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What makes your crush, well, your crush?
--From Angela, 8

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"david archulatta is AWESOME! IML should interview him! --Jacoby Ellsbury's Girlfriend"
--aka Madi :-), 12

"What makes tyler my crush is his compatability with me , and that he is so sweet"
--Ciara, 12

"Ok, this boy asked me out in 4th grade I said NO because i thought it was a joke.know he dates somene that i hate! maybe to make me jelous because my bff heard him say something mean about me she was like "whatever you know you still like kaliyha" and we were both blushing and he didn't speak to me for the rest of the day while he usually talks to me 24/7 WHAT SHOULD I DO? ANY ADVICE REPLY ASAP PLEASE"
--popgirl11, 11

"JedLowrieFan, 13, ok do you not like Jacoby Ellsbury anymore? Or do you just wanna change your user name for a while. cuz im still obssesed with Ellsbury. I was sad when we lost last night but Ellsbury got a double in the 14th! --Jacoby Ellsbury's Girlfriend"
--aka: Madi :-), 12

"arrrgh! i still am not seeing my CRUSH! i miss him sooo much! he's soooo HOT!=D"
--ILoveJamesNotJeremy!, 11

"U girls need to no boys are not everythings! so stop talking about them"
--non of your biz, 11

"ok i have two things: one, there is a kid in my biology class that i think he likes me... and two, the kid that i told him that i don't like him anymore....uhhh not exactly true. i still have a little crush on him.....but NO ONE KNOWS THAT AND NO ONE CAN! lol. well, except the ppl reading this cuz they don't know who i am lol. but like i will start to like someone else (like the first time it was T****, the next time it was D*****)then i will think about you-know-who again and i like him again! like, i the second i told him i didn't like him, i still liked him! and you know what, its ok that he thinks i don't, cuz then we can have a normal un-awkward friendship. but i can like him in total secret from everyone. (ehhh he might find out eventually cuz i am not that great at hiding things like this....this isn't the first time i've made this promise to myself---but its a secret for as long as possible....until he finds out again or someone pressures me into telling them who i like!) ...and i just keep getting this feeling that there's a reason i keep liking him....maybe he's gonna like me someday...."
--ballerina, 14

"i have a crush,but i dont know if he have a feelings to me..how do i know if he have a feelings to me?"
--Anonymous, 15

"Well I liked this boy named Adam,and we're dating now! I was nervous to talk to him face-to-face,so I e-mailed him,and he asked me out! We've been together for 4 months now! Isn't it great? Thanks for taking the time to listen you guys!"
--Leng-Pang, 12

"i go 2 murphy middle school & my crush's realy shy he dosn't talk but when i see him at my 7th & 8th period i blush like beat red blush i always see my teacher's looking at me thinking what's up w/h that girl?i wonder if i smell or something cause he literly RUNS away from me.he looks at me every so offten.But i've never even spkoken 2 him before.O.M.G "
--miracle, 12

"OMGOSH! I am in LUV with Joe Jonas. And by the way Miley likes Nick I git it from Just.Jared"
--Mrs Joe Jonas, 12

"I have a crush on this boy in my class, he's one of the popular guys and lots of girls like him. I never talk to him because I'm too shy, but sometimes I have a feeling he likes back. I hope he does. "
--Shy, 10

"JedLowrieFan, 13, OMG! areyou a red sox fan or just a jed lowrie fan? i bet lugo is paking his bags cuz he lost his spot to jed lowrie! i love jed lowrie but i have to say i like jacoby ellsbury better! anyway about yor name. if you have a crush on him us jedlowriegirl if you LOVE him use Jed Lowries Girlfriend if you are just a fan use Jedlowriefan. at least thats what i would do bye! --Jacoby Ellsbury's Girlfriend"
--aka: Madi :-), 12

"He has dark hair and nice abbs, he's super hot and he's ROBBIE AMELL! ENOUGH SAID! GOSHLES! True, it's a celeb crush...But he's better than david archulatta, hahaha squishee. >. <."
--Me! I, 11

"Orry, 10 is this dude really worth your time? In my opinion he's not. Just my opinion. Hope it helps."
--Iruz1, 11

"DEAR SHEENAM, I am glad you took my advice. You are my backyard jungle best friend. My real name is Shweta (sh-way-ta) Thanks. DEAR KYRA, Thanks for the advice. I will ask him. But I think he likes me because then why would he hug me. Thanks. You are a great advice giver."
--Friend, 11

"My crush is sweet funny teses jokingly and teases nd he is so cute ok I cnt stopo saying thta but he is realy nice and when he was in my class last year I had the guts to tlk nd hung out he even asked me for my phone number he is realy sweet but this yer I don't have the guts to tlk hima nd the bullies are after me agin I think so my confidence level hs been pretty low help!"
--Katrina, 12

"I got a crush and this crush has this brother and this brother likes me (well thats what mt friend said that he told her that and anyways he acts likes he's all that around me I know he likes me! ) I don't like him though! I know he knows I like my crush but I don't want him to feel regected! I hope he only liks me a little bit! What should I do?"
--ILoveJamesNotJeremy!, 11

"I have a big crush on this cute boy but I only talk to him once! I want to now more about him, so what should I do?"."
--Mary, 12

"I have this crush that I met at a chuch camp! He kept saying nice things about and to me! I don't know if he likes me or not! I hope he does only hes a little bit older than me! I hope he likes me back! :D."
--Toocute, 11

"Should my name be JedLowrieFan or JedLowrieGirl of JedLowrie's#1Fan? The last one is kinda long. Any suggestions?"
--JedLowrieFan, 13

"My crush is Victor Van Dort! Who is he, you may ask? Well, he's from "Corpse Bride"! He's so handsome! Not only that, he has a wonderful personality!"
--Miss Corpse Bride, 10

"I have a crush on my neighbor."
--Jack, 9

"My crush is John. He is HOT and he sings like an angel! He is so going to sing in my rock band!"
--Can't tell, 12

"I call my crush Far coz his name starts with Far of course and he's cute, funny and causes trouble too. But I like him."
--RR, 9

"GAH! I am officially going CRAZY about Jed Lowrie! I have pictures of him in my room EVERYWHERE! All my friends are angry cause they STILL THINK HE'S UGLY BUT HE'S NOT! Well, he's not exactly hot, but he is ADORABLE! I'm totally love struck!"
--JedLowrieFan, 13

"Idk, jus read the BF/GF Qualities."
--Victor, 12

"Sarah, 10, usually it's and 1-2 yrs older or younger when you date someone like I know I'll never date nick jonas bcuz hes turning 16 soon and I'm not 13 till april...So like a 4 yr age diff and even if I was his age probably not lol. And you only ten usually the dateing should start when your like 11 or 12. Sarah, 11 Ask your friend if shes alright if u ask him out if she says no dump the guy, guys will come and go but your friends should always come first."
--Sarah, 12

"I love crush I have a crush on a boy."
--Clarissa, 8

"I have a crush on this one guy he is sooooooooooooo hot blond hair blue eyes tall*sigh*."
--Some girl

"Salt-water-girl 12, I have a Crush named connor and one day I asked him something and he answered and walked away fast what does that mean? Does he not like me? Please help me..."
--Love Hawaii, 12

"Hes funny and SOOOOOO hot."
--Maria, 11

"I have a HUGE crush on this pretend person, but I think he belongs with the person he loves. DON'T TAKE CELEBRITY CRUSHES TOO FAR, GIRLS (AND GUYS)!"

"Heyy salt water girl! Thanks for the advice! And now he knows I don't like him...But he took it the right way and he isn't mad or anything! And our friendship is back to normal! And by the way I am 14, cuz u keep askin lol."

"I have the biggest crush I have ever had on a boy named Isaiah C. In 5th grade the whole 5th grade went to Seabeck, and Isaiah and I were on the same team in ping pong! I cannot wait to see him again. Isaiah, if you're reading this, then I am EMBARRASSED!"
--ReAnnah, 11

"Melanie 8, aw come on now ur only 8 I think you should just play with him at recess or something. You don't need to worry about boys now cuz u will have to deal with that a lot later in life."
--Esther Joy

"Wow thanks for all of your awesome advice, I really appreciate it. I will try it sometime and hopefully it will work. I will keep you imformed about what happens. Thanks again! Heidi-advice ask for advice, I don't bite."
--Heidi, 12

"Dear Melanie, 8, if you have a crush on Jordan and you want to know whether he likes you or not."
--Heidi-advice, 12

"Dear Melanie, 8, if you have a big crush on Jordan and you want to know whether he likes you or not you should look for signs. For instance, does he blush or studder when you talk to him? does he maybe compliment you a lot? or sometimes when boys like you they tease you or make fun of you to show that they don't like you. Does he like to hang out with you a lot? if he does any of these there is a very big chance that he likes you back. But if he does like you back I wouldn't ask him out right away if you were planning on it. You should wait and get to know him even more. Talk with him and see if he really is the the type of guy that you want. Hope this advice helps you Melanie! Reply back and tell me what happened! Heidi-advice ask for advice, I don't bite."
--Heidi, 12

"My crush is C-U-T-E cute! Hes a skater and I love skaters!"
--Leah, 12

"Kyra, 10, My one friend has a friend who told this guy that she liked him. After a couple hours (we were on a school trip) he asked her out! So it might not be as bad as you think some guys just don't wanna make the first moves and waits till the girl does, which is horrible becuz then you 2 may be quit for over a year! Yes make sure you tell a trusting friend though because it is embarrassing and the guy may not like u back and trust me I'd embarass me."

"How do I ask a boy I like if he likes me without admitting that I like him?"
--ReAnnah, 11

"I have aa crush on this boy named styven he is nice, sweet and all ways walkes me home, he is planing to move near me..."
--Ciara, 11

"This is RedSoxJE46! My new crush is Jed Lowrie from the Red Sox! I TOTALLY FELL FOR HIM! My friends say I'm totally head over heels and they think Jed is ugly but I will NOT LISTEN TO THEM! Hey Madi, have you seen Jed Lowrie before? Do you think he's ugly? I totally DON'T : -)."
--JedLowrieFan, 13

"I have a crush on this guy! He is SUPER nice to me and watches and looks at me ALL the time! He says SUPER nice things about and to me! The only problem is that I only see him occasionally and I want to see him soon! I hope he crushes on me in return! LOL! : D."
--Jesusfreak!, 11

"I NEED ADVICE! First let me say: does anyone know Jed Lowrie? cause, like I said before, I'm TOTALLY in love with him. He's in my dreams every night : -) Well, here's my problem: a ton of my friends say he's ugly and I deserve someone better (HELLO?! It's not like I'm his bf! ) and they're really mad at me. My friends rock, but I can't just not like Jed for them! What should I do : ( ( ( p. S. I was RedSoxJE46."
--JedLowrieFan, 13

"Oh, and one more thing: should I be JedLowrieFan or JedLowrie's#1Fan? Is that last one too long?"
--JedLowrieFan, 13

"Ok so I really don't know at this point who I like and I am tryin not to like the kid ive been posting things about on here...Ok so I started high school and I think I am starting to like this one kid who is in a lot of my classes. I will post more later to let u kno for sure!"

"I NEED HELP. See it is a very long story. Story no. 1: You see I have met my bf in a birthday party. We met by an eye contact. All the girls in the party were mingling around. His sister was sitting beside me. We were talking and blah blah blah...Story no. 2: You see he was staying near my cousin's house. She said he sorta had a crush on me. But he had been flirting with girls a lot and I am like his gf no: 6. He is an another school. He plays soccer. Story no. 3: My friends rumoured around the school that he was my bf whic (which I wanted them to coz 3 boyz in 8th grade have a crush on me. 3 and a lot more. ) Story no. 4: Everybody in my school wanted to see him coz I am MISS POPULAR in my school. After a long time we had a chance to meet. We were going to play netball and soccer with other schools (I am a netball player GK. ) Story no. 5: During the game I was cheering for my bf's team. They won the game. When they finished playing they were talking and laughing and sweating like pigz. Sometimes later I went to check my bf out. And guess what I saw? He was flirting with another girl. You know getting closer and closer. When they saw me they tore apart. I ran from there crying. He called after me. The girl's name is Sarah. She is in 8th grade in my school. I went to my friends and told them the whole story. They said that Sarah was a FLIRTY GAL and she always flirted with their bfs. A week later a went to my cousin's. I told her that I wanted to break up with him. She told me that my bf said that we were soul mates 4ever and how much he loved me. Pliz help whether I should break up with him or not. ---(Sin)."
--(aka: Sheenam, 12

"Well...I have a crush on a friend I used to go to church with, but he moved. But my biggest crush is on John Linnell. He is one of the cutest guys I have ever seen in my life. I especially love his stare. *SIGH* He is soooo adorable. Okay, I should go now, before I get too carried away *giggle*. And uh, by the way, Sheenam (12), that's not a very nice thing to say to anybody. You shouldn't tell people you hate them straight to their face. It just isn't nice."
--TMBG ROX, 13

"Dear Madi: Thanks. I think you're awesome too. You are my best IML friend ever! Jacoby ROCKS! See ya!"
--Lily, 12

"Amanda 11- u r TOTALLY right. It's really hard. That JERK."
--Maria, 11

"Hey! I really like this one boy, and this one girl sits next to him and my friend said "Oh Kyra likes Nova (thats my nickname for him) and I had to lie and say I don't like him, Help! My friends ALWAYS tell my crush and there my closest friends, so if you say make new friends, that hard 'cause were a tight group, soo I don't know other ppl soo well. Also I like this new boy Brandon! He's cute, but spoiled, and he got into a fight with a boy that I'm a friend with. Do think he's right for me?"
--Kyra, 10

"My crush, is not the cutest boy, but I really really like him. He is sweet, funny, polite. And we share the same intrests too! We like to get together, and I THINK he likes me back! But if my sissy (sister) new, she would taunt me for the rest of my life! And she is 27 years old so my mom can't make her stop! PLUS, is my mom new...Well lets just say that I'm not alowed to date intill I am 16. So please help me PBS, I don't know what to do! HELP ME! Please reply to this message as soon as possible."
--Hayley, 10

"Thanx for your advice Friend 11. I have now known that I sort of sounded insane. Thank you VERY much. Anyways I already have a boyfriend who cares about me. I can't really tell you my homepage but I will send you a message that's bogus. And fetcher12594 I HATE YOU!"
--Sheenam, 12

"My crush is Lomont. He is the cutest guy in the world. He's so hot."
--Anonymous, 9

"My crush is so CUTE that's why he catches my eye he is so so so so so so so so so so CUTE. And when I say CUTE I mean CUTE. Black hair white skin so CUTE."

--Mrs. Bleu

"I have a crush on a guy who's 4 years older than me, my brothers friend, and my friends brother! I've known his brother since I was like 5 but until a friend at camp asked me if I liked him I realized I had a HUGE crush on him. I think I'm pretty mature for my age so I think I can pull it off. It's hard so I'm trying to give off signs slowly. =D."
--Sarah, 10

"Summer Breezes, 11 Of course he loves you."
--Rachael, 11

"Salt-water-girl 12 I don't know how to tell my crush I like him can you please help me? He acts like he doesn't even know I'm here. But sometimes he looks at me."

"I had a few crushes even when I was in kindergarten, but I have another one. I don't want to tell you who, though."
--Mackenzie, 10

"My old crush was a boy in my 5th grade class. I thought he was smart, athletic, cute and funny. I stopped liking him because he knew I liked him, and he and that he is not really that great. Do not spend all of your time trying to impress your crush. Even if he does like you, and you guys go out, he will not be your soul mate forever."
--Amelia, 11

"I'm actually not really sure. He is smart athletic and stuff but he can be weird and rude and the popular kid sometimes. Idk what I should do!"
--Orry, 10

"Well I like one of my best friends but him and my other friend go out he said he might break up with Missy for me but I don't want to hurt my best friend Missy."
--Danielle B, 10

"I like my star crush Leo Di Caprio since he is such a cool actor."

"Okay well my celebs crushes are Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas, Joe is so funny and nick is so sweet! Okay but I have a crush on this guy from school and I didn't tell anyone but he is really smart he's not the cutest guy but he's really nice and he doesn't like rap but likes older rock and heavy metal songs (he also likes songs from some of the rock bands of today like hedly and nickel back) and I know most of the songs on his mp3 from my dad and so this one time he let me and my friend borrow his mp3 and we started talking about this one song...But he has a girl friend and I'm not sure if they broke up and if they did I'm gonna try to make a move...I'm not sure if we're going to the same school though cuz we're starting middle school (gr. 7) I really hope he is but I don't know how to bring up a convo with him so msn? how do you think I should we've only had like one convo on msn and it was about guitar hero (and rock band) cuz he can play guitar and loves the game, should I just say hey sometime? I almost did but it will just probably end up awkward."
--Sarah, 12

"Well my crush is Sophia I wrote her a poem a few weeks later she asked that if this is was joke I told her No so we started dating after a couple of weeks one of my friends told me Sophia was cheating on me so I broke up with her and later I found out that was a lie and she was not cheating on me and my friend liked her so they started dating ARRGH why does everybody hate me so much?!"
--Gian, 13

"He is so hot and his name is William he goes to my church but I usually smile at him but I fall a lot and once I fell right on him and he laughed. I think that he likes me but HE IS SO HOT!"
--Suite, 11

"Well I guess my crush is my crush because he's nice and he been one of my awesome friends for a long time and he's hot too."
--Danielle, 11

"Dear Madi ya know lily can like your boyfriend because chances are y'all probably won't be together 4ever! Lily wait a while things could change."
--Dani, 12

"He's my crush because we have so many things in common when we're in school he's always staring at me so one day I had the courage to ask to be my boyfriend and he said yes."
--Lamesha, 10

"Well here's my story...This year I started school...Gr. 8 and I liked this guy...I had liked him for a long time. October came which is time for the school dance. And my friends got him to dance with me. A few months later I found out that he like makes fun of me and stuff so I moved on and then I like d this other guy (I danced with him too. But secretly the whole time I had like done guy but he liked one of my best friends he was like my best guy friend we would I'm each other for hours every day...May came of gr. 8 and my friend found out I liked him so she told him...The next week he asked me out and I said yes. We are still going out to this day and it's august...But he was my secret crush for a long time. I just wish he had known sooner..."

"I have a crush on 1 of my best guy friend and I told him and he said he liked me 2. The 1 thing is, my best girl friend likes him 2 and I don't know how 2 tell her! Please help!"
--Sarah, 11

"Well my crush make my crust is that I love his personality and when I need someone to talk to he is there for me like when I am mad or sad he is always there and I could trusted him with any thing we tell each other everything."

"Lily, 12, wow you're awesome. I have to fight over him with my other friends. (But I always win. ) and right now I really am kind of dreaming about him cuz I don't really know any other guys that I really like. --Jacoby Ellsbury's Girlfriend."
--Aka: Madi : -), 12

"I have a huge crush on this boy named Jordan I am not sure he likes me what should I do give me an answer please."
--Melanie, 8

"I have a HUGE crush on this guy I know. When he was younger, like 7, 8, 9, he was pretty immature (I have known him for a long time). But now he's 12, I'm 11, and I really like him. He's a lot more mature and relaxed. He has the most gorgeous brown eyes I could ever imagine. He looks like Nick Jonas' long-lost twin brother, which might be part of the reason I like him because I also have a mega crush on Nick Jonas. I had a dream about him once. I think he likes me back because one time, his mom made a joke about him liking me and we both looked very embarrassed, but he looked a lot more embarrassed then I did. And this other time, when I was phoning my friend (She is my crush's sister), he answered the phone. When he realized it was me, he started stuttering and stuff. Do you think he likes me back?"
--Summer Breezes, 11

"Ok I'm being an advice girl AND still writing for my own help, ROFL! Just a quick note though KYRA-ADVICE is when I do advice, Kyra is when I write about my own problems (again ROFL) Sorry I haven't been on in a while, but you guys probably don't care (lmbo). Well here I go, yay! Dear Heidi-12 You should ask your friend if she wouldn't mind you dating him, if she sez no then wait a little while for her to get over it, if she sez yes, then go for it, and go out wit him! Hope it helps. Dear Friend-10, Your friends are probably right. If your still not sure then right a note to him asking if he likes you, because he already knows you like him, and what's the worst that could happen, he could say no, but he could have embarrassed you in front of his friends when you said you liked him. Hope it helps!"
--Kyra-advice, 10

"I found out my crush look for good looks in girls. Not exactly personality. But I think I still like him..."
--Madeline, 12

"I like a guy and I like him cuz he's hot and he's how I would want my bf to look like. The guy I like is blonde with green eyes and he wears tight pants. And he's so perfect."

"Since I am in High School now, I have this crush on this guy called Admir. He is like my friend, but sometimes he talks to me. But we have different personalities. Are we meant to be together?"
--Dimka, 13

"Whoa- Angela 8? Dude, if ur eight u shouldn't care about this stuff. U shud b up to ur ears in Barbies."
--Actual TEEN

"A guy at my school really likes me and I don't wanna hurt him- but I can't date yet. So he - just to make me jealous- went out with my friend. I told him "O ya, that REALLY makes me want to date u. Jerk!" and he keeps annoying me- what do I do?"
--Amanda, 11

"Hey Heidi, 12: me and my friend have been in a situation somewhat similar to this not completely though. But what I would say is wait a while or until your friend likes someone else and explain to the boy how you are feeling...If he's really worth it he will wait."

"My crush is a butterfly :) I threw him out the window yesterday...Bye Albert!"
--PlumCake, 11

"cuz I guess well he is like so nice to me."
--Mickey, 11

"DEAR SHEENAM, I don't think it is a good idea to like fetcher12594 because you don't know which type of person he is. I am not being mean I am just saying it is not a good idea because you don't know how old the person is, is it a boy or girl and you don't know what type of person they are. You should like someone who you know. I am also in backyard jungle and my name is yasminbratz1. I would like to know who you are so just give me message like that's bogus. And I promise I won't post who you are. I just want to be your backyard jungle friend. And you can trust me and I think I can help you out with problems."
--Friend, 11

"His personality and he is cute and hot!"
--Janae, 11

"Salt water girl he is no younger than a year. Thank you for helping me. How do you have time to write all of this??"
--Rachael, 11

"Heidi, 12, That is a problem. I would say talk to your friend. Explain how much you like him and you really wanna go out with him but you are not going to put your friendship with her at risk. See what she says. And if she says you shouldn't go out with him and is mad at you, remember she is probably feeling really hurt right now. SO be understanding. If she says sure ask him out go for it! But if she is hesitant talk with your crush and hang out with him. Create a strong friendship with him. And once your friend has her life back in balance ask him out. But don't brag about it. Ask him if you can keep your relationship a secret. Like kind of a game. And just focus on the relationship between you and your crush. Don't go up to every girl and say "Guess what I'm dating ____" just put your effort into him and not into bragging about going out with him. --Jacoby Ellsburys Girlfriend."
--Aka: Madi : -), 12

"Madi (12) : Yes, I know, he's yours, and you had him first, I like other guys, but I totally LOVE Jacoby Ellsbury! He really IS the hottest thing ever! He ROCKS!"
--Lily, 12

"I had three crushes in my life. Two from school and one from camp. They are not major crushes. Except one from school, but I'm totally over him now. After I heard how mean he is to my friends."
--Dala, 12

"Well, he's cute, funny, he's great at sports and whenever he's near me...I get butterflies in my stomach. And also, he added me on msn!"
--C, 11

"I like this guy, really cute. I was best friends with him in grade 3 but now we only ever talk through msn. He is really popular and I don't want to be considered a dork or anything!"
--Taylor, 11

"I have this one crush he is so cute but he is probably going to go out with a boy because he acts like a girl. I HATE THIS! Excuse me I'm gonna go cry. PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE!"

"I had a crush and he liked me back, every one was jealous of me butt my BF said in class " I love you" in a note and my teacher and she read it out loud and then he kissed me!"

"He's cute and nice and we both are in 4H and he looks at me all the time so I hope he likes me. It's all cool."

"I used to think this guy in my class was so full of himself, but then he talks to me, and I realized he was so nice...And SUPER cute!"

"Thanks Salt! You rock! I can't wait to go back to school--We are going to the same school and I hope he may like me. Last year I think he wasn't allowed to have a girlfriend. I LOVE him. Not like. LOVE. I know I love him..."
--Sassy, 11

"I don't have a crush on anyone at school or anything, I actually have a crush on a celebrity (Ville Valo, lead singer of the Finnish band HIM). I look up to him. He's amazingly cute, his eyes are GORGEOUS, and in interviews he says certain things that make he feel better about myself as a person, and makes me feel like being myself is best."
--Kayla, 11

"I always like guys older than me lol but I consider them more of eye candy than a possible boyfriend..."
--R, 12

"Well I have a crush on a guy at school, he's my age too. And my friends keep telling me that he likes me back, and that we would be such a cute couple! And one of his friends told me that he made a list of girls he would like to date and I was on that list! That totally shocked me! When my friends told me that my crush liked me back, I never thought that it actually might be true. And well my crush is really cute, nice, funny, and really cute! And lately I sort of do think that he likes me back because sometimes I find him staring at me, or sometimes he talks to me and sort of blushes. I know you guys are thinking right now "Well why doesn't she go out with him" well the catch is that a lot of girls like him (besides me) and he just broke up with a girl. And that girl that he broke up with is a very close friend of mine. And I don't want her to think that I stole him from her if we do go out. And well I don't want to lose my friendship with her. May I add, that girl and I have been friends since kindergarten. And well my friend, she still likes my crush a lot. Because he broke up with her and she still likes him. And now I'm getting really pressured because everyone is saying I should go out with him. PLEASE HELP ME! As you can see I have a mighty big problem. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"
--Heidi, 12

"Lily, 12, MY ROOM TOO! My while family thinks I just like him as a baseball player. They are totally wrong! He is the hottest thing ever! I luv him. By the way he's mine haven't you looked at my user name? --Jacoby Ellsburys Girlfriend..."
--Aka: Madi : -), 12

"Dear Kyra (10) : Yeah, my friend emailed that to me a while back. Kyra-yes. Anyone can be an advice person! Like me, Madi, and salt-water-girl. See you later!"
--Sakura, 11

"Well, he's totally hot, he's tall, he's sweet, he skateboards, he's an older guy, and he is friends with my friends..."
--Tatum, 13

"That he is hoooooooot and nice. "
--Jezuzfreak, 10

"Guess what? He's cute and nice. "

"I like my crush because: He's athletic, he's taller then me (which is hard to come by for me since I'm already 5'4), he has the darkest, prettiest eyes, he is hilarious, he's pretty smart, he's sensitive while still being a tough guy, he's amazingly nice, but most importantly...I think he likes me! I hope so! "
--Agnej, 12

"Well I love my crush. But I don't know if he likes me too. My friends say he does like me because he wants to talk and play with me and he stares at me a lot and he also hugged me. Do you think he likes me? Are my friends right? Please help me. He is in 5th grade now and I am in 6th. I love him so much. But he already knows I like him I also wrote a letter to him."
--Friend, 10

"I have a crush on a guy who is younger than me. Would it be weird to date him?"
--Edie, 10

"OMG I love Luke Benward. I wish I could meet him."
--Haley, 13

"Hey guys I haven't posted in awhile. My friend is a HUGE bigmouth and she told my crush I liked him. Aughhhhhhhh! I'm never telling her my crushes again! But I saw this saying online, hold on let me copy and paste it, *Girls are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. The boys don't want to reach for the good ones because they're afraid of falling & getting hurt. Instead they just get the rotten apples that are on the ground that aren't as good, but easy. So the apples at the top think that there is something wrong with them, when in reality, they are amazing. That is why we just have to be a little patient & the right boy, the one who takes a chance to find the good, right apple, will come someday...*~ Awww isn't that sweet? If you want me to become an advice person, say Kyra-yes, or Kyra-no. Bye!"
--Kyra, 10

"I have had a crush on ////// for a year and a half now he was new we both have admitted that when we first met we were best friends but had crushes he says he's over it I say the same but I'm not. My friends know about the past but joke that I still do but they don't know I do. I don't want to tell him because I don't want to risk our friendship or make things weird."

"I can't deny these butterflies."
--Megan, 12

"I love Jacoby Ellsbury! He is so hot!"
--Lily, 12

"Aka Madi : -) : He is so hot! My room is full of posters of him! He is mine. Sorry."
--Lily, 12

"Dear Salt-water-girl (12) : Hi, Salt-water-girl! Do you want to be friends? Maybe we can be IML friends, and you can probably give me some advice! I hope we can be friends."
--Sakura, 11

"I have got a crush on fetcher12594. It may sound insane that we are only in backyard jungle. I am not going to tell you my homepage name. I know you are reading this fetcher12594. I chose u coz you sound sooo smart and fun loving and caring. If you don't accept me fetcher12594 we can be friends or if you have a girlfriend."
--Sheenam, 12

"He's cute, kind, sweet, funny, and smart. ^_^."
--Suz, 12

"Hey everyone! Oh my GOSH! I was kinda drifting off there cuz like no one was writing in but then I come back a little later and I got a lot to do! Thanks everyone who wrote in! Lets go! Dear SumatranTiger, That is quite a pickle...I think. My advice to you is pretty short: follow your heart. If you like John, like John! Just don't let other people make you think you like someone you don't. And just don't go for the guy who's the "Hottest!" Well, I'm out of advice for this case! Hope this Helps! Dear Ballerina, But really! How old are you? Are you like 7 or like 12? Just wondering! But to your other letter: Did you like show that you like him? If you did, just stop showing it! You don't have to say anything or be extra mean, just stop showing it, and he might catch your drift. Also, if people ask if you still do, say no, and in time, it'll get to him! Hope this Helps! Dear Rachael, That's perfectly all right! And by a little you mean like a year or some months, right? please respond! Help this Helps! Dear It's me, 1. Are you okay? 2. You shouldn't have 5 BFs (boy friends) at the same time 3. You shouldn't lead people on as a hobby 4. You should never go out with someone just because they're "Hot". Dear Sassy, When you have a crush, it seems like the world is all of a sudden falling over them! I had the same situation! I thought that my Best friend was all over my ex-crush! I asked my other friend what she thought and she said she thought they were in love, but she just wanted no one to like him so she could! But, sit your friend down and ask her really- "Do you like _____? I want an honest answer." If she tries to walk away, catch up to her and continue asking her until she answers truly. If she answers yes, don't get mad. That's what I did! Thanks so much for your vote (s)! LOL! I love hearing from you! Best wishes and Hope this Helps! Dear all readers of this section of YSI, Before you ask a question, check to see if someone (or I) have already responded to it. Like sooo many people ask me "How can you tell if your crush likes you?" And I have responded a lot, so look back and see if someone already answered! Hope this Helps! Keep writing! <3!"
--Salt-water-girl, 12

"Hi people! Sakura here...Again. I'd like to be an official advice giver, like Salt-water-girl. So please write to me! Dear Salt-water-girl: I really admire ya!"
--Sakura, 11

"He would be cute, sweet, romantic, nice, and kind."
--Kyndyle, 11

"My boyfriend is always there for me. He cares so much he could be a chick magnet."

"He is shy just like me he notices me he is a Christian and good looking."
--Harriet, 13

"I used to be Jaredlover, &Dustinlover. I love Jordan Conaway, he is 2 1/2 years older than me. My brother and him are the same age. I love him so much. He is tall, dark, handsome, smart. HOTT. I just really like him a lot and it isn't just a crush."
--Jordanlover, 10

"Ope and I used to be brentlover too."
--Jordanlover, 10

"Ok so this is kind of stupid but I can't help it. I'm like crushing on Joe Jonas from the Jonas brothers. I liked his old hair better than his new hair so do any of you like the Jonas brothers if you do would you tell me how and why. Have you meet the jobros? I DDREAM THAT THERE MY BFS."
--Talgal, 13

My Friend used Me "Thank you so much, Heidi. Maybe we can be friends!"
--Theresa, 11

"I found out in May my friend Paige used me at the beginning at the school year. We we're both new and I was a lot more popular than she was. She was an outcast. So I let her hang out with me and the popular kids, hoping they'd turn out friends. They did. Then Paige told some truth about herself, to gain trust from everyone. Then she went and told nasty, horrible lies about me. One day in November none of the populars would hang out with me, and I didn't find out why until May. There wasn't much I could do. Time had passed. I made lots of new friends and a new best friend, my next door neighbor who's in my school and in my class. I couldn't get angry. It was to far back in past to yell and scream at her. I just asked her. She said no, but she's now a terrible liar. She wouldn't look me in the eye. I couldn't tell her little popular group, I couldn't, not many of them liked me anymore. Sure, some of them and I we're still good friends, but things just weren't the same. I can talk to them all, and secretly, a lot of them don't like Paige. Some of them do, but they are just the really popular or gullible ones like Kassidy and Rose. Now I have a lot more true friends than Paige does."."
--Rebecca, 10

"My friend used me to get a thing I wasn't supposed to and I got in trouble."
--Sam, 13

My Youth Group "I have a youth group in church and it consists of 24 kids cause we're in a choir. It."

Opposite Sex friends "I have a couple of guy friends, and oh my goodness they're a relief. They're kinda my friends, but I don't hang out with them every second, (I do that with my two best friends- Ana & Rachel) so when I feel like I'm going to scream because of all the girl stuff that my two best friends (who are girls) talk about like boys, clothes, and how much they think they're ugly, their flaws, etc. Then I go to my best guy friends because they're pretty easy-going and I can have a relaxed conversation with them without having to feel like I have to encourage one of them that they're pretty (or in their case, handsome) if they're feeling ugly because they never really do (well, they don't admit it to me like Ana & Rachel do) so yahh. But what I hate most is that a guy and a girl can't be friends without people thinking that they want to date or "Go out" with each other. I think that's the most ridiculous thing ever."
--Megan, 12

"One of my best friends is a guy. He's mean and sort of sick-minded, we have conflicting beliefs, but somehow it works."
--Andrea, 13

"When ever I get around boys I go all shy."
--Nervous, 10

"I have this friend who hangs out with me a lot and he is a boy. But his family thinks I'm his girlfriend. What should I do?"
--Winnergirl103, 9

"The same 'cept you can't talk to boys about girly stuff, well...Ya can but they usually make a joke about it."
--Masa, 10

"Crush? =LAMO."
--Bets, 13

"Hi, I'm Devin and I have a crush on this guy Evan and I'm really too busy cause I play baseball for Drexel Hill what should I do, Devin."

"Well if you like some one you should tell them."
--Gabby, 10

"I am doing a book related to my self...I need more information."
--Norma, 13

"My crush is my crush because she is a leader with a great personality. Her smile is kinda a little girl smile and she is short. Kids make fun of me because they say I'M too tall for her like when(if she does) wants to kiss me. It was funny but at the same time it is mean. I was never intimidated by those insults because well she, as I said, is beautiful."
--Victor, 12

"I'm so...AGHHHHHHH! I told this one boy that I like him, he said that he wasn't ready for a GF. A few weeks ago (I told him a year ago! ) he said that he likes me! We haven't said anything else about it, so I don't know if we're going out or not! HELP!"
--Anonymous, 13

"Dear Katelyn (11): It's a mystery, isn't it? You like a guy, but you wonder who he likes. Well, just a word of advice, if you find out who he likes, if he doesn't like you, don't try to persuade him to change his mind. Really. Lots of girls like guys, but they don't get their feelings returned. Another word of advice, don't follow him like a dog on a leash. just relax. And also, don't pretend to be someone else or--I mean don't change yourself for this guy. Boys don't like girls acting phony around them. Stay calm, cool, and relaxed, and you'll succeed...I think. Dear Ralm (13): Hey, if you think she's pretty, that's your opinion. Opinions can't be wrong. If your friends say things that are opposite from your opinions, well, that's what THEY think. You don't have to listen to them. And remember, if you want to be friends with her, just say hi and ask if she wants to be friends. Be happy. Be healthy! Ha-ha!"
--Sakura, 11

"I had my crush dance with me at my 8th grade dance and he told me that we meet each other in High School in Sep 3 of 2008 I will see who he is and see if he loves me a lot."

