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Change That Nickname!

A lot of people get stuck with yucky nicknames that make them feel bad about themselves. You might have tripped over your foot once and earned the name "Klutzo." But you know that there are a lot of great things about you that could earn you a better nickname!

Here are five examples of kids who got pegged with bad nicknames because of one little thing about them. Take a look at the descriptions of the kids' other attributes and skills, and see if you can come up with some nicknames that are more positive! Be as creative as you want, and remember, you're trying to make up cool nicknames that will make the kids feel good about themselves.

We've done the first one so you can see what we're getting at.

1. Judy has braces, so some of the kids call her Traintracks.

Judy also has really interesting taste in clothes, is an expert rollerblader, and keeps a collection of butterfly and moth pictures.

Some positive nicknames for Judy might be:

Snazzy___________, Rollergirl___________ or Butterfly___________

2. Brian isn't as tall as the other kids in his class, so some of them call him Short Stuff.

Brian also has his own go-kart, is great at video games, and wants to be an airline pilot.

Some positive nicknames for Brian might be:

_________________ , ________________ or _________________

3. Lizzie had a bad hair day about a month ago, and some kids still call her Frizzy Lizzie.

Lizzie is also a great basketball player, loves to watch action and adventure movies, and goes skiing every weekend in winter.

Some positive nicknames for Lizzie might be:

_________________ , ________________ or _________________

4. Jamal struck out in a big baseball game, so a few of his classmates call him Choker.

Jamal is also one of the best chess players in the state, knows the answer to every music trivia question you can think of, and can throw a Frisbee the length of a football field.

Some positive nicknames for Jamal might be:

_________________ , ________________ or _________________

5. Callie once fell asleep in math class, so a couple of kids gave her the nickname Zombie Girl.

Callie also sings in her own band, had a poem published in a local magazine, and wears a different watch every day of the week.

Some positive nicknames for Callie might be:

_________________ , ________________ or _________________

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