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Gossip And Rumors

Have you ever been the victim of a hurtful rumor? How did you deal with it?

Here's what other kids had to say:


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"I am sort of ashamed but this year a person started this rumor about a girl in my class and was telling people not to be her friend. I didn't really like her so I kept the rumor going. Some people who liked her heard about the rumor and told on the people who were telling people not to be her friend. We got in big trouble by the teacher and that's how I learned my lesson. I know never to do that again."
--Taylor, 9

"My best friend Ambrosia told everybody that I liked this guy and now ever since that rumor he never leaves me alone."
--Kitty, 12

"I did nothing except be mature, ignore it, and hold my head high."
--Debbie, 12

"I told one of my friends (my ex-friend now) that I liked a boy in my class. She took off and told everyone. The rumor got bigger and bigger until he found out. After that he told all of his friends. I got really mad and that's when I started to hate him. I went up to him and said straight out, 'I hate you.' That's when the rumor stopped."
--Lilianne, 10

"Somebody once made up a rumor that I liked someone. Of course it wasn't true so what I did was ignore the rumors and told everyone the truth."
--Tatiana, 11

"They were spreading rumors in my middle school that this guy and I were going out. I told them, 'Just because he was my partner for a dance doesn't mean that we are going out.' I found out that he was the one who started the rumor."
--Allison, 12

“My friend told my crush I liked him and won't admit it! What do I do?”
--Briana, 10

“Yes! A lot of girls in my grade spread terrible rumors about me. I try my best to ignore it even though it is really hard. Sometimes if I'm really upset, I tell myself that it's not my loss if they don't want to be my friend.”
--Grace, 13

“Well I can't say that I don't spread rumors. Once I spread a rumor about one of my best friends and she gave me the silent treatment for a month. I didn't really care 'cause she was annoying and she really did like this one boy that I spread the rumor about. Anyway, I told everyone she didn't like him and then we were cool.”
--Jillian, 10

“There was a rumor going around about me and my mom. I just let people talk about it and they finally got bored with it and started a different rumor.”
--Trinity, 11

"I haven't been the 'victim' of a rumor before but my friend was. The rumor was that she was dating a boy named Andreas. She wasn't really. She didn't have enough courage to stand up to the people who started the rumor so I went with her. Since she had a friend by her side, she had the courage to speak up and say that it wasn't true and what they were doing was really mean. Eventually everyone heard this being passed around and everyone forgot about it."
--Marie, 13

"Everybody in school thinks I am such a gossip queen and I NEVER gossip! If I am asking for a pencil from my friend, to them it sounds like gossip."
--Ashley, 13

“There was a rumor about me and my bf. I just laughed it off. People make up some stupid stuff.”
--b_ballq3, 11

“I hate gossip. It hurts people and the person who rumored or gossiped feels really bad about themselves.”
--Shaunagh, 10

“I have this friend that used to be so nice but she changed and started gossiping about me! She said that I like this guy because I used to talk to him at recess and sit with him on the bus. Key words: USED TO. Maybe what she said was partly true. She used to be a really good friend of mine. The whole school knew!”
--Mia, 10

"My friend 'Sara' and I have been good friends for a while now. My best friend is good friends with her too. Just the other day Sara said to everyone else behind my back that she really hates me but she'll tell me that after her birthday so she could get my present. I found out sooner than that and she's been saying that I've been calling her names and spreading rumors that people shouldn't trust me because I'm a lying snake. She told her sister that too, so now all the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are spitting on me as I walk by and tripping me in the halls. They are accusing me of stealing so I get in trouble. My best friend continues to hang around with Sara claiming that she won't say anything about me but I've heard her gossip about me too. I AM SO SICK OF RUMORS AND GOSSIP! CAN'T ANYONE MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS???"
--Stephanie, 13

"Hey! My name is Tina and yes, I am a victim of a rumor. In fact, there's one going on right now. This new girl from New York is starting them. It's been like this for a while and today she accused me of beating her up and I didn't. Now she has all my friends on her side and it hurts because I've known them forever. Now she came and messed it all up and I can't stand it at all."
--Latinia, 13

“I know this girl who is a gossip queen. She can be rude and makes up things about this other girl and the other girl is like the nicest girl ever!!!”
--Britty, 11

“Totally yes! I dealt with it by ignoring people who teased me and soon everyone forgot it!”
--Jaimie, 12

“I was new at my school and I have a brother and sister in a private high school so I was like really preppy. Everyone made fun of me at first but I got in with the ‘in crowd’ after a while. The problem is the in crowd isn't so great. They make fun of dorky people and they gossip non-stop. I try to stop them but ‘the leader of the pack’ gets way too caught up in herself. It's like a habit for her and she can't break it. I hate it!!!”
--Roxanne, 10

“Sometimes rumors really get to me. The other day some girl came up to me and said, ‘I heard that Danny dumped you yesterday for some other girl.’ I said that was so not true but I had to check just in case. It turns out she was lying. Gossip and rumors can hurt people. She could have said anything and I MIGHT HAVE LISTENED TO HER!”
--Samantha, 13

“No but I heard many rumors abut my friends. When I hear them I usually do not pass them around but keep silent about it.”
--Kaeley, 10