"I have a total major crush on this girl I think is totally awesome. She is sporty and hot."
--Demetrius, 11

"Yo, it's me! [again]Anyway I'm growing to like my crush again. Why? don't ask."
--Annie, 11

"Hey people! Thanks! I've gotten 2 or 3 votes already. Just to let you know- I will still be doing advice as well as a little of my own life. So don't worry, I'm still helping everyone that needs it! On another note, I've noticed that fewer people need help! Please keep writing! Dear Anonymous: Okay, even though you left out your age, this is different. I think you should tell everyone just because he dances doesn't mean he's gay! (I'm really wondering how old you are...) You should also ask these people why do they even know what that means? Or some comeback like that. This happens a lot in my school, and it's usually to my crush/friends, too. As long as you know it's not true, that's plenty! Hope this helps!"
--Salt-water-girl, 12

"It's pretty complicated in my case. What happened is that when we were in 5th grade, one of my friends told me that this guy has a crush on me. Before that I hadn't even noticed him. But now I have a crush on him, but I'm not sure whether he still likes me or not. He's not even that good looking. An inch shorter, sunken eyes, u know all that. But he's a shy kinda guy and I think that really makes him stand out in a crowd..."
--Subhalakshmi, 11

"I have a crush on a girl called Andrea. She is so beautiful, and has some beautiful eyes and hair. But the irony is, that all the boys I know say she isn't hot, while the girls say she is pretty. Though I am trying to get her friendship, and when I talk to her, she isn't so happy to see me. But, I well soon get along with her."
--Raim, 13

"I have a crush on Molly, she's in my maths and science class, she's so cute."
--Ben, 12

"I have this big crush on a nerd! The truth is that he is very nice and sweet also is cutest guy I have ever seen! He has the hottest name Estevan! The best thing of all is that he lives in the house in back of me!"
--Isabella, 13

"I was in the seventh grade and the guy I thought would never like me in a million years did like me. At summer camp (Smoke rise) his bro thought me he likes me and before I knew it he was my boyfriend some of my friend say one day we should get married but I think I should give it some more time before I marry anyone. : -)."
--Kayla, 12

"I have a crush on this one boy and I'm not sure if he like's me too. What should I do!"
--Katelyn, 11

"I luv my friend. No, actually luv him. It's stronga then anyova crush I had b4 and I asked my mum wot it was like to fall inluv wiv my dad and it's exactly the same. Help. He doewsnt know I like him (let alone luv him) my m8 says he fancys me.....How can u tell."
--Alexandra, 12

"X - how do you know when your crush likes you back? - x."
--Kylie, 12

"Hey! Not many people wanted help this week, so here it is. And another thing, PLEASE start voting! I wanted to write about how I handle my own crush problems. So, I need to see if you want me to! To vote, just type- SWG poll- yes/no. Pick one! I really need opinions! For more details, look down the list and you'll find my first letter about it. Dear Happy 12, I know your situation too! I just got out of school yesterday, and I already miss my crush! Anyways- If you can call him, maybe you should tell him then? On the phone? If the conversation starts to drift off to that subject on the phone, you could tell him then! That's what I would do if I had my crushes number! Hope this helps! Dear Lucy 10, Riiight...I really did not understand your letter, but I think I get the outline. So, there's a kid you like who is two years younger than you likes you and you like him? okay...Sorry but your 10! If he's 2 years younger, he's 8! 8!?! He is really young for dating and so are you. Sorry. You're never too young to crush, and age doesn't really matter unless it's drastic. This- not TOO drastic, but please- just crush and e-mail and talk! Kay? Maybe when you're older you could date. Hope this helps!"
--Salt-water-girl, 12

"I have a crush on Jacob, because he's soo dreamy."

"I'm getting over my crush now. He is SOOOOOOO two days ago and after I went to his website I saw something that I knew would not do me good to be like that. And he can do as many concerts he likes but...He won't see me there!"
--Annie, 11

"Hello, people! Just a few words of advice. For you like someone who's cute and talented and stuff and you really like him and he doesn't like you back or he likes someone else, It's nothing to cry over about or to treat the person who your crush likes like an enemy. Maybe someone likes you and is jealous of the person you like (if they know). You have to get over it. Don't spend your whole life obsessed about this person and jealous of who he likes or trying to persuade him to like you. (he has his/her rights) Don't worry. Sooner or later, you'll find a person who you like and he/she likes you back. Just wait. My friend emailed this to me a while ago. It's advice. I hope it helps. (this advice is for girls. ) "Girls are like apples on a tree. The best apples are at the top of the tree. The boys that come to pick the apples are afraid to pick the apples at the top of the tree, because they're afraid that when they climb up there, they might fall and get hurt. So they pick the not-so-good, not-so-bad apples that are closer to the ground. They weren't the best, but simple. The apples at the top think something is wrong with them. Nothing's wrong, they just have to wait for the right boy whose brave enough to clime all the way to the top to pick the apples."."
--Sakura, 11

"Salt-water-girl, 12: SWG poll-yes Sounds fine to me. I guess you can talk about anything in this column, as long as it's related to the topic, that is. But please keep on giving advice!"
--Sakura, 11

"Hello, people! Sakura here! Dear Sydney, 12: Hello, Sydney! Wow, you're really in a sticky situation. Think about it. First of all, he dumped you because...You didn't send him a picture of...WHAT? Sorry, but this is you're privacy! He's gone to far. Second, is he worth crying for? Do you really love him? And he also dumped you because you were grounded? That's kinda messed up. You seem like a great person. If he dumped you for THAT, he's not the right person for you. Just wait and maybe you'll meet someone new who's nice and has a great personality. And another word of advice. When you find someone else, trust him, but never 100%. And another thing, a nice person wouldn't make you do what you don't want to do. You have your rights! Sakura*."
--Sakura, 11

"The fact that my heart knows it...No jokes. Every time he's around, it's like my heart won't control, and it leaps in my throat and rams against my chest, and my nerves freak out and I start to shake, and my face goes all red...He's my crush because I positively LOVE that feeling."
--Kristen, 11

"Well at first I would look for someone who's nice to me and cares about me. Then I would profile both outside and inside (as in caring heart etc. ) finally I would find out if she likes me then I'd definitely have a crush on whoever's like this."
--Colton, 11

"OMG! I am like so mad my crush who is like my best guy friend is like totally ignoring me! But I am just trying to be calm I am guessing he is probably busy 'cause it's summer and his family go on lots of vacations. And I asked if he was mad at me but he said no so I hope he wasn't lying...But he best part is he knows I like him and he still acts cool around me and doesn't make me feel...Awkward so ok I guess that's all I have to say ok l8tr guys!"
--MikiD, 12

"BAM. Now I only like two guys, and since it's summer, I get to see one of them in a few weeks at camp! Yeaaaaaaaaaaa!"
--Chloe, 12

"My crush is a famous singer his name is Joel. He is soooooooo cool his voice is awesome & his older sister Rebecca St. James she ROCKS! Anyway Joel is my type it's so hard to explain but I wish I were 20 because he's 20 something. Once I went to one of Rebecca's concerts and Joel was there and during autographs he smiled at me and I thought "You ROCK like your sister, man!"."
--Annie, 11

"I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND JACOB! He has the looks, personality, eyes, hair...I can go on for days!"
--Raven, 12

"SWG poll. Ok u asked, I think giving advice is fine. But I think u should talk about ur self too. Do a little of each. And if u ever need advice I will try to help and I'm sure others will too. Ok that's what I think --Jacoby Ellsbury's Girlfriend."
--Madi : -), 12

"Update! The kid who likes me has liked me longer than since 5th grade he liked me since 3rd! We just graduated 8th he still likes me."

"I will not tell you who he is but what makes him my crush is...He's cute, nice, sweet, and he's my friend."
--Alyssa, 10

"I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE SAY MY CRUSH IS GAY JUST BE'CAUSE HE DANCES! And so I tell them I know he's not gay 'cuz he reaaaalllly likes this one girl. And they're like well then I guess he's bi. IT BOTHERS ME SO MUCH! HE IS NOT GAY OR ANYTHING HE JUST DANCES WHATS WRONG WITH THAT! CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?"

"I really like this guy...But it seems like it getting to me...Everywhere I go I see his face and his name...All the movies I've watched has his name in it (I PICK THESE MOVIES RANDOMLY! ) I know I'm probably too young for 'true love', but it seems that way...More about the GUY! He has golden hair that is sooo golden it's practically red he has this really cheeky smile...Like he has a secret and he's not gonna tell you! He's really fit...He goes to the gym everyday and he's pretty tall...N he's English...So he has this really charming accent...Even though it's a little hard to understand him...Every time I think about him or hear or see his name I get this seriously idiotic grin on my face...The worst part is that...He one of my best friends...I really don't want to ruin our awesome friendship...But I want something more than just friendship..."
--In love...<3, 12

"My crush is named Brady and he is the cutest and most amazing guy I know Every time I see him my heart flutters and my stomach does flips! No lie! He is moving away though and that makes me very sad. : (."
--Ellyn, 12

"I have a really cute crush whose name is Sam. He has smooth blonde hair and light blue eyes, and he's the tallest person in the class. He gets good grades, and he's really funny, and all the girls like him. I like so much!"
--Embarrassed, 10

"Caleb is the sweetest boy on earth! Through 5 years of school, I practically ignored him. Then I saw him at an after-school program, and then at a restaurant. Then I began to crush! At first I spent time with him, and gradually we became super-close. It was great for him because he has very few friends, and great for me because now there's someone who understands me more than my girl BFFs!"
--Margaret, 11

"I like this guy at my summer camp named Joseph. He's brothers with one of the counselors. Joseph and I are really great friends. But, he's going out with a girl named Nicole, who's one of my best friends there. He wants to ask me out when Nicole breaks up with him, because he's not the type of person who likes to hurt others feelings. He's a sweet guy like that, and that's the strongest reason for me liking him. Thanks for listening!"
--China Li, 12

"I had a crush on a guy he is so cute in grade 2 we were bf+gf but then we broke up and I still like him but he moved to a diff school and I have dreams bout' him."
--Banana, 11

"RedSoxJE46, 13, OMG me too! I mean totally my camera is full of pics of him and I luv him so much. Sorry he is mine! Bye bye! --Jacoby Ellsbury's Girlfriend."
--Aka: Madi : -), 12

"RedSoxJE46, 13, no! He's mine! I LOVE HIM AND I DON'T HAVE ANYONE ELSE I LOVE! I NEED HIM! DON'T TAKE JACOBY ELLSBURY AWAY FROM ME! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH EVEN THOUGH HE IS 12 YEARS OLDER THAN ME! ALL MY FRINDS THINK HE IS JUST OK AND I'M LIKE NO HE IS SOOOOOO HOT! Anyway yeah I have already used 5 different fake e-mails to vote for Jacoby Ellsbury for the all-star game, so I have voted 125 times for him but u are only supposed to vote 25, I just made up 5 e-mails. Lol! And if u really love him u will show ur loyalty by making up fake e-mails and voting for him, in e-mail just type something like idontfeelliketellingyou@ whyshouldyoucare. Org yeah and I have done that 5 times and he STILL isn't in the top 15 outfielders! I wanna cry plz people help me. I know I will probably never meet him but I still think he is THE HOTTEST GUY EVER! --Jacoby Ellsbury's Girlfriend."
--Aka: Madi : -), 12

"Sassy, 11, I don't mean to get in anyone's way but maybe she meant a geek on her standers. Maybe that doesn't mean reading that is just the kids at ur school. Maybe the kids at her school have a different meaning for the word "Geek". Just I thought. I just don't want any arguments! Thanks! Bye! --Jacoby Ellsbury's Girlfriend."
--Aka: Madi : -), 12

"Hey pplz well I got out of school yesterday 6/19. And the stinky thing is I can't see my crush. And we have summer vacation for like 3 months and imagine 3 months without my crush pleez tell me what to do. I call him but it's not the same we hugged at the last day of school but pleez tell me what to do. He doesn't know I like him. I think to him it was more of a friend hug than a crush hug. Pleez tell me how to get over him and stop thinking about him over the summer until we get back into school. Help me! Ily u guys and IML."
--HAPPY: D, 12

"My crush is my one of my friends girlfriend I cant tell him that."
--Anonymous, 11

"Well, his name is Sean, and he's really funny. We bug each other, and I really like him for just him. He's is really awesome, and he's really great with little kids. He is just amazing! Like, the perfect guy for me!"
--Rebecca, 10

"2 words. JONAS BROTHERS!"

"Ok I have a post on here about my bff having a bf and yea well they're over and I don't want to tell the rest of the story. So that is the end of my posts on this subject."

"I learned that this kid Dillon who is 2 years younger than me likes me and we are bffs now and it is weird 'cuz it's my little sisters friends brother and I think he is the nicest guy I know and we email a lot and I kinda like him too and NO I LUV HIM and it is awkward 'cuz he is gonna b in 3rd grade next year and ill b in 5th and it is WEIRD 'cuz he is younger and I really really like him and it is so weird ADVICE PLEEZE?"
--Lucy, 10

"I love Jonathan! I think he likes me too! I don't go to public school but I see him at church. But I think he is a little bit younger than me but it is just a number..."
--Rachael, 11

"I hate my previous crush because he's like nice to me when we first met but he became not nice anymore."
--E, 12

"He is one of my best guy friends and he was in my class."
--Olivia, 10

"My crush is hot and likes me back 2. We have a very romantic history and all my friends love our story."

"Lately, I've been crushing on a boy named Ryan. He's cute and funny and talks to me a lot. We have a lot in common and I'm basically in love with him! He's sweet and charming and sensitive...He's like a dream! I catch myself thinking about him almost all of the time! I'm getting sick of not liking him but I just can't stop! He'll be in my heart forever...UGH!"
--Tara, 11

"Hey everyone! Heads up- new advice coming soon! But, I got some suggestions that I would like a say on! Some people said that I should write things about my self. I don't know about it...Like maybe write some stuff about MY crushes and tell how I dealt with it or something? I've gotten a lot of votes from my friends already, but I would REALLY appreciate some readers' opinion. Now, PLEASE be honest! If you don't want me posting that, PLEASE say so. If you do, PLESAE say so! Okay? Well, voting starts when this gets posted and ends depending on how much it stinks! Lol. Well, when ya see this, just type SWG poll- yes/no, to cast your vote! Thanks everyone! Bye bye! <3."
--Salt-water-girl, 12

"I just ADORE Ben Branes from the movie prince Caspian he's so BEAUTIFUL *Purrs coyly* freaky to think boys are beautiful I know but it's so true and it's not teenage raging hormones. It's as if I've known him all my life. There's more than his pretty face to die for I think it's his personality anyways BEN BARNES FOREVER!"
--Some fan

"Hey! You all probably think I've disappeared off the face of the earth, huh? But, I'm back from Mars- I mean- lol. I'm back and ready to give more advice! Dear Sydney 12, S. O. S? Wow, you are in quite a mess! But I'm here to help! I think you should consider what you really like about this guy. Is he REALLY worth crying over? Do you REALLY thinks he is all-that? Do you REALLY love him? These are just some of the things to review. Now, another thing...He dumped you because you didn't send him WHAT? I'm sorry, but what the HECK? He wants you send him a pic of that?? Uhhhh...Yeah. There's another thing to think about! I think you should take a good, long time to really pick him apart. One day, go in your room, close the door, sit down, and really, REALLY think about him. Are you really, TOTALLY in love with him, and is he still worth it? Hope this helps! Dear Writing_Rox, 13, Yikes! This is hard for me to say to someone, but I think he is a- uh- joker. Yeah, a joker. I honestly don't think he REALLY likes you, I think he's trying to joke on you, in a cruel way. He probably doesn't know how you feel, and thinks it's innocent fun. But it's not for you, because you like him. So, I really really really highly recommend you don't tell him how you feel, because I think you'll get hurt if you do. But, if there's something you left out in your letter, or a feeling in your gut that he really does...I'm not going to stop you. But, just remember the jokes too. Hope this helps! Dear Araylah, 8, Um...I hate to say this, but your 8. 8 is really really REALLY young to tell someone you like them...I strongly suggest just being friends or admiring from afar will do just fine for now. Hope this helps! Note to readers and writers- When and if you writ for help, or ask, I can't give our proper advice without your AGE! So, when ya write, be sure to put your age! Why? Because if you leave out your age, you could be 6 and I might tell you to ask someone out! If you were 13, I would, if you were 6, I wouldn't. Get it? So please include your name and age! Thanks everyone! Keep writing!"
--Salt-water-girl, 12

"Well my crush has brown hair with blonde streaks in it. My secret name for him is "Lushes hair boy." He was and still is a great gymnast. He taught me how to do a perfect back flip. The problem is that this other guy likes me and is really jealous, because he thought I was his girlfriend{ I wasn't}. So now when ever I am with "Lushes hair boy" he in a way follows me like spying on me. I've asked him to stop and one time he caught me kissing him. He yelled at " lushes hair boy" and gave him a black eye. He has stopped "Spying" on me now and "Lushes hair boy'" eye is alright. I am just worried that he might attack me and my boyfriend again."
--Brina-boo:), 11

"He's my crush because his looks are perfect! Every angle, every freckle...:)."
--Kristen, 11

"He is cool nice smart funny and cute *sighs happily* and if Henry is seeing this right now uhhh...I was talking about how I like cheese!"
--Keonna, 10

"My GF is sweet & I stick up for her. Pssst! You'll see my topic on how I slammed my locker door on Ronald's foot! Topic appears in I MADE FUN OF SOMEONE next week."
--Bennett, 8

"My crush beautiful hair. She an amazing voice, and she' really nice. I think she's the most beautiful girl in school. I don't know if she likes me back, which is why I waited till the last day of school to give her her present."
--Rico, 13

"Well, I saw my crush at a rock concert he was one of the background vocalists and during autographs when I asked for his he smiled at me and I just about died he's cool, his voice is soooooo awesome and he's a great role model like his older sister who is also a famous singer and they do concert after concert together and sometimes I'm jealous! Can you relate to it??"
--Annie, 11

"My crush is a superstar his name is Mitchell Musso."
--Bethani, 11

"My crushes name is Matt, and he is the most AMAZING person ever. He's cute, nice, funny, sweet, you could talk to him about ANYTHING and he'll understand. He should be there for you when you need someone to talk to or for advice...And also I can never ever get him out of my mind. I look at personality before looks...But he's really really cute. =] LOTS of people at our school think we would make a cute couple, even his friends...And they've known each other since kindergarten! We're going to high school now, so I can't wait to see him again...I really miss him. :)."
--Samantha, 13

"What makes my crush a crush is that when ever I sit by my b. F. F. L he's always sitting by me we both like each other but he doesn't know I like him. I like lance."
--Victoria, 10

"My crush is my crush 'cuz...He's a dork! He's really goofy sometimes but he can be serious he so funny and smart and Oh my gosh he is sooooooooooooooo CUTE HE HAS BLOND HAIR AND A REALLY GOOD TAN he has the deepest sky blue eyes. His name is hunter and he's 13."
--Amber, 12

"Jacoby Ellsbury is my celebrity crush, lol!"
--RedSoxJE46, 13

"There is this guy named Nathan that I have known since 1st grade but I didn't start liking him until 2nd grade. I know for a fact that in 2-3 and the beginning of 4th grade he liked me but then I think he stopped. When I was in 5th grade I had to sit next to him in 2 classes then later he told me that he heard a rumor going around that he likes me because I sat next to him in 2 classes. He later told me that he doesn't like me but after he said that his friend started to laugh. And I was thinking Nathan probably said that so he wouldn't be embarrassed. So in September of 2007 I went back to school and we never chatted except only like maybe 5 times that whole year. But in middle of October I saw him looking at me like every time he saw me, so I was like "Why could this be" and as the year went on he liked me more and more until it was soo hard for him to talk to me. But all of a sudden last Tuesday[June 10th08] we had a field trip to Philly, PA and after lunch I think he stopped crushing on me. The weird think was that in the beginning of the day he totally did! And then I find out my BFF also likes him. Idk what to do but I want him to like me."
--Deanna, 12

"Mine is a celebrity he is Mitchell Musso."

"I like my crush because he is so like fine and he stares at me in a way no one else stares at me when I look at him I get butterflies in my stomach he also makes me laugh we have a lot of things in common and he is always looking at me and I start feeling very weird when my friends are around and when we walk home he will try to get very close to me in a way that everyone can see but I now that he knows that if we get together our friends will start making fun or something and that's why I like him to 'cuz we kinda think the same and he lives close to me!"
--Sabrina, 13

"My crush is my crush because he's a great person. He is very nice and helpful. People say that he is so ugly but I don't care. All I care about is the real person he is from the inside. And my crush (you know who I am) if you're reading this now you know why I like you or my friends or his friends now you also know why I like him."
--Friend, 10

"I think I posted here once, but I'll post again ^. ^ Well my crush is hot, smart, funny, and nice. He knows I like him, but he doesn't care. We're even friends. My friends think it's crazy of me to like him since he's a nerd but I really don't give a crud about what they think ^. ^."
--Melina, 11

"He's cute and he's one of my bfs and he understands when I talk to him."
--Madcow, 11

"My crush is a boy named Danny. He is really cute and nice and funny too. To me he is my crush cuz well I'm attracted to him. He is hot and even though he is like 2 inches shorter than me I love him the sad thing is that he is moving to Florida. A state far from here. I miss him and I want to say ***I love you Danny E., from your best friend, Beverley J. *** he is so special to me and I hope he doesn't forget me. He will be in my heart FOREVER..."
--Beverley, 13

"Hey guys! I just wanted to say Brielle, 11--I found your message really offending saying he can't be a geek. People call me a geek cause I read a lot, and all it is is a stereotype. There is nothing wrong with geeks. Sorry if I sound rude it just offended me."
--Sassy, 11

"I haven't seen my crush in so long. I used to see him at church, but now we go to a different church. I am so in love with him, but I don't think I'll ever see him again. Worst part is, I think he liked me too! (He always stared at me. ) I have another crush and maybe you can tell who it is by my name!"
--RedSoxJE46, 13

"Greg's my crush cuz he's nice, funny, smart, and even more things I like in a boy."
--CTBcutie, 9

"Ok now I've been dating this one guy named Emerson on and off for the past three months and I really don't know how he feels bout me anymore I used to think he was in love with me but lately it seems like he just cares bout physical stuff and he dumped me cuz I was grounded and now isn't talking to me cuz I didn't send a picture of my chest to him...Now ok I really am in love with him I've NEVER felt this way bout anyone before he's also the only guy I've cried over, we were gonna go out again after I got ungrounded but I don't know I mean I don't wanna get hurt but I truly am in love with him so what should I do?!?!?! Plz help cuz I don't know what to do like at all, would I be stupid to go back out with him and be smart to walk away or since I'm in love with him should I look past his flaws PLEASE HELP! I couldn't be more confused over a guy...!"
--Sydney : ], 12

"I really like this guy that goes to my school. He's cute, funny, friendly, and HOT! He's always been there for me when I needed a hug. I love him."
--Paige, 11

"I have this crush on a girl in a yellow shirt, white shoes, & jeans on Jack's Big Music Show & I think her name is Adriana."
--Bennett, 8

"My crush is Cameron. He moved to Texas. He used to like Alexis I broke them up ha ha."
--Dee, 9

"Kay, this is kinda weird for me. I rarely leave the "My writing" place. Anyway, I've got a serious problem with my crush. I like him so much! Now, I can't tell if he likes me. So guys, help me out! All I really have to go on is last year his friend ask me out for him (it was all a joke but I don't know why they picked me) I overheard him say I'm "Kinda hot" and one time this year when I asked my friend for a ruler, and this guy offered me one, that he didn't have. He stole one from his friend (who I happen to dislike EXTREMELY) and let me borrow it (I washed my hands forty times afterwards though) guys, do you think it's safe to tell him how I feel? Does he like me? I try to be nice to him but he mostly just talks to his dude-friends. What should I do? HELP!."
--Writing_Rox, 13

"I have a crush his name is Robert he likes me to I don't know what to do."
--Araylah, 8

"I like this girl named LeeAnn, but she doesn't like me back."
--Felix, 10

"Jaelynn age 13 if you think that your crush really appreciates you and people are bugging you tell them to stop. If they are your friends then they aren't really acting like friends. Go for what you think is right."
--Teresa, 10

"I like a boy named Alex and he likes me. HE iS SO CUTE! LOL!"
--Teresa, 10

"My crush (who is now my bf) is soo sweet and nice! He's hard to explain- in a good way! He'll always be there for me when I need him. I HAD this crush at my other school. He ALWAYS annoyed and took my stuff. One time, he even grabbed my backpack for me when were packing up to go home. Then this other kid at his table liked me. How do I know? The guy that I used to like told me. After that, those two ganged up and BOTH annoyed me. And both were nice to me! How weird and scary. LOL! =")."
--Melanie, 11

"I really like a kid me and my friends call Cup Cake...He seems really nice and I hang out with him on occasion...I want to ask him out but I don't want to get rejected. My friend Apples is always dissin on him and it kinda hurts but I don't want to hurt her feelings. Should I ask him out? Should I tell my friend to stop dissin on me? what do I do! I really like him and he does not know it (I think) I need help and fast!! Besides does he love me back? PS: his name is Chase C."
--Kiwi, 13

"I have a crush, but I don't want to tell him. What should I do?"

"Omg I have crushes on many celebs I think Josh Groban is really the only singer I am crushing on. There's Orlando Bloom, Ben Barnes, James Mcvoy, and many like them and they are all so GOREGOUS beyond words even Josh will make any teen the moment she discovers him swoon..."

"I have crushes they are Mario Lopez, all cute Mexicans, Chris Brown, Usher, Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, 50 cent, Bow Wow, Ludachris, Corbin Bleu, Jake Ryan."

"I don't have crushes I have boyfriends but he can't be a geek though."
--Brielle, 11

"I go from celeb to celeb. My current crush is Christopher Khayman Lee. I like him because he's so cute!"
--Serpentina, 9

"Hey guys sorry I haven't been on in awhile. I was VERYYYYYYYYYYY busy. Well today at school I was talking to three 5th grade boys (I'm in 4th grade) and I think this one guy is soooo cute! His name is Steven N. But he likes to be called Steve. My friend MaryKate was like "Were you hitting on those guys" I'm like NO! I was soooo embarrassed. I know I NEVER ask you guys for help (which is weird (the part me NOT asking for help (N0T asking for help) ) ) Well What do I do to get him to notice me and how do I talk to him? AUGHHHHHH! I NEED help!"
--Kyra, 10

"He's all I ever wanted in a guy. Now if only he liked me..."

"My bf's smart, funny, and has the same personality that I do! He likes sports, and he has really cute hair!"
--Roxanne, 12

"I really like this kid, Ty and the things that I like about him is that he's: athletic, funny, really cute, really fun and easy to talk to, great personality, and other things I really don't know. I mean you have to know him to see what traits he has. It's hard to explain- not in a bad way though. But I don't know. =")."
--Melanie, 11

"On the last day of school my crush hugged me and told me he will miss me too!"
--Friend, 10

"Hey this is to Jaelynn W 13; u should not care what others think, YOU like him not them they shouldn't care at all what guy u like if u like him that's you not them so what I'm trying to tell you is that u shouldn't care what others think. If they mention it and say something that u think is offensive to u and the guy u like then tell them to shut up and to go do something else, just becuz there life is boring and they have nothing to do doesn't mean they can butt in someone else's life. So stand up for yourself and the guy u like. Well hope I helped."
--HAPPY: D, 12

"When you think someone is really cute or smart or, sometimes both. You start to want to spend more time with that person."
--Kayla, 10

"Well, I like this guy, he likes me, but he's sorta a jerk to a lot of people, but he dated my best friend then they broke up so then I started dating him, but we already broke up so he could go to a party and make out with other girls but we got back together and people are like, wow. But the thing is I like him soooo much and he's like rely hot and no matter what he does, I can't get mad at him or hate him he called me really mean names and made fun of a lot of people but I don't even really care for some reason I don't know why but I like him no matter what. And I have to hid that I'm dating from my parents and I'm risking being grounded the whole summer for him. Does anyone know why I wanna date him and like reallllllllly like him after all this?"
--Michelle, 11

"I have a crush named Oliver. He is a cutie boy."
--Maddie, 9

"I have a crush on a girl named Alaina H. What should I do?"
--Tyrone, 13

"I agree with you advice girl. You'll get a growth spurt, and the less junk food you eat, you'll get thinner even faster!"
--Morgan, 9

"I think this guy likes me, he is always annoying me. Once he took my bottle and said I could only have it back if I gave him a hug and he also came up behind me once and picked me up. My friend does not like him but I think I might have a crush on him but I also like this other guy! What do you think I should do? do you think he has a crush on me? and do you think I should ask him out? Plz plz help me I am so confused thanx."

"Chris Brown."

"He is sooooooooooooo cute and definitely funny he makes me laugh a lot too I also think he might like me too."
--Miracle, 13

"I like a girl that I see with another boy a lot. I don't know if they like each other, but it isn't fun to watch. I don't know if I should tell her, because I'd look stupid. But, my way of getting girls to love me is to show them how I play guitar. Everyone who has seen me play has been amazed. It would work on her easy, I hope. I also hope she's not with that other guy."
--Little Nicky, 13

"I love this boy soo much and also he likes me but he doesn't show that he does. (ex:sit next to me, or talk to me) please help! :<"."
--Alyssa, 8

"I really like this boy and he likes me, but others think he's dumb, what should I do?"
--Jaelynn W, 13

"He is so easy to talk to. I can even talk to him easier than my best girl friends sometimes..."

"Okay, People, Your crush (or bf) makes you happy, and doesn't care to ask your friends to move so he can sit next to you, He doesn't mind sitting next to your friends as long as he can sit next to you, he isn't afraid to tell you he misses you. ( all of these things my Boyfriend does all the time) but me and my boyfriend have been best friends for more than a year, so we are super close. The best thing you can ever do for yourself is to surround yourself with people who love you and want the best for you, and make you happy, that's all you can wish for. Your crush should be no different..."
--KAseS, 13

"Crush's are so good to have. Especially Celebrities. My crush would be anyone with a great personality and would be by my side."
--Sweetie, 13

"I'm getting over it now. This one guy said he overheard the guy I like telling one of his best friends he likes me. We've actually grown closer it's not as bad as I thought. There is always tomorrow."
--Sassy, 11

"Well I like ***** (the * means the letters in their name since I don't fell comfortable telling who I like event though they like me too) because we get along really well (we're not really best friends) and we just love to be with each other and she thinks I'm really funny-I mean REALLY funny!"
--Gabe, 10

"Well to me I look at the looks of him /her and then if him or her is a good person."
--Shekia, 9

"CORBIN BLEU! He's my dream husband and also few months old older than me and same age..."

"Yesterday, my girlfriend told me about this creepy song. It's about a girl with the first name that she wants to name her daughter if she ever has one, and my last name. So either that songwriter is physic and we'll someday get married and have a girl, or more likely I just have a common last name..."
--Garrett, 12

"K, guys, I used to be Brentlover, and Dustinlover. I love Jordan. He is 12, black hair, I have brown hair, dark complected, I am dark complected, tall, I am not so tall, he has big brown eyes, I have greenish bluish eyes. His brother Jackson is in the 8th grade, Jordan, and my brother 7th grade. Jordan is my brother's best friend. I am in the 4th grade. I love Jordan. Jordan+Alexis=Jorexis."
--Jordanlover, 10

"It's her first year back. She used to be annoying, but now she's sweet and RELLY cute. I can't get her out of my head. I even dream about her. She's 2 years older and is graduating. What high schooler wants to be with a 7th grader?"
--C. J., 12

"I don't know what makes my crush, MY crush. But it's those littlest things why I like him. He asked me out a couple months go, and I liked him at that time, but I rejected. But I'm not sure if he was lying or just joking around, but anyways, I feel like I regretted saying no. Help?"
--Karen, 12

"I'm so mad. I'm 7th period my friends wouldn't shut up until I told them who I liked. They kept asking me who I liked, I told them they had to guess. After they did, other kids got involved, and this idiot yelled her name out and she was in the same room, and she looked behind her in confusion. I almost got caught. She almost found out, and if she did, well...Lets just say that kid would've met Jesus earlier than he should have. I plan on telling her myself, but one of her friends hates me, but others kids tease me by saying she likes me and we go together. I hope that's not true..."

"I like a girl, but I might not have a chance with her. She's in all advanced classes, I'm not, and I'm only in one class with her. Unfortunately, she doesn't even know I'm on this planet, neither do her friends, except one of her friends, who hates me. I wouldn't know what to say to her without looking like an idiot. I need a little bit of help, but I don't know who to go to since I don't know any of her friends, except one, who I said, hates me. I want to tell her, but I don't know how, I'm just nervous. My friends tease me about liking her, and everyone ask me if I like her. I just hope she sees something in me other than a washed up loser. I like her so much, but I've never spoken to her. I just have faith...That if I talk to her, she just might like me. So will someone help me out? please?"
--Cheese n crackers, 13

"Once I had a dream that my crush was in a movie--And he was the only person in the movie. Weird."

"Brad: Known him for a long time, He's funny, He's sweet, He's caring...But he's obsessed with this one girl and I kinda like Sam. Sam: Known him for a pretty long time, He's hilarious, He talks to me like I matter, he doesn't like it when I leave but...He doesn't live so close, also I only get to see him at church sometimes."
--Lucille, 12

"My friends asked him. He said no. But I also heard he still likes me but I feel like I'm dying."
--Sassy, 11

"I have a crush on a guy and I THINK he might like me back. OK, here's the story tell me what u think. Me him-David- this other guy-Jacob- were standing around talking at one of our homeschool meetings. Jacob said who he wanted 2 be president and I was like he's not gonna win! Then I said who I wanted 2 win. Jacob was like I'll punch u. And David was like "Don't" and Jacob asked why. And then he went "O yeah ur not supposed to punch girls." and David was like "No cuz she'll kick ur butt" I have never talked to David b4 a few hours ago. But I had seen him and I really thought he was hot. But now I'm wondering, dose he like me? I did nothing 2 make him think I would kick Jacob's butt. So does he like me? PLZ respond! I need help!" --Madison, 12 ppl I really need help with this plz help me! 'read up there'."
--Madison, 12

"I really like him but he goes with my cousin and I wonder what my friends would say."
--Tia, 9

"Hello, I'm Elizabeth, and I'm in love with a 15 yr old...I know I love him, all my poems are 'bout him! The thing is he doesn't love me, he doesn't know I love him, but he knows I like him. Should I tell him? (I only know him on the internet and he lives in Georgia) I really do love him, I just wish he could understand that...~Elizabeth."
--CherryCheese, 10

"I have this big crush on my X-Boyfriend! Now I don't know how to act and I don't want to act like a complete idiot. The worst part is that he probably hates me but I just can't get over him! What do I do! 1."
--Shalese, 11

"My crush _______ last 3 years now has a crush on me I can't believe that something like that would happen it's just cause he's smart and nice but I'm not so smart and I'm very smart he even told my best friend but I just ignored him was that the right thing to do?"
--TYpIcAlLy aNoNyMoUs

"Diamond, 12, if u want IML ppl 2 know u just post lots of things and ppl will get 2 know who u r."
--Madi : -), 12

"Well, his name is Travis. He is my age and goes to my school. He's sooooooo cute! I wish we were at least friends...But were not. Oh well. I met him when we had to do this science thing and we had to have partners. Somehow I ended up with him and just sort of fell in love with him!"
--Macy, 11

"His personality is similar to mine, and I think I'm getting signs! ;)."

"I have a crush on this new-ish kid. He's really sweet and all but my friends all say he's a geek. I never told them how I feel about him and I'm kind of scared to. He likes me A LOT! I really want to go out with him but this cool kid named Dexter that I partially like asked me out- I'm stuck in the middle! AND I ONLY HAVE ONE MORE DAY TO ANSWER! The geeky crush is sweet, caring, lovable, cute and smart. BUT SO ID DEXTER! : (."

"I have a major crush on this guy named Dexter. Dexter asked me out but I now it's not for real. He's lying, Alex f. Dared him to ask me out like some kid dared Austin to ask me out. Boys are so complicated. But what I like about Dexter is that he's funny, caring, sweet and athletic. He's an awesome soccer player. Dexter, if you're reading this I'm really embarrassed and I want you to know that I'd say yes if you asked me out 1 more time! (Even though it's just a dare, a girl can dream, right? ) Dexter also made up plan Z, that's when he come up to me and pecks me on the cheek. He makes my heart melt...Yeah Dext, if you're reading this I'm going to move out of the country and change my name. (This kid named Brent J. Also likes me and wanted to ask me out and I might say yes if I get over Dexter...) YES DEXTER! (Even though it's a dare I would love to go to the movies with you! :)."
--Libs, 11

"Never write your crush a secret admirer love letter! I did that once thinking no one would find out it was me who wrote it, but they did. I don't know how. Now, 3 years later, people still make fun of me for it and it will haunt me forever. I'm dead serious! Don't do it! You'll regret it! Find another way to talk to your crush."

"Well I have a crush on this boy. He knows I like him because my friends told him. I might not see him next year because he is 1 grade younger than me."
--Friend, 10

"For those of you who are 8, you guys shouldn't date. YOU ARE TO YOUNG! You guys have some time. Don't go in to dating to early."
--Yo-dog, 11

"Dear love ya 12, my opinion is it's okay if yours till single. It's cool to have3 different crushes (like I said if your still single). Hope I helped."
--Yo-dog, 11

"Well, I still like the same kid. And he still likes my bff. But she doesn't like him she has a boyfriend now. I said one thing about the kid who likes her around her boyfriend and now her boyfriend hates me and she is really angry at me and I am just so confused this is not my fault!"

