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Gossip And Rumors

Have you ever been the victim of a hurtful rumor? How did you deal with it?

Here's what other kids had to say:


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“No, I was never the subject of a rumor but once someone said I started a rumor about Bailey and someone else being love birds. I never even heard it!”
--Carlin, 10

“I have never been a victim of a rumor but my friend has. Someone in my class started a rumor and it spread really fast. The rumor was really mean. It was that this person had lice and was ugly and once picked her nose and ate it! I felt really bad for her so I told the person that the rumor was about and she started to cry! Then I told the teacher and we had a big class discussion about the person who started it.”
--Katie, 11

“Someone said that I have lice.”
--Nuba, 9

“I used to be really good friends with two certain girls, but they thought I was paying more attention to one more than the other. So rumors spread that I wasn't very nice and that I didn't want to be their friends or was a bad influence!!! Well, my name was cleared in the end. But my two friends didn't want to be my friends anymore. Here's a tip: DON'T LET RUMORS GET BETWEEN FRIENDSHIP!
--Hannah, 13

” Yes. I went to my friend and asked what they where doing, they said, ‘Nothing.’ I said, ‘Are you sure?’ Then one of my friend said, ‘I have to go home now,’ and then she went to her mom. My other friend told me what they said.”
--Gia, 10

"I just got REALLY mad about it... ‘cause the gossip was around in 4th grade & still in 5th grade... so... I'm REALLY angry!”
--Amber, 11

“My enemy always starts rumors. A few days ago she told a guy in my class online that I dumped my boyfriend and was going out with a grade 5. Luckily he didn't spread it. Soon everyone in my class knew that it wasn't true because they don't like Stephanie.”
--Emily, 12

“TOTALLY! I've been in a billion school rumors and I NEVER got hurt. Here's how I did it: People would say, ‘Hey Krystal, I heard Sam (the cutest boy in school) dumped you last night.’ I'd reply, ‘Girls! I'm the toughest girl in the 5 grade! If anybody dumped me I'd kick their butts! Gosh, don't you understand?’ Then I'd walk away happily.”
--Krystal, 10

“I have braces so I sometimes have to brush my teeth in the bathroom. One time, a classmate saw. He said, ‘You brush your teeth in the bathroom?’ I said, ‘Yeah, so?’ He said, ‘I’ve got to tell everybody!’ To show him I brought my braces survival kit while I was class president. Now my friend just got braces so we brush our teeth together after lunch. Best of all, he doesn't tease me anymore!”

“My little sister scratched some really mean girl and somehow made her bleed terribly. Rumors spread about my little sister because of her sharp nails and how she slashed the girl. People are beginning to call her ‘Freddy Girl’. She hates it.”
--Mindy, 13

“There's this girl named Valeria and she spread a rumor that I LOVED this boy named Antonio when I really don’t. What I did then was I ignored her and the rumor stopped spreading.”

“My friend Raquel said I wasn’t throwing anything but she was lying to the teacher. We started a big fight.”
--Laura, 10

“An rumor in school said I was weird luckily I know who did it. She used to be my best friend.”
--Monica, 13

“Hi. Well first of all my friend Tiffone tells other children about their parents and other things, like how they look, how they walk, etc. This afternoon I was not feeling well, then she came up to me and was singing, ‘Cindy go to hell, me go to heaven, Cindy is a butt, what is she going to do?’ I got so mad I had to tell her of her ways and behaviors. That afternoon she came to me and said sorry for everything she had done to me. I said that she didn’t have to apologize to me and to go tell the others who were feeling hurt and she did. Now we are like best friends.”
--Cindy, 12

“Once I had a crush and I told my best bud and she spread the word to the whole class!!”
--Koko, 9

"When I was in year 4, I was best friends with a boy but his friends were saying that we were in love when we weren't."
--Piper, 12

"Just say 'Oh yeah, I do it all the time' and roll your eyes. Just ignore it and act like no one said anything about it."
--Jamie, 12

