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To Cheat Or Not To Cheat
Another story of Neptuna, the amazing undersea city!

Sometimes it seems like everywhere you turn, there are opportunities to cheat on your schoolwork. Choose your way through the day and find out what happens when you do or don’t play by school rules!

Sister yelling 'Wake Up!' “WAKE UP!”

It’s the voice of your older sister, Kelly. Ever since you traded your alarm crab to your friend Tyler for a puffer fish coin bank, you’ve had to rely on her to wake you up in time for school.

Skipping your shower and grabbing a cold Shrimp Tart for breakfast, you make it out of the housepod's main airlock in record time. Just as the bus is floating up, it suddenly hits you: you’ve left your history homework back in your room!

If you go back for it, you’ll miss the bus, and you’ll be forced to hitch a ride with Kelly and her truly awful friends in the aquacar (a fate too horrible to even think about). But if you don’t go back, you’ll get a zero on the history assignment!

Do you:
Forget the homework and get on the bus?
Go back and get your homework?

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