"I like two boys. One is super cute, and some people might say that looks aren't everything. He can be a jerk sometimes, and be really gross and inappropriate, but can't we all? And he can also be sweet...Sort of...My friends all think he likes me, but even if we could be together, it would break my heart, because two of my best friends like him, and there is definitely more people that just haven't told me. The other boy isn't that cute, but he's good looking enough, and he's my friend. He lives near me and I see him everyday. I'm friends with his little sister and his mom is really nice. I love his dog, too. I guess I like the first boy more...They are both athletic, cute, boyish guys. They aren't THAT dumb. The second one is pretty smart. He's fast at math, while I might not be as fast as him, I just know more. I'm not the kind of girl that panics in front of my crush/es. My friend likes the same two boys I like, along with another one. One time, me, her, and all three of her crushes (and both of mine) were in the hall. My friend was freaking out. She was acting like a slightly insane maniac, embarrassing me BADLY. Boy 1 was grinning, watching us, amused. I play it cool in front of a boy I like. Sometimes too cool..."
--Me! I, 11

"He's really cute and funny. Even though he acts like he doesn't think the girls are cool in public, if some one he liked told him in private, he'd totally tell her his feelings and tell only his guy friends, but if some one he didn't like told him they like him in private, he'd break it to them really gently that he likes them, but only as a friend, and for right now they could be friends, but maybe one day his feelings would be different. He knows I like him, but I think he likes somebody named Kassidy, so I'm waiting until his feelings change. I think it'll be soon, because I'm his really good friend, and he's been turning to me more then his guy friends. The problem is, I don't want to be his best friend, because That might be all I'll ever be. But I guess it's better then him not knowing I like him and admire him and him acting like he hates me."."
--Rebecca, 10

"He is super cute, he likes me back too. He just said that he needs time to get over his dog dying, because they were really close. We have gone to the movies together and kissed a few times. There was this really romantic time at our school dance when he pulled me outside in the rain (I didn't care it was raining). He pulled me under the balcony and kissed me. I kissed him back and we were standing there for like 5 minutes. After that we ditched the dance and walked to the park. It had stop raining then. He was so sweet, he stopped walking and just gave me a big hug. Then he asked me to be his girlfriend. We are taking it slow, because the only thing we have done is kiss. I don't want to go far. Once he invited me over to watch a movie when his family was out to dinner. We ended up kissing throughout the movie instead, nothing bad happened. It was so romantic, I just love the feeling of being in his arms and kissing him!"

"I dumped my BF because he wanted me to go far with him. Then one day when I cam home from school, I caught him on the couch with my older sister who is 16! It was so gross...They didn't even notice me!"

"Caleb is smart, has a highly developed sensitivity to beauty, and he's very approachable. Plus, last year I know he had a crush on me and that everyone in the class was teasing him about it."
--Rosie, 12

"My crush is perfect coz I like girls who are kinda tomboyish but at heart is still a girl. PS Her name is Edel."
--Eamon, 12

"I like this super cute guy, but he's like way popular, I don't think he knows I exist, and I can't ask him out. For reasons of my own. What should I do?"
--Anonymous123, 10

"His name is Chung and he's Korean and he is a CHRISTIAN! With his black hair and bright eyes...Am I going too far? Never! He's just cute."
--Alicia, 12

"There is this boy on my bus and I like him and I want him to know but I don't want to tell him cause he's older than me and he might not like me back. What do I do?"
--Bethany, 12

"Salt-Water-Girl 12---Thank you so so SOOOOOO much! I'm thinking really hard about having a friend tell him or giving him the note. If you think I should do it I will. Wow--Fate! I've never really liked a guy and had him like me back. Thank you so much for your help. If I didn't meet you on here IDK WHAT I'd do!"
--Sassy, 11

"I like this boy whose name is Eliel, but he has a girlfriend whose name is America and she's like she thinks that she is boss and she is sooooo rude. I tell Eliel to not be with America cause she isn't a nice girl, you know. Eliel shouldn't be with her because he is nice, a cool guy he doesn't deserve to be with her."
--Annie, 11

"How do you no if a boy likes you???"
--Sarah, 11

"He is my crush because he's really like me. He plays soccer really good and he has the same personality as me."
--Anonymous, 8

"Hey Kyra here...Haven't been on in a while. I've had band, ugh. So Mark is STILL my crush but he and his lunch table did the subway commercial to ME! Weird...5 dollar 5 dollar foot long! Oh if anyone in my grade went on here I'd DIE! But you guys are AWESOME! So I'm doing a surprise 4 u later in the month."
--Kyra, 10

"I have a crush on a guy and I THINK he might like me back. OK, here's the story tell me what u think. Me him-David- this other guy-Jacob- were standing around talking at one of our homeschool meetings. Jacob said who he wanted 2 be president and I was like he's not gonna win! Then I said who I wanted 2 win. Jacob was like I'll punch u. And David was like "Don't" and Jacob asked why. And then he went "O yeah ur not supposed to punch girls." and David was like "No cuz she'll kick ur butt" I have never talked to David b4 a few hours ago. But I had seen him and I really thought he was hot. But now I'm wondering, dose he like me? I did nothing 2 make him think I would kick Jacob's butt. So does he like me? PLZ respond! I need help!"
--Madison, 12

"I am going out with this guy named Andrew he is really cute and I didn't start liking him until I was blowing kisses at him for no reason."
--Rachel, 10

"It's not that I can't live w/o him, it's that I don't want 2."

"I was going out with this kid that was a year and a month younger than me and I thought he was cute and funny but yo! He's younger than me and I am getting mad that my so called friends are flirting with him and they never liked him until me and my friends started hanging out with him. What should I do?"

"Well, I can't date, but I can still crush! So, I think that my crush is my crush because he is funny, smart, nice, and cute!"
--PlainJane, 10

"My best friend lyric is kind of weird. She pushes me into something I do not want to do."
--Matilda, 9

"I Love Jonathan."
--Lyric, 9

"Well everyone says I am popular even the popular cute guys. So almost all the boys like me but I like this one guy named josh! But he doesn't like me because I am popular and he isn't so it's a little hard to get through to them."
--Shannon, 10

"I am writing this cuz- well-look at the peoples entry. Dear Jesa, 11 Honestly, I think that 11 might be too young to actually date date, like go out. But to have a crush, you're never too young! That's my motto anyways! I know how you feel! I used to like a guy who moved from long island for about a week now I hate him- okay bad example. Just hang out with him and become friends. You never know, maybe someday he'll like you back! Thanks for asking! Hope this helps! Dear Love ya, 12 That is totally okay! I used to until I decided who I really like, and who I really don't. That what you should do. Pick them apart, and decide who you really like, and who you think of as some nice guy. Hope this helps! Dear Sassy 11, This is SOOO FATE! ^^! When this happens, it is a TOTAL sign of him liking you! If you don't want to ruin your friend ship, it's okay. If you don't want to say anything out loud, write it down. Write him a note saying something like "Dear _____, You are so cool, but I was wondering about something...I saw a face that you made and I was wondering if you were mad at me or something." If you decide to do this, give it to him PRIVATELY! Away from everyone! I can't stress that enough! But, if one crush is ever really killing you inside, then sometimes you should let it go. It sounds like the worst thing ever, but that's what I did, and I was really happy. Just a thought! Please don't do any of this if you don't want to! : - ) thank you for responding! Hope this helps! Dear Diamond 12, I used to have a crush who got on my nerves sooo much! But I still liked him! It was the weirdest thing ever! I could hate him, and at the same time be loving him! Sometimes this works, but sometimes...Yeah. Get my point? You gotta be careful with things like this, you can get hurt really easily. As for your concern to give out advice, I am glad to say, thank you! There is finally another person who is giving out advice with me! If you were to give out advice, please stress that you aren't an IML person for about 5 letters. Like in your intro. Say that you aren't. Like so..."Hey everyone! You probably don't know me yet, so here I am, I am NOT an IML person, but I hate to see people needing help on things I know about. So I'm going to help some people." or something like that. Thanks for asking! Hope this helps! I'll make another one of these."
--Salt-water-girl, 12

"I like my crush because, well, he's funny and smart and he has a great personality. He acts like himself around me, not like some guys at my school that like me but try to act like someone they're not. NEVER like someone like that. They're too much trouble. Jarod (my crush) is really nice, so when he sees this (after I ask him to check it out), I hope we can be friends again."
--Lizzie, 10

"I like a guy the last time I saw him he was 8 it been 5 year since I've seen him he was cute blond hair blue eyes. Perfect lips. All perfect."
--Talgal, 13

"Well...He is...Just so nice and quiet. I like people like that."
--Alanna, 12

"I mean when you get a crush it's like well...Idk how it feels!"

"Oho yeaha I forgot to add this when he was going out with his girlfriend every time I was around he would always talk about it quiet and he's not a quiet person and he would sound muffled like he didn't want me to know."
--L. T., 13

"My crush does not even know I like him! I try to talk to him but he just walks away!"
--Kasey, 10

"Love ya! (x3)?, 12. It's perfectly all right. As I said recently, I'm crushing on two guys at the same time. Last year I was crushing on FOUR guys at the same time."
--Sumatrantiger, 12

"I still love Dustin. My friends like to ask me if I still do but they stopped because they know I have my heart set on him. He is from Rolla, MO. I'm not going to say where I live. Well, you all know why. He is like me and my brother. I live on a 300-acre ranch. I'M NOT KIDDING. I WOULDN'T LIE. I'M NOT THAT KIND OF PERSON. Well as I was saying, he wore a camouflage hat, camo shirt, with a John Deere on the front. And he wore Wrangler jeans. All I can say is that I love him. Even if I have a different husband and kids I will always love him. My brother tells me that I'm stupid, I know he really understands, but he is just being a brother. I love you Dustin. Love, Alustin."
--Dustin+Alexis=LOVE, 10

"I like this guy named Garrett because he is nice, funny, and really cute! That is why I like him. He is perfect!"
--Jeanna, 9

"I like this gurl."

"He is really cute. He is also very funny, and nice!"
--Abbey, 12

"Hi! I need someone's opinion on this, if someone is single, is it okay for them to like 3 guys at the same time? PLZ someone help me! I just need an opinion!"
--Love ya! (x3)?, 12

"I always go for the pretty guys I like skate border look and the surfer guy look, I crush on guys who have the face and the gear but not so much the brain sometimes they do lol ttyl."
--2 embarrassed 2 say

"Salt-water-girl, 12. I need some help, do you think 11 is too young to start dating? and there is this guy who moved to our school at the beginning of the school year and is just a friend and I really like him. What should I do? and it is not the same guy from like a year ago."
--Jesa, 11

"Samantha, 13 OMG ALL of those are me! Wow! I am practically in LOVE! I don't want it taking over my life. Salt water girl 12 I can't even ask him about that face! One day after church we ended up at the same restaurant and I when I glanced over he was staring at me, and then he'd quickly look away. And when I look at him and he sees me we both glance away! Is this a sign? Please help he needs to know but I don't have enough nerve. I don't want to ruin a really cool friendship."
--Sassy, 11

"Help! I'm so confused. "John" is still my crush. But now I'm also crushing on John's best friend (Jack)! John's crush turned him down, and Jack used to date her and thinks she's self-absorbed. Recently, I told a mutual friend of all of us (Jane), that I had a crush on John, but not on Jack. Jane is really excited and I'm not sure if she'll tell John, or if I should be worried about that at all. At the same time, girls and boys alike are telling me 2 different guys have crushes on me. One can be a jerk, but he's actually really nice when he's not around his friends. The other hangs out w/ me and 2 other girls in PE and is a bit immature. He also flirts w/ one of the other girls. The 2 guys who may be crushing on me, I have no actual proof. If anyone can actually figure out what I just said and respond, I would be really happy..."
--Sumatrantiger, 12

"Dear salt-water-girl 12 I don't have a crush on someone but this boy in my class keeps on looking at me and sometimes he gets on me and my friends nerves. What should I do. Oh and one more question if your not an IML person how do you get people to know you cause I want to give out advice. Please and thank you."
--Diamond, 12

"Ok well I need help...Major! Well there's this guy that likes me but before I didn't, and now I do. I don't want a bf because my bff is bff with him and he asked us if he could hang out with us because he wanted to spend more time with me. And get to know me better the thing is that I don't him to know that I do like him because it'll make things between us even more. He may not be the hottest or cutest guy ion the school but he gets good grades he's nice and is a good person. He's always liked me ever since 6th grade and we were in 1st and 6th period together and the rest I had my classes he had his. But I liked who back then was one of his best friends but that's a whooole diff. Story anyways. We hang out with him at lunch and nutrition. The problem is I'm afraid that if I don't tell him it will be too late and hell give up on me, but if I do tell him he will want to go out and I don't want to it's not that I don't like him enough it's just that it'll make things even more weird between us. I'm scared that I might lose him. Please I need major help. **sigh**. Pleeeaaaseeeee!"
--Happy: d, 12

"I really like this boy named Ben. He is in my class. He is sooooo cute, nice, and FUNNY. But I think he likes this other girl. I so want to kiss him! Someday, I hope, that will happen!"
--Anonymous, 11

"Like you, Olivia (11), I have had many crushes: Pete, Brandon, Luke, Brayden, Griffin, Ryan, Jackson, Jake, and Cole. Cole found out I liked Jake and told everyone. When I told him (in a note[that was supposed to stay secret]) I liked him, he gave it to the class to read, eventually giving it to Jake! : (."

"What if I am shy and I don't ask want this person Dokota out he goes to the skating every Saturday and all my friends say to ask him out but I want. What should I DO?"
--Sabrina, 10

"There is this one guy that is soooooooooooo cute. He is in my music class, homeroom and P. E. He is really funny. He is also every athletic. Did I say he was cute? Well he is."
--Tomboy08, 99

"Today I was with my friend Dlain I spell it wrong it's ok. So like I was saying my bro told everyone that I love johnton but I don't and Dlain found out and said if I like johton I did not know that my bro told them I like johnton I thought he would say Jaive so then Dlain said do you like me and I said no and I played tag and ran then for 6 sec playing then I ran I don't know what to do."
--Savanna J, 9

"I really don't have a crush on anybody right now but I did, and what made him my crush was his good looks, but later I realized he wasn't a very good person so I got over him."
--Jane, 13

"Well, he is the perfect match for me. Cute, funny, caring, a good hugger, and environmentally friendly. His name is Hal xD. We have been going out for one week. ;x..."
--Leigh, 12

"My crush hunter is so cute funny and he's a jock sweet huh."
--Cassidy, 11

"He is so nice I think he likes another girl he does but I think he change his mind he liked a girl named shayla w but now I think he likes me his name is Jason o he is cute and hot!"
--D, 13

"I like a guy and he used to like me but then he stopped liking me because I don't talk enough, I am more of a quiet girl and now I don't know what to do! Help me!"
--Angela, 12

"I like this boy but he was totally flirting with me yesterday. He is one of my close friends. He even hugged me before I left school. But today it was completely different, he stopped talking to me, but he kept watching me, it felt like he was testing me on something. What should I do, what should I tell him?"

"I really like this guy. His name is Andre. He really is amazing."

"He was funny cute and a great person to be around. He also had a temper but that's all right cause I have 1 to. But any way I have a boyfriend now cause we like each other. Now that I got a man; he's probably feeling real tight and burnt inside!"
--Sugar?, 11

"I like a guy that's a lot older than me he is even married."

"My crush is soooo nice. He is also smart, polite, and CUTE. All of my friends say I go PERFECT with him. I cry about him every night. Sigh. I love you _______. (wut? do u think I'm THAT stupid to write down his name? Ya SURE! ) I could just write I love...Wait a sec. His name is."
--2cute4u, 11

"Salt-water-girl, 12 thanks so much! I have one other question...Once I ask him about that and stuff, how do I tell him I like him? I'm having a really hard time trying to "Let me feelings be known to him". Thanks again for helping."
--Sassy, 11

"Hey, I haven't been on in a while. That makes me soo sad cause you guys are like my sisters! (and brothers! Lol) Happy Easter! Mark still didn't do anything to me that I could tell you guys. Seriously NOTHING! It stinks, bla bla bla. See ya!"
--Kyra, 10

"He's sweet, cute, and funny. He is also very mysterious and isn't macho. He is in touch with his feminine side, which lets me know he's secure. He is not afraid of being judged."
--Cheri, 12

"I have a crush that I know 100% doesn't like me...I just like his personality a lot. My celeb. Crush is on James from Zoey 101. He's hot!"
--Kenzie, 10

"He is cute funny and cool."
--Morgan, 9

"I have the biggest crush on my friend in math class his name is Vine he is COOL."
--Shamara, 9

"Hey, Salt-water-girl, I need some help. Ok so there is this guy that I realllllllly like, and but he's like my guy bff and I really want him to know that I like him but I also don't cuz I don't wanna ruin our friendship. What should I do? ooh and I also need help with something else. He likes my girl bff and well she really likes him too. And they are really nervous around each other. Part of me wants to help them start dating, the other part of me wants to stay away and just forget this is all happening--Impossible :) (. What should I do?"
--Ballerina<3, 1

"Darrien is so cute, sweet and funny."
--Casie, 11

"I have a crush on a guy who is 2 years older than me. I'm in 6th grade and he's in 8th grade. He likes me back, and he is so sweet and awesome! He makes me the happiest girl in the world and he is totally cool and outgoing."
--Isabella, 12

"Well I like this guy named Brice. And he is in my class always looking at me. But then his friends smack him in the face and start talking about basketball. So at lunch me and him talk together and we never stop making eye contact he is so sweet."
--Mindy, 11

"The last letter I have sent you about Paige and Adam please do not show it on the Internet, my friends are soooo angry, Paige is not in love with Adam."
--Shamara, 9

"Here's when I think I have a crush:) -You think about him in your mind a lot -He keeps you staring at the walls at night wondering about what he's thinking -When you're spending extra time in the morning to impress him at school -When you can't stop staring at him when he's hanging out with his friends -When he sits next to you, it feels like your heart just dropped."
--Samantha, 13

"Hey! Me again! What? You still don't know who I am yet? Okay, I am NOT an IML person but I like to help people and give advice. Hope I help you...Dear Miki 12, I read your letter and I think something could be a big problem. Your parents. If they think you are still too young, I think you should obey them and wait. If you don't your parents will most likely not trust you later, when they think you ARE old enough. That's just for going out though. It's okay to LIKE someone, but you should be a certain age to date. And also, it's fine he is a month younger! So what? Age doesn't really matter (unless it's drastic) Hope this helps! Dear M&M 12, Being shy is perfectly normal and okay! If you're shy about your crush, don't push yourself! That only leads to-well-disaster! If one day you get a burst of courage, say hi or try to start a conversation! Just give yourself time. As for your friends, ask them to 'lay off' a little. Tell them you feel uncomfortable when they do this and they will most likely understand. Really tell them it hurts your feelings. Hope this helps! Dear 2shy 11, If your friend does this-lets call it a "Routine" of stare, you look and he looks away, this is a definite sign! He probably likes you. Boys often do this. As for him moving, it's difficult! You don't know weather to tell or not considering he might move! My advice is just ask him WHO HE LIKES OR IF HE LIKES SOMEONE! Saying this will give you a hint from him WHILE you not blowing your cover, just dropping a hint! Good luck! Hope this helps! Dear Melody 10, this is the trickiest kind of crush. When a guy/girl doesn't know you exist! Try saying a little more than just hi. How about something like "Hey (name), what's up?" Or something like that! Hope this helps! Dear Jacqueline 9, Honestly, I think 9 is way too young to actually date or have a BF/GF! But, you can crush at any age! Lol! If your crush is super cute, that makes it a lot harder because all you do is stare into his eyes or something like that! Lol! You have to take these things ONE STEP AT A TIME! Get close to him as a friend first. Than when you get more courage, and are older, maybe! Good luck! Hope this helps! NOTE~ Ask your parents what age is good for dating! Most parents have different ideas of dating ages for their kids! You should be older to really date! Hope I help you guys! KEEP WRITING! <3 <3."
--Salt-water-girl, 12

"Hello readers and IML friends. My name is Kelsie and I am about to tell you my biggest experience with love in my life. It's a long long story as you can see, so if I were you I'd grab a snack, relax in a chair and prepare to read my submission! It all started last year at junior high. I attend a large junior high in my area of at least...Well thirty at the minimum and fifty at the maximum kids per week. This is last year in two thousand and seven. Actually it was when junior high started so more like the end of two thousand and six. Anyway, I went with my one friend who we'll call...Unicorn. Unicorn and I have entered the large crowd of junior high kids for the first time in our life. We were rather scared but somehow managed. We were sitting upstairs on all the couches when I saw him. The guy who caused me so much trouble. I don't want to use his real name so we'll call him...Marshmallow. Marshmallow was a popular gangster guy and he freaked me out. His appearance was so tough and well gangster I wasn't used to it so I kept my distance. Then I found out that my not so close friend we'll call penguin was dating him! I thought wows. She's got gut lol. Anyway, they broke up and I began to realize how marshmallow wasn't so bad after all. Then the year came closer to the end and all I could do is completely love him! Yes! I fell in love with a gangster! So not like me, cause I'm a totally emo/scene you know lol. Anywho. I didn't tell ANYOONE that I liked him because I was afraid what they might think of me and marshmallow. So I kept it a secret. Then there that little voice in my head called conscious saying he's no good I shouldn't fall for him. He was a druggie so I didn't blame my conscious but I pushed it aside anyway and I still fell in love with marshmallow. Then the last day of youth came marshmallow never talked to me at all so I felt pretty dang sad. Then came summer I was depressed about marshmallow. And I was doing bad in school me and my best friend who we'll call cheese were fighting me and my mom were fighting I did something really bad and got grounded for a month and my life was just not going to well! Then I picked up the dang blade and slit my wrist! Ooooh! Mistake! Then I realized that the bible said not to cut or harm yourself so I instantly stopped but still felt tempted and addicted. Then youth came again and guess who was there! MARSHMELLOW! But! This was one of the worst nights of my life I think. I brought my friend cheese with me and marshmallow kept starring at us and I'm like woopee maybe he likes me. Then suddenly he comes up to us and asks CHEESE TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND! CHEESE said no but I was so upset! I went home after youth and bam! I slit my wrist. I felt so guilty I asked God to forgive me and never slit my wrist again. But I still feel tempted to. After that week marshmallow came to youth group about for three more weeks but then he stopped! Now I haven't seen him in eight weeks! I love him and miss him! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO! Thanks : D! Sincerely, kelseighh --Xx_I-make-it-rain_xX, 12

"WAIT! NO WORRIES THERES A HAPPY PART TO MY LOVE LIFE! There's this other guy I know from this place called co-op. It's like school but it's only on Mondays and it's for homeschoolers (just because I'm homeschooled I'm not a nerd! GOSH! Lol) anyway, and it is only like four hours long : P. Anyway aww he is soo cute! Definitely the hottest guy in the grade<33. Okay I think he likes me. He sat beside me during Japan Class and he kept talking to me about random things then I would talk back about random things then he kept steeling the glue stick from my hands (In a cute way no worries he's no jerk : P) and aww it was soo cute. Then later on in GYM a ball came flying at me and it almost hit me and he comes running up to me and he asked me if I was okay and I'm like yeah I'm fine then he's like sweet that's good and he's just cute. But then this girl got smoked in the face with the ball and he just laughed! Lol I think that's a sign that he liked me then!?!?!??! By the way I'm not saying his real name so we'll call him Lollypop. So here's the question. You remember marshmallow from my last story right? yeah well, SHOULD I LIKE MARSHMELLOW OR LOLLYPOP!?!??!?! I NEED HELP! THANKS<33 : D! Sincerely, Kelseighh --Xx_I-make-it-rain_xX, 12

"No offense, but I think 8 and 9 year olds are a little young to be thinking about crushes..."

"If someone could help me, that would be great. I have a crush and I think my BFF likes him too. A LOT! They are always together and laughing and well flirting for crying out loud! I told her I liked him, and she still does this! Please help me! I have to get some help!"
--Paper Crane, 12

"Hello again! I know you know who I am! So lets get started! Dear Ej 12, I have a friend like this too. You think you can tell them anything, and next thing you know, your crush knows your secret! (which could be good or bad) ;) But, to answer your question, you should not trust this person! Don't get in a fight and be mean about it, just continue things as normal, but before you tell her something, THINK ABOUT IT! Hope this helps! Dear To shy to say 9, hard to say because you didn't say if this friend knows you like this person! But, you should ask your friend if they really likes this person. If he/she denies it, (which they probably will) tell them everyone thinks so and so do you. Also it really seems like they do. Talk about it and work it out! Hope this helps! Dear Poofy 10, the thing to do is to NOT get into a competition with this "Mean girl" Actually, the best thing to do is be friendly! If your crush sees you being mean or nasty over him, he might hate you both! Just play it cool and be nice. Try to be-well-happy! Hope this helps! Dear Madi 12, Age doesn't really matter in a relationship! Unless it's drastic (like an 8th grader and a pre-k kid, but you get the idea) Even though this guy is older, be nice and yourself and he might like you for who you are! Hope this helps! Dear Brentlover 10, Well, there are many many many ways to tell a crush. (some work better than others) I suggest you look at the "Telling A Crush" section, which you can find in the drop down list right here, in friends. There you will find many ways! No one has all the answers remember! Hope this helps! NOTE~if your looking for ways to tell a crush, go to the "Telling A Crush section in friends, or the drop down list right next to this! Keep writing! ^^."
--Salt-water-girl, 12

"All 8 year olds, ya shouldn't be dating. Start when ya are 11, 12, 13."
--Yo, 11

"Yay me! I took IML's advice, and realized this crush was killing me inside! So, I moved on! It's not easy, but I have a new crush! He's older, but sooo cool, and nice and cute and WOW! I haven't known him for that long, but he is nice. For sure, I'll probably never like a crush as much as I liked my old one, and of course, I still like him a bit. But now, it's not killing me! I'm really happy and smiling instead of practically crying! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH IML! YOU GUYS ARE LIFE SAVERS! <3 <3 ^^."
--Kikiy, 12

"I have the BIGGEST crush on Zac Efron. He's adorable! <3 u Zac!"
--Miss. Lola, 12

"I like this boy and he likes me. But if I go out with him, my bro will find out. An ill get in trouble."

"I like this guy he didn't decide who he should like very much."
--Ijew kha, 8

"I have a crush on this boy in my class. He sits opposite me in class. We talk 2 each other about our GFs n BFs. He got this friend who is like a rumor spreader. How do I tell him I like him without a rumor about me."
--Sweetie, 11

"It's me again! If you don't know me here it is. I am NOT an IML person, but I feel soo bad when I see people needing help. So I answer what I can 4 people out there! Here it goes...Dear Will 11, I think you should talk to this girl! Take a breath and ask her if she is embarrassed of you. If she says no, ask her why she has been acting strange. Hope this helps! Dear Sarah 11, if he knows you like him, that takes a lot of the-umm-lets call it-"Suspense" off of the situation! So, ask him about that "Horrible face" and if he meant anything by it. Hope this helps! Dear Mishaell 11, Yeah! He definitely likes you! Can't say what to do, but to answer your question, yes. Hope this helps! Dear Lauren 10, I don't mean to be rude, but 10 seems a little young to really date. But, to answer your question, ask your friend if she really does like him, and get a definite answer! Talk to her about this! Maybe even tell her you like him and work it out. Hope this helps! BYE 4 NOW!"
--Salt-water-girl, 12

"What makes my crush my crush is the way he looks at me when I walk by him in the hall the way he laugh at my jokes and the way he hugs me and just the way he talks to me I can help it I'm in love with him and I'm not afraid to show it."
--Chunky Monkey

"I GOT MY FIRST BOYFRIEND! It's not Tanner, it's this kid who I've liked FOREVER! Daniel! We've been friends for a long time and when he told me he liked me ever since we first met, I was shocked. I waited a day or two to tell him I like him back, and now we're boyfriend & girlfriend! WOOT! He's so sweet. The day told I'm I liked him, he picked me flowers :) AWWW!"
--Alana, 11

"I like this dude in my class. At first I thought he was a total jerk, then I changed my mind. I just wish that my friend would accept the fact that I like him. She thinks I'm crazy just 'cuz' I like him. On the outside, he's a grizzly bear, but on the inside, he's a cute little teddy bear. I luv u C!"
--E+C=<3, 10

"There's this guy named Ivan. He defended me whenever I was teased. He was always there for me when I was upset. He changed schools, and left me heartbroken. It's three years later, and I still love him. I'm going to middle school next year, and I am hoping that he will go to the same school as me. Ivan, if you are reading this, I still love you!"
--Lonely Soccer Addict, 12

"Ivan + Isabel 4-ever."
--Lonely Soccer Addict, 12

"Well I have two crushes one is cute funny and nice the other is funny and I love his personality."
--Traven, 9

"MikiD1011 y do u like Aaron he sounds soooooooooooo rude."
--Secret4ever, 12

"He's funny, and he can always make me laugh, he never makes me feel bad, and he's kinda cute. PS: his name is Juan."
--Yessica, 11

"I like this boy named jarred a lot but he likes me a little and he likes my cousin Dan a lot and this other girl named Krostan."
--Delecia, 13

"My crush has the cutest almond-brown eyes and really listens to me. If I ever feel sad, I know that he'll cheer me up in no time."
--Soccer*, 12

"Oh...He is my best friend, and I've know him for like ever and I think my bff MIGHT like him a little but I think 4 sure he likes both of us and I'm scared that he really likes her and will like ask her out! HELP! This is like my all time crush 4 like 3 years and she doesn't even like him! I don't turn to Jelly TOO much (anymore) because we have been getting closer and closer as friends so I have more confidence to talk to him normally! But I am scared he likes my bff more! I have been dropping hints like bombs! It's crazy! When I write him a note (yes, we do that all the time) I make the nose on the smiley face a heart or draw hearts on the outside! I really need help! This is driving me MAD I tell you! MAD! Sorry this is long!"
--Kikiy, 12

"I have this crush on this girl at school. I told her I liked her, and she told me that she likes me. Although, at school she tries to act like she doesn't like me. I think she is embarrassed of me, what should I do?"
--Will, 11

"Well he's really nice and cute (even though no one else thinks so), he is into a lot of the same stuff and I think he likes me. We are both in Battle of the books and I had to go get a poster board and he's like "OOOH can I go with her?" I don't know how to tell him my feelings though since I've known him since I was about 1 (we go to church together). But see onetime time this other guy told the guy I liked him because I always kinda. Sat near him and blushed around him he made this horrible face but know I think he likes me he even flirts with me how should I tell him I like him?"
--Sarah, 11

"I have this crush, and the embarrassing part is that he's a cartoon and everyone knows about it. But I know lots of people who have cartoon crushes or T. V. Crushes. Josh from "Drake And Josh" Likes Oprah Winfrey!"
--Katie P., 10

"OMG there is the HOTTEST guy in my class. But, the prob is he hangs out with the POPULAR kids, which isn't the best group to get caught up in. He is really nice and, like I said SUPER DUPER cute!"
--Chica, 12

"I do not like Brent any more. I met a guy at the Roller Rink in Rolla. He was really cute and he was nice. But I didn't talk to him. My friends did that for me. He had big, kind of bucked teeth just like me! Although, I'm 10 he is 12. I love you Dustin. He is so cute. I don't think boys are hot. It just doesn't sound right. I just really like Dustin. Alexis + Dustin = LOVE. I don't want Pestiny's name to be right by his so I moved it out further. Pestiny can have Brent. Love, Alustin."
--Dustin+Alexis, 10

"There is this boy in my class called Takaharu I know I have a crush on him but I really don't know if he likes me but today he came up to ma and talked with me about what he is going to do on the sports meet day it was really cool and for drama everyone in my class had to hold hands and to make a circle then he gave his hand to me to hold that is so cool do you think he likes me?"
--Mishaell, 11

"Dear Isache, my advice, JUST ASK HIM OUT! You know you want to so just do it. See ya guys."
--Wrote, 11

"So I told my friends that I like this cute, funny, athletic guy but overtime I stopped (u know the usual couple of month crush) well now I don't like him anymore but my friend is in softball and she said that they were talking about me in the locker room. They said who I liked to EVERYBODY! And now he's gonna find out cuz the most gossipy girl was there and she's friends with the guy I USED to like I don't want him to know I used to like him. Were just friends."
--Nora, 13

"I have this crush. Every time I get the courage to go up to him I melt. My best friend also likes him and NEVER melts. What do I do if my friend does ask him out one day?"
--Lauren, 10

"He's so hot. The first time I saw him, I totally thought he looks like Thomas Batuello from The Naked Brothers Band (my celebrity crush). My friends always tease me about liking him. If I do something stupid and they get mad, they threaten to tell him. XD So I say, "If you tell him, I'll be forced to make you square dance with Ari!" Ari is a boy we all hate. Usually that scares them out of telling the boy. Unfortunately, the boy is in seventh grade and I'm in the sixth grade. : ( Lots of boys in my own grade like me, but none of them can compare to The Boy."
--Pie, 12

"My crush is so cute! My friends say he really likes me 'cause he gave the LOOK and the NOD and the SMILE! I saw it I just don't believe it! I think he likes my best friend or this meany in 7th grade! A lot of the time I do think he likes me! He is always talking to me, smiling at me, and coming really close to me! My friends say he is always flirting with me but I flirt back! But he so cute his name is Aaron and he sits next to me in every class since he came in 4th we are also really good friends. He always makes me laugh if am ever sad or mad he can always make me smile or laugh! I just love him! But I get jealous a lot of my best friend she talks to him too but she doesn't like him but it makes me sooo maddd! I hope he ends up asking me out because I really wanna kiss him! The cool thing is he knows I like him! I told him! One day I asked him why he still talks to me he looked confused. I was like u know because I like u! He was like 'cause I am used to u and ur like my best friend! I was so happy! But my 'rents think I am too young to like anyone but I am like watever! I am 12 he is one month younger than me but I don't care 'cause he is so my type! Wat should I do? should I ask him out or wait for him? somebody please help -X! By the way I am in 6th grade!"
--MikiD1011, 12

"OMG, I have this guy named Nikolas in my Taekwondo class and he's sooooo cute, thoughtful, and ANNOYING! Well, not to me! He helps me out a lot because he's a black belt! NO! I'm not kidding. HE goes to the same church as me and he likes me too. *sigh* I'm still thinking about his dreamy blue eyes. I think my dad hates him...Oh well."
--Meagan, 11

"Yeah, I had a crush on a boy named Tyler in the 1st grade. And never told him. If your reading this I hope you know me. I was always almost in every class grade as you. And I was over weight. I still am over weight. But my friend was Sarah. That turned against me. For Erica. P. S. I only had a crush on you for one year. And ever since the 5th grade I've been homeschooled."
--Michelle, 11

"I have a boy friend but I wanna break up with hip because I like another guy."
--Anonymous, 10

"Do he likes me."
--Serena, 11

"Well, I'm kinda shy to talk to him and he now sits next to me. We're both shy and we sometimes talk. My friends are putting too much pressure on us. What should I do?"
--M&M, 12

"My crush is cute, smart, cares about me but is scared to tell me, mostly all the qualities I want in a boyfriend I might have meet my soul-mate."
--Sarah, 13

"There is a boy in my neighborhood who is really cute. I know I have a crush on him but I don't really know if he likes me...He will sometimes look at me for a few moments (then when I notice) he drops his gaze. The sad thing is he might move if his mom gets a better job in FL...Help me! What do I do? (How do I know if he has a crush on me without blowing my cover to smithereens?! )."
--2shy2talk, 11

"I have a crush on the nicest, cutest guy ever, but he does not know I'm living. I say "Hi" to him but he just walks by. What should I do?"
--Melody, 10

"His brown eyes, his spiky hair and his intelligence."
--Butterbee, 10

"I have a crush on this boy, Tyler. He is mad cute, but I can't ask him out. What do I do? I hope you type me back PS. Remember he's cute!"
--Jacqueline, 9

"My crush, Owen, is so cute. He is also funny and smart. At my school, O. A. Thorp Academy, the fifth grade is doing ballroom dancing. Owen is my partner so I'm so happy."
--Ewelina, 11

"I don't really have a boyfriend. His name is Alexy V. T. He is cute, smart, understanding, and funny. We kissed at the whitmore lake pool (he's a good kisser. )."
--Mary, 12

"One of my friends told that I like this guy. Now I don't know what to do. I want to tell her more secrets but she'll just tell them."
--Ej, 12

"Oh, his Scottish accent, ahh...He is so handsome with blond hair and green brown eyes...And his name is b...E...N....."
--Amanda, 9

"I told my friend who I had a crush on and then she spread it like wild fire! Then there was rumors that got twisted and they ended up like "Ashly tried to kiss him after school or she tried to make him hug her." But then that rumor got to my crush and it turned out he liked ME! So now we just like each other and act as friends and everyone's forgotten about those stupid rumors."
--Ashly, 11

"I love Ross so much but I kicked him in the leg. And he saw me with someone."
--Vvvgg, 12

"Well my crush is very cute, he is smart, and he is so sweet to me! He is the perfect guy! His name? His name is Arik! So cute, right?"
--Ellyn, 12

"I have a crush on a really cute guy my friend likes him too everyone knows that she likes him and he likes her but I am afraid to tell someone what should I do."
--To Shy to say, 9

"I like this guy named Tyler but this girl I hate likes him too! He's sweet, honest, caring, funny, cute, smart, and silly. (like me! )."
--Poofy, 10

"I really, really, really...Like this guy but he's a year older. What do I do?" --Liz, 9. Hang out with him. Just befriend him. Maybe he isn't the guy you dreamed of. Or maybe he is. Get to know him and you will find out."
--Madi : -), 12

"I like this boy who's a real jerk. Not my fault though, he's HOT!"
--Nicky, 11

"My crush is really nice and I don't just judge him by his looks. I like the sort of guy who is kind hearted, smart, and once in a while cute. My crush is all of these things. He is also funny. I think that girls choose guys just based on his looks. I suggest that you like a guy that may be cute, but also kind and gentle. You have to think " if he was my boyfriend, would he be a good one?" before you think "Wow what a hottie!"."
--Sarah, 11

"She's smart and funny, athletic and really really pretty I've known her since grade 3. Now I'm in grade 7 and that's a long time for me crushing on this girl but I cant stop thinking about her day and night! I love you ______ and I hope we'll be bf and gf one day!"
--A-dude, 12

"It all started at lunch my b. F. F was crying because she is sad. Then my guy friend went there to see my friend. Then when my guy friend was done talking to my friend...He asked me if I could be his girl friend? well I thought he was joking at first...So I said that is not a funny joke. Then he said it wasn't a joke, I started falling in love with him!"
--Maria, 11

"I like this guy named Tyler. He's cute...Funny...Nice...Caring...Honest...And friendly."
--Poofy, 10

"Liz 9: you go out with him! That's what you do! A year older isn't bad at all! Once I went out with a guy who was 16! And I was only eleven! Although, he thought I was thirteen. So I just left it at that : D."
--Xx_I-make-it-rain_xX, 12

"Never commit suicide over a crush. No boy is worth death. Trust me...,, I speak from experience... --Xx_I-make-it-rain_xX, 12

"Diane, 10, does he know you like him? you could ask him out..."
--Sarah, 11

"Ritika, 13, it's the boys lost if he doesn't feel the same way. Maybe he just isn't the right guy."
--Sarah, 11

"Shayla, 8, you are only 8. 8 year old boys don't understand what a real girl friend is."