"I've never been a victim of a rumor but I almost started one because I was mad at my friends. I'm really glad I didn't because I would have felt horrible. Don't EVER spread rumors! They're horrible!"
--The Blonde

“I got into a bitty fight with this one girl who ended up getting hurt. Rumors about it spread around like hot cakes! Rumors included that the police showed up, I was being sued, I have iron claws, I'm a homicidal maniac and so many more! They're not true! My claws are made of titanium. :)”
--Lindsay, 11

“I just ignored it.”
--Kat, 13

“I was, just today too. This boy said I was going out with this boy and I'm not. Though he is cute, I don't love him or anything. Just as a friend. It feels really bad when his mom is the teacher of the 6th grade and I was IN HER CLASS!!!”
--Katherine, 12

“I told my friend who I have a crush on and she blew the secret. She said I liked someone I didn't! So now like 50 kids think I like somebody I am just friends with!”
--Anne, 9

“I have a really close friend that I mostly do everything with and there was this guy that I had a crush on and my friend liked the same person. She walked over to him and said something to him that I did not know about. Then a rumor started going around that I kissed him and it was not true. I was really mad that my best friend would do that to me but I forgot all about it and we are still friends. The guy that my friend went up to started a rumor about my friend and the whole thing started all over again.”

“YES. I first talked to my parents when my mom was home or at work. I’m in school and these girls called me ‘Lashanda and the Chamber of Secrets’ but I ignored them and watched them get in trouble. So just ignore when someone starts a rumor.”
--Lashanda, 11

“People are always spreading really mean rumors about my friend. His ex-girlfriend tells lies about him and makes up things that never happened when they were going out. They also make up mean rumors about me and my personal life. It really makes me feel bad to be gossiped about.”

“Just the other day, this really annoying guy in my grade just made something up and told everyone. It is so annoying and I hate it.”

“A rumor was going around about my friend and me. I heard someone say it and I told the teacher. The teacher handled it. It was hard for me because none of the boys would talk to me except for my best friends Kenya and Rodney.”
--Cassandra, 12

“My friends spread a rumor that I liked this boy which I could not stand. My friends got in trouble. Ha ha ha!”
--Sarah, 10

“No, but if I did I would ignore it and stay away from the people that were gossiping about me.”

“Yes, sort of. I was in 3rd grade and trying to be nice to a boy that was always being picked on. Since I'm a girl I got picked on by everyone!”
--Katie, 12

“I've never been hurt by a rumor but I have heard them. I’ve never passed them on. The rumors always stopped when they got to me.”

“In my class there was this boy I liked and I told my best friend that I liked Riley. Then she told some other kids in my class and then everyone knew that I liked him and it was very embarrassing. Then Riley told my teacher that I said I loved him but then I said I didn’t love him so that is how my rumor got started.”
--Kirstie, 9

“In 6th grade everyone kept on saying I stole this girl’s boyfriend and everyone kept calling me really bad names. Eventually they all forgot about it.”
--Savannah, 13

“Even though I'm old enough to do that I don't because I know better.”
--Alice, 13

"I've been the center of a rumor before and to tell you the truth it was like living in a nightmare. My close friend got me through with self-confidence too. It's hard when everyone's talking about you and you have to wonder why they don't do something worth their while instead of passing on the latest gossip. I was really scared. Not only did people talk about me, they made fun of me and to make matters worse my boyfriend was mad at me too. The best way to deal with them is to ignore the mean remarks and try to get the story straight and stop it at the source. It was one of the worst experiences in my life and I would definitely not want to go through with it again."

