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Gossip And Rumors: Did You Hear?

You hear a juicy tidbit from a friend, who heard it from another friend, who heard it from a person in the hall, who read it on a note passed in math class, which was written by somebody who probably just made it up.

Chances are, rumors and gossip are always floating around your school or community. That's totally normal. After all, everyone gossips-even parents, celebrities, and politicians. It's part of how we communicate and stay connected with other people's lives.

Sometimes, this is harmless, but at other times, it can be very hurtful to individuals, friendships, and whole groups of people. Did you know that spreading rumors about someone is a form of bullying? Yep.

Let's talk about what rumors and gossip really are, why people circulate them, and how you can stop them from doing damage to you and the people you care about. We also have lots of comments from IML'ers about their opinions on this issue.

Our thanks to Sheryl Gonda, M.A., a National Trainer and Co-Facilitator of the Mentor Team with the Ophelia Project in Erie, PA, for her contribution to this topic.

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