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Male mentor Jaron

About Me:
I'm currently in the 10th grade at a small private school. I live with my parents and at times, my 18-year-old sister when she's not at college.

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I love sports, especially soccer, and running. "No pain, no gain" is my motto! I'm currently a senior black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and have been training for almost 10 years now. I love hanging with friends and listening to music wherever I go.

Music: I love hip-hop, rap, and techno/trance
TV Shows: "The Simpsons" and "Iron Chef"
Movies: "Black Hawk Down" and "Billy Madison"

Female mentor Jessica

About Me:
I live in a small town with my older brother and my parents. I love to write poetry, listen to all kinds of music, and spend time with my family and friends.

Hobbies: Writing poetry and songs, listening to music, dancing, exercise, and photography.

TV Show:
"King of Queens" any kind of cartoon because they make me feel like a kid again.
Music: All kinds, from punk to emo to rock to folk to oldies.
Movie: "Multiplicity," "Of Mice and Men," "Kate and Leopold"
Book: "Of Mice and Men"

To help people all over the world, and to hopefully become a psychiatrist.

Female mentor Jenna

About Me:
I live with my parents and younger brother Jordan. My favorite subjects in school are history and English. I volunteer as a listener for a hotline called "Teenline," where I talk to other teens about their problems.

I love to talk on the phone with her friends and watch movies on the weekends. My favorite place in the world is the camp I've attended for seven summers. All of my closest friends are from camp, and live all over the U.S.

Music: Oldies, Britney Spears, Dispatch, and Jack Johnson
TV Shows: "Dawson's Creek" and "Friends"
Movies: "Clueless" and "Legally Blonde"
Book: "The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne

In the future, I plan to be a lawyer or psychologist.

Male mentor Joel

About Me:
I live in Los Angeles, California with my family. I love sports and the visual arts. I play basketball, baseball, and soccer and love to draw and make sculptures. My parents and sister support me at everything I do. My sister is going into her first year of college at UCLA and is always a great person to talk to. I like hanging out with my friends and going to the movies. I am interested in helping out in the community as much as possible and love just relaxing at a Dodger game with the boys.

Sports Teams: Yankees, Dodgers, Lakers
TV Show: "The Simpsons"
Movie: "The Sandlot"

I want to live a happy long life and be a lawyer to help our communities be safer.

Female mentor Johanne

About Me:
I was born in Port-au Prince, Haiti, and my father still lives in Haiti. I've never met him, but I have a black-and-white picture of him somewhere. I live in Brooklyn, and the best thing about my house is that my whole family lives with me. My aunt is on the 3rd floor with her daughters (my cousins), I am on the 2nd floor with my Mom and sister, and my other Aunt is on the 1st floor with her kids. Finally, my cousin is in the basement. That's 11 people in one house! It's hard to imagine, but we each have our own room and never fight over the bathrooms. I attend NY Career Institute in Manhattan, and am studying to be a Court Reporter (Stenographer).

TV Shows: Anything on the Weather Channel!
Music: Gospel music, Donnie McClurkin, MaryMary
Song: "We Fall Down But We Get Up"
Book: The Bible
Movies: "Stuart Little"

Male mentor Jordan

About Me:
I'm a freshman in high school and live with my parents and older sister Jenna. My favorite subject in school is probably Math.

I love playing sports, especially soccer, lacrosse and football.

Music: Jack Johnson, Incubus
TV Shows: "Everybody Loves Raymond"
Movies: "Finding Forrester" and "The Rock"

I want to go to Stanford. From there, I don't have a clue what I want to do!

Female mentor Joy

About Me:
I am an only child and my parents are divorced so I live one week with my mom, one week with my dad, one week with my mom...and so on. They divorced when I was a really little kid so I don't remember them ever being together. To me, living with only one parent at a time seems like normal life. However, they do not always get along so it's sometimes tough dealing with their little mishaps. But I do having amazing friends and pets (5 dogs, a horse, and a blind cave fish) that go through all my ups and downs with me.

I love to do anything that has to do with art, especially painting. It's just my way of relaxing and expressing my feelings and view on anything and everything. I also love to horseback ride and work with different types of animals. I am also a member of my school's volleyball team so that's a sport I love to play; there is just something about spiking a ball as hard as you can that really gives me rush. I am also a member of my school's Pre-Med Club and Kids Aid Club, and a volunteer at a nonprofit organization that aims at helping less fortunate kids. This year I’m working on starting a new project at my school to raise school materials for children who could really use the extra help. And of course there is hanging out with my friends. I love being with them and they are just so awesome.

Music: I do not really have a favorite type of music. I love anything from country to hip hop.
TV Shows: You can find me in front of the idiot box every Tuesday at 8:00 watching “Gilmore Girls” and every Sunday at 10:00 watching “Grey's Anatomy.”
Movies: “Phantom of the Opera” (those people can sing!)
Books: I love classics like “Jane Eyre” (I'm a sucker for forbidden love stories). I also love books that have vampires in them like “Twilight” and “Cirque du Freak.” To be honest, I'm a bookaholic...anything with words in it I will read.

My goal in life is to try my hardest and do my best on anything I decide to do in life. I also want to live life to the fullest and have no regrets. My ambition for a career is to be a veterinarian. I am obsessed with animals and want to spend my life's work helping them.

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