"Anonymous, let the boy go...The boy won't be your boyfriend forever and you could lose a good friend. The boy may even date your friend!"
--Sarah, 11

"I like a person and he likes me how do you think I should let him know that I like him."
--Da, 10

"I still love Brent so much. He knows I'm there he just ignores me. Destiny Pestiny 'acts' like she likes him because she knows I like him and she thinks she is making me jealous but I just want to wring her neck. And that is all I have to say but it would take me days to tell you all of it."
--Brentlover10, 10

"I have a crush but my friend likes him too and we don't know what to do."
--Morgan, 10

"I used to like this guy and he even told me he liked me but I thought he was just playing around but it turns out he really did like me and I liked him back but...I didn't say anything and it stinks but now he is going out with another girl. And she still likes her ex bf who called her a bad word. But there is this one guy who bugs me but I don't even talk to him. My friends do but I don't...Y is he like this? And my friend asked this one guy if he'd choose me or my best friend? and he said me. I don't even say hi to him and he chose me...And my best friend is the one who talks to him the most! Why is this happening to me?"
--April, 12

"There is this boy in my class called Jack and he is so fit and all my mates say that he fancies me, but he is going out with this girl in my class. Her name is Marriella and I hate her. She used to be my mate but not no more. But I don't know what to do cause he keeps staring at me, and when I ask my teacher if I can move he always asks me to sit on his table, and he talks to me at lunch, and I don't know what to do. Please help me."
--Paige, 12

"My crush hasn't really liked me up until now, so I know how it feels to feel like you're disliked. Not cool...But keep trying until it works, it will pay off."
--Tom, 13

"Anonymous: if you like someone, you like someone. If your friend can't accept that, she is just insecure. Well hope I helped. Sincerely, Alexis."
--Brentlover10, 10

"I have had a crush on this guy since the beginning of this year I'm in 8th grade. At first he never noticed me but then in September my best friend had the class sing happy birthday to me he smiled at me. After that he start staring at me and once he held the door behind him for me and he sometimes ends up next to me in line and once are teacher wanted us to line up boy girl and ended up behind me. We never have talked. I'm too shy to talk to him and it's a secret but other times he totally ignores me but glances so can you tell me if he likes me or not."
--L. T., 13

"Anonymous, if you don't want to tell them, tell your friend you ALSO like him, and if she keeps it a secret but if you don't trust her, talk to a school counselor or a teacher or your mom or dad about the problem you are dealing with right now. They might know how you feel because maybe they dealt with it too, ya know..."
--Katie, 13

"I love Jacob!"
--Anonymously fabulous, 12

"I have a crush on this boy named Carlos G. I liked him ever since 3rd grade. Now I'm in 5th and he's in my class. He goes 2 Montara Ave. If he's reading I say he's soooooooooo cute. My best friends like him too! Wat should I do???????"
--Isabelle, 11

"I had a crush on this boy named Willso. He's a jerk."
--Anonymous, 10

"He likes me and I like him too what should I do? get along with him?"
--Diane, 10

"I like a boy he first liked me and now likes my best friend. We had an affair then he and my best friend had an affair. I still really really love and he knows that. Recently my friend broke up with him but still he loves her. How can I tell him that "Anurag, Tanvi doesn't like you well, I like you."
--Ritika, 13

"I gave the Valentine to one of my friends that rides his bus and he wouldn't take it so whatever, he can be stuck up and like Destiny Pestiny. Love, Alexis."
--Alexis B, 10

"This guy in my class. He is funny and cute. And I have known him for a long Time. But he knows about my feelings for him and does nothing about it. Why am I not humiliated?"
--Shayla, 8

"I love Nathan because he kissed me and hugged me."

"I kind of like this guy at church, but he's 2 years older. He's cute and nice. I don't know if that's a good reason for a crush. Haha."
--Irene, 13

"I have a crush on someone, and my best friend likes this guy also. A lot of people already know that my best friend likes this guy, but I haven't told anyone that I like him too. What should I do?"

"I really, really, really...Like this guy but he's a year older. What do I do?"
--Liz, 9

"He's cute, smart, funny, and serious. He's different from the other guys I liked. I just love him sooo much! Me + "A" = <3 (love). His name is ________!"
--*no name*, 12

"My crush is seriously hot. His name is Danzel. He is so hot! But he has a girlfriend. Sorta. I don't like her at all. She's a popular girl. 'Nuff said. But anyways, he is so hot. (Danzel, if you're reading this...Well, gosh do I have a red face! But between u a me, I still like you! So...If you are reading this tell me 2morrow!"
--Shanice, 10

"My friend got a valentine today from a secret admirer, because she thinks he likes her too. He won't tell anyone except me and my friend. What should I do? HELP!"
--Monkeyboy0o0, 9

"It's wired I like this one guy but he's my bros best friend, and he's GREAT! Soo I don't know what to do! OH...And I like 2 other guys too and one HOT!, but He like forgets I'm alive! So what do I do?!?"

"Can you help me? I really like this guy but he doesn't like me,,, well actually I don't know if he dose or not. So can you tell me what to do? Oh ya & I'm 15 and he's 18 so like what do I do?!?!"

"I don't know."
--Mimi, 9

"I have this really huge huge crush on this teacher at my school! I want him to know that I like him so bad!"
--Anonymous, 13

"I really like this boy named Matt R. He asked me to a dance last week, but I was too shy to reveal my true feelings for him, so I denied him. He kept trying though, asking me online, and calling me. I really wanted to say yes, but I was afraid of what would happen if I did. Would my popularity change? So I kept on denying him. Finally, less than a week before the dance, he gave up and asked one of my best friends Sally to go with him. She immediately accepted, and her popularity grew even more. They went to the dance together, and they were together ever since. I was really mad at myself, but I blamed my anger to Sally. Sally didn't understand my anger, and she finally just gave up on me and walked away, just like Matt did. In less than a month I lost my crush, and my best friend. Now I learned my lesson well. I just wanted to share this story with you. I'm sorry Matt and Sally."
--Agnes, 12

"Valentines day...Just another break in my heart..."

"Hey Emily! I'd say to wait till your twelve at least. My friend started when she was eleven. Ooh bad mistake. She's only thirteen and no joke she's already kiss/made out with literally twenty DIFFERENT gUYs!"
--Xx_I-make-it-rain_xX, 12

"Well, he's cute, funny, and he's JUST like me!"
--Poorna, 8

"His name is Jeremy and I have had a crush on him for 3 years but I don't want to tell him that I like him because I now he does not like me oh ya he is 13 but I don't care I just love him and he is my brothers best friend but that is ok and he likes this other girl and he says oh she's hot every day : ( well every time I see him and it is so hard to listen to."
--Lora, 10


"I really want you to use it there's this boy named ALAN M and all of the girls in my class like him. But he does not like them..."
--Kiandra, 8

"Ok, Kirkland, I'm letting it out on the internet. As all of you people on the Internet have already read, I have a boyfriend named Kirkland, and oh my gosh! He gave me the most sweetest valentine ever! He gave me a stuffed unicorn, and Reese's Pieces in a heart-shaped box. The unicorn was sooooo cute!"
--Jessica, 9

"Umm well...I did have a crush I was 12yr old his name was David he super hot\hottie "My crush is so hot then he became my boy friend."

"Well, I have this crush on these 2 guys, Justus & Gavin, well, I did used to have this crush on Justus, but then I started thinking about Gavin, he sort-of likes me, you know, as a friend, & I can't decide which 1 I like best, so they're on the same line in my book..."."
--Notmyname, 10

"I have a crush but 2day I try 2 show my friend what he looked like & she keep pointing at him and his sisters & cousins were right there I was totally embarrassed."
--Maray, 12

"I have a big crush on this guy. He is HOT! He's sweet too! There have been rumors that he likes me too! Yay! He's soooooo nice. He has sort of a dark chocolate hair and brown eyes. Everyone says we're a great couple, I mean we'd make one. :0)."
--Theresa, 11

"What makes him my crush is that he is really funny and of course really cute! Sometimes I think that he likes me too because whenever I stare @ him, (I can't resist! ) he sometimes looks @ me too and then I quickly turn back around. And sometimes he evens says to me, "Wassup!" randomly. Bottom line; he's kinda smart, really cute, funny, athletic, and...Cute and nice to me! 0:) I REALLY LIKE HIM! Hi MICHAEL!"
--Melanie, 11

"I like this guy in my class but he's a total jerk when I tell my best friend she gets so grossed out but his name is Colin and I think he's sweet (some times) and I think Colin is a nice name. What should I do follow what my best friend thinks or go my own way."."
--Angie, 9

"It started in 1st grade their was a boy named **** and he is really athletic, funny, and cute. Then one of my friends found out and now she keeps on asking me questions. Then some other girls found out and are fourd of me because he is really popular. So now I'm afraid that he'll find out and won't even be his friend anymore. What should I do?"
--Ashlyn, 11

"His name is John and my friend Audra and I like him."
--Carmen, 8

"Ok I have a crush too. His name is trey. He is so hot! He has pretty blue eyes and a rockin body but, he already has a girlfriend. I will just wait my turn to go out with the hottest boy in school! Oh and I forgot to tell you he is 2 years older that me! But he still likes me because he looks at me all the time in a cute way!"
--Hannah, 11

"THAT is hard to explain. Well, you just start seeing someone somewhere and you could start to like him at first site, but usually when you start to talk...There is just SOMETHING you love about the person and it just happens. Some quality in him/her is attracting you."
--Anna, 12

"Well my crush is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT his name is Conner R. He goes to Lowell Scott middle school {LSMS} The only thing he is dating one of my GOOD friends so every time I see her and him hugging, his arm around her it just gets me sooo MAD so I don't know what I should do about it?"
--Baby blondie, 12

"The boys I crush on are Daniel and Leonard. They are so sweet! I have a tip to first time asker outers. Never get up right in their face, it makes it awkward for both of you. Just calmly walk up to them and ask them. I've asked out 24 guys...Trust me."
--Kate, 13

"He is so different then other boys he's sensitive and so cute and he's just...Him."
--Hayley, 9

"I like a boy name Andre. He is so cute, and I think he likes me back. Because he always mess will me all the time."
--Tiana, 9

"Ok, I've had a HUGE crush on a boy named Dillon L. Since 4th grade (That's when he came to my school) He is Sweet, Sporty, and Short (The 3 'S's) He is so hot, but his BFF likes me (Well he shows it) and I'm starting have a crush on him. OMG!"
--Emily, 11

"I really like this guy and he likes me his name is Evan. P. S. What do I do?"
--Katheriene, 11

"I have a crush on my friend Bryce! I have a crush on him because he is so cute! But I don't tell him I have a crush on him. And my friend Keara has a crush on a boy to! So if you ever have a crush on someone, don't tell them."

"Well there is this boy in my class and his name is Claudio. Ever since I saw him in the first day off class I just knew I like him. But now he likes me. I still like him. Everybody in our class Knows he likes me but no body knows I like him."
--Yanira, 8

"I don't know what I like about this boy I just LUUUUUUUUUUUV HIM! And he's smart too but what I don't like is that he's popularish and he hangs with the cool kids he already knows I like him because my sister told him!"
--Kira, 11

"The reason why I like my crush is that he's cute, funny, nice and a great friend."
--R. J., 11

"She is nice and thoughtful, and likes me as well."
--Alias, 13

"I have a crush on two boys. There cousins! 1 is Keanu. 1 is Zecchaus."

"I have a bf and he's cheating on me and I don't know if I forced him to go out with me. I'm scared."
--Kayla, 11

"Well there's this guy and he's soooo cute and like really nice around me. But he always makes jokes about my best friend and I get jealous cuz that probably means he likes her!!!! I'm too shy to tell him. I doubt anyone likes me. Sigh...Well at least he'll be going to my school for probably ever so whenever I get the nerve I think I can do it."
--Denita, 11

"His a cute famous boy. I love him so much. He said he loves me too. He brought me a pair of finger nails."
--Jonneisha, 8

"At school I met Cody he has short hair he is 7 too. He sits by me all the time when it is story time: ] I like him not have a crush ok!!!!!!!!!"

"First you go up to them and say I like you and if he doesn't like you just go on and find somebody else."
--Shaneen, 11

"I have a crush on an extremely hot boy. He has the body of a god. Every girl wants this boy, but I think he likes me more. Meaning he's asked me to hang out with him a lot of different times. I don't want to hurt any of my friends, what should I do?"
--Kayla, 11

"I've had this crush for 3 years but I never want to tell him because I now he does not like me and better yet I now he does not like me because he's my brothers best friend and I now he likes someone else basically every time I see him he says a the girl that likes him is really hot and I can't stand it because he says it right in my face and I don't now why I still like him but I cant let go oh ya and he is 3 years older then me but I don't care I just think he is soo cute I don't think I'll ever stop liking him."
--Laura, 10

"Hi everybody ok well there is this guy who I've known for 2 in a half years I REALLY like him and my parents ask me if I like (we'll say Jereme) and I deny it I told him when we first met and he looked me like I was CrAZY so I said ' Gotcha' and that was the end of it now I'm eleven and I really like him should I tell him?"
--Can'tBearIt!!, 11


"Well, I like this boy and I don't know if he likes me he stares at me all the time but he has known me my whole life and I've known him all his life but he knows I like him know because one of my friends told him I liked him!! What should I do??"
--Breanna, 11

"Hey I have a crush but he's a player. Everybody likes him. I think I'll just be friends. Who needs the aggravation of competition?"

"I have a crush on ma dearest friend...She's such a cute n sweet gal in the world I have ever seen! Wherever I do any work or wherever I go anywhere she just comes in front of me!"

"My crush is so fine and hot. He is sooo sweet. I can't believe he picked me. There were a lot of other girls that liked him too, and he asked me if I wanted to go out with him. And today we were at a restaurant and he said, "Do you like me?" And I said, "Of course I do." And he said, "Kiss me then." AND THEN............"
--Katlyn, 11

"It is Wednesday, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I won't be at school so I guess it will have to be late getting to Brent. You guys should really see him, you would fall in love with him. I am kinda chunky but I am getting thinner, HE IS A TOOTHPICK, SERIOUSLY. I camp at the same place he does. He always ends up liking me, I am still waiting for him to realize that Destiny Pestiny isn't the one he likes, she just "likes" him because I love him. Well I love you Brent, bye, P. S. My pen name is Valentine. B."
--Alexis, 10

"I've liked this guy for three years, THREE YEARS! I told my friend and she said she wouldn't tell a soul. The next day everybody knew, especially this girl he likes. He's cute and all, (and single! I was also supposed to be in his class! ) So I sent him a valentine. Guess what his answer was. It was "Sorry, but I really don't know you." I'm like "You flirted with me in the third grade!" But now I like somebody else. (I just go back and forth! )."
--Hannah, 11

"What makes a crush is how u feel towards the person!! He doesn't have to be cute u can like an ugly!! But if they're ugly and rude ur wasting ur time!!! BIG TIME YUP!! Just thought to let u know! Bye bye! Lots luv!"

"I used to have a crush in 3rd grade, I tried to keep it a secret."

"Isn't Valentine's Day crazy? Love, cards, boys, boys, and more boys!"
--Sarah, 11

"Hi!! Everyone fine...I want you guys to know that I like this guy and he know I like him. His name is Oscar and the other day he told if I wanted to go out with him because I like I said okay. So we're going out just that some times I get jealous because he talks with this girl that sits next to him in 6th period and she gets oven Oscar and Oscar does not even touch her just that he kissed her one day and I saw them I told Oscar why did she kissed him Oscar told me that she came over and kissed him afosdly. Oscar went and I stayed with her I told her why did she kissed him aforsdly she that she like him I told her I was her girlfriend she said she did not know. I told Oscar that if he like her he said no that he like me. I was finally happy because he like me and not that girl that is my enemy."
--Ana, 12

"I like this boy named Austin W who has a twin brother named Andrew...But I'm not sure if he likes me back...Today, he said my name in a "Smooth" way, and I said "Hey" and everything, and he smiled at me! He just broke up with this girl named Oriana on my volleyball team just a couple of weeks ago, and he sent her a text asking her back again, but she didn't want to! She said that she broke up with him because he was acting like a child all the time. Plus she's going out with this boy named Matthew with curly brown hair, and freckles and all. But, what should I do??? I always trust you guys, and I always tell you guys my feelings, that's why I wrote a poem for you all in the "Family" under the "My Writing" section. Please read it, and PLEASE tell me what to do about this problem!!!"
--Isache, 12

"Well I can't tell this to my mom she won't understand. I love you people! Anyway his first name is Matthew. He is super cute I really can't stop thinking about him."
--Nakita, 10

"Well it started in preschool his name is Jesse and he has been in the same class as me since well you know preschool but another boy named Nathan is crushing on me and I am crushing on him too p. S. What do I do."
--Savanna, 9

"Well, he doesn't know I like him and he's got a gf, but my sister says not give up because he might be available in junior high. But he's a sweetheart around me, well, he used to but he's softened up. He his VERY cute. He doesn't get good grades but I'm kinda there to help. Even if somebody in the worst mood they can be, he still cracks them up. And he's just got that smile...You can't help but smile back!"

"I have a crush on this boy named Boston Strong (Michel Strong) (that's not really his name! ) and Then before I new it they moved from my city (New York) to Pennsylvania! : ( I hope I'll see him soon!"
--Bostenlover9, 9

"I use to have the BIGEST CRUSH EVUH on this one guy, Tanner. I told some close friends and, yea, my worst nightmare came to life. It was around the whole school by lunchtime. I was SOOOO embarrassed! And I was SOOOOOOOO mad when I found out that my "Friend" Sydney was the one who spread it around! I asked her why she told everyone and she said "So what if I told? Nobody cares!" Boy was she WRONG! Everyone was talking about it! Especially Tanner's friends. So, I did what all people with low self-esteem do in a time of crisis. Lie. I told everyone it wasn't true and that it was just some weird rumor. I even started making fun of Tanner and being kind of mean about it. I felt so guilty! I wanted to give him a valentine ( sent from "Anonymous" just in case ) but I was too chicken that he would find out. But now, weird things have been happening. Tanner has started to come up to a guy's locker next to mine, talking to him, and glancing at me every chance he gets! I asked my friend ( who Tanner used to have a crush on, that is not Sydney ) what he was doing and she said "You know what? When he started liking me, he did the exact same thing!" So now, thanks to a great friend, some time, and some encouragement, A certain boy is headed for a few valentines! ;)."
--Alana, 11

"Over all my years I've had many crushes but my #1 is Aaron Dixon and he still is but I think starting to like me because he started flirting with me and I flirted back and Aaron if you see this it's all true and it's from the one and only Peyton Morris."
--Peyton, 10

"He is cute, funny."

"What makes him my crush is that I have know this person since kdg. His name is Brock and ever since I have been in kdg I've hade a huge crush on him!"
--Kaitlyn, 11

"He's cute."
--Nay, 10

"Justin Torres is cute. But I don't know if he likes me back. I can't even talk to him. Problem is other boys that I don't like are always around me and it's been heard they all like me. But they are all ugly!"
--TorresCrusher, 10

"I think my crush has a crush on me and couple of people think he does to! But idk if he really does! Can someone help me????"
--Ballerina<3, 13

"AHHHHHHHH! I'm So mad >: ( My BFF says that she's going out w/ this guy, Jake. I'm starting to question that, because of many reasons. 1) Her bf just broke up wit her and not she's mad. 2) None have ever SEEN him before! 3) She says he live in Louisiana! ( sorry if I spelled that wrong ) We live in a state that is not Louisiana, not saying where. 4) Whenever we ask her "So, how's Jake been?" she's like "Who's Jake? OH YEAH! Oh...Uh...He's fine." 5) She says that he's rich! 6) She says her MOM DOESN'T EVEN KNOW! 7) I asked her about his dad once and she said he had a big summer house. ( ha-ha! I got her! The other day she told me that his dad was dead! ) So, that's about it. Oh yeah! And she said he was having a valentines day dance at his house. I asked if I could go and she said "His mom said they didn't have enough room in their house." OMG! Plus she says that he's TWO YEARS OLDER THAN SHE IS! So mad! Well, that's it. Gotsta go! : p."
--Alana, 11

"I used to have a crush on this guy. He was a real weird guy. He laughed at his own jokes and he was also kinda disgusting as in always talking about girls' period and what not. I guess I liked him cause of his looks. He was crazy about me and he still is and he makes it obvious. But now I hate him and I have someone else now. He is cute and he always tells funny jokes, especially to impress me. He farts a lot but I don't judge him by that. HE IS smart and I guess I started liking him cause he liked me. Now he makes it soooo obvious. He always looks at me."
--Ashley S, 13

"I'm just like u, advicegvr, cause I start to like ppl cause they like me and even if I don't to, I do anyway."
--Ashley Smith, 13

"His bday was yesterday!"
--Ashley Smith, 13

"I had a crush but now he is really silly and I don't like that. What should I do?"

"There's this guy I like at my school and his name is Vance and I know he likes me back but he calls me names and I know boys do that because they like u an I know he wont admit he likes me and I wont help!"

"Everything about her. She's funny, nice, smart, and you just can't feel sad when you're in a room with her..."
--Conner, 13

"I like a guy named Aiden. He is really sweet, smart and funny."
--H8-math, 10

"Well he is cute and nice and I just want to kiss him sometimes!"
--Anonymous, 9

"Well, he's cute, funny, and he asked me to the valentines day dance, but he asked me when I just broke up with my ex-boyfriend."
--Kyla, 11

"I don't know exactly why I like my crush. Maybe because he's artistic, brilliant, charismatic, a day-dreamer, excels at everything, funny, gifted, hilarious, intelligent, loves joking, kool, loving, muffinhead (inside joke), nice, optimistic, precious, quirky, respectful, sporty, a team player, unique, very very extraordinary, I wish he was mine, exhilarating, youthful, and my zip-a-dee-doo-dah day (another inside joke)! I wrote a song about him and gave it to him! Awwww! I <3 u baby! =)."
--Meaghan, 13

"I have a crush on a star that is from my favorite movies. I like him because he is nice, and makes good choices. He stays out of celeb drama. My BFFs tease me sometimes because he is 19, lives in England, and plays Ron Weasly in The Harry Potter films. I don't care what they say because I won't DATE him, I just like him."
--Rosie, 9

"My crush is well...Smart (except when he has to use logic. Lol), funny, cute, hot, and good at sports. He has a lot to be proud of but isn't conceited at all. He just isn't the most aware of my existence...Lol: P: P."
--Mo<3, 13

"Oh my god I'm so MAD! I had to fall in love with someone I would NEVER fall in love with..."

"There is this girl I like who is really cute."
--Perry, 12

"Well my crush is an AMAZING guy. He's really cute too! I really like him because we have so much in common. We are both vegetarians, we both really care about the environment, and we both cannot live without our cell phones! We would be an awesome couple, but if only he would recognize me sometime..."
--Aimee, 13

"Hey peeps I just wanted to come by and thank Madi : -) 12 for giving me advice when I needed it. She was the only one out of many ppl here who wanted to help me. Not to be mean. But thank you Madi I loved your advice and in looking forward to using it for Monday. I love you (as a friend, and hope you feel the same way) and you are great. Thanks!"
--Happy :), 12

"My Crush is Corbin Bleu. He's so cute and I going be future Mrs. Corbin Bleu. Hi Corbin, I think you are super cute/hot and love your hair..." --Emily18. OMG HE IS HOT! BUT ZAC EFRON IS WAYYYYYY HOTTER! THIS GUY I LOVE HIS NAME IS CHAD AND HE LOOKS LIKE ZAC EFRON!"
--Madi : -), 12

"I have a crush on som3 one and datz it."
--Mariana, 13

"Well Angela, I have a crush on someone too. In fact Ivan. P is my crush. Who do you have a crush on just asking."

"Ummm, that's hard, but how I got mine was that he was nice, kind, sweet, and hot! Hope that helps all of you people who have crushes!"
--Nikki, 8

"My crush is actually my bf Trace."
--Annagrace, 9

"What makes your crush is like when you look in their eyes and you see that their soooooooooo hot and their nice too you and they talk to and well you just start liking them!"

"My crush is so hot."
--Shanequa, 10

"I really like a boy named Avery. He thinks I'm cool too!"
--Caitlin, 13

"Well he is so hot!"
--Brianna, 11

"Telling a crush how you feel is hard. And telling a crush that you like him is even harder but if you make it through it'll be easier and also I had crush his name is Elliot and then I had fight with him but it came through."
--Kezia, 9

"I have had this crush on a guy for a year and a half. I really like him, and he's sweet and really funny and cute, but when I told his best girl friend (friend that's a girl) and she swore not to tell anybody, about a week later, not only did my crush know, but so did half the grade. I still like the guy, but he's WAY out of my league, and he's still hard to be around him 'cause he knows I like him. I don't want to go out with him or anything like that, but I would still just want to be him friend..."
--Callie, 12

"My crush and me are going out! He said he wants to kiss me! But I've never kissed a guy please help!"
--Emily, 11

"Chloe, 12: WOOT GO GIR!"

"The message about woot gir was from me...I forgot to write my name..."
--Guinevere, 13

"He's really sweet, and hot. He's torrid. (fancy vocab for extremely hot. ) He's like an A/B student. I love him..."
--Kaylee, 10

"My school just went on a field trip on Wednesday and this boy (lets call him stupid Nat imposter) Well stupid Nat imposter was sitting with Mark and Mark told him to say to me really fast, gaygirlssaywhat! But I was talking to someone so I didn't hear him. So I'm like What? And stupid Nat imposter says Hahaha, and said to mark She fell for it! I was soooooooo mad! But later on I'm like straightgirlstake (his REAL name, but the nickname in place of it) stupid Nat imposter's hat, it felt better, lol."
--Kyra, 10

"My crush is really funny and I think he really likes me because whenever I walk by him his jaws drops and stares at me his name is Joshua but he lets me call him Joshy."
--Katie, 8

"Hi everybody, I need advice, ok, well I like this guy and he likes me. But the thing he's asked me to be his gf but I say no because my 'rents don't want me to have a bf. Well I used to not like him and this whole time I have been denying that I like him because my friend thinks he's ugly and so did I but know that I think about it I do like him. And I don't know what to do. I also like his friend and he liked me last year but that's a whole different story. I need advice please someone help me. His friend asked me if I liked him because I guess he wants to know. But please help. I'm desperate. Whoever does help me, or write back, THANK YOU!" --HAPPY : ), 12. Hey. Okay. What I would do is just talk to this guy as a friend right now. Tell him the truth. And which boy do you like better. Maybe be friendly to both of them. Then once you get to know them better you can decide. And you don't HAVE to admit to who you have crush on. Next time someone asks you say something like (That is a personal question. You wanna play catch). Or something like that. Hope this helps!"
--Madi : -), 12

"Ha I had a crush on Nick Jonas for a while...Now I still think he's realllllllllllly cute but I don't have a crush on him. I mean I guess I have a "Celebrity crush" (or w/e you call it) on him still but my real crush is the same guy I already put on here...Dark skin, brown eyes, loves to dance (like me! And he's in two of my dance classes...Yes! [:) he also loves skateboarding and snowboarding. And we are pretty good friends now :)."
--Ballerina<3, 13

"For anyone whose not sure, tn under age stands for teen. Anywho what makes a crush...For me strangely enough it's if I can tell I guy likes me I start to like him too! Depending on who he is. But sometimes I don't want to like them but I do anyway. It's really weird but I just can't help my self!"

"Well, he plays on the stingrays (the travel soccer team) he's super hot, he's funny, pretty smart, but not nerdy, he calls me his "BFF as a girl" he also calls me his homegirl, he's from D. R., I think he might like me, he's sooo hot! I like him so much, ever since 6th grade started in September He might like me cuz he's my "Guy BFF" and "Homeboy" and he puts his arm around me sometimes (in which case, I freak out inside or totally relax) but, I don't know if I should ask him out cuz what if he just want to be my friend. How do I know if he really likes me? I would ask him out, but he's like, the 1st or 3hd most popular in 6th grade. I luv him. When I'm sad I think about him. His name is Jose (pronounced hoesay) which has the same 3 letters as mine!"
--Rose, 12

"My crush is Anthony Fedorov. You know, that blond-haired guy from American Idol Season 4. Anyways, he's a really great singer not to mention he's really nice & he does a lot of things for charity."

"Well, I have a crush on a kid in 4th grade, and he's really cute. He's funny, athletic, and smart! I really like him...Dreamy..."
--Alison, 9

"If you have a crush I think you should just take some time, Then when your ready you should go up to the person and tell him but don't wait to long or they might leave and never know."

"My crush is so hot and rocks at soccer. If you look him up in Google, he has a website and all this info. He is so hot!"
--Nana, 12

"Well he's cute kind. Kind of annoying he has an older brother (London) and younger sister (Dalee) and a younger brother (Cannon)..."

"His name is Ever. He's smart and invincible. I never thought I'd meet a nice boy as my crush."
--Padia, 9

"He is so sweet to me and funny, that is why I like him a lot. He is also caring, he cares abut he, and I care about him."
--Elisa, 13

"Hey, I haven't been on here in a while, well I still love Brent. I bought him some candy and a little doggy that is holding a pillow that says LOVE. I will give it to him on Valentine's Day. I love you Brent. Love, Valentine. B."
--Brentlover10, 10

"Well, he is very cute and I like him a lot. I call him my baby! I say hey 2 him and he says hey 2 me when I see him..."

"HE is nice, sweet, sorta not really kinda smart, cute and athletic he is what I think about when I am scared or discouraged. His name is _ _ _ _ _!"
--Shelby!, 12

"E. K. M10, I have the same problem, but more than 3! How do we know? the kids I like are, the new boy, Jack, the star quarter back, Logan, and the kid everyone dislike, Zack, and maybe the quarter back's friend, Cody."
--Jesa, 10

"I've only had 1 bf during my life. He was my bf from September 05 to November 05. And here's why: At the end of November, my mom made me move with her to Georgia. But he probably still likes me, because when I came back the next year, he said, "Oh, look. It's my ex." Which, to me, means that there's still a flare because if he didn't like me he wouldn't have said that."
--Kitten, 11

"My Crush is Corbin Bleu. He's so cute and I going be future Mrs. Corbin Bleu. Hi Corbin, I think you are super cute/hot and love your hair..."

"He is hot, Canadian (I love Canada), his teeth are perfect, he is funny, only 15. Name: Alex age: 15 country: Canada (I really want to live in Canada) - Mariah, eh? loves Alex from Canada."
--Mariah, eh?, 13

"If you have a crush and your too scared to go up to him/her then drop helpful hints..."
--Zoey, 11

"Hi, Jesa again:), so I can't stop looking at him and he is soooooo hot! I want to ask his friend if he likes me, but it's hard knowing that his friend will probably tell the whole school that I like him and look like the girl who likes him for 1, 2, 3 years now and still haven't told him that I like him and that I want to hang out somewhere without his friends and get to know him a lot better than I do at the moment, well, if I ask him out he might start laughing at me and tell everyone, or he might like me back and say yes to seeing me outside of school and maybe he might help me in math, or he might just ask me out before I ask him out. Will update in about 3 or 4 days, bye!"
--Jesa, 10

"My crush is, well, my crush because he is really cute, has beautiful eyes, and he really likes me. I could say we were going out but at first I didn't know what it meant, but I guess we kinda are..."
--Mitchell luvr 524, 11

"He's cute, blue eyes, smart, but mostly cute."

"She's perfect."
--Dan, 12

"I have a major crush on this cute guy. OMG! He is so hot! I'd say he's just plain cute! He likes Goosebump books and likes sports, like I do!"
--Theresa, 10

"There's this one girl in school who is crazy about this one guy. I don't like this guy, but she does. She thinks he is so obsessed with her and if she finds any girl with that guy, she gets all mad and tries to act like a show off around him. She's also a big flirt!"
--Theresa, 10

"How can u tell if a boy likes u or if he is flirting?"
--E. K. M10, 12

"there is this boy who is so cute but sometimes he can be a little obnoxious anyway he is so cute but I don't know if he likes me or if my parents will let me date."
--Imani, 10

"How do you ask to kiss them?"
--Jami, 12

"He looks really cute. He acts nice to me (tho mean to some gals) and he's athletic and he's 2 weeks older than me. Plus he's a Scorpio, like me. I don't WANT to like him, I just DO. I like another boy. He's not as cute looking, but I know him better. We makes fun of me, we like near each other, were both doing this extra before school thing, we both go on the bus, our parents know each other (their not friends tho. Just KNOW each other), were both on the bus...Yeah, he's kinda cute too. They're both popular and athletic."
--Agal, 11

"He is nice, sweet, little mean, cute, and smart but not nerdy smart. All I would say. Hehehehe =]."
--Nischa, 12

"Oh my gosh he is so HOT he isn't in my class but I still like him same with my best friend he has great hair he is really smart and is just plain cute!"
--Tashiee, 12

"Mark 9) -Just wondering what school do u go to what grade and does your last name start with a T? cause I know a guy named Mark..."
--Kyra, 10

"Ok. There's this guy I liked from 2nd grade. And now I'm in 5th. He's funny, cute, and smart. Mostly cute! : ]."
--Anonymous, 10

"My crush is on a boy. His name is Jonathan, he is 15, and he is taller than me, he has brown hair hazel eyes. He lives with his dad in MS. His mother is dead, he loves to skateboard and ride his racing 4wheeler, hang out with friends and talk on the phone. Well that is my crush!"

"My crush is cute."
--Ashley, 8

"I always have crushes on my friends, so when I tell them that I like them they start to grow distant from me. That's okay though, because one girl that I liked turned out to be popular and became friends with people I hate, and I have to admit that I'm a geek and I'm very weird in the good way, so I wouldn't fit in."
--Davy J, 13

"I don't know but I love Logan S."
--Morgan, 9

"MY BFF SAYS I'M A NERD! He says if your smart for your age (Which I am) u have to be a nerd. I'm in the 6th grade and supposed to be in 4th."
--Bradley, 10

"A cute boy."

"I've known my friend Patric since 4th grade. We lived in the same neighborhood so I went to his house a lot. He is my best friend, but I sort of have a crush on him. I don't know if he likes me back. But I'm afraid if I tell him and he doesn't like me back it will negatively effect the best friend relationship."
--Leah, 10

"Hey peoples! In all reality there's probably no one here who remembers me, but whatever. (Mayoung- Invader Zim is my favorite TV show and I love GIR! You can get Invader Zim stuff at Hot Topic- I got a shirt : -P) But I guess this is an update- I don't talk to or like #440 anymore (thank God) - and my neighbor...Well I still like him but we're really good friends now. I hang out with him and his bff all of the time. Ummmm my hot camp friend I still like too, but my friends are being shallow backstabbers and going out with him when they know I've liked him since I met him. (He doesn't want to, but he's kinda...Um...Doormat-ish. He never wants to hurt anyone's feelings. ) OOOH! I almost forgot! EXTREMELY CUTE NEW KID IN MY CLASS CALIFORNIA BLACK HAIR PERFECT BLUE EYES PLAYS SOCCER ON OUR REGIONAL TEAM...And is friends with me! Yes! Sooo many girls hate me for it cause literally every girl in our grade likes him and he only talks to me and 2 other girls. And Lol, 11- from experience, you can never really tell when he's flirting with you...Normally one of you're friends points it out to you. When in doubt, ask a guy friend. They know how guys flirt and will be able to tell you if they really were. Thanks! I LOVE YOU SAM!"
--Chloe, 12

"Well, I really like this girl Jess. She's also one of my best friends and she is soooo great. She makes everything happy."

