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Have you ever been the victim of a hurtful rumor? How did you deal with it?

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.


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"One day at school I was sitting with my friend that's a girl. I sat with her rather frequently. Everyone said I liked her but I didn't. I sat at a different table on the opposite end of the cafeteria and I acted like the rumors didn't bother me. Before I knew it, they stopped."

"Hi! My name is Sara and like many other people my age I have encountered the moderately cruel world of rumors. I have many friends that are boys (don't get the wrong idea, here!) and I have been made fun for ages! For a couple of months, I withstood the catcalls and jeers, but eventually it got too much to handle and I snapped. I walked over to my friends and told them to back off because why did it concern them if I was expanding my social circle? Anyway, I was pretty wary after that to hang out with my guy friends, but I learned that it really takes a lot for some people to realize that different isn't necessarily bad!"

"My boyfriend heard me call my mom a silly head. He told his brother who is in high school. His bro told his girlfriend who she said to her girlfriends that I called my mom a wrongful name."
--Rosalina, 12

"That someone said that I am in love with a person. I said that I'm not in love with that person."

"I used to have a crush on this kid, but a popular girl said she likes him and that he's out of my league. I ran home after and cried. The next day someone said that he is my boyfriend but I cheat on him. I was hurt."
--Emily, 10

"If a rumor is spread about you that's not true, just tell anyone who makes a big deal about it it's not true and they will probably tell their friends and their friends will tell their friends and so on."
--Jennifer, 9

"I've never been a victim of a rumor, but I've seen ppl that have benew submen and I try as hard as I can to prevent them."
--Lyra, 12

"Yes. There was a rumor about me where everybody thought I was gay, (I'm not). How the heck could they say that? They must be blind or something. They should stay the heck out of my life. Why can't they see what's inside me? That's slander."
--Russell, 12

"I am having friends tell everyone that I hate them but my real friends don't believe them. Everyone else does."
--Ray, 13

"I had a very very personal secret that I shared with my friend Jess. She had the same secret. We decided to tell our best friends Shayna, Jenn, Sara, and Mikki. Then Sara told her friend Jordy, Jenn told her bf, Shayna told her bf, Jess told her bf and I told my bf. Now Jess and I said Jenn and Shayna could tell their BF's. But for some reason we told our two friends Daryl and Caleb. Well it got out of hand and my friend and I got mad, especially me."
--Jenn, 12

"All my life I've been suspected of liking different guys just because I like hanging around them. They're more fun than girls. Girls can be so catty sometimes."
--Tyler, 12

"I had a bf and his name was James. I really liked him but I found out that he was cheating on me with this girl named Amber. She was my best friend."

"I started rumors, but none that would make you feel this bad!! In 4th grade, Mrs. Riddle's class, there were two kids that were really mean to me. They started rumors about me!!! I knew it wasn't true, but the only people that didn't fall into the traps were my true friends. I would like to give a shout out to: Cristina, thanks for being a true friend, Sydney, thanks for making days be fun, Alicia, you’re my bff, thanks, Shawn, you made me have someone to talk to on the bus, and you helped me get my deck together, and Cody sometimes you can be mean but I will never give up on being your friend!!!"
--Kaylan, 11

"This year a kid started a rumor that I loved him and I kissed him. The whole school (or at least class) knew and were asking me if it was true! And worse, the first time I asked him, he lied and said he didn't say that but then he said sorry later and I was SO MAD!"
--Leah, 11

"There is this girl named Alma at my school and in the PE locker room she always talks bad about EVERYBODY. She acts like she's my friend but she started this rumor about this girl named Brenda who wore a padded bra and Brenda found out Alma started it. She said I did. Man was I mad, I told Alma that if you start a rumor, eventually it's going to creep out behind you and slap the back of your head. It was funny though. LOL."
--Rachel (llama), 13

"I have been the victim of many rumors but one will always stay with me. Once I was accused by people who I thought were my friends that I was trying to take away two of my friends' boyfriends. Wow…it was really bad. If you are ever the victim of any horrible rumor and you hear them laughing and asking if it's true, walk up to those people, look them in the eye, and tell them that nothing happened. Don't try to explain. You'll just make it worse! Trust me! It takes a lot of tears, but in the end you'll feel stronger than ever."
--Nicole, 13

