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Have you ever had a friend who was seriously ill? How do you deal with that?
--From Mai, 13

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Here's what other kids had to say:

i cry if my friend is ill

Well I felt bad for her/him and also lonely without her.

There is a family that is a friend of our family's and they have a son who is autistic and has had multiple siezures. Now, he has to wear a head guard so he can't hit his head if he has a siezure. We went to Disney with them and people kept staring at him with his head guard on, but I didn't mind at all.

A 2 year old girl that I know has been fighting Leukemia for 7 months now. For my birthday I asked for only money (Note: I have a gigantic family and the lady that owns Lonaburger baskets is my Aunt. She alone gave me 500 bucks!) and read a bible verse that made me want to give my birthday money to this poor little girl. She ended up recieveing an adorable teddy bear and $893 from Yours Truely!

matty, my friend is called isabella and she came out of hospital from appendix today

@matty571... AWWWWWWWWWW... im soooo sorry to hear that! my mom has seizure's and i know its hard... does your friend have epilepsy?? if no, what was the cause of the seizure? do you know?? IM SOOOO SORRY :'((

A friend of mine had a seizure last night , it has been hard on me because I also have 2 relatives in a the hospital one is in the same hospital as my friend

When I was super sick about a year ago, my friends were right with me the whole time in spirit. I had a severe headache that didn't go away for two months. Everyone in the class took turns collecting my make up work, and on days when I felt a little better, I would go to school for an hour or so to hand in work and get my other work. They would write little messages on the corners of my worksheets, and some sent me cards at home. My best friend cried when I came back, and it made me feel so much better knowing I was missed. So if you're friend gets sick like me, stay in the picture, because sometimes that's all they need.

One of my friends had this disease that kept her from eating. She was in the hospital so much.

Doitzudoitzu, my granny has that and it sounds like torture...... :(

Cakeisstolen, I have a friend named Gwen. I'm so sorry about that. It must have been horrible.

When I was 6-7 I had a friend with cancer... Her name was Giovanna. I hope that she lived... I have not seen her in a long time. If she is on here, remember maya?

the co-founder of my free school has sick-de-phybrosis. (that's all i can think of) and she can't come very often because she's in and out of the hospital so much. i really wish she didn't have a disease. we all love her so much! she would have so much fun with us! she also has a tatoo of 65 roses because little kids who have it call it that.

I had a friend with brain cancer AND lung cancer. I had no idea she was going to die. But one day, my dad said to me "You know your little friend, Madelyn?" "Yeah." I said. He said "Well, I'm really sorry Gwen, but she passed away." I didn't really understand death at the time, plus I was in 2nd grade. I cried for, like, 2 weeks. Madelyn was only 5 years old, :*(

I've experienced both sides of this. My appendix burst when I was ten. It was scary--only about 3% of people survive. For the 2 weeks in the hospital, I got tons of letters and visits from friends and classmates. It was nice of them but they sometimes came at the wrong times, when I didn't wan't them there. And I couldn't tell them to leave. I know now that it was so thoughtful of them, but back then I didn't appreciate it. I have a close friend who's brother has leukemia. He has been close to dying a few times in the past few years, and I always come to the hospital with my little sister and talk to their family. I hope that it's not at a bad time but he always seems so glad to see May and I. I care about him--he might as well be my brother. I'm really scared about him, and really hope he's okay.

mrtman, that's awful!

My freind Janet has had appendix issuses since we were 6 and and over time it gets worse like when she was diagnosed she could go 2 months without going to the hospital now she can't even go a week some times doctors think she's gonna die on her 12 birthday please help me I can't think of life without her

This girl (used to be my BFF) fell out of a tree and broke her spine. Felt really bad for her. And my crushes ex girlfriend has a hole in her heart and is out of school a lot for doctors appointments and she has to get surgery next year or else she'll most likely die. But she's a very good volleyball player and is the sweetest thing you'll ever meet. She's not really a friend though.

i had a friend who had heart dieses and in p.e his heart gave out and he died

a lot of people think when a friend is sick you need to give them space but, really then is the time your friend needs you most.;)Stay loyal to your friends!

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