“There's this girl at my school who no one likes much but I've never done anything bad to her. One day the boys in gym started a rumor about her right there in class and even though I'm not in that class she blamed it on ME! She said (and these are her EXACT words), ‘Cara if you EVER start another rumor about me I am gonna be really mad.’ I had never even HEARD what the rumor WAS!!! She still believes it was me.”
--Cara, 13

“Yeah, in 4th grade last year I didn't know about this gossip club. Then this year my best friend ‘Elissa’ told me about it and I was on the FRONT COVER OF THE NEWSPAPER! It was about ME and Josh kissing and we both were new kids. The cover said ‘New girl and new boy, girlfriend and boyfriend!’”
--Amber, 11

“A rumor had gone out/around that said I made out with someone and it was true. I had told one of my friends that I could trust and didn't know that she would tell the whole school. When we got to school she had told everyone so the whole school knew. There was another one kind of like that except it was that I paid someone to go out with me for 1 month which was also true.”
--Sydney, 13

“My reaction at first was bad in I got myself into a war but after it ended, I learned to talk it over.”

“My friend always passes notes to people about a certain person. I wrote a letter that had nothing about anyone and she got mad at me for thinking that I wrote something about her. Me and her almost started fighting outside on the playground. We were sent to the principal’s office and were told to shake hands and say we were sorry for fighting over something dumb.”
--Ranee, 9

"When I was at school one time, my friend said that some other friends of mine were planning to do something mean to them. I don't know who to believe. Maybe I could use some advice."
--Kandi, 11

"A rumor got out about the guy I kissed and I found out who told everyone and I was mad."
--Shawntel, 11

“My 3 best friends turned their backs on me and told this big secret to my boyfriend and they hurt me really bad, and everyone in school talks about it. It’s like that’s all they can talk about. I hated it so much but all I did was ignore the rumors and confront my so-called ‘friends’ about it and all they said was, ‘Oh well’…blah blah. All that did was make it worse but in the end those people who were my so-called ‘friends’ were not my real friends.”

“I think it's all PATHETIC. Who cares about what they all think. You’re the one who knows the truth!”

“I know how it feels to have rumors spread about you. When my friend gets mad at me, she usually talks to my other friends and then they’re mean to me. Sometimes I just feel like crying and sometimes I do. Advice: just talk to your real friends and they'll pull you through.”
--Anonymous, 13

“My 3 best friends turned their backs on me and told this big secret to my boyfriend. They hurt me really bad and everyone in school talks about it. It’s like that’s all they can talk about. I hated it so much. All I did was ignore the rumors and confront my so-called ‘friends’ about it and all they said was oh well…blah blah. All that did was make it worse. In the end, those people who were my so called ‘friends’ are not my real friends. It will come back on them.”

“Last year I told one of my friends my crush. At the end of the day she told her friend who told everyone else. The rumor got around to my crush and it turns out he liked me too. We are not really dating but we spend a lot of time together.”
--Jasmine, 9

“My best friend started calling me names and it spread around. There was a rumor that I was being mean and nobody seemed to know I existed. Now I have a new best friend. Tip: DON'T LET RUMORS RUIN YOUR REPUTATION!”
--Regina, 10

"YES!! I have been caught in a rumor before and it's horrid! The one I will probably never forget is the one going around right now. I told my best friend Kelly that our nemesis Jeremy had a nice name. The next day everybody thought I was in LOVE with him when I’m actually not."
--Megan, 10

"One time my friend told me a rumor. She loves to tell rumors but this time I didn't keep my ears up and listen. In her English class, some girl that was really nasty to me gave my friend a note with a nasty rumor on it about me. I confronted her and it sort of helped. I never believed my friend or that girl again and whenever I heard a rumor, I just went on with my life not caring about it. That is what kids should do."
--Dina, 10

"Yes. Someone began a rumor about me being abandoned when I was younger for having a disorder!"
--Carma, 13

"I have had rumors told about me a lot and how I deal with it is to just forget about it and tell others it is not true."
--Lauren, 12

"I was at an Awana camp meeting and we were going to do a race where we had to jump in a pool real quick and come back. I didn't have my bathing suit on so I pulled up my shirt to my bellybutton. The next day a girl asked, 'Hey, aren't you the girl who took her shirt off? Everyone is talking about you.' I was mad and told her I did not and she apologized. Every time I talked to someone I told them it wasn't true and that it was a rumor. I just pulled my shirt to my bellybutton and everyone made it to be something it wasn't."
--Alexis, 12

"My crush was spreading some nasty rumors about me and I cried for a while until my sister Larissa told me to not listen to jerks. Matt is still spreading rumors but I try to ignore them."

"I dealt with it by just not paying it any mind. I asked my partner about it and he said it wasn't true. Don't worry about it. That's what he said."
--Butter, 13

“My friend started spreading rumors about me talking badly about some other girls! I felt really bad, but in the end I discovered she was not really a friend.”
--Gabriela, 11

“My ex-best friend was always talking behind my back. This other girl told me about it and then I told my ex-friend to stop it. She said yes, but didn’t stop until a week later.”
--Angie, 11

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