"I haven't, but my 'friend' is. Right now I think she's still going through the trouble she's in because everyone hates the guy she likes."
--A., 10

"I just try and pretend I didn't hear the rumor. I just pretend like it's like every other day."
--Samantha, 11

"Once my friend and I had a big fight and she started a rumor that I was going out with my guy friend. Mind you he was ONLY a friend! He turned bright red and didn't talk to me for a long time. After I explained to him that my friend started the rumor, he talked to me again. I told the rumor starter that I didn't appreciate that she did that and she said that she was mad at me for starting a rumor about her that I really didn't. I had actually just said something that others perceived wrong."
--Racheal, 12

"When I was in the fourth grade, almost everyone knew I was best friends with this girl. One day when I saw her and she said, 'You're not my friend anymore' and I didn't know what she meant. I went to her house later and asked her what she meant and she said that this kid in my class said that I told him that she liked him. Then she apologized to me."
--Angela, 12

"When I had a rumor going on about me, I just went with the flow. Then the rumor got really bad and I felt so embarrassed but luckily my boyfriend was there to help me get over that stupid rumor. Now everything is back to normal but my friends also helped me get through it."
--Tory, 10

"I confronted the person who spread the rumor, then went to the person that the rumor was told to and told them the difference. Later we found out that the one who spread the rumor did indeed say it. This brought her no gain! She ended up losing them as friends and I gained two best friends."
--Not to say

"I was a victim of a rumor. When I was sick at home, at school a girl told my best friend that I vandalized the bathroom stall. But I didn't. My best friend gave in and they both became good friends. Also the same girl that told the rumor told another person. She said that I wore the same clothes every day. This time my best friend told me and the rumor girl found out. She started crying and told the teacher. They worked it out and became friends. Now I try to be stronger in myself."
--Kizzy, 12

"Yes I did. Some guy said I liked him and it really made me mad because everyone kept asking if I liked him. I didn't but I just ignored it and eventually everyone forgot about it."
--Hailey, 13

"In the middle of Grade 7, my so called 'best friend' and the guy I liked decided that they would spread some rumors about me. Not a word they said was true but everyone believed them. It was horrible! I had no friends and the rumors just kept getting worse and worse. I cried a lot but then summer came and I guess you could say it's what saved me. I went back to the same school for grade 8 and have now graduated. Switching schools felt too much like letting them win. To this day I do not know why they did it, but it still haunts me. It pains me to think that I will spend the rest of my life worrying if it will happen again and forever looking over my shoulder."
--Black Opal, 13

"My friend liked this guy named Matt one time and they were both in student council and had to put up the flag together one time. When they got back in class, my friend's sleeve was hanging down on her shoulder and someone started a rumor that they made out!"
--Brook, 11

"One day at school this group of girls started this ugly rumor about me. At first when I found out I totally freaked out and told the teacher. But the thing is, I made a big thing out of nothing. The first thing you should do when something like this happens is you need to relax and calm down. Just ignore what people say about you. Don't let stupid things that aren't true get to you. Besides that and ignoring stupid things like gossip and rumors, just hang in there and go with the flow. :)"
--Yesenia, 11

"I'm not sure if I've been a victim of a hateful rumor that I know of. I think I have been because this one girl Patricia really hates me. She likes to start really rude rumors. I dealt with it by talking to her (not yelling) and asking her why she wanted to start rumors about me. Figures! She thought I was the teacher's pet and she wanted to be in my position. I told her there is no such thing as teacher's pet. You call it a 'teacher's friend'. So we became friends after that!"
--Sharnelle, 11

“It wasn't exactly a rumor, but it was a girl telling everyone, ‘SHE IS A F-REAK! DON'T TALK TO HER OR SHE'LL LIKE, SPAZ!’ I don't think I did the right thing. Since it was at lunch and I found out while it was happening, I stormed over to her and gave her a piece of my mind. Obviously it got worse, and since school ended I had nothing to do.”
--Caitlin, 11

