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Beach City Blues
Uncle Jesse and Aunt Trudy You’re all prepared to have a lousy time at Uncle Jesse’s place, but it ends up being a blast!

At first, Aunt Trudy kept calling you “Li’l Squirt,” so you took Mom aside and told her how that made you feel. Then Mom said to Trudy, “I think our Li’l Squirt is a Big Squirt now and is too old for nicknames like that.” Fortunately, Trudy got the hint, apologized, and you two ended up really hitting it off. Turns out you have the same fave TV show!

Dinner is delicious, and afterwards, everybody plays board games. You and Brad even team up on one trivia game and beat everyone else. At the end of the night, you’re so tired -- and laughed-out from all that unexpected family fun -- that you don’t even mind the cramped guest room.


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