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A Day In Neptuna
Neptuna Even in a city under the sea, a fight with your best bud can cause big waves!

It's Friday morning in the undersea city of Neptuna, and you awake, as usual, to the pain of your alarm crab pinching you on the nose. After feeding the crab a bit of seaweed, you take a quick saltwater shower, slip on your wetsuit, and jog through the airtube from your bedroom bubble to the kitchen bubble. Your mom serves up a breakfast of jellied seahorse and kelp juice, gives you a quick kiss, and hands you your SCUBA mask and fins. You dash through the housepod's main airlock and swim off towards the bus stop.

Getting in line for the hydrobus, you notice that James, your best pal in the whole world, is acting a bit strange. When you stand next to him, he gives you a weird look and then swims a few yards away. You swim over to him, but then he does it again.

Do you:
Ask him why he's acting so strange?
Call him a big dumb jerk?

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