“Once I told a girl in school to stop making fun of this girl who had lice because I had it when I was little. She asked me if I got it from somebody or was I dirty. She told everyone that I was ‘dirty.’ I defended it with facts like lice actually like cleaner heads so if you are ‘dirty’ you probably won't get lice. And...you always get it from somebody!”
--Renae, 11

“This one guy I know started a really mean and hurtful rumor about me. I felt it was really uncalled for. I asked him why he did it, and he said it was because of something I had said to him the week before. I wasn't aware that it was that mean and told him I was just joking. So I apologized and he said he was sorry too. Now we're on a clean slate!”

“Yes. Ya see, a lot of boys at my school think my twin sister is hot and don’t get to know her. Then people started spreading a rumor that I was jealous. Okay, maybe it made me feel self-conscious, but NOT jealous. The rumor made me feel bad. The worst thing is it is spreading through summer so I can't stand up for myself.”
--Jaimie, 12

“My bff (Akasha) said that me and Jordan broke up. I'm still friends with Akasha and I'm still going out with Jordan.”
--Amber, 12

“My ex-boyfriend was mad that I broke up with him so he started spreading rumors about me like I wasn’t a good girlfriend.”
--Hannah, 11

"I am not only the victim but I start some rumors too! I am the ideal popular jerk everyone loves to hate in school. Though I and many others act like this we are all really using this as self-defense. I come from a broken home and I'm not going to give any details. I don't want anyone to find out. When I was younger people made fun of me because I had blond hair. As I grew up, I stopped taking all this meanness and stood up for myself. I gathered a group of friends and now I am lucky but I am nice to most but mean only to those that have hurt me."
--LiL Missy, 11

"I have been the victim of many rumors. At first it may seem that everyone hates you, but they normally don't. I just ignore them because I really don't care what other people think."
--RM, 11

"Yes, I have been the victim of a hurtful rumor. I hate it very much. People tend to start rumors about me a lot. This all started happening in 6th grade. All you have to do is ignore it. Who cares when it isn't true anyway?"
--Shaye, 12

"One time I was with my friends when somebody came up to me and said, 'You really did that?' I didn't know what he was talking about so I asked him to explain what he meant. He had heard that I could hack into the school's computers and change my grades. I told him that it wasn't true and it stopped spreading. "
--Santanna, 12

"I corrected them and found the person who started it and many other rumors of different people and told her to stop. Now I ignore anything that isn't any of my own business."
--Amanda, 12

"Yes. In third grade this girl named Courtney said I stuck my hand down a boy's pants (ewww). Pretty soon the whole third grade knew about it and some people teased me. By the middle of the year though, it was a thing of the past."
--Olivia, 11

"Once I was telling my friend a secret and she's a girl and this other girl named Amy (Grade A jerk and gossiper) said we kissed!!!!!!!!!!!! The next day everyone was saying please don't kiss! It was soooooo embarrassing."
--Marie, 10

"It all started this one day when one of my best friends came up to me and said, 'Hey did you hear that Anquon had been spreading a rumor that you were using steroids?' I was so ticked off because he had been messing with my cousin all year calling him short when he was taller than Anquon. Oh boy, did that tick me off!"
--Courtney, 11

"My best friend was the target and it just ruined her reputation. So we found out who started the whole thing and talked to them. We had to put an article in the school newspaper to tell everyone the rumor wasn't true."
--Caity, 13

"I have dealt with a rumor. One girl in my class told a boy named Miguel that I liked him. The girl sent him a letter telling him that I really liked him and that I was crushing on him. I use to like that kid in our sixth grade first semester, but right now we just liked each other as friends. My other friend Saul told me that Miguel liked me. I thought that was true but I think it wasn't. I never asked him but I believed what Saul told me because he was Miguel's best friend. I still was confused."
--Girl, 12

"Yeah, many. Just ignore them or laugh at yourself and tell ppl that whatever is being said about you is true (in a jokey sarcastic voice) then ppl know that you really don't care what ppl think about you and the rumors usually stop."
--Laura, 13

