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Tell us about your Halloween costume for this year! Why did you choose it? How are you putting it together?

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Here's what other kids had to say:


i went and trick or treeted three times last year eatch in a new costum 1 a witch 2 a vampire 3 a black cat!!! i got so mutch cady i had a room full!!!!

In 2011 I was a spider. I had rhinstines glue on the corner of my eyes and had pretty purple eye makeup. I wore a short black sweater dress, with ripped black stockings, and a sparkly spider heaband that I still have! This year I think will be my last year of Trick-or Treating becos I'm turning 15 next month so. I might be something weird but cool like a goth princess or something. I'm gonna start taking my only two female [1st] cousins trick-or-treating from now on; start a traditon of me taking them or something- some Girl Time.

I don't do Halloween, I'm Jewish.

in 2011 i was vampire witch and a boy said i was a witch.

i was monster high abbey bominable

In 2011 I was a teenage vampire this year im going to be a spy

In 2011 I was a good witch and this year I will be a fairy and when I was 3 I was Dora The Explorer. WHEN I WAS THREE!!!!!!!!!

Last year I was a dog, This year I'm going to be someone from Harry Potter like Hermione

I don't celebrate Halloween... But if I did I would have a princess costume.

Last halloween ,y brother was a litteral cereal killer!! XD it was hillarious! >:} kill ze cereal!!!!

omg that is so funny i was a hobo one year too 1485!!!

This year (2012) I'm gonna be a literal black eyed pea. Hehe

Man, I wanna be Katniss this year .. Dollarama, here I go! (Nevermind .. I already bought that bow and arrow thing there)

Ferret, Same here.

i was a hobo

i dont like when they have to pick your costume or the people you have to invite that arnt you r friends that stinks

I was Lil' Red Rage, you can find it on the Spirit Halloween Website. It's awesome, it's like a gothic version of Little Red Riding Hood, except she got scratched and the costume comes with ears. Yes, ears. Wolf ears.

This year my Halloween costume will be a princess.I just thought to choose it well because I look like one I guess.

I was a vampire! I choose it because I want to be a vampire in the future. I am putting it together very well!

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