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To Cheat Or Not To Cheat
Crushes In history class, you take a zero on your homework. The teacher assigns a group project to be completed over the weekend and handed in on Monday: a research paper about a famous underwater explorer. Since it will count for a big part of your semester average, it’s a chance to make up for the zero and make sure you don’t have to give up soccer.

You get partnered with your mega-crush, Quinn, and J.P., who’s on the soccer team with you. J.P. reminds you that the soccer team’s mid-season party is this weekend, and if you go, there won’t be enough time to do the paper.

“We should just copy a paper off the Web,” says J.P., “then put our names on it and hand it in.”

Quinn doesn’t think that’s such a good idea, but you’re thinking, “Party vs. research…no contest!”

Do you:
Copy a paper from the Web and go to the party?
Miss the party and work on the paper?

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