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Trouble In Alonbrea
Sunny day in Alonbrea It's a beautiful Friday in the Magical Kingdom of Alonbrea, but you and your BFF's are having a wicked fight.

Ahhh! You wake up to another sunny day (actually, they're all sunny in Alonbrea). There's just enough time to put on your school gown, kiss your dad goodbye, and head off down the lane towards school.

Your friends Gwen and April usually meet you by the stone fence in front of your cottage so you can all walk to school together. But today both girls pass you by without stopping, saying hello, or even looking in your direction. You call after them, but they don't hear you. Or are they just pretending not to hear you?

Do you:
Run to catch up with them?
Ignore them and walk to school by yourself?

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