"Once a girl told some of my old friends that I eat octopus! Which is so not true! One of them asked me if it was true or not I said no. She told the rest of my old friends and nobody believed it later."
--Autumn, 10

"I was at lunch with my best friend and she knew I liked a boy in my class named Jonathan. She said why don't you write a letter to him and I said ok. I wrote, 'I like you. Your secret admirer'. Then I gave it to my friend to give to him and she put my name on the back with out asking me. I got so sad that I got mad."
--Mirna, 10

"Yeah I have. It hurts because they're saying something I didn't do or say. It's mostly the 'popular kids' that start the rumors. To deal with it I just stay away from them and eventually the rumors stop. A good example of a rumor is: This girl I have in my class is a real jerk and she hangs around the same girls that I do. One day I wanted to hang out with the other girls. The girl that is the jerk came up to me and asked me why I wasn't hanging out with them. I told her that I was hanging with the other girls for recess but I'll come over later. After I said that, she went up to the other girls and told them I was mad. Those girls eventually got mad at ME and didn't talk. After I told them what I said they weren't mad. Like I said that girl is a total back stabbing jerk."
--Alexandria, 11

"I told my friend that I like this boy. My other friend heard and she told almost everybody in my class. I'm glad school is out."
--Keirra, 11

"Once my so called friend started a rumor about me and a boy going out together. I ignored her and eventually it faded."
--Ashleigh, 12

"I had a crush on a boy and I told a friend and she told someone else and later it was all over the school. I didn't know what to do so I sat and thought about it for a while. I was gonna do it back (make a rumor about the girl) but I thought that would be too mean. So I went to her and told her how I felt and she apologized and told everyone that I didn't like that boy and every thing went back to normal."
--Britnee, 12

"I have been a victim of a rumor. I have blonde hair and it was long and then my brother cut it really short. My best friend (or what used to be my best friend) started a rumor around saying that it was probably a wig when it wasn't."
--Brandy, 13

"There was a rumor going around about me being a gangster wanna be. I dealt with it by making a joke out of it and now people don't be dissing me like that homey! Laugh Out Loud!"
--Janice, 11

"Yes I have. I talked it over with my friends and we came up with a way to undo what was done. I also talked to my mom about it. Talking things out really helps. A few days later my friends and I went around to the school and said that it was just a rumor. That didn't work at first but eventually the rumor ended."
--Katie, 12

"I have not been a victim of a harmful rumor, but my friend has. Some people found out that she liked a boy. They spread it to half the school. It hurt me to see my best friend hurt like that."

"Ok, I have had a rumor spread about me too! This is how it goes: I'm in 6th grade going into 7th, and this year I had one of my closest bffs spread a heck of a bad rumor about me. The rumor was that when me and this boy went out we went to the movies and my friend said that me and my boy friend supposedly did stuff in the theater!!! Plus, how would she know? She wasn't even with us!!!! Well, that's the worst thing that's happen to me, so bye!!!"
--Anonymous, 13

"Yes! My science teacher got mad because someone told her that I was carrying a key chain with a photo of me and her around and was showing it to anybody and everybody I knew. I dealt with the problem all right!"

"Just last week my friend Cathy assumed that I called our other friend Sara a name. Sara heard from Cathy and she wanted to yell at me. I didn't call her this name and I never would. We've never had a problem with each other. Then Cathy came up to me and assumed that I called both her and Sara the same name. That isn't true at all. After school she started yelling at me and asking me why I did it. The last three weeks before we graduated I didn't want to fight. Now I don't hang out with them anymore because they talk about me right in front of me. I used to trust this person and she really wasn't my friend at all. The worst thing was that she didn't believe in me."

