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Have you ever had a friend of the opposite sex? What's it like?
--From Laura, 11

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Nobody can beat my guy friends at being crazy. They drive me insane but I still love them (as friends.)

I have 3 friends that are guys. Two at my school and one next door to my grandparents. Austin is a nutball and funny. He really gets along with my sibs. Peyton always gives my sibs hugs in the hall and sits next to me in almost every class. Caeden is flat out wierd and funny. Sometimes Peyton and Caeden fight and i have to sort it out but i don't mind.

ferretlover217- I heard this song on the radio yesterday and thought of you. "Oh girl you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair get me overwhelmed. And when you smile at the ground it's not hard to tell. You don't know-o-o. You don't know your beautiful!" Have I convinced you yet?!?!?

I'm a girl. My Best Friend is a guy though. The majority of my friends are guys actually. I just prefer to hang out with guys because chikcs are just always in competition over who is the prettiest and they're always talking about guys and girls tend to be a bit more sassy. Guys are just laid back, funny, and some are very good listeners. I'm a girly-girl but I don't mind hangin with the guys :)

yup. most of them are guys girls are always figting so guys are a ok

Ahhh u gotta luv ur guy friends. They balance out my life cuz u kno how bein a girl usually comes w/ alotta drama? Well they r so crazy and funny and calm (by that I mean no drama) and honestly it's just great to have guy friends. What stinks tho is that Evin, my best guy friend, is moving next month. =( imma miss him alot!!!!!!!!


I have a bestie named Patrick and I'm a girl love ya Patrick - grace d


Its awesome! I had a best friend for six years and hes a boy. Whats cool about it is we share almost all the same intrists. And when ever we need edvice about how the oppisite gender reacts about something we always share what there is to know.

i have a bunch of guy friends. in fact, the oldest girl on my block is six, so i end up needing to play with them. i actually have a lot of bb/f's at my school to and before the boy/girl separation at recess i always raced with them and stalked two girls (for fun and they new we were). im so mad i didn't get to play kickball this year with then because of the rule. but im glad that the guys anywhere accept me and see that i really try to be friends with them. i think boys are much better friends than girls because almost all girls are quitters and are more intrested in dating and how they dress and look. BOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNGGGGG! id much rather play kickball with guys and NOT date them.


My best friends are two boys.

ferretlover217- I'm right in your boat. I made some guy friends in 4th grade, when we were 9 and 10 and everything was still simple. I'm lucky that they stood by me. Some of my friends lost their guy friends simply because we got older, and it was weird to be friends with a girl. I'm sure there's someone out there. Maybe the guys just need to get to know you. Honestly, the guys you've known for a long time are the best in my opinion. But anyways, I'm sure he's out there. You just have to find him. And you're not an ugly troll. I don't care what you say. You aren't ugly.

It's okay to have the opposite gender as friends. In fact, my best friend is a boy.

Well i have a few guy friends. They're nice, not mean! It's just like having a girl as a friend :)

Cybers3,Thanx...But...It's kinda hard for me to make new guy friends,cuz,you know,I'm older now...It's not easy anymore.When I was little,I could walk up to a random boy my age with a crayon clutched in my hand and simply say,"Hey,wanna play with me?" And we'd be friends.Simple as that.But now,I say hello to a guy,and...He just acts like a wasn't even there.In fact,he looks at a pretty gal,right through me,as if I was transparent.-.- I always was the kids person people avoided...I was the little toddler nobody said,"Awwww" to and wanted me to sit on their laps,I was the elementary schooler who the girls inched away from,and now I'm the JR Higher who's friends keep telling me I'll find someone,but I doubt it's true...I don't want a BF.I want simply an opposite-gender friend who will assure me I'm NOT an ugly troll from the GUY'S point of view.But,considering none will talk to me exept for the ones I've known since I was little...Nah.-.-

Yes, all the time! But now I have feelings for one of my male friends.💗

I do not have one except one who's my age and not that cool. I want one.

I'm a girl and all my friends are boys. They treat me very nicely and they accept me as one of them.

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