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Have you ever developed a crush on a friend?
--From Amerissa, 12

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I have a crush on ******.

I have a crush on a boy in my class,named Ben g.

i have a chrush on conner n.

There is this guy at my school. He went to LA to do a recording and his name is Cayden H. I like him a lot! He is an amazing singer! Even if he couldn't sing, he's amazing. He's so nice and is easy to express your feelings to. He went on the local radio station for an interview and he announced his crush. Who was not me. what do I do?

I used to have a crush on my BFF, but I realized that if we admitted to each other (he liked me too), it would just make things really awkward. So I gave up on him because I decided that if we dated things would never work out and also it's probably not the best idea to date your BFF if you've never dated before and I realized I could totally do better. So this is for all the girls with a twisted heart from liking their BFF (boy or girl): Drop the "he'll eventually ask me out" idea. He won't because it's too awkward. He might if he's really brave, but truly look inside of him. Don't lie to yourself. Brave or not? And to all the girls that have a BF that used to be your BF+F: Good for you!

i realy like one of my friends i have him as a pbs kids friend but i like him more than friends should i tell him?????

Well.... YES even right now but he is kinda mean sometimes. By the time he knew it he was very mean to me and his siblings teased me about it and told him about me liking him :'(

I have a huge crush on this girl that I see at the pool. Everytime I see her in that bikini, I just freak out. Help me please, becaus my parents would never let me date her.

some of my crushes are as skinny as a pole

I really like Stephen but he's like one of my best friends.....

i am in love with this boy who is in my class we are friends but every time i want to ask him out i say it in my head and just walk away i NEED help

I plan on writing a note to him that says:you wanna know who I'm in love with? Read the first word again

I have 1-3 crushes but 1is my best friend it's weird we're so close as friends and he's a boy so close I have developed a crush/obsession he's EVERYTHING smart cute funny and he's nice to ME but only me? He hangs out with me all the time does he have a crush on me? I dont know

i used to but now i dont

I have an xbox and today my guy-friend mentioned my old crush that I thought God took away from me so we could never be together. He gave me his gamer-tag and all I have to do is add him and tell him about my crush ( hopefully!) PRAY FOR ME AND WISH ME LUCK THANKS!

Oh, yes. I've had 2 crushes so far, but I will just pick one. I have a crush on my friend Schuyler, he is, like, very awesome and everything you could love in a crush. Unfortunately, I found out that he isn't crushing on me back. When I found that out, I didn't flip; I just stayed positive, and kept saying in my mind, "he just doesn't think of me romantically". But we're still friends to this very day so everything's a-OK. Plus with the other crush I have, there's a very good chance he's crushing back, and he might be more deserving of me. Might. Just saying. but yeah! <3 ;)

It's on my best friend. At least we know each other really well. I can't date until I am 17, but some of my other friends said that they can tell he likes me. I can tell he likes me because he is always right next to me and cares about me. He touches me a lot and we girls like to be touched. Probably the most romantic thing he ever did was push my hair out of my face to behind my ear. It may seem silly, but girls, when it is done to you, your hormones will go berserk! Just guard yourself from going to far, and it will all be okay. :)

Can someone help me? My cousin Jayce I think he has a crush on his own aunt! I want to mention it to him because I think it's really gross.

be yourself and if you've got courage ask him out if he has a girlfriend just be friends with him that the best you can do :)

i have one on a really good friend that i have had a crush on 4 years but he might only think of me as that girl who has been his friend 4 a long time

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