"My rumor that my friend started is that I like this one guy who is really nice and funny. She started this because I sit by him and we play around with each other."
--Elizabeth, 9

"I have not been a victim of a 'HURTFUL' rumor. BUT they are starting a rumor that I am mean. They said that I like two boys named Daniel & Andrew!! These two boys and I dealt with it. Each one of them thought that I liked him & that is how they settled it.*<:)"
--Jackie, 11

"I told a girl at school that I liked her and she said she wouldn't tell anyone and she didn't. I know because I know this girl. Somehow the whole fifth grade found out from someone or found out somehow. The girl I liked got a little embarrassed and then we just ignored it and got used to it. Don't be embarrassed. You should be happy if everybody knows. This is my advice."
--Daniel, 11

"My friends and I fight because one of them will go and tell boys I like them when I don't. We all hate each other now."
--Carissa, 11

"No. But my friend (she's 11) has a crush on this really stupid guy and she's the victim of this rumor that she likes him…which is true."
--A., 9

"I'm still involved in this rumor. One day my friend Taylor came over and said this girl named Hailey had said these mean things about me. Hailey got mad at me in first grade because I had accidentally pushed my pencil box against hers. For instance, she said my dad was ugly, I was bossy, and people didn't like when I smiled. I really didn't like because she knew it was going to hurt me. I talked to my parents about it and I hope it works."
--Megan, 8

"In the middle of the school year I was going to class after an orthodontist appointment. Then this other girl and I went for a hearing and seeing test and she told me this dumb boy in my class told everyone I tap people on the shoulder to get attention when I don't! I just didn't talk to that kid, but it eventually went away."
--Ruth, 12

"I am now in the 6th grade on my way to the 7th. In the 5th grade I was sort of in a relationship with a boy and I think some people were jealous so they said mean things about me!!!! It hurt me really bad but that boy helped me through it."
--Shanteal, 12

"I gave a note to a boy I liked at school a while ago and after I gave it to him, he went around showing everyone the note and reading it to people!! It really hurt me because he said he liked me and when he didn't do his vocabulary work for school he called me and asked if I could help him and I agreed. But he was so slow at writing it that he asked me to type it and I really liked him so I did. I think he was just using me!!! Now everyone in my school knows I like him!! The worst thing of all is everyone knows me in my school because it's only one grade but it has 3 different towns in it!! Finally after he had showed half the school the note, my friend started to yell at him for it so he stopped showing it to people!! Worst of all, I went out with him in the beginning of the year and we went for a walk and he told everyone we did something in the woods. So now everyone in my class thinks I kissed him!! I hate rumors!! None of it is true!!! I can't believe I actually liked that jerk!! "
--Lindsey, 12

"No I haven't, not yet at least. I probably will one day though. If I do, I'd just tell the person who said it to hit the curve and quit telling people lies."
--Kinsey, 11

"One of my friends is quite weird. She started rumors about HERSELF. She text messaged people, from an unknown mobile and told them that she had a boyfriend and kissed him in the back of his car. She said he was called Ollie and was 16 years old and from Ireland! People found out she was lying when my friend showed my other friend a text that she supposedly received from Ollie. My other friend saw who the sender was and she had sent the text to herself from the same mobile! She was sort of bullied after that. I am still her friend, because my group of friends and I usually go against the crowd. But we are friends with most of the crowd. Anyway, I am not sure if I can trust her anymore. What do you think?"
--Laura, 13

"A rumor was started about me and my best friends by some guy in his senior year. We were laughing and talking about some of the secrets we'd shared on the night of a sleepover. The senior guy REALLY jumped to conclusions just to make us look bad and he thought he was being SO cool. He told the guys in our class some really perverted things and they believed him! Worst of all, they wouldn't even tell us exactly what was going on. Luckily, their consciences got to them before the rumor could spread and they apologized. As for the senior, we'll never tell HIM anything ever again!"
--Raelyn, 12

"Yes, I dealt with it by ignoring it and told a teacher in my school and they took care of it. I told the teacher it wasn't true and the people that started the rumor had to apologize about it!"
--Annelise, 12

"Some of you people are such teenagers. You're so wrapped up in yourselves and your 'too cool to live' friends, that you don't even notice that the rumors of you going out with the school geek don't just affect you! What about the poor 'geek'???!! You haven't even bothered to get to know him/her, and all these rumors are making him/her feel like dirt! Don't be so small-minded and petty, learn to grow up and get LIVES."
--Laura, 13

