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To Cheat Or Not To Cheat
Party In history class, you hand in your homework. The teacher assigns a group project to be completed over the weekend and handed in on Monday: a research paper about a famous underwater explorer. Since it will count for a big part of your semester average, getting a good grade will help make sure you don’t have to give up soccer.

You get partnered with Quinn, who you’ve been totally crushing on, and J.P., one of your soccer teammates. J.P. reminds you that the team’s mid-season party is this weekend, and if you go, there won’t be enough time to do the paper.

“We should just copy a paper off the Web,” says J.P., “then put our names on it and hand it in.”

Quinn’s not so into that idea, but you’re thinking, “Party vs. research…no contest!”

Do you:
Copy a paper from the Web and go to the party?
Miss the party and work on the paper?

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