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What's your nickname, and how did you get it? Do you like it or hate it?

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Nicknames: Celeb Nicknames Almost everybody has had to deal with a yucky nickname at some time or another! Take a look at this list of famous folks and the nicknames they had to endure when they were younger.
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Bucky Beaver: Jenna Elfman (Dharma and Greg) had to suffer through this nickname because of her overbite! Jenna Elfman

Skeletor: Schoolmates gave this nickname to actress Cameron Diaz (Charlie's Angels) because she was so skinny that she looked like a skeleton!

Fish Lips: Kids stuck this one on model/actress Denise Richards as a way of making fun of her puffy mouth!

Leonardo Retardo: Leonardo Dicaprio earned this name because he liked to cheat off his classmate's papers and people thought he was dumb.

Storky: Nicole Kidman was stuck with this name thanks to her height!

Nasty nicknames like these can come from the way someone looks, walks, acts or talks, or even from one particular thing someone does. For all we know, Leonardo Dicaprio only cheated once (or maybe not at all!) but the other kids were able to stick that nickname to him, and it's a fair bet he didn't like it very much.

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