"One of my ex-BFF’s is mad at me and my other friend. She is trying to get everyone to dislike us and she is saying many untruthful and hurtful things to others about us. It is so hard going to school because she is there and we are in the same class. I have stood up to her and I am proud of myself for that. When you suspect people to be spreading rumors, approach them about the situation. It helps a lot more than just letting everything go."
--Amanda, 13

“Some girls made a prank call to this guy pretending to be me and asked him out. When we got back from X-mas break, everyone thought I asked him out and made fun of me for it and it hurt a lot.”

“I heard that I kissed Patrick and that’s not true. My friend told me and Omar told her and he heard it from Linda who hates me. So I told the teacher and she never started rumors after that.”
--Monica, 11

“I started hanging out with other kids because my ex-best friend started being mean to me. So I told the other kids a secret my ex- best friend told me. My friend now has a homepage and she put the secret on her page. Now my ex-best friend is mad and I really want to be her friend.”
--Britini, 10

“I'm in school right now and I'm serious because I want to get into a good college. Sometimes people can't see that I can laugh and be funny, so I hear a lot of gossip that I can't have a good time and that I am sort of weird. So my advice to people like me is to try to be yourself, even if you do act serious in school!!!”
--Alex, 10

"When I was in 5th grade, a couple of snobby girls started saying that I liked this nerdy boy. He is funny to talk to and since he was in my class, we did talk a lot. I didn't like him at all and I still don't like him. They act like you can't talk to a person of a different gender without having to like them. I told them that I didn't like him and that we were just friends. I also told them that since we are in the same class we know each other better than some other people do. Now people know that I don't like him and that we are just friends."
--Alyssa, 12

"These guys in my class started to tell rumors that me and Josh, a guy in my class, were going out. But it wasn't true and I don't even like him."
--Katie, 12

“The rumor was that I went out with someone and made out with her. I stayed in a stall in school and cried for half an hour.”
--Russell, 11

“In fourth grade I found out that there was a rumor going around since second grade that I was ‘skin and bones.’ Most of the guys and even some of my best friends called me that behind my back. Some of the boys even teased me about how fast I ran and stuff. I was really hurt and mad at a lot of people.”
--Rebecca, 11

“Once I was new in a school after I moved from Mississippi. I talked different than everyone and a girl started a rumor that I was a hillbilly.”
--Kassandra, 11

“It made me feel very angry and sad but my best friend Autumn made me feel better.”
--Micah, 11

"My friend told a certain kind of an emotional rumor! Believe me, it's not fun to have a rumor told about you because all it does is change and get worse, so don't spread one!! I'm from Arkansas and I know."
--Lindsey, 13

"Yeah, my friend once spread a rumor about me that I liked this girl that I really hate. The whole school believed him and they started teasing me about it. Once I convinced them that I didn't like this girl, they liked me again."
--Daniel, 12

"Once a girl who I was sort of friends with told another one of my friends that I didn't like her. That friend told me and I asked the other girl about it and decided NEVER to tell her any secrets EVER because she doesn't even need a true secret to spread."
--Talia, 10

"There once was a rumor that I was a vampire in disguise. I hated it, but thought that it was funny, too. I laughed it off. NOW they think I'm a mass murderer and call me 'Jenny the Homicidal Maniac.' Oh, yeesh."
--Sosoco, 12

"Yes, I have been a victim of a hurtful rumor. Once there was this girl, she was so mean to me! It happened when I was at school sitting in the hallway with the rest of the group. After that I didn't really want to talk to her anymore. I am so happy that I am not in the same school as she is. I also remembered she gossiped to another girl about how rude I was. I was wearing Barbie shoes and that mean girl told me that she hated my Barbie shoes. That made me hate that girl and not like my shoes."
--Ivy, 10

"Yep, in grade six I had head lice. Someone found out I had gotten it and everyone made fun of me and all my friends turned their back on me. I eventually got over it just by saying that everything they said wasn't true."
--E., 13

"I just walked away and didn't say a word. It was hurtful but they can think what they want. It's a free country."
--Thalia, 9

"When I'm a victim like that, I ignore it because it's not a true fact. If I also know who started the rumor, I would go up to them and set their facts straight!"
--Duchana, 11

"I hate rumors. My ex-bff is spreading nasty rumors about me and my boyfriend and everyone believes them."
--Jamie, 12

"My friend Jennifer talks about me and me and her always gets into verbal fights. She always says I'm two-faced behind my back and self-centered. I find out by people telling me."

