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Have you ever made fun of someone? Why did you do it? Did you feel bad about it?
--From HappyGirl, 11

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I make fun of Rachel Ray.Her jeans are too tight, she makes fried eggs all runny and barely cooked. She makes some really good salads though!

I made fun of my friend in the middle of class... she didn't get offended by it, she just laughed. I'm really glad because as soon as I said it I was like, "dang it, did I really just do that?"

I made fun of someone in 4th grade. now, 3 years later, when ever i see him in the hallway, i feel so bad. i called him "mermaid" but that wasn't to bad. the bad part was, when he asked us to stop, we didn't, we just kept going. i feel so bad and want to apologize again and again even though i already did in 4th grade. now when ever my freinds call someone a rude name, i always stop them. it takes some gut, but it works!

when i was 5 yrs old i made of a girl named deshana w i called her fat and ugly i called her those names because she was always making fun of me did i feel bad about it yes but i also felt that she really deserved it

I made fun of someone in first grade, I told him his ears were tiny (I was so bad at insulting) and he told the teacher I really regret it now.

I only have made fun of the school bully.......and its mostly my friends.......

Not all the team its 'Sueak' too

I actually never made fun of someone. My friends have sometimes and sometimes I just go with it, buy I don't really mean it. I sometimes feel bad for the person they're making fun of. Like a chinese girl in our class. Since almost everybody in our class is from Mexico and some of they guys and girls make fun of her just because she;s from China. I always defend her. I feel bad for her.

There is this boy, who dances at my dance studio. His voice was changing. We jokingly all made fun of him whenever his voice cracked. We thought it was funny, and he laughed about it, too. But apparently he actually cared and one time he started crying. We all felt so bad!

Haha Tiff (TJ) You ARE the class clown!! :p

CLASSS CLOWWNS IM BEIN RANDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made of fun of this girl name sharay cuz her wuz always severely greasy and she would be tlkin dirt bout others and then cry when we did it to her. No i dnt feel bad about it cuz she asks for it with the way she tlks,looks, etc.

Yeah, I made fun of some1 who used 2 b my friend. I did it bcuz she started doing so many things 2 annoy me! 1. She laughed @ every other thing she said, even if it wasn't funny. 2. She started being mean 2 others, like one time there were these boys that sat @ our lunch table, in the spot that we usually sat, and she told them 2 go away, and they started fighting! 3. She insulted my taste in music and restaurants. One example, I like the bands Green Day, Paramore, Metallica, and The Beatles, while she'd rather listen to Big Time Rush and Greyson Chance. Which, I have no problem with, but she insulted me while I wore T-shirts of those bands to school. She was like "I hate _______! They stink!" And I texted her 1 day, and I said we were going to this restaurant called Culver's and she replied back and said "ick! we h8 culvers bcuz they boul every thing in butter." she even spelled boil like boul! Anyways, I feel bad about what I did.

i dnt really evr dog anybody unless they tlkin dirt bout me or my crowd. but for future reference if u mess with ny friends i will find u an u is gona need a ambulance. but the people on ths site dnt gota wory bout tht

i made fun of a guy in my class. LOLXXXX!!!! :)

CowChow LOL the "random one" is making fun of people! It sounds like your super happy that your cuz is going to make fun of you. That's sorta funny

There's this boy in my neighborhood, in my grade, and on my school bus that pretty much everyone in my school hates. I bullied him a lot. Now, looking back on it, I regret it, but I can't stop because I don't like him and he bugs me all the time. I try being nice, but he just doesn't listen when I say I'm not interested.

OMG! Super cool 21 yr old cousin coming tonight! Couldn't find a good section to post this in so I picked a random one.

no i did fell bad about it she learned a listen --ayisha

Only people who make fun of me, so we're even

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