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Have you and a friend ever crushed on the same person? How did you deal with it?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Yes. Luckily, not now. This happened twice. Friends come before guys. But these people didn't believe the same thing. Eventually, they got over him. But a true friend would be willing to give up a guy for you.

Yes. We try to see by his actions who he might have feelings for. If he has feelings for my friend, I back off and support them because I know she would do the same for me

Actually yes, and i'm surprised it did. He's this guy in my class and my 3 BBFs liked him ( goldveil17 and superstar1012) it was really strange. But now he's kind of annoying now and by next year I guess I won't like that much anymore. Plus it wasn't worth liking him when your friend really matters.

there is this guy i liked i had a crush on him in third grade then in fourth grade and i thought that probably never had a chance with him since almost all the girls liked him. then one day my bff found out that he liked me and we became a couple and all the other girls became jealos so they thought that we weren't a couple they thought that i just had a crush on him and they kept on lying about me and being mean to me then they found out that we were a couple no one ever wanted to date them

When I was Elementary School, there was this kid who EVERYBODY liked, but in 4th grade he started liking me, the gothic, vampire lover, who is a complete computer nerd and track and field runner. After he started flirting with me, I found out he liked me and started crushing on him like a food lover crushes on pie. Anyway, after 4th grade, I stopped liking him, but he still likes me and I'm going into middle school now and he's going to the SAME ONE AS ME! Now I'll be stuck with him flirting with me for the next 3 years of my life, and what if we both go to the same high school! All I do is ignore him but sometimes it doesn't help. Please help! Thanks, The Goth NextDoor

i used to like the most popular guy in my school and everyone loved him he's smart and funny in a sarcastic way sweet and the quarter back of the football team and every girl flirted with him he was my first kiss and now he's my boyfriend!!!!!

My crush was at school and I liked him sins kinder garten,I am in 5th gade now and my heart herts because he moved to CL. and I am in FL.

Just a few weeks ago, I started a camp and there's this kid who is really weird and tons of people think he's goth, but he's really funny and nice if you get to know him. The thing is, i had one of my guy friends find out if he likes me or not and he said that my crush doesn't. I don't know what to do, because I still think he likes me and I still like him and a lot of people might think I'm weird because of it! I don't know what to do. Help!

Sam,I always wanted to say I loved you all this time.Love,Pauline

Long time ago, I liked a boy and almost everyone started spreading rumors about me and him.I didn`t know how to stop it, so I lied to them about the thing.In the end, I`ll just say how much I liked him.

well i liked this guy im not saying his name because if he reads this im dead meat! anyway he was very funny and he was in my class and my first crush. i thought he was so out of my leagu but i hang out more with guys with girls since girls can sometimes be female dogs

Niall Horan, if you are reading this...I love you. Love, Hermione

i have a crush on this really geeky and weird guy and later that year I found out that my friend likes him.So my friend[f] asked him out and the worst thing was he said "yes,"and my bff [the boy stellar] did it right in front of me but will [the guy]asked me out and we had our first kiss together and now that i think about it ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

every year at the last day of school I talk to my crush alone and tell him i like him.

I've had a crush on a boy forever and i always knew that a whole lot of girls liked him back and its like a huge compotion, but i have the advantage cause we're best friends!

OMG yes I have liked this guy for about a year and he knows but as neither of us can date there is no real relationship.Anyway my friends knows i like this guy and asked him out infront of me!He said no,he cant date but still!

i had my boyfriend in second grade and so i thought... but he was secretly dating my friend Brianna.

When i was in 2nd grade i had a crush on this boy who was popular ,always hanged around his buds, loves girly- girls and popular girls for looks, not personalities.I wasn't the swan i was in the middle of the ugly duckling and swan i was a sweethear and a tomboy. He loved the really mean girls and since I wasn't the bravest person,and didn't have alot of friends it didn't catch his eye and i thought of asking him but i was haunted by these words 'I don't like you, if you were a real cutie, i'll think about it'. And since EVERYBODY loves him of course i had no chance and since My mom would kill me if i had an attitude like those girls

One of my best friends is having a REALLY INTENSE crush compitition...She really,GENUINLY Likes this really nice and really sweet guy,and I think they would look absolutely ADORABLE together...And there's a 90% he likes her back.But her other friend found out and is now trying to steal him away...On purpose,just to bother her.Nobody thinks they would be a good match at all...And she only likes him to get on my other friend's nerves.She is heartbroken...What to do,what to do??? :'(

ok we know there is someone in your life that you "crush" on it may be hard to tell people but when you find out you have competion it is like OMG darn it so you feel like you have too say bad things about him or her to the crush i know you feel like you are betraying the person that is why i told my crush i like like him and he like likes me so i know it feels bad to tell your friend that the love of her or his life does not like them but that is how life goes see yah!

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