"I was in a rumor. It was, 'Kelsey is in love with Franco' and I didn't love him of course. At first it hurt but then it got so boring everyone forgot about it. Just ignore it for now."
--Kelsey, 12

"One time a rumor spread that I liked this one kid because I talked to him and laughed when he made a joke or whatever. I just ignored it. Eventually it goes away."
--Tyler, 11

"I just bring it back to the person who started it. The rumor was that I had kissed my crush. The person who started it and me are friends now. The moral of this story is we resolved a conflict."
--Nick, 10

"There have been a lot of rumors about me at my old school. The way I dealt with the problem was to switch schools and it REALLY helped. I got away from the rumors and I have friends now that trust me and don't know about any of the rumors from last year."

"I was at school and one of my friends started a rumor about me. Then everyone ran away when I came near them."
--Samantha, 12

"It was about a crush. It was true but I didn't want it getting out so it really wasn't a rumor."

"Someone started a rumor about my friend. They said that she was pregnant because she's going out with this guy that has a bad reputation. He always makes moves on girls. One day at school a girl came up to my friend and asked if the rumors were true. My friend said it wasn't true but no one believes her. I feel sorry for her and she really isn't pregnant but the rumors just keep on coming."
--Anonymous, 12

"When I was in 6th grade I was on the bus with my friend and I pulled the fire alarm. I think my friend told every one of her friends and the next day she really didn't talk to me anymore. She was my very best friend and now she is not and we have been friends since kindergarten. I wish we were friends again."
--Ale, 13

"Yes, I have. Once these two girls told a rumor that I was in love with this boy. Hello! I'm only 12. I got right mad and told them so. Afterward I told them I was sorry for yelling at them and the girls who did this, were VERY sorry and trust me they didn't do it again."
--Katherine, 12

"Once there was this guy I REALLY hated but a friend of mine said I liked him and everyone thought I did. It really hurt."
--Nikki, 12

"Girls especially are said to gossip the most. When I'm talking to any of my friends, a ton of my guy friends say, 'Gossip, gossip, gossip!' It gets on my nerves!"
--Tyler, 11

"Yes, I deal with it by talking to someone I know and who won't tell anyone about it."
--Hope, 13

"This girl who used to be my friend told my best friend I was talking about her and my boyfriend kissing. My best friend got all mad and she stopped talking to me. Then the other girl became her best friend and I was so mad. Now it's like they spend all of their time talking about me. I guess they have nothing better to do!"

“People said I liked this guy but I didn’t. They never stopped teasing me.”
--Girl, 11

“About five years ago I was in grade 3 and five of my friends were starting rumors about me and stuff when I was not listening. I just told myself to forget about what they were saying and it wasn’t real. Besides, they don't know much about me.”
--Angela, 12

“I was beginning the seventh grade and I just wanted to be with my friends and that’s it. I didn’t want my friends to make other friends because I thought they would leave me, so I started saying rude things to the people my friends were talking to. The plan backfired and the people that I told the mean things to started telling people I wasn’t nice! This happened in the beginning of 7th grade! That meant my friends I was telling mean stuff about didn’t hear about it! That was the good part. So about a month later it all blew over but I still have the reputation as the mean person.”
--Stephanie, 13

“Kids at my old school made up a rumor that I kissed the most popular boy and I didn’t.”
--Jamie, 12

“People spread rumors about me a lot. I can never figure out why. I just ignore them because I know if I try and stick up for myself, they think I'm lying. I know what's true so it doesn't matter what others say or think. Someone this school year spread this rumor that I was going out with someone that I didn't even like as a friend. People usually spread rumors out of spite or jealousy. People usually spread rumors about me because they're mad at me for something I either never did or never intended to do. Hope this helps someone.”
--Jillian, 13

“At school all I do is try not to cry because if I do, everyone will find out and tell everyone else and make up their own version of the story. Then it starts all over again.”
--Hannah, 11

“Yes, I have. It hurts a lot, especially since people exclude you when the rumor is going around. People make fun of you, leave you out of stuff and even harass you. If you have friends who won't spread the rumor or listen to the dirt, the rumor is usually stopped.”
--Danielle, 12

