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What's your best advice on how to have fun at a school dance?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Aussiedude, you live in Australia? Are you FROM Australia or do you just live there?

If there were baloons and snacks for you and you best BFF to eat and in the dance maybe a turn turn twist clap stomp turn turn stomp! With cowboy and cowgirl outfits.

be yourself and have fun! dont let anyone bring you down. It's YOUR time to shine :)

just do whatever you feel like even if you might be embarrassed you will still be yourself...like CTKOOLKITTY said... be yourself dont let anyone make fun of you

dance and dance and dance.....lol

bring a friend or bbring a date and act like ur self play some game [if has some] and always stay calm and have the last dance with someone u love [if your not scared]

try to do your best wall your dancing and dance with a friend

you don't always have to bring a date.Chill with your friends.Don't forget! Be yourself!

have a date or even just be yourself

The key is just having fun at a dance i mean that's the point of going to a dance ,right?

Be yourself and dance the night away!!!

Always be yourself! Show your moves

be more than who u usually r !!!! :) if ur afraid 2 shine... grab some friends and jam out on ur own;) at the end of the nite u will be pumped and and will be really happy you were braver than the other people were!!!! -Peace

At school dances in Australia, we have these things called "snowballs" where everybody takes a raffle ticket when they walk in and puts it in their pocket. At one point during the dance, the DJ will tell everybody to get in a ring on the dance floor. He reads the winning ticket and the winner gets to pick anybody they want to slow dance with. After about thirty seconds or so, the DJ calls out SNOWBALL and they both have to pick someone else to dance with. That keeps going on and on until everybody is in the dance. It's SO much fun and a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone.

I homeschool so I don't go to a school dance.

don't be afraid to ask a guy to dance

i love my family

At a school dance all you want to do is be yourself.No matter what here is a hint EVERYONE is scared too

dance a lot,hang out friends and have fun!

just be your self

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