"Hi Angela, well what makes my crush a crush? hmm...Well to me my crush makes him my crush because he is well. I actually don't know...SORRY! =D."

"I saw this guy he was so cute I ask him out."
--Nina, 8

"I'm in 4th grade (still! ) and I have a HUGE crush on a boy who's in 3rd grade. But I don't care. It doesn't matter on how old you are, you can like who ever you want. P. S, he is so cute..."
--Anonymous, 10

"He's really good at soccer and his name's Dexter..."
--Libs, 11

"How do you know when he's flirting with you?"
--Lol, 11

"He plays hockey and I love hockey because I figure skate. He's also tall. I like tall boys. He's also a take-charge boy, which is good. But he also let's other people lead too. And he's funny and cute and sweet. I would hate to lose him..."
--Olivia, 11

"My crush is Corbin Bleu! He's so cute and he's mine! - Future MRS. Corbin Bleu-."

"I have a crush on teen named Cody R. He likes to totally don't want to never ever go out. He is so...Like cute. And I sometimes barely faint when he talks to me. I love him..."

"How do u ask a boy out?"
--Hayleigh, 11

"He's like soo sweet and funny he flirts with me A LOT but he likes my friend that doesn't know I like him. But my friend likes another guy. Soooo yea."

"I have a crush on this girl named Amilia and she's cute and smart. I went out with her once but I broke up with her cause of her friends. They make me sit by her but I don't want to cause I was a little shy. Now I want to ask her out again but I now I don't how I'm going to do it..."
--Leigh, 11

"He is one of my best friends. He is 13 and is totally into me. I only know this because he has told me before but I told him that I don't want to ruin our friendship. He is REALLY funny and sweet. I want to tell him that I like him but I can't. HE trusts me and I trust him and I wanna keep it that way..."
--Friend Zone, 12

"Well, u have to hang out with him a lot and hang out with his friends and do not everything he says but do a little bit of it. Never ever go out with his brother or best friend. Trust me. And don't keep calling him 24/7 they hate that. And only say miss u once or I love you not more then 2wice on the phone..."
--Caroline, 12

"In this store at our school, I was going to buy something and I was looking around and my crush was, like, RIGHT BESIDE ME! I don't think I've ever been that close to him before! And his arm brushed past mine! :)."
--GirlGirl10101, 11

"My crush is a boy in my class who is REALLY popular and a model and really good-looking. He is really rich with all his model money. We keep having big fights but for some reason I cant stop liking him..."

"Ahhhhhhhh the guy I like is so...Sweet. He's a musician he plays a bunch of instruments and he tottttally has my sense of humor and he has totally AWESOME SHOES THAT HE LET ME WEAR! <33 haha sorry but they're cool. And he's smart...And cuuuute...*drools* hahaha okay I'm done. But whenever I'm around him I act really stupid lol."
--MALLIEfromtheVALLEY, 13

"Ok I'm gonna tell u everything. I like this guy and I think he likes me too. We're friends and he is a very good friend. In my school some kids tell me nicknames like "Nerd" 'cause I always get straight A's. He feels bad for me but I don't mind. I want to tell him I have a crush on him but he's my friend and we are both shy. He is also cute, kind, a good friend who stand up for me and he has a lot of good qualities more."
--Nathasha, 12

"Hey guys u know what gets me mad the most, is when little girls like 8 or 9 try to act like they can go out and just because they are dating. I mean come on it's just liking a guy and the guy likes them back or whatever but it's just...I'm saying you are tooooo young. Like girls that are like 11-and up is okay but like u guys have gotta chill. Because trust me if u start at the age of like 8-10 then trust ur gonna be like kissing at the age of like 10 or 11 and be going even farther at a young age. I'm just saying don't act like that I'm mean ur young, I mean just take it slow. Ur young. Don't start. U r gonna regret it."
--Happy: p, 12

"I have this crush his name is Danny and I really really like him but I'm not sure that he likes me or some other girl. I NEED HELP HERE."
--Katie, 11

"How do you stop thinking about your crush?"
--LipGlossMonny, 13

"It seems like most of my crushes have been Naked Brothers Band look-alikes. My former crush looked a lot like David, who plays the keyboard. And my recent crush (he's a year older--7th grade) is almost an exact clone of Thomas, the cellist! : -) I also like Nat (the lead singer), but I don't know a Nat look-alike. Lol."
--Happy Bunny, 11

"I have a crush on this guy named reed. We do a lot together. One day he saw that I had something on my mind then he asked me DO YOU LIKE ME? At first I said NOOOOOO! But than he said tell the truth. I was soooooo scared so I had to tell the truth. It turned out that he liked me too. So now he is sort of my bf."
--Chandler, 10

"Well,...He is nice, quiet, and I think he has a great personality, but my friends do think he is well...A dork..."
--Krissy Anne, 11

"I go to junior high next year and that means a lot more girls, like 400 of them!"
--Connor, 11

"Help! I was zapped with my crush, so now I have to ask him out. Usually I play the waiting game. And he wants to ask out his crush! Advice greatly appreciated!"
--Sumatran Tiger, 12

"Well I go to Sturgis Williams Middle School and there's a guy named Kadyn W. I have a HUGE crush on him! He is so HOTT but he hates me 'cause I'm not a PREP. I still love him."

"So some kids @ my school date and there is this cute boy I have had a crush on for 3 years and I don't know if he likes me back there are some rumors going around that he dose...But I don't know help me."
--Jessica, 10

"Ok so I have a crush on 2 boys in my grade Tyler and josh but my bff likes Josh and Tyler does not like me I know but my friends and Tyler's friends keep saying that he does like me so I don't know I want one to ask me out bad though."
--Renee, 13

"I have this really big crush on this boy. He is really smart but my friend thinks the he is a total nerd. He just smart and wearing glasses! That's doesn't mean he's a nerd. Anyway I don't think he like me, I think he like someone else even though she doesn't like him."
--Annathese, 12

"Well when I like his behavior and attitude and how he treats others and especially me! My crush is soo protective that's why I like him. Even though we're not going out he protects me funny don't you think?"
--Cindy Lemon, 13

"To mark 9 ) tell her hi and then write her a letter but tell her she shouldn't tell anyone who it is from."
--Brandi, 11

"Well, I have 3 crushes. They are all funny, weird ( like me ), and ( most of the time ) smart."
--Talia ( a. K. A crush, 10

"Help! (Again) The guy I like, "John", is about to ask out another girl. I sit directly across from him in homeroom and he is so cute! Do any of you play Zap at your school? We do at my school, and I was zapped with him. I looked before the time so know I have to ask him out! What should I do?"
--SumatranTiger, 12

"My crush just left my church and that's only place I ever see her. I cry to myself in bed. I just can't take it. I need some advice."
--Bradley, 10

"MY crush is always unknown and always lovely to me when I punch him in the arm."
--Anonymous, 10

"My friend likes this boy at school and I like him tooo and today she asked him out and I think he said " yes I will go out with you"."
--Maria, 11

"I like my friend Albert. He's really nice and we're now boyfriend and girlfriend. He even gave me cool gifts...And gum..."
--StarGirl, 13

"My crush is a celeb!"
--Ashleyfan4, 8

"Mine is HOTHOTHOTHOT and he's popular (but that's not what I like him for) (but it's a nice bonus) he's nice in a goofy, hilarious, teasing way, he's competitive (like me) and he has a rebel streak, (like me) he ALWAYS teases me, but that's his way of being nice. And the best thing is he likes me too!"
--Sum1, 11

"Andrea 9: it doesn't matter if he's 1 year older than you! My aunt and uncle are 4 years apart! And my crush is 9 months older than me!"
--Sum1, 11

"What makes my crush my crush is that he's cute, funny, romantic, && sweet. But I started to like him when I sat behind him then we moved desks, he always looked at me and said some lame excuse why he did that. Now I'm planning to tell him I like him."

"My crush is funny and I don't think he likes me."
--Kammi, 12

"As I read Victoria's (age 11) post, I was thinking, "Whoa! R u crushing on the same guy as me?" Bcuz that is exactly what he is like. Same name too. N e ways, I'm mad @ my friend, though bcuz I told her that I liked him and she ran to the single worst person in the world to tell, and told him. And he said he would tell him. I'm friends with annoying person's gf, though, so I'm hoping that she can get him not to reveal my secret. You people have no idea how much I regret telling my "Friend"...Oh well, Merry Christmas!"

"Me and I love my mom."
--Cassie, 10

"Well I went out with this boy named Isaid B, and then he became my boyfriend and we been dating for moths and then weeks later he breaks up with me but then we become friends but then I found out I still like him and then he still like me."
--Delicia, 10

"I really like this guy but I'm scared to tell him I need help."
--Jocelyn, 11

"His personality."
--Monkey, 12

"My crush is a little younger by 16 days. His name is Sam C. Even though I am going out with Jay H, his friend. What should I do."
--Anastasia, 11

"I like this boy! He is so funny but the weird thing is we like the same thing! And the problem is that he plays with this other girl. Her name is Catlyn. That's why I think my crush likes her! SHUCKS!"
--Kaithleen, 8

"I have a crush on Luke M! He is so Hot!"

"Hi Jesa again: ) IDK he is soooooo cute, and really smart (ALP). He is really nice! I think I will ask him if he wants to go to boys & girls camp at Storybook Lodge camp & free time! I want to see if he will end up asking me out! I Heart him!"
--Jesa, 10

"I got friends that think my boyfriend is cute and they have told me but I don't know what to do. What should I do?"

"I don't have a crush. My parents told my to wait until I am 17 to seriously date, and I am not allowed to have a boyfriend until I am about sixteen and one half. I don't mind though because I don't want a boyfriend or a crush, because I'm just not boy crazy..."

"My crush actually likes me but he has a girl friend but he doesn't want to dump her 'cuz he doesn't want to hurt her feelings."

"Hi everybody, I need advice, ok, well I like this guy and he likes me. But the thing he's asked me to be his gf but I say no because my 'rents don't want me to have a bf. Well I used to not like him and this whole time I have been denying that I like him because my friend thinks he's ugly and so did I but know that I think about it I do like him. And I don't know what to do. I also like his friend and he liked me last year but that's a whole different story. I need advice please someone help me. His friend asked me if I liked him because I guess he wants to know. But please help. I'm desperate. Whoever does help me, or write back, THANK YOU!"
--HAPPY : ), 12

"My crush...Hmm, let's see. He is CUTE! Wow. Well, looks aren't everything so I like his laid back personality and how he is respectful to everyone..."
--Ashlie<3, 12

"I have this crush on two boys. Well at least I think I do. Not saying any names but they start with a j and an A. J use to know I like him 'cause he was spying on me and my friends. Now he thinks I don't like him. (HE HE). But my friend told A last year but he didn't think it was true. I like j mostly. I think. But I don't know what to do 'cause he has this major crush on my bff. She likes him also. His friends are always coming up to her and asking "Hey do you like him?" "He likes you". It kinda gets me annoyed. And one of my other bff likes A. She and him are really good friends now but he says he doesn't like her. But I'm happy for her because I think he likes her. Well I guess I just have to wait to see what's coming up for me."
--Erin, 10

"I have a huge crush on a boy at my church. He is soooooooo sweet! He has those eyes......"
--Leslie, 10

"My crushes name is Garrett. He is very cute. He also is one of my friends. But I like him more than that. Idk if he likes me or not. I am always gazing at him. We both are in a really popular and cliquey group, but we don't really care. We both also have a lot in common. For instance your typical perfect couple. Blue eyes, blonde hair, popular, hang out with the same people. We also go to the same exact school. We also are pretty smart and love to hang out with the group, six girls and 5 boys. I heart Garrett a bunch! Luv ya lots, Abby."
--Abby, 10

"I like this guy named Ferni (Fernado)! He is so cute! I <3 Him!"
--Liza, 10

"Umm...My crush is nice, responsible and cute, but he's kind of in that group where he gets in trouble..."

"I don't have a crush because he doesn't like me."

"My crush and me have been friends for like 6 yrs. I know her pretty well and she's cute and funny. Amanda, if your crush doesn't know you like him start giving him signals. As a guy I know that it's tough to get the nerve to ask a girl out. Give him signals! LOVE YA SHAWNA!"
--Joel, 13

"My crush is my best friend actually. She's cute, intelligent, and very very nice."
--Michael, 9

"I really like this guy he's really funny and cute too but I kinda think he talks to me because he feels sorry for me."
--Katherine, 12

"I have this crush that I had for almost 2 or 3 months. I really really like him but I don't know if he likes me. HELP ME!"

"I have this crush! His name is Danny I really really like him I at meet him at church and one day he came to my house and I tripped over my pants legs and fell in front of him and he laughed out loud. WHAT DO I DO: (."
--Katie C, 13

"I have this MAJOR crush on this guy! Everybody knows it, BUT him. Everybody thinks he's weird. He's my crush because he's well, different and funny. HE NEEDS TO ASK ME OUT SOON OR HE'S BUH-BYE."
--Amanda, 11

"I really like this guy named Alex. LOL. <3."

"I like this guy, because he's all cute and all, but I don't know how to spend more time with him so that I could get to know him better. I want to get to know him better, and, if I really do like him, I want to like him for his personality, and not just because he's cute."
--Christine, 12

"I'm just posting this here because there's not enough room on the other page. I think my bff is a bad influence because another 1 of my friends says he's a really bad kid. He said he yelled at the teacher because he wanted more candy and when they were wrestling he said when nobody was looking he punched him in the nose and said, "123 down!" My bff Ransom says that everything he says is a lie. But I believe Ransom."
--Bradley, 10

"I like this guy I met at a parade named Michael he is so cute. And even though my friend is older than me I'm more matured than her and have had many boyfriends, and she hasn't. But this guy was flirting with me, but she likes him 2, but she might not be serious. But I am constantly around boys and when I find a guy I like I go crazy and don't know how to stop. And she cant get over the fact he likes me and he would have asked me out if I was paying attention and not melting in his eyes. And she is probably not serious, but now she's threatening not to take me back to the parade next year."
--Hawt_Gurl23, 11

"I really like this guy and my BFF is OBSESSED him! I don't want to tell her about it but he talks to me more than to her. HELP ME!!!!! BTW, he is pretty cute!"

"Okay! I know that I've already written here about my crush named Ray but I'm all over him. I have a new one and he's way cooler. His name is Timi (or Rotimi). He's 12. My goodness, he is so cute and funny and awesome and...Well, you get the point. We're great friends and I'm not sure if he knows that I like him. However, I think he also likes me!!!!! :)."
--Alicia, 11

"My crush is a boy named Austin. He is funny and weird."
--Anon, 13

"I like this guy a whole bunch, but I'm afraid to tell my friends that I like him because they'd make fun of me, because they don't like him. Whenever I like someone, I REALLY like them! I'm always thinking about them. It's never just a small thing. BLEH."
--Caroline, 12

"I have a crush on the 7th grade coach. His name is Coach McBride. He's so cute."
--Laura, 13

"How do you know if someone likes you or not (especially when he acts weird when you're around)?"
--Ida, 12

"Well, idk. My crush is cute, and he's nice too! (:."

"I like this guy that all of my friends think is a total dork so I'm afraid to tell them. I probably won't anytime soon unless I get some really good advice from you guys! I don't like keeping it from them but they will most likely make fun of me if I tell them. : (."
--Rosalinde, 12

"I have this huge crush on a guy, but he just asked out my BFF. But the thing is she doesn't know. How do I tell her?"
--NoNE YA buIsNEss, 00

"There is this girl at my school. She is pretty, funny, smart, fun, and has a great voice. But I am afraid to talk to her. Can you help me?"
--Mark, 9

"Hi Jesa again:) The boy's name is Logan M. I think he likes me ONLY as a friend. I have been friends with a kid who liked me, and I let him down. HOW do I let Logan M. know I have feelings for him, all I ever say is "Is Oreo still for sale?" (Oreo is a horse he has. ) Does anyone know how I can tell him????????????????? please tell me how to say something else to him for once?"
--Jspry Jesa, 10

"I like this boy. His name is Ian. He is cute, sweet, and funny. I hang out with him a lot but he has a friend. When they are to together he is like a zombie! Also that friend is my arch nemesis!!!!"
--Millicent, 11

"(Havn'tgotaclu) - Jeez I KNOW he likes me, he gets uncomfortable around me, doesn't look me in the eye, doesn't talk to me unless he's with his friends, this doesn't count but I'm best friends with his friend. P. S. I'm ten now and I don't think I like it very much!!! Lol, hey Jaredlover14: you're sooooo cool. I'm in 4th grade too! And I have crush named Jared too, isn't that weird? except he's in 5th."
--Kyra, 10

"I am in love with this guy in my homeroom class. He is so funny. The other day another guy was playing footsy with me and he got so mad. He was like "Why are you playin' footsy with him?" My friends mimic me because I let him do stuff for me like sharpen my pencil. We are such good friends but I'm afraid that if I tell him it will mess up our relationship. But he gave me his pretzels and has been so nice to me lately. What could I say that would make him be my bf but not mess up our friendship? Any advice?"

"A nice looking guy. Or cute. They all have nice eyes. Like brown eyes, green eyes, or blue sparkling eyes. But not gray blue eyes. That person is nice to me. Some times we can goof around. And he also has to be fun & romantic."
--Jasmine, 13

"There's this boy, Frank, I have liked for ages. He sits next to me in French and opposite us is this guy, Josh. So Frank always teases him because he's got ADD. I tell him off but when he's not looking I giggle. I think he's showing off for me because he's good friends with Josh, so why would he tease him? He is a very sweet guy though."
--Holly, 12

"I really like this girl, Emma and everyone said she liked me. But I have liked her for 4 years now and I still don't want to tell her because I think I'm too late..."
--Jack, 12

"I have a crush on this guy. We're friends cause he has a crush on me too. He suffers for me cause in my school kids tell me things sometimes but it doesn't matter. He is a very good friend, fun, kind, pretty, and a lot of things more."
--Nathasha, 12

"What makes your crush your crush is you liking them so much you obsess over them. It's kinda like liking a celebrity. You obsess over them and they become your crush."

"Welllll what makes my crush is he's cute, funnny, and cute! But watch out for friends too u know, cuz they might get jealous and not hang out with you. So watch out for both! But the problem is that my friend is jealous cuz I think of him as more funny than her. And even on top of that I don't even know if he likes me! Oooohhhhhhh, but that's life."
--Isabel, 10

"I like mine (Tarminder) because he's cute, funny, stupid, and I just like him. He hates me, though. He gave me the wrong # 15 times!"
--Sarvaani, 11

"OK, I'm in sixth grade and I'm a little bit fat, so I'm not in with all the populars. But he's skinny and he's popular. Well, at least I think. But I think other popular girls like him. How do I get him to notice me?"
--Tiffany, 11

"I have this huge crush on a guy and I think he has a crush on me too. But he goes to a different school and we never see each other but once a month. What do I do about it when I see him again? Help me."

"I like this boy in my class and he is so handsome. He has a friend that is cute too. I like sweets and I like them, so I call them cookies and cream. They r really cute."
--Katlynn, 12

"I don't like anyone but I'm looking!!! <3."

"I absolutely ADORE this kid named Tanner M in my grade. He's SOOOOOOOOOO funny and I heard he's a really sweet guy. The problem is, I'm not sure if he likes me back. I'm also not sure if I like him for who he is or if it's because his uncle is in the band Lone Star. All I know is he's really cute and nice, and I really like him. I'm willing to do what ever it takes ( within reason : ) ) to get him to be my boyfriend. I also need help on how when and where to tell a crush that you like him. Any advice?"
--Alana, 11

"I still like my ex-boyfriend but he is really mean to me! WHAT DO I DO? HELP ME!!!"
--Ellyn, 12

"Why does my crush hate me?"
--Emmy, 13

"Matthew_hearts, 11, Give him a note."
--Aileen, 11

"OK so I like this boy & I think he likes me but I'm not sure. It's so confusing. I sit by him in geography & science. When in science like he'll press his leg against mine or keep tapping my foot or put his foot on my chair when we're watching a movie & hits me on "Accident" & in geography he pokes me with his pencil like he's flirting. But I don't know. I've never liked, or maybe even loved, someone like this!!! I'm a little chunky, as well as him. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?"
--Anonymous, 12

"Ballerina<3, 13: do you like him? if he is your true real friend then you will go and talk with him. My brother's best friend is OBSESSED with Star Wars. Well he is growing out of it. I would like for you to e-mail me and I just want to get to know you and I will try to think of something. If you would then plz post yourz up here and I will put you on mine. If you don't have e-mail than that's ok. I will just post on here. Well I know you are stickin' with your friends like most 13 year olds, but I would go talk to him and make better friends with him. If your friends and all them tease you than they must not be your friends. Well, good luck and people plz post mine to tell her what I think bcuz she asked for help and I gave it. Thank u very much. Good luck again. Bbye."
--Jaredlover14, 10

"Oh my gosh...HELP ME!!! I have a crush on this guy and I Think THINK he might like me back. I'm not sure but we played dodge ball today and the only time that I got out he got out with me! ( this guy is very athletic and I have never seen him get out before EVER! ) The problem is, I'm considered the biggest DORK in 5th grade and he's like the CUTEST guy in 5th grade. He's smart, cute, funny, cute, nice, cute, almost ALWAYS in a good mood, and cute. Did I mention he's CUTE?!?! He also sat by me in study hall...Okay, I sat by him, but it looked like I was just doing it to sit by my friend. But we talked! YAY! HE TALKED TO ME! Anyways, I think he knows that I like him, but he never drops any hints that he likes me back. How can I get him to like me or tell him that I REALLY like him without freaking him out? Help me. HELP ME!!! Thank you : )."
--Alana, 11

"I like this boy named Logan. But he doesn't like me."
--Kristen, 11

"I like this jokey but funny boy in my class. My parents don't know. : ( I really think he likes me, too..."

"He's nice, cute, and athletic. I totally like him, except for the fact that he makes my life MISERABLE!!! Y'know, cause of embarrassing moments and stuff and all that if he sees."
--Anonymous, 11

"I love this boy and I have a boyfriend. I really think that he likes me ( the boy I like, not my bfriend) and I like him too. We have dated bfor at camp but I really like him sosooooo much. His eyebrows r like mountains and they go up and down. Low at the start, high at the middle and low at the finish. Well bbye."
--Brentluvr, 10

"I Like This Boy named Grant. He's a nerd and he's a nerdy kid...No girls have liked him since 2nd Grade...And I'm new this year and I think he likes me. I don't care what people think about Grant...I mean really. Grant teases me all the time in science. He KNOWS I like him. He asked me who my Best Friend was. I catch him staring at me. He replies to EVERYTHING I say. He's my first REAL CRUSH I ever had...And he's cute! ;)."
--Melina, 11

"Phillip is soooo hot!"
--Kayla, 10

"He is athletic, smart, and nice. Yeah, he is a little short, but he is perfect."
--Annie, 11

"Help!!! I like this boy, "John". Generally when I have a crush I just wait and do nothing. Unfortunately, John's my friend and there are times I have an obligation to help him (break dance circles, he's the best at my school). Also, he's the most flirted-with guy at school! And let me tell you, he does not like people flirting. What should I do?"
--Sumatran Tiger, 12

"I have a crush on this guy who is really popular, and all the girls like him. I grew up with him, but we we're not friends. I don't know if he likes me or not. He is always eyeing me and he doesn't say anything to me when he sees me, but he is sooo HOTT. I'm thinking about telling or leaving him a note. Anyway he is HOTT."
--Taylor, 11

"What do you do when you already dated your crush and you broke the relationship? what do you do?"

"Where to begin? He's got this way of making me feel so comfortable and safe. He's a sweetheart, but he's got a bit of a smart mouth...Really witty. He has beautiful brown eyes. Sorry ^_^."

"I love Brandan! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! He moved here last year in fourth grade but had to move again this year in fifth."
--Maggie, 11

Jesa: u should just ask 1 of his friends if he likes u. And if he does, ask him out.
--Tina, 10

How would you know if your crush likes you also?
--Herzleeya, 12

My crush is my friend Ricky. He is cute and funny and just a little obnoxious. I told him I like him and now we are dating! Don't be afraid to tell your crush. They might like you back!
--Kessy, 8

The thing that makes my crush, my crush is that everyone likes him, he has a great personality, he plays sports, and he never worries about whether he's popular or not. I don't know if he likes me or not but if he doesnt I'll just have to deal with it.
--Sophia, 12

"I like this boy."

"Some people in my class are making fun of me because this one kid who is kind of nerdy likes me. And has liked me since we were 10 but he is a really nice kid and he is my friend. They make fun of him just because he likes Legos and comics. Who cares??? why does that matter? they should look at the good in him, like how he tries to befriend everyone, and things like that. So anyways, they are making fun of me because he likes me...Well I can't help that so it's not really fair that they would tease ME for HIS feelings. Can someone help me?"
--Ballerina<3, 13

"He is nice, smart, funny, cute, and dreamy!!"
--Madi, 11

"Harrypotter (13) I truly adore the hilarious ways you use your words. Lol, you make everything seem funnier then what it is already just by using such emphases! : D."
--Meridith, 12

"Yes I know I have posted about a billion things on here, but I want to say something lol. I can't wait for December 8, because me and my bffs are going to a Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers concert. Hannah Montana is awesome!! Anyways the Jonas Brothers are sooooo cute! Especially Nick!"
--Ballerina<3, 13

"OMG!!!!! He's sooooo cute! He's popular but he knows I exist. (YAY! )."
--Rose, 11

"Someone-Jeez! You sound like someone's mother!!! She can talk about whatever she wants to! Anyways-Happy Thanksgiving! I was born on Thanksgiving (as told and continued in my other story), but Thanksgiving changes around every year! I was born on November 27th, 1997. I hope this gets posted on my b-day!!! Well bye!! P. S. Get me Webkinz!!!!!!!! Lol."
--Kyra, 9

"I don't know why I just do though he's kinda funny, weird (like me), sorta kinda cute, loves Alabama (my fave football team), tall, has nice friends, and may also like me. So that's pretty much why."
--Cho, 12

"Somegirl, 12: it is ok, I used to have a crush on my cousin. It's natural. Asta lavesta baby. It is my b-day December 23. Thx bye."
--Jaredlover14, 9

"Well it started this year in 6th grade. He flirts with me and a lot of other girls too. I'm not sure if he has a girlfriend or not but I've heard he does not. He is so funny and cute. Every time I hear or think of his name my heart pretty much flips inside out. Every once and a while ill tell him bye or have great weekend as I pass him in the hallway he'll say "U too" and smile at me and ill smile at him. I hope that I will ever get the confidence to ask him out!!!! (his name is Layton)."
--Maddie, 11

"He's nice and considerate and CUTE, of course. I wish he'd notice me, if he doesn't. Man, life is soooooo not fair. : )."
--Jessica, 12

"I love Jared and it is not puppy love. I just wish I could kiss him. Luv u like sistas and brothas. Bye."
--Jaredlover14, 9

"What should I do?! He is older than me by one year but I love him a lot."
--Andrea, 9

"Dear Somegirl, 12, I had a crush on my cousin-in-law once!"
--A Girl, 11

"He is so cute! OMG, I wish I could marry him! His smile is sooo cute! I love him but he does not know it yet! How do I tell him? Helllllp me! If you want to know who impersonated you it is Somebody, but the "Body", is something else in the pen name."
--2sweet,, 12

"I like this kid. He's sooooo cute. He's in band (so am I) and he's in my sister's band advanced, and she likes him too. He's in 8th grade and I am in intermediate. He plays the same instrument as me and he's sooo cute. And I can't get over him..."
--Paramoreluver, 12

"Luv u Chris."
--Sara, 12

"In 6th grade, I had a crush on this guy I used to have classes with in 5th grade. I like his smile, his laugh, he's athletic and his personality even though he has a manly voice. My friend, Carla said he was looking at me up and down thrice. And today, this kid named Michael brought up my name to the conversation that my friend was asking him if he liked anyone in school. He said I was mad U-G-L-Y. I don't know if he likes me or not. I catch him staring and when in gym he was picked for the volleyball rotate thing, he was in front of me (bc I wasn't picked)...So he always looked sideways. I don't know if he likes me or not...He thinks I'm ugly or is he lying? Thanks so much! P. S. : He got me lovesick too and he was my BIGGEST crush for my whole lifetime!!"
--Julia, 11

"Kyra, 9: it isn't that you have a wart on your elbow. You don't get the clue. HE DOESN'T LIKE YA ANYMORE. So stop obsessing about it. K, bye."
--Havn'tgotaclu, 10

"I like 5 boys everyone- Jordan, Wes, Kohl, Max and still Daniel!"

"I have a crush on a girl at school and she is not in love with me. Jordan 15."
--Anthony, 11

"There's this guy in my class who I have a MAJOR crush on. He's soooo CUTE! All my friends say he likes me back, because he's always so psyched to work with me in group projects and he always compliments me on how smart I am. This one time, we were in a group together for social studies, and we had to e-mail each other stuff for our project. We were e-mailing back and forth, not only about social studies but about his hockey game and our school choir and other stuff. It was SOOOOOOO AWESOME! I want to tell him that I like him, but over e-mail. Now, I know over e-mail is dangerous, because other people can find out, and I'm afraid his dad reads his e-mails, but I REALLY want him to know! What should I do?"
--Matthew_hearts, 11

"Oh My God!!! Dylan asked me out!!!!! He's just soo hott and nice and funny and I love the way he dresses!!! Every day after lunch me and him ALWAYS hug! I cant stop thinking bout him and he said he's liked me since he met me, that he loves me, that he's so lucky he met me, and that I'm the nicest girl he's ever met!!!!!!!!! I like him sooooooo much!!!!!!!!"
--Sydney : D, 12

"Kyra again: ) sorry I haven't been on in awhile but I had band practice, my b-day party and SOOO much homework!!! Lol. Well anyways I'm turning ten in two weeks!!! The only bad thing is I'm in school then (boohoo) Mark still isn't really talking to me but my teacher embarrassed me in front of him (longgggg story, I'll tell in my next story) Isn't it soo funny that all the girls on here talking like their obsessed with boys?? Lol. Well happpy Thanksgiving! (I was born on Thanksgiving but it changes around every year. (I'll tell ya later) BYE!!!"
--Kyra, 9

"My former crush, well, I don't know why I got attracted to him in the first place. All I know is that I left him back with everyone else when I moved. My new crush is EVERYTHING!"

"He is so cute! Omg I wish I could marry him! His smile is sooo cute! I love him but he does not know it yet! How do I tell him? Helllllp me!"
--2sweet, 12

"I like this boy in football. I was in his class last year & I think someone likes him too. I tried to ask him if he likes me, but I tiptoe around it. How do I tell him I like him?"
--Jesa, 10

"I like a boy who is popular. I know he knows I am there, because he and one of his friends talked to me. And I tried to act cool but you could see me breaking down. Can someone help me please!"
--Jesa, 10

"They have to be someone you are comfortable around and cute and make you laugh."
--Mgs, 12

"I have a crush on an actor that plays in a show on CBS! It's so weird! I even have dreams about him. I am also a big fan of the show!"
--Mgs, 12

"I once had a crush on my cousin!!!!!!!!"
--Somegirl, 12

"Just do not look stupid."
--Shanell, 11

"Daniel is so nice, cute, smart, and funny. I love him!! I am NOT obsessed."

"Ariana, 11: I don't think that is weird but I don't think it would smell very good. I do like the smell of leather but I don't like the smell of bubble gum. But I do like the taste of it. Bye."
--Jaredlover14, 10

"Well. My mixed emotions for one of my friends (which would turn a already complex relationship into a love triangle), and my possible affections for a stoic 8th grader do make a fascinating tale. But, anyway. I like gentlemen-y, artsy guys. Being cute is an extra."
--Maddie, 11

"I have a crush on this boy. He is a grade older than me and I really like him. His name is Eric and he's really cute and nice when u get to know him. Anyways, I really like him. I would pick hundreds of flower petals if I had to be gf and bf with him. Anyways, bye."
--Gabreila, 11

"Hormones cause you to like a guy. They may even cause you to like someone completely random!"
--Aileen, 11

"I love this kid named Brandon- Super Cute Smarty-Pants. Hormones made me do it ;)."

"I simply ADORE this kid named Brandon S. He is SO cute and really smart. He's really good at Football. Hormones did it! : )."
--Aileen, 11

"Make a good decision about your crush before you really start liking him."
--Jessica, 9

"Hey. I don't like my guy friends, but one of them likes me. And there is this other guy that I've never talked to, just one time over the phone with my friend when she did 3 way. It was weird. He stopped liking me but then suddenly he likes me again sooooooo much. He says he luvs me!!!! Aghhhhhhhhh!!! It's just soooo weird. But when a guy (or girl if you are a boy) likes you, it makes u feel good that you're pretty and cute, and it feels great. Only sometimes the guy can be u-g-l-y!!!"
--Paramorluver, 12

"I really like this guy named Henry C. He likes my friend Ruby, Analeigh and ME! My friend Ruby doesn't know I like him but she flirts with everyone. What should I do? should I tell one of his friends I like him?"
--Maddy, 11

"My crush is sooo cute and funny. I think he's the perfect guy for me. I want to tell him tomorrow which is November 15, 2007. I seriously am nervous. I'm gonna tell him in a note."
--Kessy, 8

"Omg. I like this guy so much! And he likes me back!!! Yayness."
--Anonymous, 13

"I love Jared and he gives me a hug every day when the teacher is not looking."
--Jaredlover14, 10

"BICKLEBONSMECKLEDORF. Assistance, s'il vous plait! I have a crush on someone! (I shall not release his name. I'll call him...Canary. ) At a Bat Mitzvah party I recently attended, something...Odd happened. Okay, so, there was a slow song, and everyone on the dance floor was dancing with someone. Well, I wasn't on the dance floor, and I wasn't dancing with anyone. My friend Victoria comes over to me, and tells me to go ask Canary to dance. I hiss at her, "No! I barely know him!" She then grabs my hands, and tugs me over to him, me all the while shouting "What are you doing?! What are you doing?!". When we are right next to him, Victoria says "Hey Canary, wanna dance with _____?" (The blank is my name. ) He just smiles, and holds out his hands. I SLOW DANCED WITH HIM! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Pretty much every girl who goes to my school would kill to dance with him! Oh my good golly gosh. *shivers, because the windows are open and it's colder than the inside of a glacier in here*."
--HarryPotter, 13

"I got hit on by a girl. Her name is Joundin R."
--Collin, 10

"Yes I have a crush on my girlfriend."
--Susy, 12

"My crush (actually now my boyfriend : ) is smart, funny, and really nice to people. Also, he is kind of hot too...And we haven't had a single fight yet! : D : D : D : D : D : D : D : D : D : D : D : D : D!"
--Christiana, 12

"My crush Christiana is really cute and sweet. I want to tell her but I can't! Except I think she knows already because she's being reeeeeeeeally nice to me all of a sudden. But that's weird because how could she understand how I feel? She's a girl and I'm a guy! OPPOSITES!"
--Anonymous, 12

"Well this doesn't have to do with me, but I think one of my guy friends has a crush on one of my friends that is a girl. And well we aren't really positive he does, but we are pretty sure. Can someone tell me some signs that someone likes u? lol. But all we know is that he blushes every time we mention him liking her!"
--Ballerina<3, 13

"This kid in 6th grade likes my friend, and we're in 8th grade, it's kinda strange, but not really."
--Ballerina<3, 13

"My crush is so HOT. I don't think he likes me back, but still. One time I was playing kick back and the ball hit me in the head. And when I got up he said "Are you ok?" And I said "Yhea!" Then the bell rang. And by the way his name is really HOT!"
--Kaitlyn, 11

"I never really had a crush, but I will soon (I hope! ). Umm...Yea I will!!!!!!"

"I love someone. The typer on here. She sounds so pretty and I have a poem for her: oh someone, oh someone, please answer me. I love you and cherish you, oh someone please love, me. Thank ya'll, bye."
--Tyler G.

"He makes me laugh, he is silly, he is smart, and he is very cute."
--Maya, 10

"I have a crush on 3 girls. Their names are Kate, Alexs and Lixes. But I don't know how to pick. I like them all. Kate was my girlfriend last year."
--Quinn, 11

"We were at 2nd recess and it was almost over, so when it was time to get on the bus me and Jared were " walkin' & talkin", and then his mom and brother and sister like come out of nowhere. His little sister is 6 I think, and his brother is in the 8th grade, so he is 13 years old. And I was embarrassed. Well I guess I will get off here, bye."
--Jaredlover14, 10

"I'm sad because the boy I like, I saw him yesterday and he was really sad. And I want to know why, but I can't ask him. That would be weird. I love him so so much, and I want him to love me too. His name is Derrek."
--Mvb, 8

"He's good-looking, funny, usually in a good mood, and he really cares about other people. What more could a girl want? oh, and he's really good at sports, like me. We really have a lot in common."
--Mizzjack31, 12

"My crush is Eric T."
--Sarah, 12

"The guy that I like is sooo cute!!!!!!!!! (his name is Claudio)."
--Narda, 12

"You said it sista."
--Sabrina, 9

"Why do people have crushes on naked brothers band people? Sure, the music is really awesome!!!"
--Bradley, 10

"Well I have this crush on a guy in my music class, and I like him because he is sweet and isn't a player like the others. He is sort of nerd but I still like him!"

