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Aqua car You let the bus go on without you, then swim back to get your homework. As soon as you’re through the airlock, your sister starts in on you.

“You missed the bus? What a lobster head! There’s no room in the aquacar, so how are you gonna get to school now?”

“Excuse me,” says your mom, who appears in the doorhole. “It’s my aquacar, and I say you have to make room.”

Kelly agrees to take you, but the ride to school is totally miserable. You have to sit squished between your sister’s water-headed friends Tara and Clara, and they blast Backwater Boys music the whole way.

As bad as it is, though, at least you won’t get a zero on the history assignment. Your parents said that they’d make you quit the SCUBA soccer team if your grade average falls any more.


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