“Sometimes my enemies gossip about crushes and I keep saying, ‘He's not my crush, OK?!’ It's really annoying but my advice is to ignore it. Don't say anything even if they make you horribly mad. Just feel calm and talk to your friends about something else. Change the subject. Don't talk back or things will get even worse.”
--Eunice, 10

“When I was in grade five this girl who was jealous of me spread lots of rumors about me. Since she was popular and everyone wanted to be on her good side, they all excluded me and I was a loner. I was too shy to defend myself or tell someone, so it just kept getting worse and worse. Finally, I told my dad and he went down to talk to the principal.”
--Sarah, 13

“I heard a rumor that some guy that I liked was going out with me and I was really happy, but then he said that the rumor wasn’t true and that he would rather die than go out with me. I just smiled and said that it was only a rumor and that he could think whatever he wanted about me. ‘Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me, but words will stick and they will show, until you agree to let them go.’”

“I've been a part of a nasty rumor. Actually I've been the center of a nasty rumor. It was one of the worst experiences of my life! Someone found one of my notebooks with notes and secrets from last year. Next thing I know, people are talking behind my back about me cheating on my boyfriend and when it comes to loyalty I am one of the most loyal people. My boyfriend is mad at me and I have no idea of what to do. These people don't even know me and are judging me by something they heard. Not only was I beyond mortified, a lot of people said really mean things and made me the center of attention when it came to gossip. Nothing they said had any truth to it, but I was forced to live with it. Luckily I sorted everything out with my boyfriend and it was all okay in the end. I still cringe when I think about how much of a nightmare it was.”

“I’ve been part of a nasty rumor before. I want everyone out there to know that a few good friends will get you through these hard times. Try talking about it, keeping your yucky emotions inside is bad. Talk to parents, friends, siblings or even a teacher. Don't worry, you can get through this!”

“I have not yet been the victim of a hurtful rumor, but I do know that rumors can be hurtful and they can also be a way of harassment and a source of cruelness. I think gossip is just a way for popular kids to fit in.”
--Kate, 13

“When I was in fifth grade there were rumors going around saying that I have been hanging out with this other girl and it’s totally NOT true, and I think I know who’s been spreading it. I think it’s my best friend and some other girls and it REALLY hurts my feelings.”
--Monica, 12

“Last year there was a girl who I thought was all right. Well, was I wrong!!! She started blabbing around that my best friend and I were fat!!! We are not fat!!!!! The worst thing was that I was sitting 3 SEATS BEHIND HER on the bus when I heard her say it!! RUMORS STINK!!”
--Sierra, 9

“This past year I was getting a sore throat a lot so I went to the doctor. He wanted me to get a mono spot test done just in case I had it. So I took the test and I didn't have it. Unfortunately, my mom was at my school picking my brother up and I guess Becky (a loudmouth) heard my mom talking about it with my brother. She spread it around the whole school and even the teachers knew! When I came back the next day, Becky shouted across the cafeteria so EVERY one could hear, ‘KATY, DO YOU HAVE MONO!?!’ I was so embarrassed. Everyone thought I had mono. They were all like, ‘Don't sit by me, I don't want Mono.’”
--Katy, 12

“A few of my former friends started a rumor that actually gave me a whole reputation. I let it go for the rest of the year and now to deal with it, I'm going to a new school where no one knows about my reputation at my old school.”

“I just hope that God will take care of it.”

“Yes, I have. They say that I was dating this other guy but I wasn't because I usually hang out with him, but we're just friends. Because of that rumor it ruined our friendship.”
--Denise, 10

“Someone really close to me spread a rumor saying that she saw me kiss a boy who the popular girls refer to as a 'geek.' It not only hurt me, but it REALLY hurt this boy. Only me and one other girl I know were actually nice to this boy. I don't know how to handle it! The girl who spread the rumor was doing all sorts of other hurtful things. This happened all of a sudden and I don't know why! Please help!”
--IML Fan, 11

“My brother wrote a note about me kissing Joshua!”
--Eileen, 9

“I’ve never gossiped!!”
--Raven, 10

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