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Did you go to summer camp this year? What happened?
--From Subha, 13

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Hello dear IML'ers! Hope everyone's having a good summer. We have some sad news today. :-( Due to a shift in focus away from tweens, PBS funding for It's My Life updates has been discontinued until further notice. This includes moderating the You Said It pages. It's devastating to us at IML because we love what we do. We fought hard to keep these pages available to you guys who rely on them and make them so great, and haven't given up yet. We're still out there, looking for more funding. In the meantime, no new YSI posts will be approved, unfortunately. We hope that changes soon. Keep your fingers crossed for us and stay in touch! Any questions, email us at itsmylife@pbs.org and we will do our best to answer.

I go to drawing classes because I want to be a comic book artist!c:

i love summer camp because it is summer

I go to the JCC and now I'm finally old enough to do their dance camp there! I got my leotard, jazz shoes and tap shoes for the show!

well i did not go to summer .but last summerwe went to the beach for my birthday. this year i have no plans

I go to Camp Whitehall and there are two different camp in camp whitehall which is called:camp cenmenton,and jefferson.I'm in camp jefferson which is sooooo fun.

I went to a day camp at the YMCA for 1-5th grade and in one of those years (it's been so long neither of us can remeber lol) I met my best guy friend there... who I now have a HUGE crush on

Camp is fun and i meet new people c:

i didnt go to summer camp this year but i went last year and i had lots of fun because we went to washington d.c with my crush

I went to a summer camp awhile ago. It was fun. It was like a theater production, but it wasn't acting (though there's a little bit of acting in it). It was a ballet summer camp. I'm still deciding if I want to do one this year or not

i am going to pottery camp for a week in august

I did go to summer camp in fact I went to ranch camp and I loved every bit of it. I have been going to the same camp for almost 6 years now. We rode horses everyday, rock climed, sang, made new friends, swam in the lake and the pool, and much more! I loved YMCA Camp Kitaki! It is the greatest camp ever!

I went to Girl Scout Day camp for 3 years.This summer i am going to Double H a camp for kids with disablites with my therpey dog Buck ok so it is only on fridays and my mom comes(and sits in the camp office b/c it is 2 and a half hours away and i cant drive) but still it will be fun and rewarding.

LOOOOOVE IT <3 I keep in touch with my camp friends year around, its my happy place, my home away from home.

Camp= Best. Week. Ever.

I have never been to a summer camp, but from what I have read it sounds very fun! My mom might be sending me to one this summer, but I'm worried nobody will like me. :( I have a lot of fabulous friends, but a lot of other people think I'm stupid, and weird. ( I love being weird though! :D)

i get homesick every time i go to summer camp

i just hung out with my boyfriend

When I went to my summer camp I really had fun and a memory when I had a crush.


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