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What's your nickname, and how did you get it? Do you like it or hate it?

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Nicknames: Advice from the IML Mentors

From Ashlee
About four years ago I got really mad at my boyfriend and took it out on a punching bag. His older brother walked right behind it and got knocked out pretty hard. To top things

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From the Mentors
off I wasn't wearing any gloves, which caused my knuckles to get ripped to be bare and bloody. That's where I picked up the nickname "Rocky" and let me tell you...I hated it! People at school called me it and so did everyone at work, I worked for McDonald's at the time. I got really frustrated and embarrassed at first, but then I just found a way to take it into perspective. When people would joke around with me about it I would go right along with it. People would comment on my knuckles and I would respond with, "You should have seen the other guy."

From Lonnie
I still am a victim of nicknames. Sometimes nicknames can be used to put people down. But, I also have a non-offensive nickname which is Raci (pronounced Rasi). I feel that if your peers are cracking jokes on you and you want them to stop but they continue to joke with you then you ought to really review your relationship with them and ask yourself if they are really worth your time. Another point that I want to bring up is that sometimes you should forgive people that put you down. It hurts but you also must learn not to let the people that use jokes destroy your confidence.


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