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Have you ever been bullied because of your clothes?

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I have been bullied because I didn't wear certain brands of clothes. I eventually fell into the pressure and started begging my parents for name brands and they caved in but now I just buy name brands in moderation when we can afford and I no longer let it define me; I wear what I like, can afford, and what I look good in.

Yes, totally! I really like checking out fashions from other countries (France, Brazil my faves!) But sometimes I get so lost in other cute fashions that I don't look at fashions around me, and so once I wore a skirt to school. Skirts weren't really "in" but I liked it a lot, but this one girl, my frienemey, was really rude about it! :( Why do skirts get so much criticism? luvinu, I totally get what you felt. The skirt was probably cute.

brooklyn 3990: I 100% agree with you. I don't like any of the clothes you don't like! I actually don't wear jeans at all, cause I can't stand them. Some girls don't like the clothes I wear (I dress comftorble and casual), and they are always asking why I wear gym shorts that go to my knees, (most girls my grade wear really short gym shorts)

Ronald184, that is mean when people bully you. What do they do to you?

yes I have been bulied at my school often

yes i worre somthing tight and people thought it was spandex and called me fatty

7SleepersFan I know what you mean i am a toatl tomboy and i get bullied about it but since I changed schools I've not been bullied:)

Yes millions of times.One day I wore a long skirt and people kept asking me what my religion was. I felt realllllllly bad.

not really. i do sometimes get offended by wearing my favorite shirt or skirt because it's too big or too small.

yes i have,i had sneakers on that were looking bummie to the peopple.i dint think so.

no i haven't only my brothe bullies me of my clothes

yes plenty of times I am lucky for my big cousins!

Yes. I have a different choice in what clothes I like to wear than most other 14 year old girls. I'll put an x beside all of the trends teenage girls like that I HATE! (X) Super-Short-Shorts (X) Tight Shirts (X) Skinny Jeans (X) Bikini's. <--- ESPECIALLY THAT. And more! You can Imagine that I get bullied a lot because of that. But I dont do this all because it makes me feel weird. Its also because of modesty. I want to think about whether what Im wearing will draw attention to ME or will it draw attention to GOD. With that mindset its so difficult to find things modest and some girls may choose to wear one or all of the things I dont like but thats their choice and I should focus on pleasing God instead of the girls that bully me, or even cute boys.

no but my friend did because she had the saom outfit as this girl.

yeah, but when peace signs came back in style that all changed

no but i know kids at my school that have been bullied. i feel so bad for them. REALLY!

yes i have i couldnt take it geting bullied everyday

No, but even if I had been bullied because of my choice of clothes, I wouldn't let it bother me! If you like that shirt or pair of pants and so do your parents, then don't pay any attention to that person

no at my school we have uniforms

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