In 1st grade I had a crush on this guy in my class. In 2nd grade I had a crush on the new kid, (didn't know him). In 5th grade I liked a guy that went to my church. And in 6th grade I like this guy in my class. That's a lot of crushes:).
--Anna, 12

Ok Akeema, I could barley understand you! Omg! Mark still isn't talking to me, but I think it's because I have a wart on my elbow!!! EWWWWWWWW!!! Well, bye IML!!!
--Kyra, 9

"My crush is REALLY hot. I've told all my friends. They all think it's weird. I even told her best friend. For some reason she got all excited when I told her and asked me how old I was. I asked her why she was so excited. She said no, but she sounded like she was hiding something. I think my crush likes me back. Her name is Ashley. And she's really hot..."
--Bradley, 10

"By the way Rosealina, you are definitely not the real Rosalina. First of all, you spelled Rosalina wrong. And Rosalina isn't Rosalina from NBB's real name. Her real name is Allie Dimeco. She's 15 and not very hot."
--Bradley, 10

"Okay, this is gonna sound sooo weird. I don't know if ya'll have ever read the Clique Novels, but if you have, I'm in love with Cam Fisher!! And he sounds like he smells sooo good. Lol you probably think I'm soo strange, but Drakkar Noir mixed with grape big league chew mixed with leather AAHH sounds like it smells goood! Lol someday. If I ever get the opportunity I swear I'm gonna buy Drakkar Noir and a leather jacket and grape gum and just smell. Lol."
--Ariana, 11

"What makes my crush, well, me crush is that he is sooooo funny, cute, kind, sweet, shy in a cute way, and active. He's my age and sits behind me in school. We have actually been going out for umm, lol months and counting (start the glorious day June 15th at the beach!!!!!!! )."
--Caitlin, 11

"I love a guy named Nicky is loves Gundam Wing."
--AVIVA, 12

"He's exactly like me o. O Same humor, same interests, he knows my cousin (that's how I met him...), too. And yes, I'm aware that I'm a bit too young to have a crush, but I can't fight it. I just...Like him."
--Vivian, 11

"Tell him that you are in love with him or her."
--Kasey, 10

"I like Michelle."
--Lizbeth, 9

"I have a crush on NAT from the Naked Brothers ;)."
--Anonymous, 10

"A guy named Skyler W...Me and him live in little elm. He is hot!!"
--Anonymous, 11

"In second grade I had a crush on some boy and it was really strong. Now that I am in sixth grade I still have feelings but I met someone. The person that I met now started the year as friends and now since almost 2 months of school I feel a little bit more than friends. He calls me every night and he keeps me occupied. I don't know what to tell him, if I like him or not..."
--Guadalupe, 11

"I like this guy because he isn't like the other guys. He is nice and doesn't try to be funny by like talking during class. He is also smart and cute."
--Becca, 12

"I have a crush on a Mexican boy. Well his name is Ricki, and another one is Zalek. He thinks I am cute!"

"Jaredlover whatever. No offence but your typing about Jared so much is really getting annoying to me. So if you're going to answer advice, that's great. But please stop talking about Jared. I mean you're only NINE for heaven's sake!!!"

"Everybody knows I like a guy. But not the name of the guy. It's a RUMOR. Helpp!"
--Bianca, 8

"There is this boy named G. He is so my type and he is so cute. He likes me and I like him. We make a really good couple, but my friend likes him too. I don't know what to do. I really like this boy. I love you G."
--Diamond, 10

"I Love LOGAN!"
--Madi, 9

"I have a crush on KEATON L. HE IS IN MY CLASS!!!"
--Sarah, 8

"My crush is Clay Bachman. I think he is cute..."
--Marisa, 10

"Hi. My name is Daniel. My nickname is MetelMouth. What's your nickname???"

"My crush is so fine. Da cutest ting u eva see. Even dough I in a higher grade dan he, he stil ole like me. An he like me 2 beca he always lookin at me but he doan no I like he."

"I have a secret crush on a guy named Michael. He is such a cool guy. He's funny, very smart, very nice, is a gentlemen and is really cute. He is in a after school the problem is that he is popular and not shy. I am shy geek and well the opposite of popular. It's like high school musical! He is so nice to me. He is like so cool."
--Victoria, 11

"My friend has a crush on our janitor and sang him a song! It was SO FUNNY!"
--Dramaqueen73, 11

"He is soooo funny and sooooooo cute."
--TwilightSP, 12

"I think younger kids like older kids because the older kids are nicer and more caring than kids who are the same age. I don't like anyone!!!!!!!!!!! >. <."
--Anonymous, 11

"My opinion: Get a boyfriend AFTER college so he won't interrupt your studies."
--Anonymous, 11

"He does not know I like him but he loves football. Try that."

"I have a couple of crushes. The only reason I like them is because: They're nice, They're funny, They're good sports, They're sensitive, They like sports, They're cute, and They express their feelings. And only if they don't cry too much in public. : )."
--Caitlyn, 11

"Mayoung: I had a crush on a cartoon too, so don't worry. Well, my crushĶ I don't know. He is not gorgeous or good-looking. He is a common guy but he is cool, a good friend but sometimes changes a little, and he has a great personality. My friends like him too. He has a crush on me! : )."
--Nathasha, 12

"I'm over David! But I have a new crush that I met on Wednesday during outdoor ed! His name is Dylan and he's really hott, funny, and I love his accent! I've heard he likes me 2 so yea I'm just like so excited! I have a lot of guy friends but I don't usually get crushes on them, but when I do they're HUGE ones! Like I can't get them out of my mind or stop imagining my time together with them! There's MUCH more but you probably don't want to hear it so yea later! : P."
--Sydney : D, 11

"There's this guy named Jesse and I've known him even before kindergarten. He lives on my street and goes to my school. I told my friends and they told him. All of my friends say he's always flirting with me during English and is always trying to make a move on me but I never notice. I don't know if it's true but I'm really hoping it is. Jesse is sooooo cute!"
--Jamie, 11

"My crush is named Brandon N."
--Kayla, 10

"BLIPPED. That entry with the sportsaholic is mine. IML's system had a brain buzz."
--HarryPotter, 13

"I'm Rosealina from the Naked Brothers Band. I think Nat is so cute and awesome. The first song was cool. Sincerely, Rosealina."
--Rosealina, 12

"I like this boy. His name is Roy P. He is very cute and one time we were partners at math and we talked to each other instead of doing math."
--Savannah, 8

"Well the first day that I laid my eyes on a boy, I knew that I would love him forever!!! Now I got him right where I want him. He is all mine."
--Amber, 13

"There was this girl in second grade named Stevie and she was very smart and beautiful."
--Anonymous, 11

"I love Diego."
--Crystal, 11

"My crush is: a crush that's cute, that's cute, and that's cute! And a very thoughtful and funny person who's real, but not that sensitive guy, and feels like they can trust me to tell me anything!"
--Tae'lur, 11

"I like my crush because he is nice, super cute, Christian like me, and very athletic. He knows I like him a lot and it's sort of embarrassing when people say that or ask him if I like him. He is also smart and likes those cool brands like Fox Riding Co. Problem is, he likes another girl and he's been with her once, but SHE broke up with him and he even said himself that she practically used him. I hope he likes me soon. (: U ROCK J. P!"
--Juliana, 11

"David P. Is so hot."
--Boylover, 12

"My crush is SOOO FINE!!!! He is the nicest guy and I think the best crush I ever had! I think he likes me back. His brother is my sister's boyfriend!!!"
--Jasmine, 11

"I don't really think that 8 year old guys and girls like each other, they might just be trying to act older."

"This my sound childish, but I have a crush on a cartoon character...;O_o I am NOT going to mention his name, but I think he's kawaii (cute)...He's an alien invader with lime green skin and pink/redishy ('-_-I guess it's magenta...) eyes, and has antennas...LOL, I likes his jelly-looking eyes...(*drools) his enemy is a "Big headed" cutie (-_-'another crush, but a lesser one) and owns a robot named GIR, (>///< aww!! He is the cutest green puppy robot EVER!! <3)...Okay, so now you all know it's Irken invader ZIM (!! ) '0_o and I do know he dislikes humans, but there is always his enemy, Dib...Right!? -_' (*sigh...) I am a manga artist (>_< I REALLY AM!! ) and I cannot stop drawing/writing romance scenes with my Irken-self and ZIM together, as BF and GF...I am REALLY shocked about all of this, and maybe ZIM would be, too...cuz the TV show is not a thing like what I draw/write...0_o."
--Mayoung, 12

"Andrew I have some advice for you. Go up to her and ask her if you can be friend (if your not already if she says yes great). Then just let her get used to being friends with you. Then ask her out. Let me know how it goes. Bye."
--Mary, 9

"I like this guy that is so mean to me. I think I might like this guy that nobody ever thought of liking. And I'm afraid that my crush already got the hint and now he might never ever talk or laugh at my jokes. HELP!!"
--Lovergirl, 10

"I really do like this guy because of his sense of humor but everybody likes the popular girls except for this nerd that is way crushing on me ad even worse this boy is spreading rumors about me that I like this 4th grader. Help!!!!"
--LoverLover, 10

"I like a boy but all my friends think he's a dork."
--Katarina, 10

"Update again!!! Ok so yeah he is in my hip hop class and we were talking and I was with my friends who are in 7th grade. And he was like "Wow you are all soo young, well except you, " (talking to me)...cuz we're the same age. It was kinda funny. Well you prolly think it isn't, but to me it was cuz he said it lol. Plus he was trying to make me laugh for like the rest of class. He is so nice and funny too. <3."
--Ballerina<3, 13

"And yeah when I said about my old crush that he had liked me a little UM NO!! WRONG! HE NEVER DID!!!!!!!! I don't care that much though. Not really...But yeah he likes my friend Jessie I think. Who knows. But we are just friends now. And everyone knew that I liked him so it is kinda awkward but I don't care."
--Ballerina<3, 13

"MY crush's is name TANDY T. His hair is so soft. I want to marry HIM."

"My crush is a very good friend. How do I ask him out?"
--Jazmine, 10

"He is FINE!"
--Becky, 12

"I have a crush on Kevin Jonas and these 2 girls think that that is weird. But I think he is cute, plus has a great voice and is nice. If he likes sushi, I'm willing to try the crab sushi, + the shrimp & mayonnaise sushi. I think a crush is liking someone else a bit more than just a friend, but being to scared to ask them if they like you back, cause you're scared they might not like you at all and think you approaching them was a stupid thing to do. You just sometimes have to feel confident. The thing is, whenever I talk to a guy I have a crush on, they say no. PLEASE HELP ME! I AM DESPERATE FOR ADVICE!"
--Tori, 11

"There's this kid in my school named Jose' who is one of my guy friends. I have had this problem before. The only differences are this...I REALLY LIKE HIM. HE IS SO CUTE AND I LOVE HIS HAIR. YOU CAN PULL IT AND IT GOES BACK TO THE NORMAL WAY IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE...HOW COOL IS THAT?! And me and him are, like, BFF. He's got a twin brother named Hector, so sometimes I can't tell them apart. But, I usually can because JOSE' IS CUTER! What should I do? I need help!"
--Kitten, 10

"His name is Michael. He is Smart, Funny, Cool, Cute, knows how to treat a girl, and popular, and shy. What more could a girl ask for?"
--Stephanie, 12

"My crush is having a hard time with some stuff and I hope I can help him through it."

"The thing about my crush is that I really want my crush to love me more. Why doesn't my crush kiss me?"
--Gisselle, 11

"My life is miserable with this crush."
--Aslin, 11

"So, last year I was in our school's production of Once Upon a Mattress Jr. As Lady Larken. If you know the show, her husband-to-be is Sir Harry, and my crush, Bobby, who is sadly two years older than me and has graduated from our school, was Sir Harry. I really wanted to tell him I liked him, especially when he told my mom that he thought I looked beautiful...But he already had a girlfriend...But it was really cool to be in the play with him. He gave me flowers. =)."
--Dayana, 12

"I have a crush on this guy at school. We're both in the same class. He always jokes with me a lot and he also very often ask me for advice. He is way cool, smart, and very CUTE!!!!! He smiles at me a lot and he always has an excuse to talk to me. I always have this feeling that he too also has a crush on me. I think if he likes me then I think I know one reason that he likes me for. That one reason is, I just act like myself. I have a piece of advice here for you all out there, If you like somebody then just act like yourself, relax and that person will like you for who you are. If he doesn't then shame on him. You are perfect the way you are. There are plenty of guys in this world and I'm pretty sure there is someone out there who will like you no matter who you are."
--Vanessa, 11

"I have this crush on this girl. She is cute, smart, sweet, cool, happy, and polite and everything! She's just awesome. I sit next to her in class and I'm scared to ask her out because 5 of my friends also like her and her best, best friend has a crush on me. What do I do?"
--Christopher, 12

"Wanting Him Back: don't fall for that STUFF. He is not the one for you. I know I'm young but I went through the same thing, "He cheated on me, I wanted him back, he broke up with me for no dang good reason, huhuhh, I wanted him back." I want what's best for all you peeps: my online family: and that's not what's best for you. I MEAN IT GIRL= (He is just suckin' the life out of you. And I mean it, too. There are other ones for you and if you go out he will break up with you or maybe cheat on you. US GIRLS GOTTA STICK TOGETHER CUZ' THERE AREN'T VERY GOOD BOYS. NO OFFENSE TO THE GOOD BOYS, TTYL LYLAS BYE."
--Jared_lover_14, 9

"He is so cute."
--Meme, 10

"I have a crush. His name is Jada. He is cute."

"Well he is really funny and popular and he can be annoying, but in a cute way. Like once accidentally my friend bent back my leg and sprained my ankle, and so I'm sitting there crying. And suddenly he comes over and just starts staring at me like I was an alien, which made me laugh. And sometimes he is just really weird, but in a good way."
--Haley, 10

"Well I think Mark likes me now. Thanks to the help of this one VERY cool girl on this website!! Thanks! But now I'm having an all girl party and I invited his best friend, it's soo weird but every time I'm around her I think that she's spying for him so I try to act cool and non-girly-girlish. HELP!!!"
--Kyra, 9

"Well, I sort of like this guy from my Youth Group. He is funny and sweet and nice. He has a twin who is kind of strange but he is still cool."

"UGH. Don't you just hate it when someone has a crush on you and you SO don't like them back? Aaugh. I have that problem. There's this guy in my grade, and he's a sportsaholic. (Just the kind of boy I would NEVER date. I like artsy guys. ) He has a voice like an out-of-tune Tuba, and he's kind of a dimwit. Once, at recess, he purposely threw a football in my direction, (most likely so he could be near me, ) and it hit me on the head! (It hurt. A LOT. ) Now, I'm not the greatest when it comes to athletics. (Small and scrawny! That's what I am! )."
"Well I have a crush on this boy. He is so cute. I really like him and he likes me too."
--Jennifer, 13

"The girl I like is so cute, and 2 days ago she got her ears pierced, and now she looks even cuter."
--Nicky, 12

"I like this boy because he's funny, nice, cute, and smart. But one of my best friends that I told knew him because he was her cousin. And she told him I still like him but I forgave her. I just hope he will notice me throughout his life."
--Ricki, 11

"Hey guys. It's me again. You don't have to help me anymore, cuz a girl said she held his hand. And she did, but I was acting stupid and I held out my hand and said "Hold my hand Jared". Guess what? and he did. It was the best thing that has happened to me at school. Thanks, bye."
--Jaredlover14, 9

"Megan: are you krushin with Jason or on Jason? Lol. Bbye."
--Jaredlover14, 9

"TIP-anybody [boy or girl]if you really like someone and you think that they might like you too DO NOT be afraid to at least talk to them. BOYS-DO NOT be afraid to talk to a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It might seem weird at first but you will get used to it. If you do try to talk to her you might find out that you both like the same things [music, food, animal, or hobby]. Please believe me when I say ''If you don't go for it you're gonna regret it in the future. GIRLS-I only have a little advice for you[you've probably already had a BF]just go for him even if he doesn't like you[which will sting]at least you got it out in the open and maybe he'll feel the same way but was to afraid or embarrassed to ask you out because of friends. HOPE THIS ADVICE HELPS YOU!!!!!"
--Babygirl, 13

"I have had a crush on this guy and he is really cute, but I got over him like a couple months later because he just really slipped out of my mind."

"His name is Richard H. But I don't know what I should call him Richard or Rich or Person. He's really smart funny and nice, but I really wish he would put a little more effort into being cute or hot or cool or SOMETHING!!! Last year one of my BFFs told him I was so mad! Except then he kind of asked me out, but not really, it was only in school, but now I think he still likes me!!! : D."
--Grace, 11

"Well he's cute, funny and pretty smart."
--Lilo, 11

"I like this guy in school, but other girls like him. I told my friend about my crush and found out she like him too. Should I move on so my friend can have him or should I hang on too him? I don't know what to do."
--Samantha, 11

"I have a crush on my friend Tommy. Because he is cute."
--Deania, 8

"Me and Jared r goin' out. Can you believe that?"
--Jaredlover14, 9

"Samuel, 11: NO NO NO NO NO. YOU SHOULD NOT KISS HER. SHE MIGHT NOT EVEN LIKE YOU. PLUS YOU DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING about her crushin' on you. You have to know that she likes you. I GET SO mad at most boys cuz' they don't give it time for a relationship to be built. But me and Jared gave it time and plus you should talk to her first. Good luck. P. S. Don't mess up or she might get mad if she's a drama queen. If she is a tomboy like myself. Then she will give you another try. Thank you and have a good day. Bye."
--Jaredlover14, 9

"My crush's name is David. He lives 4 houses up the street (but we don't go to the same school). Him and his sisters are like my bestest friends. He's a year older than me, but he's really HOTT, funny, nice, and athletic and I can talk to him about ANYTHING!!! And I can just be myself around him. And I just seriously never get tired hanging out with him! Seriously!!"
--Sydney, 11

"To, Advicegirl: I agree with you cuz' I have baby fat to and I do agree with you cuz there will always be someone out there, you just might not find him for a long time. GOOD LUCK. BYE."
--Jaredlover14, 9

"Okayyy yeah you've probably heard me talk about him a few times (ha, ha) but I like JAKE. I met him when I was 11 and we've been going out ever since. I really like him because he's absolutely hilarious but really really sweet, like he's always wanting to help me out. And he's an amazing musician. Soo lol, I'm thirteen now and I'm still head over heels in loooove. ;). Andrew - wow boy you're crushin' pretty hard : ) understandable, of course. I think that you should get to know her a little more, you know talk to her a little more each day, sit by her by the bus maybe, you know just get to know her and give her a chance to know you better. Remember that actions speak louder than words. Talking to her and really caring about her says louder that you like her than actually saying, 'I like you. ' did that make sense? if it did, best of luck my friend =]."
--HisGirl101, 13

"I like this girl in my class so much, but she's got a bf and I think she might like me back. What do I do?"

"Dear Andrew, I'm popular too so I know what ur going through. My first crush was really hard 2 ask out. But if u really like her, GO FOR IT!!!"
--Sharpay, 11

"Hey my peeps, REMEMBER DESTINY? WELL GUESS WHAT, SHE IS WRITING A STORY (KNOWING VERY WELL THAT I am GOIN OUT WITH JARED) AND JARED IS HER HUSBAND. Can you believe that? uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh. I just want to go by a tree and cry. I hate her but I love all you guys cuz you are the only people that I can share it with. If I tell my mom she always ends up telling my dad. NOT GOOD. Luv ya guys. Ttyl bye. Lylas. And brothers for the boys. Bye."
--Jaredlover14, 9

"Okay. I have a question. This boy I loveĶ he cheated on me. When I found out, we broke up, but I still want him. He makes me feel soo good when I'm around him. What should I do?"
--Wanting him back, 12

"His name is Ricky and he is very funny and cute (to me at least). He's extremely weird to other people, but I think he's cool."
--Kessy, 8

"I have a crush on this girl that doesn't go to my school. I only see her on Wednesdays, because we both have to take a bus to another school for GT. Her name is Hannah, and she's pretty, smart, cool, nice, polite, and her personality is soooo cool and unique! And here's a secret. I have been secretly taking pictures of her on my mini digital camera 2 days now! That's 136 pictures!! The best part is that she still hasn't noticed!!!! I'm just scared to ask her out (I'm EXTREMELY shy). Even though I'm one of the popular kids, my life is very complicated. Can somebody PLEASE help!!!!???? I'm desperate!!!"
--Andrew, 11

"My best friend is sooooo cute to me!! He's funny, sweet and cute. The problem is that if I confess my crush on him I could end up crying for a whole day. I don't even know if he likes me back. HELP ME!!"
--Kessy, 8

"Tip-Okay, if you're jealous, don't make up rumors and gossip. That could hurt the person's feelings and people will stay away from you. Don't butt in and gossip like that because I know and guarantee that nobody likes to be made fun of behind their backs. This is also a tip to making friends. Be a friend and stay cool."
--Theresa, 10

"The thing that makes my crush my crush is that, one, he's my best friend, and two, his awesome, friendly personality. I luv him like a friend, but want it to be more."
--Luv89, 12

His name is Jalin. His incredible blues eyes, the way he smiles, and his shiny white teeth. He works with children and it makes me feel good.
--Mianna, 13

Jared asked me out. I dont know what to say. PLZ PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! HE DENIES IT TO HIS FRIENDS CUZ HES EMBARRESED. PLZ HELP ME. THANKS. BYE.
--Jaredlover14, 9

Guess what? I turned 12 today! N E ways, people, be yourself be true to yourself, and don't change yourself for ANYONE!!!! Trust me, I've been down that path before (rolls around on the ground twitching). Everyone is unique and beautiful...Don't let anyone tell u otherwise! I like my neighbor again.....But this time it's not a crush. IM ACTUALLY IN LOVE WITH HIM! I am so dead.
--Chloe, 12

I have a half-crush on a guy in my class. He is funny, smart in math, and I think that he likes me. I am not going to tell who incase he looks at this website. The only thing that I don't like about him is that he tries to distract me (which is how I know he likes me) to be funny, but it makes it hard to concentrate. So should I like him or not?
--Genny, 10

Here's a tip for all you people with crushes. Okay, dont' threaten your crush to like you. I know, you'll never doubt the fact that your crush is not perfect. Don't get jealous either...Okay, I have to admit that I've been jealous before. Nobodys perfect.
--Theresa, 10

I like a guy.
--Jessica, 11

My crush is hot. Every girl in school wants him.
--Loas, 11

His name is Dylan, I really, really like him. Hes my crush because he is so cute and totally nice.
--Dimz11, 12

"I have a huge crush on him, and I know that he likes me. All my friends say I should date him, but I dont think Im ready."
--Jade, 13

"I love Albert because he is sweet and handsome."

"Hey peeps I just wanta tell ya that my name is Alexis and I still like Jared. He is sssssooooo cute and I feel like I wanta faint when Im around him. And when I do I wanna fall into his arms like Im snow-white when shes dead, and hes the prince, and he kisses me. I love him so much I just...Just...Just wanna kiss him, so bad. What should I do? cuz I wanna reveal that I really like him, and he knows I kinda do, cuz the brat Destiny told him. Please help me do what I gotta do, cuz Im really shy when it comes to boys. PLZ HELP ME. THANKS. BYE."
--Jaredlover14, 9

"I am SO grateful for my guy friend's girlfriend! Okay, so, I was unsure whether or not I had a crush on this guy friend. I was so confused, but when I found out about his girlfriend, something just went WOOSH in my mind, and I realized I didn't like him like that..."
--HarryPotter, 13

"Oh my goshh, I really, really, really, really, like this boy. His name is Theo and he is ADORABLE!!!! He is tooo funny, smart, nice and everything in between!!! He wears glasses and has brown hair!! (he's tooooo cute!! Omgsh!!!! ) =)!!! I think he likes me back!! Yayyyyy!! =]!!"
--Daniella, 11

"Ugg!!! I am SOO mad!!! Mark won't talk to me or even LOOK at me!!!! Why can't more drama go on?!?! Also Im now in love with Ryan Sheckler!!!! He's SOOO HOT!! I watch Life of Ryan all the time and it always shows him talking to this Julie girl, Im like, "Where did SHE come from???" Anyways it's soo weird. Before I even HEARD of The Life of Ryan, before that I was writing on a piece of paper and I wrote The Life Of Kyra. Bye."
--Kyra, 9

"Hey peoples. My cuz is jaredlover14 and she really likes him a lot. Okay, my crush has skater boy hair and is one, hip hip hooray. He kissed me and I felt like I was being lifted up and floating. He is so cute. I love him. Thanku. Bye."
--{butifullofbad}, 13

"Gabby, 10: Im jealous of you. We cant hug anyone at my school. Its stupid, dont ya think? well thanks. Bye."
--Alexis B., 9

"I love my sensitive crush Jared. He is so cute and I love him a lot. So I hope you guys have good luck with your crush. Thanks. Bye."
--Jaredlover14, 9

"Now that I've given advice, it's time for me to get some advice. I like this boy ever since fourth grade. He has dark brown hair, kind of like a chocolate brown kind of color. He has light brown eyes and white skin. He's so cute, talented, sweet, and smart. He has a great sense of humor and sometimes he acts like a retard. He is so hot and there's no one else like him. Although Im jealous of this girl who's one of the prettiest girl in school. I don't care is my crush likes her, or she likes my crush, I hate her! She's sooo mean and she a girly girl, so she's sooo annoying. I mean, Im a tomboy, no offense to all you girly girls out there. She talks about make up, and clothes, and she talks with a stupid goony voice. You know how some girls say "Whatever" with the "What" first, then the "Ever". I hate her. Now I need advice, people! Im desperate, okay, not that desperate, but if you have any advice about this, please do a 10-year-old girl a favor. Thanks!"
--Theresa, 10

"Hey. My crush is Jacob C. And he is super cool. So thats why, me, Sarah M. Likes Jacob C."
--Sarah, 11

"My crush is a Hispanic guy and his name is Christopher. He sits by me in class, and 1 day another teacher came in and she said "It smells good in here. Is someone wearing cologne? and she went 2 my table, and it was Christopher. Then she said "Are you attracting girls?" I really hope he was attracting me, becuz I think he is SEXY!!! In third grade I was not in his class and my bf was in his class, and he was next 2 her. Then he said "MAN I WISH I WAS SITTING SOMEWHERE ELSE!" then now, in fourth grade, he didn't say that! I wonder if he likes me, cuz if he does that wud b awesome! : ) OMG!!!"

"I like a girl named Shaylee. She knows I do! Shes my second best friend! But she likes another boy named Matthew. I used to be his friend until Shaylee got a crush on him! Now I hate him!!! Matthew wants to be a couple with Shaylee's best friend! So I just treat Shaylee like a bud not a "Girl-bud" and now we're closer friends then ever! Were also closer to being BF and GF!!!"
--Tyler, 11

"His name is Cody, but every time I meet him at a school he moves away. You see, first he was at my old school in first grade, and then he moved away, and I didnt know where. Then in fifth grade, surprisingly, I ran into him at Hanby. Then he moved away. So thats my crush: the nomadic one."
--Hollie, 10

"I have a crush on this girl who's a pretty blonde. Should I kiss her?"
--Samuel, 11

"Hey!! I've just finished scrolling threw all these posts and I realized that almost all of them end with help. So I have decided that I will give anyone who needs it, the best advice I can give. Just write, Dear x. NiceAdvice and your problem and I will post back with a solution! I will check up on this page every day that I can, which will probably be everyday lol. How will you know if I write something back you may ask, well I will write your name before I write down the solution! So need advice on something not so nice, post it to x. NiceAdvice. And btw I am a girl but I will take girl and boy problems both. Well, I hope to see a post soon! Sincerely, x. NiceAdvice : D: D <333."
--X. NiceAdvice

"HannahNoel, I think that if she really is your friend shell accept the that you like him and want to go out with him. And if she doesnt accept your words and feelings about how you like him, just dump her. Thats what I would do. But first find out if he really likes you and isn't just pulling a harmful joke, or your heart will be broken. Good luck. Bye."
--Lex Luther, 9

"I love him I feel like I have to be next to him, like hes metal and Im a magnet. He has a great personality and is cute, and I think he likes me back. I believe in love at first sight and I feel like its happening to me. I know that Im young, but Im smart too. I know what a heartbreaker is. Its happened to me a lot, and Im tired of it. And I dont have to deal with it an anymore, cuz he is a nice boy and I really like him. Thanks. Wish me luck. Thanks, bye."
--Jared'sgirl, 9

"Vidula, you dont need one at your age. Believe someone whos had them since kindergarten, they are a pain in the butt. If you really want to go out with a boy, go to fourth grade first. Now I think you should have one in fourth grade only, and above. I didnt realize that until I had my heart broken many times. It hurts really bad. You need to practice dating, and when you think you are ready you can do what you want. just pick a good boy, for their personality not their looks. cuz some boys with good looks are cheaters. Bye."
--Jaredlover14, 9

"I'm crushing with Jason."

"My crush's name is Jared and he has nice cut hair, is polite, plays b-ball, and he likes me too, I think. He is really cute. Nice personality. Thats what I look for. He has beautiful eyes and he is in my 4th grade class. Bye."
--Jaredlover14, 9

"He is cute, smart, nice, caring, popular, short, likes me, and is SOOOO cute. I LOVE HIM."
--Brenda, 11

"It's funny for me cuz, when I have a crush on a guy, then later on he likes me back, I don't like the guy anymore...Lol. That's something weird about me. Maybe Im just trying to find the right guy."

"Ok, this kid Jake C is like GORGEOUS, and I talk to him online ALL THE TIME! My best friend Kayla went out with him, and she gets super mad whenever anyone talks about him. And he told me I was cute, and I want to go out with him really bad, but I dont think she'd be friends with me anymore! HELLLP!!!"
--HannahNoel, 13

"To Me, 11: You don't have to tell him. And anyway, he might be too shy to say that he likes you too. You're SUPPOSED to? Sheesh! And you sound desperate. If you want to tell him, tell him. If you don't want to tell him, don't tell him."
--Theresa, 10

"Tip for boys who need a girl or like someone: Be neat and tidy. No one really likes a messy person. Have a sense of humor too. Don't always be serious. Be yourself too. Don't pretend to be something that you're not. It's kinda embarrassing for you to walk around weird to get attention. Don't act nervous. We're not going to hurt you. And anyway, you don't have to be athletic. Just treat us nice, don't be so serious, don't act nervous and don't act phony. Be like a friend, pretend that your crush is not your crush. Just a friend. Best of luck!"
--Theresa, 10

"To Dani, 10: Hey, just say hi to a person who you think is interesting. He/she might be interested in you, too. Don't think negative, and you'll be successful."
--Theresa, 10

"Okay, so I had a crush, and he likes me, and he's blond, and he's really tough, and he's really funny. But I don't like him anymore. I like this other guy who has blond hair ( I like blonds : D). And he plays football, and he's super nice and funny and cute. But I don't know if he likes me. : ' (."
--Chocolatelover, 11

"Guys-how am I supposed to tell this guy I like him when I know he like me to, he's just to shy to say???????? Please help! Oh, and if any girls know what to say, tell me! Please!"
--Me, 11

"I have not had one before."
--Vidula, 8

"Gina, 10- first of all, his name is Pete Wentz. Second, my sister loves him and went to a FOB concert."
--Chocolatelover, 11

"Kyra again I decided I'm gonna be Kyra now again. : ) Well...I'm having my party and Marks gonna be there. And well, me and Gina were uh planning to uh...Make a game of truth or dare. And well, Gina's gonna "Surprisingly" dare me to kiss Mark! And I don't know what to do!! Planning your first kiss is still WAYYY better than not knowing when it's happening, but I don't know how to react~!! HELP PLEASE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!"
--Kyra, 9

"I have a crush on this boy named Jake (funny sweet, cute, etc. ) but I think he is going out with a girl!!! HELP!"
--ISad, 11

"Peter is soooo hot! I have a crush on him so much, and peter, if you read this I love you. I know it's only three weeks of school but every time I see you I want to hug you sooo bad. You're like a key to open my heart."
--Lilly5210, 13

"Hey Cardinalgirl, 9 form my experience this guy Mark really likes you. It might take some time for him to say so though. I think all guys are nervous about their crush so if you really like this guy you might want to make the first move or else it might take him a while for him to ask you. Well GOOD LUCK!"
--Melony, 12

"Ok so this isn't about the guy I like. It's about the guy who likes me. In kindergarten a bunch of girls liked him and now in 8th grade he is kinda a nerd and he likes me!! Since 5th grade!!!"
--Ballerina<3, 13

"Update! Well, school started and still like the kid who dances...Hehe. So I was wrong. Plus 1 of my friends thinks he's really cute, my other friend thinks he is GORGEOUS, and my other friend kinda likes him too, even though she hardly likes him. But yeah, she likes someone else too. And also like a million other girls like him too! He is amazing! Dark skin, black hair that is not to short but it's not to long, sparkling brown eyes, and REALLLLLLY white teeth (LOL), and an amazing smile! : ]."
--Ballerina<3, 13

"Hi. Well I like a girl named Rachel and a girl named Christina and a girl named Leanna and... ah forget it. I had Rachel and Leanna fighting over me once. It was cool. I have a couple more. Leanna visits sometimes. Oh ya, she lives in Missouri. Christina I never talk to. I started to like her at a camp. She has a funny laugh. I also like a girl named Hope. She laughs at anything I say. Etc. Etc. Etc..."
--Luke, 10

"What makes my crush, well, my crush: his hair, smile, cuteness, and personality. And his name is Lee. He's so cute!"
--Aqu, 10

"Well the reason why is because he's nice, kind to others, responsible, intelligent, goes to my church, and mostly because he's good at sports and because of the way he looks."
--Nora, 10

"Hey it's me, Kyra. You know I said in my last letter that I am now Cardinalgirl? Well anyways I got a new crush update. This boy Gavin kept looking at me at lunch today. Then I wrote him a letter saying I don't love him and stop staring at me!!! Then my crush Mark saw it too, ''cause he was sitting at Gavin's table. After that Mark kept pointing at me!! Then at Study Hall I asked him, "Why did you keep staring at me???" Then he said, "I only did it ''cause Mark told me to do it." Then I said "Does he like me???" But I'm still trying to get the answer. And Mark sits in my seat when we move to third period!!! But I think he likes me!! G2g bye!!!"
--Cardinalgirl, 9

"Heyy, it's Gina, Kyra's friend. Ooooooooo yeah, I love PETE WEENZE!!! Okay??? sooo I'm a huge fan of Fall Out Boy r u??? KYRA Loves..........MARK h3h3h3h3h33h3 That's soooo kool gtg bye."
--Gina, 10

"I love Fisher."
--Megan, 11

"Boys, these are some tips to get a girl to like you: -Make them laugh. I LOVE guys who make me laugh really hard. -Be yourself. If I hear a guy tell me something, and then say something that totally contradicts it to a different person, then he's out. -be really nice to me, and not afraid that people will think you like me. I don't want you to ditch your friends, but I don't want you to ditch me either! -Respect my opinions. -I love it when guys compliment me on anything, whether it's my jeans or how I play dodge ball, it feels good to know he notices me. -I like it when guys treat you like you can do anything, and lets you be yourself, and not have expectations or stereotype you. -I like a guy who does stuff for his girl. Whether he dedicates the winning shot to her, or writes her a song. -When you have stuff in common. -Respecting your chick's wishes. -Clean up a bit to get me to notice you. -Be nice and totally smile at her and let me know that you notice me. P. S. I like Garrett and Alex and Zachery, but I'm not a cheater ''cuz I ain't goin' out w/ either of them or anyone for that matter. : - )."
--Kayla, 12

"I don't have a crush on anyone and I don't have a BF. You may feel bad for me, but you don't have to. I fine single and I'm really fun and I don't need a boy to complete my life. Anyway, I already have someone who will be my lover forever...CHOCLATE!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!!"
--Choclateluver77, 10

"Well, his name is William and at first I didn't like him but now we are friends. ;) So over summer school ( I am not dumb, it was for advanced classes ) we were in the same class and I heard rumors that he, um, liked me. I never talked to him about it fearing of our close friendship. Now I am totally in live with him!!!! 'Cept I don't know how to tell him. During math he's been looking at me, and when he gets a question wrong and I look at him, he blushes! Ugh, I don't know 'cuz he's cute and I'm kinda ;_; not..."

"I had a crush on this guy for three years. And I told him, and he said he liked me back. And then we got together and we kissed, but now I miss him because it's the weekend!"
--SoHappy, 10

"She is cute!! The only problem is she already has a boyfriend."

