take care of my younger brother without the help of an adult!"

Michael, 13, told us: "I started by watching my neighbor's daughter when the mother was home, and then the mother started letting me babysit when she was away. Now I babysit for three other families on my street."

"My parents decided I was ready to start after a few times when my parents left me alone with my little brother and I took care of him very well for about two hours," says Hilaree, 13.

"Two summers ago, I took a class at the local Red Cross," Jenna, 12, told us. "Then, my parents decided I was ready. I have to wait until I am 13 before I can sit for a child under the age of 2, though."

Once you and your parents have decided you're ready to start, there's lots you need to know about how to be the kind of babysitter who's responsible, safe, good at what you do-and has fun, too!

Printables Record your thoughts and ideas on babysitting with a printable IML Journal page and check out a list of great books on the subject. If you want help talking about this subject with an adult, try these discussion questions.
Read on for lots of great IML advice, starting with how to answer the question: Are You Ready?
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You Make The Call!
Babysitting Dilemmas:
You Make The Call!

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