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Have you ever stood up to a bully when no one else would? What happened?
--From Allie, 10

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Here's what other kids had to say:

i was scared to do this but i had to i shuved them to the ground

i had a bully shes a girl we were bffs in gr.1 and in gr.2 she wwas kicking me and hearting me i called my friend and the told the teacher i stood up for my self by trying to fight back but she was tob strong.

I stood up to to a bully named "Nyi-Jor By ignore ingoreing her but now are friends because I forgave her.

my friend kontandina was getting pushed down by this bully named crummy max but i wasnt a bystander i pushed him and called a teacher i did not see him again some reason though! :)

Hi everyone if you are a bully stay on this page i have somthing to say.I was about 6 when i got bullied.I was at reces and this boy came over and called me a baby but Then i was sad but i said "Try to cange your attitude or you face will be black and blue" and that was the day i stuck up for myself.

No because I am too scared. I am afraid to. I am afraid people are going to hurt me or something......

hi there this is brandi and im not a bulle and that is hared tell a andulte and a teacher about it and stnde up to a bulle and say live my frindes alone go right to the comuptre and go to subre buling .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....................

natstar249- that stinks. :(

Some kid was talking while I was doing work and after the class I told her that she was distacting me and everyone else but all she did was say la la la and covered her ears. what should I do if she does it again.

yes i have i said "you should just back off and just scram no one even likes a bully!" but then he said "back off before you get punched!!!" then i said "you should back off jerk!!" then he said "i-umm-no-yes-GAHHHH!!!" and that was the end after that every one hated my.....

I was tired. So was AA. we were walking. Drake punched AA in the arm. "It's not nice to punch people in the arm." I said. "I'm not a very nice person," Drake said. me and AA resumed our game. I liked it and so did he.

I was the new kid at school and there was this kid who looked like a giant and he bullied me.One day she started to say mean things about my hair and finally I got really mad."You maybe bigger than me but that doesn't make you able to hurt me"I yelled trying to restrain my self from punching.She walked away and I never saw her again

yes i always stick up to a bully because i get so tired of kids picking with me and calling me out of my name and saying things to me and i get very mad and say things back to the person whose's talking about me i will fight if i have to and i don't even care if i lose but im still going to fight until i win.i aint the one to be pick on and im scerious

one time I stood up to a bully and told hom go pick on someone ur own size and we got into an argument the best thing to do is just walk away and tell a bystander Have you ever stood up to a bully?

I'm not afraid of anyone...Sure,I can be insecure sometimes,but when it comes to protecting people I can get really...IDK.Mad.Protecting others is sorta my thing--I'm really friendly and all but if people mess with my friends I wouldn't waste a second to protect them...Even if that person was holding a gun to my chest I would rather it be me than my friends.I recently read somewhere that told what your doodles said about you.I doodle animals a lot so I looked up animals and it said,"You want to protect someone." How true!(^w^) I may be scrawny but I'm not one to pick a fight with!

Me and my friends were hanging out at a fast food restraunt, then I was shoved by a kid. He said,'' come fight me,''. I said,'' what is wrong with you,''. So my friends got behind my back. I shoved him back. Then, he decided to call me names. I said to my friend,'' call the people who work here,''. I told my other friend to call my mom. Next, He punched me right at the stomach. All you see now, is me laying on the floor. I stood up and I got to trip him. Then my mom came and a police came. They said to him not to hurt other kids. So he said fine.

yes because im not scared of noboby not even the boys

i sit next to a girl in language arts who is really rude. trust me i try to be nice b4 i judge peeps, but she is just plain stuck up! we have planner and she decorated her name on it really cute, with little happy faces and stuff, and i said i like how u decorated your name and she flipped her planner over! then she dropped her eraser and i was gonna get it for her and she snapped "dont touch my eraser!" also once we changed seats and i forgot the next day and sat in my old seat and walked over and screamed THIS ISNT YOUR SEAT ANYMORE! and threw my stuff off with force. fragile stuff. i said oh sorry i forgot GEEZ I CAN TAKE A HINT and she ignored me. oh and thers a guy named xavier he is my age he comes over and gets in my face i just gently push him back he is not menacing at all lol.

my frendfs wher being bulied i iked the bully and he was supended

I am bullyed at least four times every week so obviously I have to.

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