"I have a crush on this boy Wyatt. He is really cute. He is funny, he is cute. I just don't know how to tell him or when. HELP ME PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!"
--Ally, 9

"Really nice. And I asked in 5th grade, and he said no, but I thought he didn't like me then. But it turns out that he was too young, and he's really nice and sweet."
--Rose, 13

"Does he like me?"
--Brenda, 13

"What makes my crush mine is that he's cool, sweet, and perfect for me. But he doesn't like me as more than a friend."
--Erin, 13

"I like a kid in school. He's sooo hot. I feel like I'll never like another guy again. He has chocolate brown hair, wears glasses, and has a luminous smile. I don't know anyone else that's like him."
--Cream Puff, 10

"Act like yourself if you're around a person that you like. Sometimes I see some of my friends walk around the halls near their crushes like movie stars or princesses or something. Be yourself and maybe--Well, he might not like-like you, but he might want to be your friend, which is priceless."
--Theresa, 10

"What I think is weird is that sometimes when girls see their crushes, they walk around weird and talk as if they know so much. They roll their eyes when people talk and they try to act cool. They scoff and try to get attention from cute guys. No offense, but it makes you look kinda silly and it makes your crush maybe think you're weird. Plus, if you see a girl with your crush, well, don't butt in. And no cussing! People will not want to be around you if you cuss. If you're jealous, don't think they're just not worth it. That's not true. Don't make ugly faces at them either. If you be yourself and don't cuss or act as if your popular, maybe your crush will not like-like you, but he might want to be friends with you. It might not be enough, but it's worth it. And you'll make more friends that way. Nobody likes to be cussed at. And remember, everyone has feelings, even you."
--Theresa, 10

"My crush is soooooo awesome. He is my brother's friend but we are only a year or two apart. He and I have done a lot together. He is easy to talk to, he is funny and he is sooo cute."
--Anonymous, 12

"I "Kinda" like this kid named Austin, and guess what? He is moving in next door!!! He is gross though. He's cute though."
--Audrey, 11

"Hey guys. I'm in the fourth grade and I think that this boy likes me but I don't know how to ask him out. Please help me. Or you could post your thoughts tomorrow? Ya, I know I'm not that much younger than DJ, but I don't care. You can say whatever you want to me because I don't know what you're going to say anyway, what you say. I just made a whole lot of friends. His name is Jared. He's so cute. I don't just like him, I love him. I just want to go up to his desk and kiss him forever and never stop. I'm not like a nasty or snobby girl, I'm one of the nicest girls in my school. I have to stand up for a lot of people. Well, back to Jared. He's new at my school. He went to bible school with me. We have a stupid "Watermelon" day at my school. I had to sit by him because there was no more room at the table, or it's either getting the sun in my eyes. And after a while he scooted closer to me when I wasn't looking, to where our elbows were touching. And he didn't move his and I didn't move mine. And the girl with glasses and some baby fat: it's okay. I weigh 89ibs. I don't care, because I'm losing weight too, and it's ok to have baby fat."
--Alexis B, 9

"He makes me laugh! That's all I need. And he likes me too! He hugged me twice and held my hand! He's also cute!"
--Gabby, 10

"Miss Crayola: my crush has chocolate brown hair and hazel omg! I love hazel eyes-they're hot! Hehe lol!"
--Gabby, 10

"Hey Sarah. I have advice for you. If you just wait a little while, and when you see him, smile at him. Make sure he sees you. I know how the system works because my big brother is in the 7th grade too. I'm a fourth grader and I know a lot more stuff than a normal 4th grader. Okay, lets get back to the point. If he smiles back, then he likes you. If he turns to his friends or anybody else, he still likes you. I would just ask him out, and if he says no, wait a while and ask him, and just redo the system. If he breaks your heart more than 3 times, then stop. I'm sure you will find someone else because you sound like a good person. Have a good school year. I won't, because I hate school. But I'm the smartest person in my grade. I know that for sure. Bye."
--Alexis, 9

"My crush is sooo cute. He has chocolate brown hair and light brown eyes. He's so talented! I feel like I'll never have another crush again. I've heard rumors that he likes me back. Sometimes in school, I get done on tests before him and when he's done, he looks at me. But that was last year. Now that I'm in fifth grade, he's in another class and whenever I think about him, I'm afraid he's going to lose interest in me and like someone else. But in fourth grade, my friend would call me "Mrs. Silva" (his last name)."
--Tomboy Bookworm, 10

"My crush is cute, fun, and cool. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes but the more important for me is his personality. I met him at camp but I have to wait till the other summer to see him again (His name is Matthew)."
--Anonymous, 12

"Hey!! It's me, Kyra. I'm gonna start saying I'm Cardinalgirl. K? Good. Well anyways, I think I have a crush on my best friend (who just so happens to be a boy). I knew him for a LONG time but just started talking to him August 23. That's the day my school started. And I don't know if I like him!! If I do, it's definitely NOT his looks. It's just that he's funny, good to talk to, and I don't knowĶHE'S FUNNY!! Isn't that enough??? Well anyways, I have mixed feelings about him right now. Also I might talk to Mark, my crush. ANYWAYS, I still have mixed feelings about my friend Steven!! Help me!!"
--Cardinalgirl, 9

"I like a boy named Tyrone. He is 12 and in the 5 grade like me, but he has a girlfriend. What do I do?"
--Elizabeth, 11

"My crush is so cute."
--Lindsey, 10

"I like this guy named Leif : ]]. He's sooo hawt. But he only hangs out with the blonde populars. I wonder if he'll like me this year. We used to be great friends, but in fourth grade we grew apart. He honestly liked this girl who's a dumb blonde midgetĶjust because of her body. O_0."
--Kimberly, 10

"I still like Mark!! And our rating right now is friends. Not really close friends, but friends. But my friend Gina always says, "I knew him longer!" and, "He likes me." She says she doesn't like him, but I think she does (crush stealer! ). And she came to my school in 1st grade and I was one of those kids who were at the school to the lowest grade they had, so I was there since kindergarten but it has pre-school now. For like a couple of years. Anyways, at lunch one day me and Mark TALKED!!! AND HE SHOWED ME HOW TO DO SOMETHING THAT I THINK I FORGOT ALREADY!! Well it's a better-kept secret than 1st grade ''cause someone (not saying who) told my WHOLE grade!! I was soo mad!!! And embarrassed!! But in second and third grade things changed. People don't know that I like Mark!!! Now I am starting to maybe talk to him!!"
--Kyra, 9

"I have fallen SO hard for Orlando Bloom over the past two years. He always seems so sweet and sensitive in interviews, and in movies he's always so heroic, like in Pirates of the Caribbean. Not to mention on a hot scale of 1-10 he's 1,000,000,000,000,000 etc. : -0."
--Katt, 12

"Just the way he or she acts 2 other people, and his smile. Also, when u need their help they always have time 4 u or 4 other people. Oh yeah: because they're so cute."
--Re-re, 13

"He's so talented, sweet, and he's fun to be around. I've heard rumors about him liking me back. He has been hanging around me lately, and he keeps on looking at me in class. I should know, I stare at him a lot too. I think he's sooo cute. The only thing is that a lot of girls like him. And when he talks to me, other girls yank him away, then rub it in my face. "He likes ME!!! He likes ME!!!" That's all I hear..."
--Future Doctor, 11

"Okay, I can't believe I'm saying this, totally not, lol. I love a guy! CF, he's my next door neighbor and he has short brown hair, sometimes he wears glasses, and he has hazel or brown eyes...I 4got. He plays the drums. Isn't that hot? He is a twin and the only problem is his stepbro AH loves me! AH is kinda cute but CF is so romantic! Anyway CF is in a band, and I luv to sing, and I really hope he asks me to be in his band! Me and my friend KB wrote on my window w/ window markers "I Luv CF, " and CF came out to walk his dog and he was totally staring at my window! I luv CF, and CF: I hope you read this, even though the chances are like 1 in a million! I luv you CF! : -{} (Lip gloss kiss)."
--Chrissy, 12

"He's funny, smart and sensitive."
--Tessa, 10

"My crush is this totally hott hunk named Chris. His dad is in the air force. He is totally popular and moderately rich, super smart, has short blonde hair and very athletic. We both share the same fave sport: swimming. The best part about him is that he has 2 diff. Colored eyes. Green and blue. Just like Cam from the Clique books. U should totally read them: ) (:."
--Hayden, 13

"There are soo many cute guys at my school in AZ, but most of them are, you know, kind of girl intolerant! They ignore every1 except the girly girlys (no offense! ) but I am not one. There are 2 guys that I like. One I have liked since 3rd or 4th grade and know nothing about, the other is new this year and I love his cute messy brown hair and his brown eyes! I wish I could confess that I liked them, but I'm afraid everyone will make fun of me! HELP!!"
--Megan, 12

"I have a crush on this really cute boy named Tyler. In gym class today we looked at each other at the same time twice. I'M AFRAID I BLUSHED! But it felt really nice to know that he knows I exist. Two of my best friends, Maddie and Madison, don't have any classes with him so they don't know who he is, but Maddie thinks she's seen him. My friend Lisa is in my gym class (only class I have with Tyler, waaaaah) and she thinks he's really cute too and likes him but honestly she likes other guys at school, it's no big thing. But there is this girl, Taylor, who thinks she is my friend but ugh she annoys me so much. Anyways, she isn't for sure who he is but she said "Well if he is so cute I might start liking him and we'll have some problems!" UGH I GOT SO FRUSTRATED I DON'T WANT COMPETITION. Lisa said that she thinks she heard this snobbish popular girl Kaitlin saying that she goes out with him but seriously you never see them together and they went to completely different elementary schools, I really doubt it. And Lisa thinks she hears a lot of things that she didn't. I seriously think about him all the time. I don't like him just because he's cute he's also smart and I think he's in Beginning Woodwinds. I'm in Advanced Woodwinds I play the saxophone. I'm really high level and there is a chance that some people can tutor others MAYBE I CAN TUTOR HIM IF HE PLAYS THE SAX. THAT WOULD SOOOOOOO ROCK. I am going to be gone to bring my big sis to college for three days next school week so I'm not going to see him for a while. *tears* I just need to make sure Lisa doesn't tell him she's told all of my friends' crushes in the past that the like the certain guy. Ha that's what I'm really scared about. If he finds out I like him some time I want to be the one to tell him. This weird girl named Nikki likes him but seriously she's weird. He seriously isn't going to like her back. BUT SHE SITS NEXT TO HIM IN GYM I AM SO JEALOUS. Ha, that's enough from me for now."
--Emma, 11

"This is just a tip for guys that like a girl: Don't "Put moves on." A way to make us like you is smile and talk to us about something pretty random but not stupid. Don't tease us. I know that you boys tease girls a lot of the time when you like them but seriously don't do that, it doesn't help at all. Just be nice and respectful to a girl. Don't try to impress girls by just being fast or athletic or whatever. In third grade that worked but in middle school it's a bit more complicated. The guy I have a major crush on smiles at me when I look his way and shows he isn't a total obnoxious jerk. And he's really, really cute but whatever, that's not the only reason I like him. Trust me, his athletic abilities weren't what impressed me. He runs really badly even though he's thin and tall! HAHAHA, Tyler I like you a lot anyways! But I don't get why he's friends with the people he's friends with they are completely annoying idiots that I really despise. But oh my god I like this one guy SOOO MUCH!! Boys, if you follow my advice you may be able to get a girl to like you this much. Seriously, I like him sooo much I can't even explain it."
--Emma, 11

"What makes my crush my crush is he doesn't judge me for what I look like on the outside, but for what I look like on the inside. Also he doesn't say mean things or cuss at me."

"Okay...What makes my crush my crush is that he always has my back, he's sweet, funny, has a great personality, and isn't totally "Hey look at me, I'm a tough guy" type of person...Stuff like that. Yeah..."
--Maddie, 12

"Do you know the Jonas Brothers? I like Joe. Man, he is cute! Too bad he's 18 on August 15, 2007. I really want to go to a Jonas Brothers concert and meet him. Oh yeah, I also have a crush on a 7th grader at my school. Logan is his name. I hope he doesn't know..."
--CLaSs fLiRt, 9

"My crush has chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes! He's so cute. And I sent him a email telling him I like him. Just waiting for a response."
--Miss Crayola, 11

"Well...I don't know what I like in my crush. Well Mark T., if you're out there, I wanna tell you I love you!!!! Also Ching: I think your friend should either move on or should say she doesn't like him, and then maybe he'll like her."
--Kyra, 9

"He is cute, sweet, smart, and fun to be around. He is really sweet and I think he likes me back. We had both taken the A. P. Math acceptance test for middle school and he got his scores back before me. Academics mean a lot to me, and so I was freaking out. He noticed and sort of smiled and said, well, I got in, so you absolutely got in because you are a lot better then me at math. Now, this is the largest string of words I have ever heard him say to ANYBODY, Including his 2 best friends, and I have been in his class for 3 years in a row. So this was obviously a tremendous effort on his part, and he must really care. He also looked me directly in the eye, something he doesn't do very often, and all to try to make me less worried. Isn't that sweet?"
--Lucia, 12

"I have had crushes before, but my current crush is with Zac Efron (For anyone who doesn't know him he plays Troy on High School Musical 1&2). One of my BFFs also has a crush on him. I think I like him because he seems nice and seems like a cool guy. Before him I liked a guy named Tommy, but now we don't see each other as much..."
--Maddy, 12

"My crush is on a girl named Amanda Dye. I met her at camp."
--Connor, 12

"My crush is this Asian guy I'll call J. What I like about him is that he's smart, ambitious and really funny. I'm usually attracted to guys who can make me laugh."
--Izzy, 13

"I know this boy named Braden that goes to my school. He is SUPER CUTE and every girl wants to hook up with him. He's on the football team here in middle school. He's the quarterback and he runs track. Well a few weeks ago he talked to me and I almost fainted. I was like OMG, lol, you know, and we got to talking and stuff. Well a week later he asked me out on a date and asked me to come to one of his football games and go out and eat after the game. I was so happy. I really like him and I am glad he asked me out. He is so AWSOME and I wouldn't choose anyone over him!!!!! I LOVE YOU BRADEN <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3."
--XoXo~Chey~XoXo, 13

"How do you ask a boy out that you have been crushing on for like a long time? I mean, I think he likes me, but I don't know. He treats me real good when it is just me and him, we laugh, he jokingly plays with me, and will teasingly pick on me and always smiling at me. But when he is around some of his friends he just like ignores me and it makes me feel pretty bad. Someone HELP ME!!! What do I do?? I need some answers please!!!! ~thanks~."
--*<~Cheyenn~>*, 13

"Hello!! OMG I WENT TO CAMP AND I GOT A CRUSH!! He is cute, nicer than #440, he's in my grade, AND HE'S TALLER THAN ME AND WE'RE FRIENDS!!!!! I am on his buddy list and he's on mine!! YAYS!!!"
--Chloe, 11

"Hey. It's me again!! I haven't been on in a while. Well anyways, back to the subject. I do have a crush, (As I mentioned before) but this is about my friend. Her name is Gina she is totally obsessed with this boy named Tyler. She completely LOVES him!!! He has like reddish brownish hair. I used to like him, but that was like Kindergarten! Every time she sees him or she hears his name she's like "Tylerrrrrrrrr." she is totally in love. I hate it. I can't have like one conversation mentioning him without her saying "Tylerrrrrrrrrr." I think sometimes she needs help (ha ha ha)!"
--Kyra, 9

"Well I think he's cute, smart, and can make me laugh."
--Charissa, 11

"Guys don't seem to like me. I'm short, I have some baby fat (but I'm getting thinner), and I wear glasses. But it's ok. I'm saving up for contacts and I don't care if guys don't or do like me, because I know there's someone out there that I'm going to marry. I just haven't found him yet =). Does anyone agree with me?"
--Advicegirl, 13

"There is this boy named Manuel that I liked, but on the last day of school he told me that my best friends Sweet told him that I liked Manuel. But I think he likes me too. But how do I know? and when we go back to school I don't know what he will do or say. HELP ME!!"
--Destenie, 10

"And this is where I simply gush on and on about this wonderful guy that I'm practically in love with. I won't say his name, but he's got shoulder-length brown, wavy hair that's always messy. Slightly pudgy, but in the cutest possible way. He has sparkling brown eyes, and pale, freckled skin. I would say more, but then you might just end up falling in love with him as well <3."
--Raji, 12

"Well, he's cute, that's for sure. He's also funny, smart, and his name definitely stands out. First of all, he has both a dog's name and a dinosaur's name so I made up this song about him, it's called 'I love dinosaurs.' It's funny, because people who wouldn't know his name would think I'm nuts!!! And, he is the only boy in school whose last name starts with a 'u'. You probably guessed it, his name is Rex U. If you think his name is weird, I have a friend in Kansas whose crush's name is pokey valentine! Yes, that's his first name."
--Elizabeth, 9

"There's this guy. I really like him. He is so sweet and nice and polite. He told me he wanted2 live the rest of his life with me>."
--Cutie, 13

"I like this guy at camp. He is smart, funny, cute, speaks his mind, and he is caring. The problem is that he's going into eighth grade, and I'm only going into sixth. And he doesn't even go to my school. He did give me a kiss on the cheek, though. Crushes are very complicated!"
--Skatergirl, 11

"YES!!! He is the nicest person I know. We like each other! And we flirt..."
--Isabel, 9

"I like this totally amazing guy. He's smart, cute, athletic, fairly popular, and really, really nice! He's probably the kindest person I know...And he has the nicest accent!"
--Kalena, 11

"I've known him since THE FIRST GRADE. The first time I saw him, for me, it was like I fell in love. He likes me for a friend or a crush, I think, if his cool friends were not around."
--Batwoman, 11

"I also like this guy named Alex. He looks like Harry Potter!"
--Kayla, 12

"Zac I love."

"my crush is my crush ''cuz he's funny, cute, and he's kinda like emo, but not really. He doesn't go deep emo, like eyeliner emo, but he's really sensitive too."
--Samantha, 11

"I know a boy named josh. He is SOOOOOOOOO cute and very sweet. He has a twin, Caleb. I like him too, just not as much. They live kinda far away (30 min. ) and I don't have their phone or address. Another problem: he is 2 years older than me. A 13 and 11 year old. HA! I don't know if he likes me back. HELP!"
--Kasey, 11

"I had a crush in kindergarten, and he didn't really like me that much."

"She's pretty and smart, but sometimes I say the wrong thing and make her cry."
--Aaron, 10

"Yes! His name is Tristin and I think he likes me back. I am not really sure. On this website Neopets. Com, all my friends are on it. And so is he, but he's never on, so I just sent him a neomail saying I liked him, and yadda yadda. And I'm not so sure if I should have done that, because what if he finally reads it and I don't like him anymore? help me!!!"
--Courtney, 10

"I have a huge crush on this guy. I'm his #1 stalker. He's now mentally afraid of me, but I still like him and actually have (sleep) dreams about him liking me. I'm also starting to have this friendship with his best friend. Great. The guy doesn't like me but best friend does. I think I saw a movie about that once..."
--Eve, 10

"I like a boy named Ethan B. So if you are out there, I just wanted to tell you I like you."
--Rachel, 11

"My crush is REALLY cool! He is really tall and very, very mature! But I like him 'cause he seems really funny! And he's really cute!"

"my crush is soooooooooooo cute. He is funny and he likes to help people. I think that he is sooooo sweet. I love him so much."
--Tokyo's finest

I went to camp this year and I fell hard for this guy. It was a Christian camp and they had plays onstage. He was an actor who played Lil Boots and Cooties (but thats not important). He was like 22, but I didnt care. I loved everything he did and said onstage. My poor bff had to listen to me dream about him. I see cute people all the time but this has only happened twice.
--Meigan, 11

Kara is wrong. If you honestly like this guy you should thank your friend!! P. S. My real name is Meigan. I wrote about a dude at camp.
--Theycallmelucky, 11

He's funny, sweet, and really cute. We've known each other since the fifth grade and I've loved him ever since. He's my only friend that I can talk to about all my problems. He always knows the right thing to say even if it's just, Im sorry. If someone is treating my badly or making fun of me, he'll stick up for me and help me through it. I can make a complete fool out of myself and not care what he thinks, I just laugh along with him. I think that he's the funniest person that I know. Just thinking about him puts a big smile on my face. He's the only guy out of all my friends that I can invite over and not feel awkward around him. Until now I never thought that I would call him my boyfriend, but we talked to each other about how we feel and I know that he loves me too. Im always so happy when Im around him and I can't get him off my mind (not that I want to). Marc, I love you so much.

Yes, I have a crush on this boy. He is so cute!!! Im so obsessed with him. He is soo...Nice and quiet, funny, cute, and he is thoughtful!!!! And so on...
--Shaina, 12

I had a crush on a boy in school who became a friend. How we became friends is that other girls like him, but he asked me to sit with him at lunch.
--Seenam, 8

Well I don't want to mention his name, but I'll tell you about him. He has dirty blond hair and green eyes. He is shorter than me but just like 1 inch. He is one of my best friends and I think he likes me too. See what makes him my crush is that he understands me and listens to me, learns things from me. He is also smart, well that's because we are in gifted. He is a great friend and is funny. He is really cute to me but some people think he's kind of a nerd. My best friend says that he doesn't like me but I think she thinks that he likes me back. I think she has a crush on him. Well that's what makes my crush my crush! See ya!

He's sooooooooooooooo funny and really smart, and we like most of the same things.
--Mariah, 13

Y am I so NERVOUS 2 even talk 2 my Crush?
--Syrenna, 13

The way he sweats, the way he laughs, his teeth, his brain. He is just completely sexy, fine, hot, cute, etc.
--Kandi, 11

--Cory, 11

It's not me, but my friend Pucca. My friend Pucca likes this boy named Garu. Garu doesn't like Pucca that much. But he's only interested in her because of her martial arts skills. This girl named Ring-Ring, pretends to like Garu to make Pucca jealous. She even kissed Garu once to get her angry. But Pucca beat her up. No one knows what Pucca's hair looks like down, because Pucca always keeps her hair in 2 puffballs. But once during a fight, Ring-Ring pulled out her hair. But Pucca won the fight. She always chases Garu around Sooga Village. But she's faster than him, so she always catches, and kisses him. But he doesn't like that. She doesn't talk much, but she smiles a lot. What can I do to help her win Garu against Ring-Ring?
--Ching, 11

I don't have a crush and I think everyone that I used to like is really stupid.
--Im me

He is SOOOOO HOT! I have been in love with him from the very day we met (4/7/06), and I still love him a year later, and I always will!
--Carley, 12

My crush is on a very cute guy!
--Emma, 8

He is really cute and sweet. He is really into me and is very smart.
--Liz, 13

He is nice, smart, funny, a Christian, and totally HOT! I mean it, he has black hair, about 5 feet, gorgeous eyes, and shops at AE, of course. I know he likes me because his friend said so and he was like you weren't supposed to say that! And he always smiles at me and stuff! Yeah!
--Angela, 12

My crush.....Wait, What crush? Okay I have some friends who are guys. The most mature and sensitive guy I know and am friends with is Alex. He's one year older than me, but we're buds. Oh, and here's some real advice, IF YOU DON'T LIKE A BOY, DON'T FEEL PRESSURED INTO LIKING ONE!! My little sister wants to say something: Hey How ya doin? Okay it's me again. NO PERSON UNDER THE AGE 12 SHOULD HAVE A CRUSH!! YOU HAVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE TO GET MARRIED AND ALL THAT JAZZ. I HAVE TWO SISTERS. WE ARE ALL TOMBOYS. WE GO THROUGH OUR GIRLY YEARS AT 3-6. THEN GOOD-BYE PINK, HELLO BLACK!! MY OLDER SISTER IS 14, AND DOES NOT HAVE A CRUSH, AND NEVER WILL. Sorry for my super long message. Peace!
--AZ, 10

Imagine, the nicest, sweetest, cutest boy in the world. And I, Zoe R. S., have a crushing crush on him.
--Zoe hearts Stefan, 12

My crush Joseph? He's cute. I once got bullied by him. He totally hates me (don't tell my mamma). Right now, I am SO over him and Im 10!

Well I have a crush on this kid that is so cute. He heard that I had a crush on him so his friend came and said he wanted to talk to me. Oh ya his name iz A. A. So it was the last day of skool. I had to go early that day, and I never knew why he wanted to talk to me. Sad story.
---Marwa, 12

Brock (a boy in my church) is smart, funny, cute, good personality, and I think, (hopefully yes) that he's coming to my school next year (07-08).
--Kati, 13

She's cute. Not to mention somewhat popular...But then again, theres Sarah Nathan...
--Peter, 13

I always hang out with her. Most of my are friends are girls, and she is a tomboy, so it doesn't feel weird to be around her.
--Kevin, 10

My crush is hot. Hes so cute.
--I cant tell you, 11

How can you tell your crush you like him/her without embarrassing yourself?
--Samantha, 11

My crush is SUPER SEXY, nice, listens to what I got to say, AND HES ONE OF THE POPULAR GUYS. And he knows I like him, and he likes me too. Were going to GO OUT THIS SUMMER!!
--Angle, 13

To: dj 8, youre 8 years old! I may only be a year older then you, but still, thats so gross that you said that! To: jessemccartneyiscute11, rock on! Jesse McCartney is soooooooo cute!
--Rebecca, 9

He's nice, smart, cool, awesome and cute. So one day I was just looking at the school view. Just then I saw him and decided to find out more about him. Then the next day I wanted to ask him out.
--Ala, 11

I have a crush on a teacher...And I don't know what to do.
--RandomGirl, 13

My crush is my crush because he is amazing and he always makes me laugh!

I have crush on this guy but hes too far away from me. Im here in Hawaii but hes in the Philippines.

Well, he's really cute (that's one of THE most important things) and he has a great personality. His name is Ray. I've been crushing on him since I was in the 1st grade.
--Alicia Ruth, 11

OMG. I told my friend Joey, who's a guy, that I like another one of my friends Tyler, who's a guy, a few months back. Then last night on our semi-weekly movie night Joey goes, Tyler, do you like Hope? And he didn't say anything. So that's yes or no really. Hoping it's a yes. See ya.
--Hope, 11

Both of them can make me laugh and both r good friends.
--Erin, 12

Joseph, I've been telling you about? He's cute! Well, forget that! I am over him right now.

Well, he has to be nice, of course. I think he should at least have good manners and not gross my friends or parents out...Duh! Who wants a gross crush? And the crush (if I do have one, and Im not telling) is a good conversationalist and shares some of the same interests.

I love this guy in school and the rest of the girls do too. But I have him and they think they have him, but I have him in my hands. But I don't know how to tell him.
--Kiona, 10

I'll start off by saying: Im SplashGirl now but I was Lori before. I am not going to be on much anymore, though because I will be SO busy. What I want to say on here: The person you have a crush on/ go out with doesn't have to be your EXACT age. I would say the most it could be is about 8 or 9 years. Oh and if you write to me on here, address it to SplashGirl. Bye!
--SplashGirl, 12

I have a crush on a lot of guys and they all like me. And that's why I don't say yes to any one of them. My perfect guy would be cute, tall, smart, fit, athletic, romantic, polite, funny and a guy who can listen to me when I talk. He would open the door for me, pull out my chair for me and buy me a red rose. But, back to reality...As long as we have a lot in common, that will have to do.

I have a crush on this boy peter. HEEEEEEEE ISSSSSS SOOOOO HOTTTT!!!!! But his friend is hot too. Theyre both sooooooooooo hotttttttttt!!!!

Well, first we are in almost all the same classes, so we see each other a lot. And he is the smartest in our class. He is very cute and has a great personality.
--Kayla, 13

I have 2 crushes. One is sweet and shy. The other tells it like it is and knows me better then I know myself. The sweet ones name is Colton and the other one is named Kevin. I don't know who to choose, or if I have to choose, or what! If any one reads this HELP!!!!!!!!
--Lily, 12

My crush is sweet, cute, charming, funny, popular, and is a great athlete. We've been going out for almost a year now and Im growing very attached to him. The problem is my parents don't approve of me going out on a Sunday. I hate that! It's my life!!! I luv u Matt!!!
--Crushgirl, 12

My crush is great! He's smart, funny, cute, and Im not nervous around him! I just act like one of the guys. He is so sweet! The best part is, I think he likes me!
--Lorna, 12

Wow. Now I am finally 12. Well, as un update, I like this new guy I met named Michael. He just turned twelve like two Fridays ago, and he's super nice to me. And I don't know if he likes me, but he says Im pretty much the only girl who doesn't think he's weird. We also love the newsboys' song Wherever we go"!!!
--Kayla, 12

2 words: he's cute. Oh, and I also think that Zac Efron is cute.
---Michelle, 10

My crush is this amazing guy. He is very tall and mature for his age and loves to have fun but is quite artistic...

I think I like this guynot so sure. But he likes me. And he told me so many sweet things, and stuff. That were bffs and all this stuff. And sometimes I think I really like him, and sometimes I think idk. Help.
--Daneille, 13

He even kissed me once!
--Lilly 5210, 12

Crush? Crush? Who said I have a crush? What crush? There is no crush for me. No, no, no. Oh, there he is. I mean gotta go.
--Alexis, 8

Well, it all happened at Lunch. And, he said he loved me! My crush is a HOTTIE!! But, my friend says Im crushing on another boy. Im not! What should I do?! But he is a CUTIE!!
--Ashleigh, 8

My crush Brad is very nice and smart and cute and funny. He's in my guided discovery class, which is the gifted program. My friend Madison likes this guy Connor. Anyways, we wrote these scripts of them asking us out and added illustrations just now. It was fun...
--Emma, 11

Well, they are cute. But when you know its the right boy/girl you crush on, youll get this strange feeling in your body that will make you feel good around him/her. Youll know it!!
--Alyssa, 11

I have a huge crush on a guy named Kyler. He is cute, nice, and funny!
--Jamie, 10

Well, I had this crush on this boy named Devin who was cute. But he never liked me.

I like my crush because hes nice and funny, but most of all, he's sexy!

How do you people have bfs? because I cant get one...
--Dani, 10

I like this guy at camp. 1 problem: he's like 14. My friends say I don't have a chance...But Im not giving up on him.
--Mary, 8

Well, He's extra cute and luvs what I luv and listens to what I have to say. He understands me and has a wonderful personality...But most of all, I luv his character.
--Vanessa, 13

Yes 5 times. All when I was in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade...

My crush is super HOT! Really, if you saw him you would be like, Woo, he's cute. I cant believe how many times we were next to each other and I didnt tell him. Got to go.
--Cheese, 11

I have a crush on a hot cute boy named KJ. He is smart, athletic and CUTE. What else could you want? I knew he liked me. But at my school dating and telling crushes were weird. He was one of the popular boys. I was close to being popular so we were in the same class (ranking). It wasn't like geek with popular. I regret not telling him. Now were going to separate middle schools. He lives in the same community, but I don't know where. I also know what his car looks like and his license plate, so it's possible I might find him. There is bad news though: IM MOVING. So I might not see him again. Sad story.
--Leyla, 12

Marissa: HarryPotter used to be on here but I see she's not responding, so I'll tell you. No, her name is not Likilikilaolao. She said it in a post one time.
--Lori, 12

I have a crush on a boy and he does not like me.
--Tiara, 8

My crush, well he is so cute. Well duh, thats kinda y I like him!!!!
--Someone, 12

I like this boy and his name is James. He is smart, funny and nice. What to do?.
--Brittany, 10

He's really cute and we both love to dance and are very passionate about dance. But we play sports too.
--Ballerina<3, 13

Ok my post about the guy who has to lay off on the belching contests (LOL) : I dont like him anymore. I like someone else (I think that post is on here but I am not sure). But I might like him again when school starts up though, because the guy I like now, I never really see him. And the guy I used to like, I will see almost every day during the school year, cuz he is in my class. What should I do?????? PS: Monkeyboy0o0 (the one who wrote about his friend Chris) is my brother, and to clear things up, Chris doesn't really like me, he just jokes about it. And well, actually, I dont know. He might kind of like me. Oh well. LOL.
--Ballerina<3, 13

I do not have a crush and no one likes me, and Im happy! Boys ruin my life!
--Paula, 13

IML, I am going to stop coming on to It's My Life now. I have an email advice column called Ask Miki that Im sharing with my friend. The reason that I have to stop visiting is because Ask Miki is getting like 30 emails a day, and I can't answer them all in one day! I'll PROBABLY visit every once in a while like perhaps once a month. Well see you soon!
--Mikimaru, 12

My crush is the nicest girl Ive ever met. I love her so much. Shes my life.
--Toast, 13

He's funny, kind, smart, and has the best eyes and smile ever. He's my best friend, but now I think it's turned into a crush! SHH!
--Julie, 12

He has a sense of humor, he plays soccer with me, he's cute, he's cool, and he has blonde hair. Were not really friends, but one lunch we sat together and TALKED!!! I also like NAT WOLFF from the Naked Brothers Band, also Aang girls can like popular guys and not be losers!!
--Kyra, 9

There is this boy I like but when he is around (someone) he is so much different. I wish I was not in this mess!!!!!!!
--Jellybean, 12

My crush.....I like him a lot and I always day dream about him, but if I do it's ok because I always get all A's. Tee-hee.
--I can't tell you, 10

He is sweet, smart, funny, cute, caring, and he likes to chat. I love his personality. He is charming : ). When he smiles and looks at me, its in the sweetest way *sighs* : ).
--Kitten13, 12

Dear Elizabeth, Just because you are Mexican and he is white doesn't mean you can't be together. TRUST ME!!!!!! Things happen.
--Kyra, 9

Dear Amanda (10), if your best friend did tell people your crushing on this guy then DO NOT LOOK EMBARRESSED trust me it happened to me and I did the opposite of what I told you to do and bad things happened. Also just lie and say no way!!!!!! EEEEwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hes disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!! Also do not get mad at your friend I did that and we end up not being friends (LOOOOOONGGGGGGGGGGGG STORYYYYYYYYY.
--Kara a.k.a. Kyra, 9

Jo Jonas, Cody Linley, Zac Efron, Cody Barlow, Spencer Brown, Josh Hutcherson... Im normal.
--Nela, 11

I dont know.
--Kenya, 13

He's so cute and well...I just met him on the 4th of July 2007. So I dont know him that well. What should I do, tell him or just see what happens?
--Autumn, 10

Well, they might style up their hair, but don't fall for the Im really cute hug me" trick. Okay?
--Amy, 9

My boyfriend Evan is fantastic. Hes nice, smart, cute, and athletic. The only thing is that hes really shy.
--Zoey, 11

I like three boys in my class, but I can only date one, and I dont know what to do. Theyre all best friends and all three of them like me. They call me back to back day and night 24/7 and I dont know how to break the news to the other two. This is very complicated and stressful. Their names are Alex, Mike and Omar. I think I'll go out with another boy who's not in my class. My big sister is no help because she telling me to go out with all three of them. I said That's not right, because then my friends and other people will label me. I made my choice, and it will be Alex because he is cute. So therefore I dont have a crush now; I have a boyfriend. But I still have all my flirting skills just in case.
--Jennifer, 13

My crush is a tall Indian American. He has long brown hair, it's all silky and soft. I tutor him after school and he says he always has fun w/me. He has a great pearly white smile and gold, brown, and green eyes. But I can't like him or my brother and cousin will jump him. As they said.

What I like about my crush is he is cute, funny, and very attractive. And he likes me because I always catch him glimpsing at me. But I dont know how to tell him I like you".

Idk, but I think it is the way he (or she) is to you. Like my friend was on a website and accidentally sent him a love note, and it said her screen name. And he knows what her name is, cuz they r friends. Soooo I waz like, lol, lol, lol, lol! It waz soooooooo funny!!!!!!! I like a kid named Dylan. He is my bff though!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 <3 <3 him so, so, so, so, soooooo MUCH!
--Morgan n 456, 12

My crush has a crush on me and, well, he is smart and likes sports. And I like sports and I think I am smart, so it is as if we are the same.
--Carolynn, 11

What makes my crush a crush is that he's very funny and smart.
--Emily, 13

There is this boy named Nicola and we both like the same things, so that is ONE of the reasons I like him, and he is also sort-of cute ;-).
--C. K., 11

I have a crush on this guy and he likes me too. My parents won't let me have a boyfriend, but all of my friends do, and it drives me crazy. What should I do if he asks me out?
--Chloe, 11

My crush is cute and funny!
--Miranda, 10

My crush is funny, cute, and very nice. He is also plays sports like football and basketball. He could be very shy sometimes but around me he is super shy. His name is Michael G.
--Stephanie, 11

My crush is my crush because he's really funny. We talk a lot and he always makes me laugh. We make fun of each other, but in fun ways. You know what I mean? He's not cute, but he's really sweet and can be understanding when he needs to be.
--Holly, 13

He's so nice smart and...Everything you could like!! But I can't have him because Im way too shy to tell him. If I let my friend see him she will tell him right off the bat! Oh, dear! What do I do?
--Zoe & Stefan, 12

I have a crush but hes 2 years older than me. I like him but I dont know if he would be right for me. But its worth a shot, right?
--Mikeyla, 12

Hi. My names Roxxi. I like this boy named Tanner. Hes a real hottie, but I cant find out if he likes me and he never calls me back. I need some tips.
--Roxxi, 13

My crush has cute dimples. It makes me melt!!! I love you Altavous, Tremaine, and Jamar. Go wcms!!! Warren County Middle school!!!
--Jasemine, 12

He is smart, funny, nice and sooo cute!
--Sarah, 11

"2 words: HE'S HOT!
--Hannah, 11

A chemical reaction, if you want to get technical. Otherwise, he's my crush because I feel comfortable around him, I can hold a good conversation with him, and he's fairly good-looking. Yep, that's what makes him my crush.

