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Have you ever stuck up for someone when they were being made fun of?
--From Sara

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Here's what other kids had to say:

yes I did and it was my fifth grade teacher ms. harris. One Day she was made fun of for her size and I Know how that felt so I told them to stop it.

one time this boy elijah .NOT ME because some people thought it was me because the same name. anyways he started picking on my friend william and i told to stop and he backed off i didnt know it was that easy

i stuck up for someone in school at lunch time they where picking at that girl and me and some friends stuck up for that person


bullying is very hurtful it even gives other people to not like themselves. Whenever I see someone hurt because of bullying I will help them and become friends no matter how they look like.

I stood up to my sister once.

I stuck up for someone, but when I did everyone lauged at me.

bullying is bad because people hurt you and i would stand up for someone

Once i stuck up for one of my friends who is really shy. Some bullies were teasing her and calling her names, and I told them that if they didn't go away then we would go tell one of the aides. They thought we were kidding, but we went up and told. Sometimes bullies pick on kids who are too afraid to tell an adult, but if you stand up to them and tell them that you aren't afraid, then they think that there's no point in picking on you and then they leave you alone.

I have friends and i tried to hang around with them since i started this new school.I thought that seeing as it was a three 'group' it would make it even if it was four.So i started hanging around with them and they started to argue.All because one of them(Olivia)was annoyed because the others were hanging out together too much and (Holly) sat in her seat in German.So now i want to be friends with all of them but I'm stuck in the middle.They all badmouth each other and have been to student support a few times to sort it out.I feel as though I'm spending too much time with Holly and Sophie, the thing is i really like them and want to be with them but Olivia's nice too.Their friendship has ended but when i hang out with Holly and Sophie i get judged by Olivia.And vice versa.I have found that friendships begin and end right in front of your eyes.I am glad they are happier apart, now i need to be grateful I have all of them.Love you all xxx

Yeah, and the funny thing was, apparently I wasn't the only one who was sick of the badmouthing. What I said started a revolution. Thanks be to God!

I have a friend and I have to stick up for him a lot. As I posted In Kids With Disabilities, he can't read. In the area I live in kids have fights after school at least once a month and I overheard the teacher talking to the principal. He almost gut jumped once. that was before I was friends with him. That was on a Friday. On Saturday I had made a pledge that if I saw a kid getting bullied I would give them a chance and be friends with them. Not out of pity, but because normally they are great people. In the area I'm in the kids either fight for power, or to show friendship and Joshua was playful like the disabled people I know so he would just be messing around and the other kids took advantage of that. Half the time he'd either end up saying stop a lot, and I would have to pull them apart. Then if they actually did stop he'd say "Man, You play too much." They're Evil!

I know this boy who is gay. He was wearing a tie-dye shirt. This other boy I know asked why are you wearing that shirt. He was saying it looked stupid and things of that nature. I said to the boy who was bullying that I like tie dye shirts why can't he wear them. The boy stuttered and said something like because he's a guy and I said that there aren't things just for guys and just for girls so leave him alone.

theres this stupid guy at our school and he was making a little 6th gadder cry so I came up and told him to ---- off then he tryed to punch me( hes really short) but I put a palm on his forhead and he couldn't reach me! pethetic!

Ugh, yes. This little jerk was looking at all the paintings we'd done in art. So he points at this one that had red and black song lyrics all over it - and mind you, I recognized these - and he says really loud "Hey Starling I bet this is yours." My school has no emos or goths, and she's the closest thing to it. I mean, the picture was hers, yes, but he was going on about the words (Die for you, Backs against the wall, Love you more than I can scream, etc.) b/c he didn't know they were song lyrics. So (this wasn't the best way to go about it but it struck a nerve) I was near, so I pinned him to the counter and yelled "Those are SONG LYRICS you little ---- and just because she happens to like that kind of music and you don't doesn't mean you have to be an ignorant ------- about it! She's not emo and she's not goth, so back the ---- off!" And Starling's smirking at him behind me, she's a friend of mine.

I stand up for my brother all the time.

Me and my friend were being bullied. I don't think she ment to. we were playing a game and (this was in 3rd grade) and she said "you 2 are my pretty stupid rocks and you sit here while i go into the future with ------ to save the world. you can't come because you might die. im special so i wont die" we stuck up for eachother and said " we're going to play some where else where we're not stupid rocks" ------ went with us to. ( ------ is someone but i don't want to say her name for her privacy)


I'm the one who has to have people stick up for me..

I stood up for my friend's friend. I don't like her much, but it felt good to help someone out.

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