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What's your nickname, and how did you get it? Do you like it or hate it?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

My nicknames are Lil, Lilyan, and Harry Potter Gal. What? I LOVE THOSE BOOKS!!

Katie-germs is cruel. Like a nickname but worse a "contagious disease


I have many nicknames. My name is Alaylah but alot of people call me Layla or Lakey. My cousins call me Birdie. My best friend and I came up with nicknames for eachother. She calls me Chicka and I call her Coco; hence my username. I used to call her Vivi because her name is Virginia but other people started using it so I changed it and she decided to change mine too; there's really no story behind the meaning of them.

My nickname is Gus, from Psych. I have lots more: Foaly, Ezra, Gabe, Spazzy...

My nickname is mymy(My dad made it up.)

A lot of people call me by my real name, but I don't really like my name, so tons of people now call me Mandi, but tons of people used to call me "vampire-freak", "goth-girl", "psycho-lady", and tons of others but they stopped.

I like my nickname but I don't love it I mean its the begining of my first name,middle name, and last name. I don't make a big deal a bout it. No one really calls me by my nickname so I try not to make big deal a bout it.

Really! How do like when people call you baby? And they say oh it just a nickname! You just want I hate so much!!!

my real name is elijah but my friends call me bud or buddy

Mine is Kowalski, after a smart guy from a show.

I feel bad for you Rory44

My real name is Alexandra but people call me Alex, My mom calls me Ally and Ally Ally oxen fry. My grandma calls me ASJ, my dad calls my Al. My Grandpa calls me Alexandra a lot but all of my teachers call me Alex

my sister accidently called me addyboo in front of my teammates in soccer now ever time i go to practice they call me that i hate it

The mads!

My real name is Alyssa but people call me: Aly, Lyssa, Alyss, Lyss, LyssLyss, Bok Choy (long story behind that one) I have a lot of nicknames. 1485, Hanna-Lei is a beautiful name! There's nothing ugly about it at all.

My nickname (positive) is Dizzy, because (hold on to your hats, peeps!) my initials are MGM, as in MGM studios, which were in Disney, and Dizzy sounds very similar. My negative nickname WAS Mary Bob because my first name is Mary, and I'm called by my first AND middle names, so a friend called me Mary Bob for no real reason, but it drove me virtually insane. I kept telling her to quit it, but she wouldn't stop. Eventually, when I didn't invite her to my 12th birthday party, it sort of sunk in, and she stopped.

Hammer because I'm tall and athletic.

My family calls me Baby, my crush calls me My Beautiful Girl, my soccer teammates call me CC, my friends call me Valentine, and my classmates call me Mustachio because of my mustache necklace I always wear LOL.

GiggleGirl because people say I laugh too much. Is that even possible? :)

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