"I have been and I can hardly believe how hurtful it was. Why anyone would say such a thing is a beyond me. I mean, other than all the obvious and proven reasons, what's the point? Anyway, these kids said once that I stole a pencil from this other kid, right? Then that kid's friends and friends of their friends all thought so too. Soon enough, everyone thought I was the biggest thief of all and that I would swipe anything that wasn't glued down. The funny thing was, I actually liked the rumor. It gave me quite a reputation. It was intended to be hurtful though and that's what counts. Don't spread rumors."

"I have been a victim of a hurtful rumor and the best way to settle it is to tell the truth to a lot of people. Soon everyone will stop the rumor."
--Kristina, 13

"YES. At my school everybody tells rumors about me and says mean things like I have lice and don't take showers. But I do exactly the opposite of what they say. It kinda hurts my feelings. I don't know what 2 do. Please help!:("
--Annie, 11

"The rumor that my best friend spread to the whole school was that me and a guy were hanging out and that hurt me really bad. I decided to talk about it to her but she said so many bad things to me that we got into a fight on the playground."
--Yuri, 13

"A girl has been telling secrets about me liking a boy that I actually do like but I am getting tired of it. The girl used to be my friend."
--Abigail, 9

"Yes. I was accused of being in love with a girl in my class. I simply said it wasn't true and continued saying that. Eventually, everyone got bored of it and now it only comes up if people get mad at me for acing an exam or something like that."

"For years people said rumors about me being a 'psycho' and that I 'hated everyone.' So for years no one would talk to me because of it. I was a just a quiet timid girl."

"I've helped rumors before. I hate it when I do something like that. It's not nice. How does that make others feel? I know I'd be hurt if someone was talking about me. I don't think I'd do anything about it but I still wouldn't like it very much."
--Angel, 12

"One time a girl told my best friend I called her gay. Then my friend told. To deal with it, ask your friend if she thinks it's true. If she says yes she isn't a very good friend."
--Jessica, 10

"At my school a lot of things have been going around about me. My boyfriend even dumped me because of them. Now these rumors are all around and people believe them because there is some truth to them. It hurts a lot to know my friends are doing this. How do I stop it? The rumors hurt so much and sometimes I can't get schoolwork done. I just want everything to end and I'm sick of being hurt! Please help me and soon!!!"
--Sasha, 13

"Yes. Everybody thinks I am going out with the school geek but hello people! I'm not! I just tell anybody that asks, no, and now nobody thinks that."
--Ashley, 13

"It was going around that this boy named Robert said that me and another boy were going out when we weren't."
--Lyndsey, 11

"Yes, sad to say I have been in the middle of a hurtful rumor. Since I was 7 I've had a disease called ADHD. I have been to many different public schools in New York because of the rumors that have been said about me. My friends started telling the boys that I liked that I got ADHD from doing drugs. Now that I am in middle school, everyone feels sorry for me only because of my past and I really don't like it. My only wish is that people would just like me because I'm me and not because I have a disease that affects my learning, my attitude, and because I'm always hyper-active all the time. "
--Emily, 11

"I was at school and I told my most trusted friend that I had a crush on a boy named Luke. She told almost everyone in the school. I couldn't go to school for a couple days. So if you are part of a rumor you don't like, don't be friends with the one who started it!!!"
--C, 10

"I have never been the victim of a rumor but I have started one. My friend told me who she liked and I told my neighbor. Luckily nobody found out. Now I feel really bad because my other friend was teasing me about who I liked. Now I know how she felt and I will never say anything ever again!"

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