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To Cheat Or Not To Cheat
Mr. Boze You’re really nervous as you hand in your homework assignment, but your history teacher doesn’t notice anything strange, so it looks like you’ve gotten away with cheating. Instead of feeling relieved, though, now you just feel guiltier.

After class, as you’re walking through the airtube to the science pod, Zack catches up to you.

“Wait up,” he says. “You’re getting straight A’s in science, right?”

“Yeah, it’s my best subject. Why?”

"Well," explains Zack, "I need to call in the favor you owe me. I didn’t study for today’s marine biology test, so I could you keep your answer sheet where I can see it during the exam?”

Uh-oh. It makes you really uncomfortable to let someone else copy off your test paper. Plus, your biology teacher Mr. Boze is called “shark nose Boze” because he can always sniff out the cheaters during a test. Still, a deal’s a deal.

Do you:
Let Zack cheat off of your test paper?
Break the deal you had and tell him you just can’t do it?

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