I wouldn't have picked him out of a crowd. But I mean, other than the fact that hes a strange, racist, redneck who smokes...I really like him. I know I shouldn't but I do. He also gives really good hugs.
--Redneck woman, 12

Briana 11, well you have got to have some confidence, girl! You have to get the nerve to go and talk to him!!
--Anonymous, 12

My crush is SOOO hot! He has black hair, brown eyes (I think ), and he's so tall. He's actually taller than me! (Not many people are taller than me! Im 5''9, no kidding! )...
--Hello, 12

I don't have a crush anymore...
--Hannah, 11

Why does Oscar keep looking at me!? He is cute, but its freaky! If he likes me cant he just say it?
--Lilly 5210, 12

He is sweet. He plays football like me. Me and him like the same thing. And all of my friends say we should be boyfriend and girlfriend. *$#@!
--Morgen, 12

Hey, I have a crush on this guy. And well I think he knows I like him because my friend was like Hey you do know ____ likes you right? and he was like yes. At least thats what she told me. But the weird thing is that he still talks to me and usually for no reason at all...Also I think he likes someone else but all my friends think he likes me! What do I do?????

My friend Megan is sitting here next to me watching RV, and she likes Jeffery.
--Kayla, 11

Michael: that's probably not true! A lot of guys who are weird I happen to like. And sometimes as just friends! Let girls know you care about them as a friend. Im sure if I knew you, I would probably like you. There is actually like a 70% chance. It's much higher that no one except for this one kid likes me.
--Kayla, 11

My crush is my crush because I have known him since first grade. He is really funny, and always makes me laugh. He is good with all my other friends. Plus he really cares and is always there for me or others...

What makes me crush is a guy who is athletic but not afraid to make fun of his self. I he has to be cute. I know that is kind of ridged. But that's what makes me crush on my crush!
--Hope, 11

Sometimes when I go to sleep I dream about boys in my class room.
--Andrea, 9

He is cute and smart and I love his personality...
--Madeline, 10

Oh my god. My crush is my best friends boyfriend's best friend, and my friend is best friends with him. It is a very complex situation. I dated him for a week then my friend found out and then she got really mad and talking mad!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to break up with him or she would kill or her boyfriend would put me in a headlock because he is on the wrestling team. I still like him to this day but I will never tell my friend.
--Brooks, 12

Kayla, age 11, LOVE your answer!!! It's so true!!! I am always SO sick when kids from my school are like, Oh, he/she is so hot, I wish we could go out. But yet, my sis Daniela says that true love is the only time when your mate loves you for your looks and for you. Whoa, seems like NO guys are posting here! That's funny! Girls, isn't it weird to think of guys discussing their crush with each other? Now to answer your question, Angela...I haven't had a crush in SO long, but my last one was like, three years ago in fifth grade. He was my crush because he was nice, funny, and cute. 'Nough said...
--Dorianna, 13

Do you ever only think about your crushes looks, and not their personality?
--Emma, 11

My Crushes always are funny, but know when to be serious. They are always cute also, at least a little bit. The scary thing though is that they are also usually my best friends. I only have one right now and it is my very best friends he is Italian, he is short, but cute, and he loves soccer. He is so cute and I wish that my friend feelings for him were not as strong, but they are. His personality is just like mine, and it scares me how much my people who were once just friends are becoming much more than that to me!! : ( CURSE YOU HORMONES!!!
--Emma, 11

HarryPotter (12) Am I correct in believing that your name is Likilikilaolao? Ive seen you post many times that you would never post your true name because it was embarrassing and hard to pronounce (or something like that. ) If Likilikilaolao IS your name, then I totally agree. If it isn't, well oops, my mistake.
--Marissa, 12

I love him.
--Hannah, 10

I totally agree with Amanda (13)! In fact, I know someone just like that! He's a 13-year-old German missionary. His name is Jonan (pronounced YO-non). Okay, now I really hope that he doesnt use this site or else I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EMBARRASSED!!!!!!!!!! I don't think he does use this site, but stranger things have happened...
--Marissa, 12

He is tall, black hair, brown eyes, extra cute, smart, sometimes serious, nice, loves music and good looking. I talk to him eventually. I always dream that I am Juliet and my crush is Romeo. But except our parents dont fight and dont hate each other. But he is sooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!
--Anonymous, 13

My crush is tall, white/Japanese, no facial hair and is muscular. He loves to hang out with his friend and when he is in a relationship with a girl he is totally honest...

He's funny, and sensitive and nice. Not especially cute, but nice looking.
--GRRRR, 11

Danny, w/dark brown hair and glowing dark blue eyes. He is soooo cuuute! He even knows some skateboarding tricks.
--Lilly 5210, 12

Someone who is nice but not too mushy. Who makes me laugh, likes to sing and dance (especially tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical). And likes me for who I am deep inside. P. S. Yes, Im a girl.
--Hayley, 10

My crush iz mine cuz I said so!! Psyche! He'z my crush cuz he doesn't kno that I really like him.

Okay, everybody has been posting things like, 'my girlfriend is so hot! ' or 'he's a blondie who doesn't even know Im alive. ' Hardly ever have I heard someone say what they like about them BESIDES looks! Sure, I look for 'hotties', but I only REALLY LIKE THEM if I enjoy their personality. What I like about my guy, Zach L., is that he's cool and sweet. And even if we don't go 'out', he's still gonna be a great friend. And treats me like I have good opinions, and he doesn't stereotype me as a 'girly-girl', or that I have to act a certain way. I am myself and he's totally happy with it. Especially after him telling me that he likes me! He is so hot, and cute, too. But I know I can always have a friend to go to for comfort (that's a guy), who will love me for me as a friend or sweetheart.
--Kayla, 11

He's nice and very attractive he's very cute and nice to me all the time but I don't know if he really likes me at all because I don't really talk to him that much but I do like him.
--Briana, 11

What I like about my crush is that he makes me laugh all the time, I can always joke around with, he's ambitious, he's smart and he's cute.
--Izzy, 13

My crush is my crush b/c he's fun and nice. When we're in school he always has my back. He walks me home b/c he lives right around the corner from me. One day when his boys were messing with me he stepped in and put it all to a stop. Then, when his friends started messing with him and say he was sweet on me, he got mad and left. Everyday we just see each other and say hey or hello. He still comes over and we ride bikes together. But, he still keeps a respectful distance at school.

Advice to Estella who is 12- what to do about ur friends is tell them that looks aren't everything & also tell them that who cares I really like him. Advice to Macy who is 10- u should go for Barett...
--Erika, 13

I can't look at my crush, cause every time I do I space out on him. I really need help!!!
--Chelsey, 10

My crush is super hawt!!!!
--Crissie, 12

I think Nick in Jonas Bros is suuuuuuuuper cuuute.
--Lilly 5210, 12

Lucy: If he likes you, he will be totally THRILLED that you do, too! Every guy in the WORLD would. TRUUUUST me! You should feel lucky, because it's a high chance that no girls like me!

A crush depends on his/her personality. My ideal one would be a person who is 1) smart, 2) sensible (example of this is not a daredevil who does the most stupid things) 3) actually cares for me, 4) knows my personality as much as I know his. My crush fits some of these characteristics.
--Joanne, 10

I dont really have a crush right now but I kind of do. Lol. But yeah; I like him because he is funny, nice, and he's a cutie : ) lol.

Well the guy that I like is not what you would call my crush hes my boyfriend! Hes sooooooooooo nice he is also very handsome! But heres the thing we just started going out before school ended and I feel like Im never going to see him again. Were going to different schools next year but we call each other every day! So its all good!
--Tori, 11

I have a crush. Hes cute. He always says hi to me. This kid told me he likes me. I like him.
--Kassie, 11

O.M.G! I just saw Danny today and hes soooo cute! I just dont know if he likes me. Its just so weird that I keep dreaming for him to come back ( He moved to? ) and he did. But not for me.
--Lilly 5210, 12

I am a little curious because there is a boy at school that I like but I do not know if he likes me back...

He is tall w/ dirty blonde hair, super cute, piercing blue eyes, great laugh and smart, funny, nice. I had his iced tea and it was SOOOO embarrassing cuz I tripped on a trash can and spilled it when he didn't see me, and then I gave it back to him, but he said I drank it all!!! BUT I RATE HIM SO MUCH!! This guy is so gorgey but me and my best m8 r fighting over him and she is getting 2 b a pain bcuz she always follows him 2 much and she FANCIES HIM A LOT!!! But I like him more than she does and I think he likes me but she's trying to push me out of the picture cuz she rates him so much and it's getting on my nerves...PLS HELP!!!! I am writing from London...
--Rhyanai, 13

Okay, well my crush is MY crush, because we're cool w/each other. His name's Easy. That's his name!! Okay, the problem is NiSha, my friend who's in denial about him. When he's near her she claims that he touches her. I myself don't wanna believe it. I mean, not one person likes to hear bad things about the person they like. Today we're having free-time in the computer lab, sooo Im sitting directly across from him and he keeps playing footsies w/me!! I keep seeing him smile at me and of course, NiSha sees us. I don't want her to think that after our encounter that I don't care. I do. But, as E/Z continues to mess w/me, she gets mad and walks out. Then, E/Z gets up and sits next to me!! Now, omg! He's reading the email Im writing and he smiles! I have 2 go!!!!!!!!!

He has to be cute, funny, smart, supportive, kind and a Christian.
--Amanda, 13

A crush depends on what personality you like. I mean, I don't have a crush that much, but lately, I have a crush whose name is Michael and he is very athletic and nice sometimes but he can be a jerk. Also, he has a girlfriend, but they don't even talk to each other. How???
--Joanne, 10

Samantha> Nick in Jonas bros is mine! Sorry but I like him more than you. Boo hoo. Sorry {smiley face }.
--Lilly, 12

How do I get the crush?

Bri- try starting up a conversation with him. If you think that that wont work then I would send someone to go talk to him. If u r in summer break right now I would suggest making up a plan over the summer so you can get to know him.
--Wont say, 12

Well we have been friends since preschool and well we just started going out. But when you like someone you make sure that person doesnt know you like them, because that person may not like you. Thats why they are called crushesbecause they dont know that you like them!
--2cute, 11

He's so, so, so, so smart, and has dirty blonde hair. : ) and is totally AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME : D.
--Courtney, 11

He is so cute and hes nice and sweet. He is always smiling and staring at me and we always look at each other.
--Lindsay, 11

His name is Donte L. He is so, so fine! But he doesnt know I like him. He lives next door. What should I do? somebody help me! Please!.
--2cute, 11

How do you know if your crush likes you of not?

Samantha I know I have a crush on one of the Jonas brothers too lol, but it is not nick it is Joe. I guess I just like the outgoing funny type of guy. And in school I like this guy and he is funny and outgoing. I have talked to him but it is just like some funny question or a joke. He is so funny. I was new to that school and at first I liked this other guy, but he had to many old girl friends. So I said nah. Lol. Well now I like another guy as well with Joe Jonas.
--Raean, 12

Oh and have you heard about Joe Brooks? he is a new singer. He is so cute. I already have two of his songs on my MP3 player. They are called Superman and Holes. Inside they are both good songs and almost about how he likes a girl and all of that kind of stuff. But he is a major cutie.
--Raean, 12

Well I dont really have a crush, but if I did he would be smart cute and nice! - But usually boys are only one of those three! - sigh -.
--Bethany, 9

I have a crush on this boy and he is crushing on me too I go to his house because I am not able to date yet all my friends say he is ugly but I like him a lot. What should I do about my friends? HELP!
--Estella, 12

I like 2 people. They go to a diff school but their little bros go to the school I do and they know that I like their big bros. If thats not bad enough, they even live on the same street and my mom and big sis and almost my whole school knows. And now everybody that knows, even my mom and sis, make fun of me. And I know where they live and everybody knows that too, so now they think I stalk them, but the only reason I know were they live is because of two deaths that happened. And I know one boys cousins, and they make fun of me. The only people that dont know are my crushes. Do I tell them? will that make the joking stop, even if we go out? PS: and only 1 of the boys know that I exist...
--Sue, 11

Theres this really cute guy in all of my classes! He is cute and handsome and his name is Averey...

Well Angela, about 2months now I have been crushing on a boy named Allen because he has a great personality. Like one time me and Allen and our friends were playing kickball and when Adam, Allens bff, rolled the ball to me, Allen said Shes a girl. I like girls like her..
--Dakari, 9

Im new in my school. In music we were step dancing. I was partnered with a really cute boy. It is my second year in that school and I still like him! After lunch one day, my crush's older brother said my crush is crushing on me back. I feel bad that I know he likes me and he doesnt know I like him. I don't have the confidence to tell him I like him.
--Lucy, 9

My crush is someone who cares and would stick up for u.
--Jasmine, 12

Yes it was Justyn. I mean it. Ok I was running and he said I love you. I...Well I said you look cute.
--Rebecca, 8

My crush has faded. I don't like him anymore...
--HarryPotter, 13

He is fine.

I have to say that its this boy in my class and hes my crush he has personality good looks and is so sexy but he doesn't realize me what should I do?
--Porche, 12

Dear IML, What makes my crush my crush is that he's really good at sports, handsome, he likes to joke around with me and he stares at me all the time and I stare at him when he stares at me sometimes. Usually he makes me happy when Im depressed or sad and he pats me on my back. When he does that he makes me proud and he gets real close to me and says Nora, and says It's okay. Sometimes we talk privately in school or we talk with a group all together. And we talk about secrets that we have. He's so funny because he's like Nora likes ME! and Im like trying to lie and say that I don't like him. He's actually a hottie or is it getting hot in here or what. His beautiful name is Carter.
--Nora, 10

What makes my crush my crush is just the way he is makes me happy! The way he laughs, walks, smiles, and even the way he comes over anytime just to talk to me.
--Taylor, 12

I like my boyfriend because we have so much in common and I can talk to him whenever.
--Allie, 12

I <3 him so much it hurts. But Im popular and hes not...So we'll never work out.

He's cute, funny, sweet, and smart. He has blond hair and blue eyes.

Im talking about a friend in my school.
--Jenny (again)

My crush (Nick Jonas from Jonas Brothers) hmmm...That's a tough one. I just LOVVVVVVEEEEEEE him for his cute face and GREAT voice...
--Samantha, 12

Well my crushes name is Agustin and he so freaking good at soccer (the best out of our class) her also real good at other sports. Well now he knows I have a crush on him cuz I was playing truth or dare. He has like blue/green eyes nice hair its long layered to his shoulder and it curls just a little bit at the end. He nice to everybody including me. Hes funny. He has a good personality and he smart (hes in the gifted and talented program) but so am I XD. He passed for looks.
--<3, 11

Well he is cute and smart and very friendly and he gave me his phone number!
--Chilean Girl Gery, 11

Ok so...I like this guy named Barett (pronounced Bear-ett) and this guy named Levi! I do think Barett likes me, and I dont even know if Levi has even ever NOTICED me!!!!!! There both SO cute but I dont know which one I should like. : [...Barett is a little more out-going and he has spiky hair and glasses, but then Levi is funnier and has long hair, and he flips his hair SO CUTE! Barett is in 4th grade -going 2 5th- Levi is in 5th grade -going 2 6th- I am 5th grade going to 5TH (NO, Im not held back, I just turned 10).
--Macy, 10

I like this girl who I will be around all summer I dont know if I should tell her or if I should let her find out (I know she will) what should I do?

Mackenzie, I know who you are, that is so mean!!!!!!! I really don't like you!!!!
--TotallyMe, 10

Has to be a Christian with a smart mind unlike the popular boys in my class. He has to at least like music and hangs out with other people. That is sooooooooooooooo Manny, my crush. And girls, if you like popular guys, you're way out of proportion. Losers!
--Aang, 9

To BrokenHearted: Hm...Confusion love, ew? Well I kinda (not very) had that 1 time...And then I relize my bf is the most awesome and amazing person who would NEVER hurt me. He's a sweet, handsome, funny guy who is always kind to me. If you can please message me I would love to chat with you : D...
--Berisa, 12

Um, I have 2 guys I like and I don't know which one to choose. Their names are Nathan and Colin. I like Nathan for 3 reasons: 1. He is friendly 2: he is funny. 3: He runs fast 4: he knows how to take care of his sibs. That might be 4 reasons. WHOOPS! Here are 3 reasons for Colin: He is nice, good looking, and he likes me too. They both are the same age as me. There might be a love triangle here. HELP!!!!!!!!!
--Megan, 10

Unser, 12: y dont u ask Chris who he likes? it might be the most direct way 2 find out.
--Anonymous, 12

My guy friend loves my best friend but Im in love with him? How do I tell him.

What makes my crush, a crush...Hmmmmm...Thats tough! I think I like this boy because: He's funny, he's athletic, and (I know looks don't count for everything but they do count a little right? ) because of his blond hair and blue eyes.
--Jordan, 11

My crush is very sweet. He has blue eyes and blond hair. Hes a farmer with his mom. We have so much in common. The only problem is hes white and Im Mexican HELP MEEE.
--Elizabeth, 11

My crush (boyfriend) (Shhhhh! ) Anyways, my **CRUSH/**BF** is this because he is ***cute***, funny, and like so totally nice. I love his personality! And I love hanging out with him! : ) *always ~~in love~~ <33*, BusyGirl123 (I did that again because this is about a crush : ]).

This boy named Dalton is the best! I like him bc he is cute smart and funny! PS: he likes me too!
--Chelsea, 10

A boy named Griffin H. has a crush on me.

My crush is supper hot, funny, supper hot, into sports, supper hot is very friendly, and did I mention SUPER HOT!
--Lovehim!, 10

Well, he has to meat these circumstances: smart, kind, funny, he has to be within 1 year of my age (a. K. A. He has to be 9, 10 or 11), and cute. PS: Youre 8. Aren't ya'll a little young?
--Grace, 10

KAE I got advice for you! When boys pick on you, their trying to avoid being nice to you, and the possibility that you could find out that they like you. : ).
--Amber, 10

Richard H if u r out there, I just want you to know, I like you more than normal. K?
--Grace From Sicbaldi, 10

I like my crush because he laughs. He likes me for who I am, and he is smart, cute...And more. But anyway I found out that we feel the same way for eachother. But Im sad because he moved...How heartbreaking!!! The day before he left we hugged and kissed and cried...
--Grace, 12

I like this boy he is soooooooooo hot!!! He is the nicest person, he's cute and smart and funny too. I asked him out and he said yes. We're going out on Saturday. Yay me!!!
--Amber, 10

Ok girls, I REALLLLLY need help here...I had a boyfriend for a month or so...I found out that the WHOLE thing was a joke, I was heart broken. Now I like this other guy, who is best friends with the guy who broke up with me. He asked me to a dance, and I said yes, and when I got there, he put a necklace around me, then he said, I can go out with u, its too awkward. Maybe in a week. What do I do now!?
--Katie, 12

I have a crush on a guy whos in my class (let's just call him Matt). I like him because he is really cute! He is not smart nor is he the most popular boy in the class nor are his parents pockets overflowing with money, but he plays the violin and he's really cute! That's why I like him! But Im scared to tell Matt I like him because I think he might not like me and my friend Lily also likes him so Im afraid that if he tells me he likes me too and we start dating Lily will be hurt! : ( I really like Matt and Lily and I can't choose one over the other!
--Michelle, 11

Omg. I love this, Raphe, and we 'tried' to go out like two years ago, but he 'cheated' on me. It's really confusing, but I think he likes me again. I like him because: he has this masculine presence about him && he makes me feel loved when other things are crashing down on me. I don't think that he knows that I love him this much. All I want him to know is: I love you, I love you so.
--Amber, 13

Zac Efron is my crush, he is so hot and nice no I did not meet him. But I like him from high school musical.
--Natalie, 12

Ok I have a crush on this guy named Josh. I am older than him by a month. He completely hates me. So what do I do?
--Bri, 12

My crush is adorable, tall, kind, and he feels the same way I do (completely worthless-really! ). Also, we think exactly the same way- and I think he has a crush on me. It doesnt really matter that he is almost 14! I still have a crush on him!
--Jenny, 12

Well, ya see hes smart, funny we have a lot in common and so...Yeah thats it.
--XConuik0ax, 11

Hey, soooooooooo my best friend is going out with my crush and Im jealous its not fair!!!!!!!!! But I promised her I wouldnt be jealous from the beginning! ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!
--Mackenzie, 10

Well, what makes your crush your crush is what you find in him and also if he turns you down then technically he is not YOUR crush. But, if he says yes to take you out, then that means he is YOURS! And also its what you find in him. Like his hair, his eyes, his voice, his kissing skills, whether he likes to make out or not, and his personality make him your crush.
--Kayla, 13

There is this guy, he is kinda cute, he likes me, and I like him, but I never have the guts to confess it! Will someone please help me here?
--Hi, : )

I don't think Aidan (previously known as #440) likes me any more. But that's cool, I am so over him. I like that boy I mentioned before, Chocolate? I think he's gotten a serious reality check or something, because he is sooo nice to me now. All I have to do to put him in a good mood is smile at him, compliment him, the works. And you know what? If we only become friends, I think I'll just move on and not make the same mistake I did about Aidan. -Chloe The Newest Freud.

I like this guy, but how do I know if he likes me?
--Heather, 12

Honestly, I have no idea. It's not like he's a loser or something, He's not. Or that I see him everyday, I don't. Ive known him for as long as I can remember, but I only 'realized' around November. He's tall, I like that. He's Thin, and he wears thin glasses, which I think it cute. And he has a great singing voice I don't think he'll ever like me back, so That' not why I like him. And get this; He Graduated From HIGHSCHOOL this year! I think I have some serious problems XD. We've never had a real conversation, The only time Ive ever seen him for more than an hour, Was when he was the main character in the high school musical.
--Marie, 12

I really like this boy named Wesly for 3 reasons: 1: He is loyal 2: He is my age And 3: He likes me, too.
--Adrian, 8

Well he's not my crush he's my boyfriend. Im only in 3rd grade. My dad freaks. I don't care what he says because my boyfriend (x just to say but we got back together) is.........Smart, funny, talented, and natural. Thats my type of boy.
--Nala, 9

I am free of my life in chains! I do not like #440 anymore! I am so happy, because I think we're friends now. Even though I broke down and cried yesterday after gym class (*long* story), he's seemed to accept that I don't like him anymore (which Ive told him at least seven times). So my life is better, and I think I like Chocolate again! He's so nice to me now, brave and strong to boot...Alright looking, too. But I dunno. Maybe I just wanna be friends with him; Im not sure yet. 13 days of school left for me!!! 5-25-07.
--Chloe, 11

Well Ive had a crush on a guy ever since second grade, even now that Im in middle school and school is about to end. So one day I was about to tell him how I feel but I found out he already has a girlfriend. But I still like him and Im still hoping that someday Ill get to tell him how I feel about him. Maybe when Im in seventh grade.
--MJ, 12

How is it that when boys pick on you they basically love you?
--Kaye, 10

I like this guy, and I asked him if he liked me. He said a little. I asked him out, and he said maybe, and he has not said anything yet. What should I do!?
--Alanna, 11

I am 10 years old and boy crazy. Right now I like a 13 year old and a boy in my class.
--Hayden, 10

A guys gotta be funny, nice and pretty good looking in order to get my attention. My crush is all that...Plus more.
--Mira, 9

His honey brown eyes and his way of being himself. I like boys who dont try to be anyone else.
--Thalia, 12

I like to tell my crush that I like him but Im waiting until the time is right when I get out of high school or when senior prom comes Ill ask him when the time comes. If he goes to another school then I feel as though god didnt want it to happen this way but till now Im living life till the fullest. I have like my crush since middle school were both in high school going to the 10th grade and I feel as though he likes me but I dont want to tell it because I know Ill get rejected. I like him and he's the only person I love. If I love someone it'll be with 100% percent because that how my heart feels.
--Olivia king

Never give up on something that makes u smile. My crush chose my rival over me. Bt then I never gave up. Im now his best friend. Someone who he trusts a lot : ) in conclusion - never give up ;).

The guy I liked used to go to my school. He is 2 yrs. Older than me, he has dark brown hair, and he is very athletic.
--Sedona, 10

As a girl I have some suggestions bout asking us out: try 2 catch her alone so she doesnt feel like she has 2 put on a show 4 her friends...And look at her not ur feet (she wants 2 see ur cute eyes).
--Anonymous, 12

Well, Michael is sweet and a great guy! I was going out with some one for years but he moved and we didnt keep in touch. So, Michael and I had hooked up. We found out we liked each other for 4 years.

I have this huge crush boy Wyatt. He is so cute but I dont know if he likes me. I need help. By the way can I still like him if he is 11?
--Ally, 9

I will b miserable this summer without my crush......: '- (.
--Not really Phillippa, 12

I guess if HE/SHE is kind and you can trust the person!
--Lemon, 13

I like my crush because I sat in front of him in class and got to know him and found out he was really nice and sweet and...Well?
--Caitlin, 11

What if you have a crush and you told it to your best friend and now she is telling everyone else who you like?
--Amanda, 10

I really like this guy (Richard) he is sooooooooooooo cute. Im not sure if he likes me or how to tell him that I like him. I have his number, but Im not sure if I should call and tell him. His best friend (Chris) is my best friend thats how I got his #. I know he has my # because my friend Chris gave it to him. Chris promised that he wont tell anyone who Richard likes, so Chris wont tell me. WHAT DO I DO???????????.
--Unsure, 12

There's been a TOTAL change in plans! Now, I like Garrett, and, I think he may like me. (HOPE SO?! ) Anyway, he's this kid all of my friends hate, I don't know how they'd feel if I told them I like him a lot, for like three years! HELP!!!!
--Kayla, 11

I have a big crush this guy named Arin W and if he ever does see this...I LOVE YOUUUUUU!
--Maddie, 10

Well, its this boy that I use to go with and we broke up. Ever since we broke up he's been flirting with me and all. For my b-day he kissed me and gave me a teddy bear. He has a girlfriend. Behind her back he been trying to get back with me we been trying to get back with each other. What is this called?

I like this boy and hes hot.
--Jasmine, 13

I have a boyfriend he is so cute his name is Tommy W.
--Jazmyne, 9

I have a BIG crush on this guy who is two years older than me. I think he might like me but I dont understand why. He is like really hot and almost all of my friends like him. And all of my friends are pretty and skinny and I am not I am kind of chubby. The reason I dont understand why he would like me (if he does) is because like I said he is really hot and he could have pretty much any girl he wants why would he want a chubby girl?
--Kunfuhe W

I like this guy at my school. His name is Anthony C. He's 2 years older than me. We were on the same basketball team but he turned 13. He is turning 14this year. When my friends see him or when he comes into my classroom my friends tease me about it. He is really hot and in great shape. I found out that he likes me back and we kissed and hugged we also live really close to each other and we ride the same bus.
--Daniela, 12

My Crush is nice, He's funny. He's not cute to many people. So, I get picked on because my taste is different. Anyway, I only have one class with him, and I probably will never have another with him. Oh well. Its just a crush, I won't feel the same next semester.

Taylor, 11: You should talk to your friends and see if they really like him, or if they are just trying to make you fall apart.
--Ellyn, 11

Please don't tell Mitchell M that I like him. Just between me and u, I like him. Can u ask him out for me (I need to know how old he is what grade and school)? Thanks Kailie.
--Brittany, 13

FredtheMoose, I so agree with you.
--X_tinkerbelle, 13

I want 2 break up with my boyfriend cuz he doesnt talk 2 me anymore and he talks 2 the girl who sits next 2 him but I dont know how 2 tell him.
--Jillian, 9

I like my crush because whenever I talk to him hes really sweet and even laughs sometimes...
--Anonymous (guess), 11

Im a girl and I like this boy because he looks a me like Im the only girl in the room and he constantly looks and smiles at me and he so mysterious but very shy. HE is not that cute but these things make him seem soooo Cutteeeee!!!
--Sam, 13

BrittanyM: Say Hi to him!!!!!!!!

Chloe, 11: That stinks. I know, you find a guy you like that you think is cute and has a great personality and they never like you. Or else they go for the popular girls. The boy that goes to my church is so cute. He's about three or four months younger than me, which I don't care. But he always hangs out with the popular crowd there. I don't know why he doesn't like me. I mean. I have a really good personality (at least all my friends think so), I think Im pretty (or at least average). All I have to say is most boys stink. >: (.

My crush may be bigger than me, but she is sooooo hot (to me at least). She tries to burp but she cant exactly, and she also talks a lot just like me...
--Kevin, 10

How would you decide to tell your crush you like them?
--Sydney, 9

I have a crush that is so hott!!! He is so cute and funny. I want to be his girlfriend SO bad. I love him!
--Whitley, 10

I like another kid now. He is new to my church and is coming to my school next year. He is like my dream guy. Black hair and Blue eyes! He likes me too.
--Polarbearluvr, 12

Ok so I have a bf...But I really really like this other boy! Im not sure what 2 do! I don't want 2 b bfless (plus I do like my bf) but I also like some1 else! Somebody write 2 me!!!
--Brokenhearted, 12

I luv this guy but he doesn't like me at ALL! It really isn't fair, but I really like him and his GF just broke up with him. I really hope he'd ask me out but that's pretty impossible, and I pretty much know he doesn't like me...
--Notgoingtosay, 10

I like a guy that is a year older than me. The only time I get to see him is in choir and this is his last year and he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute (no one else likes him) I don't know why. He is kind of chubby but I like guys like that, I can't help it his name is John M.
--Ellyn, 11

Oh sorry I think I put my last message went on the wrong page! My bad. Do forgive me.
--Emma, 11

My crush is perfect. He gets good grades, he's an awesome runner, he's super friendly, and he's cute. He just found out that I like him, and Im not sure what he thinks.
--Christina, 12

My crush makes him my crush because he's cute.
--Sara, 13

"*****IMPORTANT***** In opposite sex friends I wrote about Tori and Trey going out. Well they broke up after two days!!! Now I kinda have a crush on him! I cant tell Tori b/cause she's still not over it!!! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (PLEASE).
--Ellyn, 11

X_tinkerbelle, 13: If you like him say yes. If you have already made your decision and this is late Im sorry. Please tell me if it is.
--Ellyn, 11

I think my crush knows I like him? What should I do?
--Lizzie, 9

X_tinkerbelle, 13, if you do like this guy enough to have a relationship, say yeah. But if you should only do this if you REALLY like him. If you're not sure, be a really good friend of his first, and then you may like him more or less. It depends. It's up to what you think.
--Juliet, 13

I really, really like this boy his name is kohl. He is soooooooooooooooo cute. Why shouldnt he be? Hes on the top 3 hottest boys. Even if has freckles. I just feel I like him. Others say hes hot. But Im more of the shy person.
--Melanie, 12

I have a crush on this girl that is in my math, and English classes. She has jet-black hair, and hazel, almond-shaped eyes. She is Japanese, and we don't really talk much, but whenever I look at her, my heart starts to race. Her name is Jordyn. I REALLY like her. All of the guys in the class likes her, too. But, she likes this other boy named, Cole.
--Brandon, 11

Fred The Moose: I know how you feel. The boys at my school are so immature, and most of the time I feel like kicking them, too. And you know what stinks??? A moderately cute guy with an AWESOME personality lives on my street, but he doesn't like me. I don't like him anymore, though, so it's all good ;-). Denile, 12: It's great that you're like that. The only problem is, every guy in my grade thinks Im weird because Im smart and I don't belong to a clique, and all of my friends, let's just say they're not very attractive. The guy I mentioned earlier that lives on my street says that Im the best looking out of all of my friends, but he doesn't like me. It's sort of sad, though, considering Im kind of plain looking. But that's sort of weird, because Im flamboyant. But maybe in 7th grade things will change. This summer my mom said I could grow my hair out longer, get it waved, and that I could get contacts. Since we're moving to California (where it's sunny all of the time! ) I need to get them anyway...
--Chloe, 11

Read My Monthly Horoscope- IT IS TOO FREAKILY TRUE FOR WORDS. Libra- For May 2007: The 15th pushes Mars into your partnership house, indicating that once pliable, easygoing friends or partners may now have additional priorities to attend to and may no longer be as available as they once were. This only lasts until late June, so don't assume the worst. It's a phase, that's all. The upside is that you're like a luscious blossom, gleaming with nectar, drawing all the honeybees to you. New alliances may be forged, either personally or professionally. You'll be busy because you'll be in great demand. Between the 16th and 31st, you work steadily to transform something from 'okay' to fabulous. Some of you may spruce up your home, while others shape up and improve your overall appearance. The message you send out on the 16th will be a primitive precursor to the strong signal you radiate on the 31st. It does appear that you're ambitiously plotting something that could upgrade your status and turn you into a favorite topic of conversation. This month's touchstone: Citrine. Oh God no. NOW I become the center of attention??? I cant believe this: the message you send out on the 16th will be a primitive precursor to the strong signal you radiate on the 31st. It does appear that you're ambitiously plotting something that could upgrade your status and turn you into a favorite topic of conversation. . This is too unfair. I become popular and preppy or at least something AFTER I ask #440 out. Sometimes I wonder if somebody up there is just screwing with my head. The scary thing is, ELLE girl is always right about my month. - The Officially Freaked Out Chloe.
--Chloe, 11

Girl, Im sure he likes you the way you like him...
--Queenly, 13

Do u feel like u can't fit in?
--G2, 13

Every thing guys love me Im hot.
--Allie, 12

I have a HUGE crush on a boy in my class, but I don't think he knows that I exist. His name is Skyler M. Im sure he doesn't know that I exist. So what do I do?!
--BrittanyM., 11

I have this crush on a boy who happens to be in my best friend forever trio. He has blond hair and green eyes like me. He is funny, smart and kinda cute. Everybody knows I like him but I can't admit it. I've been very good at hiding it so far...Not! Can I have some advice pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase!!!!
--Melony, 10

Well I like this guy and well I like him because hes sweet.
--Sophia, 11

"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED ADVICE FROM SOMEONE!!! Okay, so I know this dude and my friend told him I like him but I don't! So he sees Im hot right? and so my friend told him that he should ask me out! But then he sees Im too shy and I don't really know her THAT well. So now I kind of do like him but if he asks me out one day soon should I say yes should I say no? yes? no? yes? no? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ).
--X_tinkerbelle, 13

Ok, ok...what makes my crush my crush is his smile. He has the cutest smile ever!!!! He laughs a lot and always races me in gym I think he lets me win though!!! He doesn't care what any one thinks of him and he always knows how to make me smile!!!!!! I like him I just hopes he likes me back!!!!!!!!!!!!
--Audrey, 12

My crush is sweet and funny, and we used to talk to each other a lot and sit together. He even told me he liked me. I was thinking of asking him out but I havent. I dont think he likes me anymore. Oh well guess I missed my chance!
--Emma, 13

I think a crush is a crush when you like him and he likes you. I also think he should like you because of who you are. I loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeee this boy but I dont know if he likes me. Some day imma ask him out or he'll ask me out. Hey, Glenda if you read this, dont tell any one.!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha...
--Lilly, 12

I like this guy in my 5th grade class. We had a Wax Museum that we had to do for the younger kids. I was Helen Keller, and he was Alexander Graham Bell. In a video we watched about Helen Keller a month after the Wax Museum, they were telling us about how Alexander Graham Bell helped Helen Keller in one part of the video. Then Helen Keller said that she loved him. Everyone was saying ooo-oooh! I was embarrassed, but everybody in the class was nice to me, so they didn't talk about it much. I told my friend, Ariana, and my little sister, Mika Ella in Tagalog that I liked him. I am from the Philippines, so we speak Tagalog.
--Isabella, 10

Okay this doesn't really answer the question, but I need some advice. I have a crush on this really hot guy. My friend was going to ask him out for me but I guess she forgot. Should I ask him out again? What if he says no and how would I handle peeps asking me if he really did reject me? For a bit of background, we were really good friends, but then middle school started and we didn't have any classes, so we stopped talking. I was at a camp with him and we talked. What should I do?
--Katie, 12

Paige, 11: It seems to me you really like this guy and he likes you back. If you really feel you should ask him out, do. But maybe you should just say you like him first, and if he acts mature and says he likes you too (which Im certainly guess he does) you go the next step and ask him out. You will sound eager if you ask right after you say you like him, so wait a bit. But if he asks you out before then say yes! If you don't feel comfortable saying this all to his face, write a note and drop it in his locker, or somewhere else where he'll find it before anyone else. But remember to sign your name on it! It's a good idea to write a note because it's easier and if you write something that sounds too eager you can erase it. Hope this advice helps you!
--Emma, 11

I like a guy that's popular. I hung out with him a lot before but now he became popular and blonde Barbie dolls and psycho people like him. He used to be mine ;_; I have dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Rumor has it that he likes two blonde girls who are friends of mine. He's like the stereotypical jock, and it stinks. So yes, my friends who know I like him. Tell me if he's all like that he isn't worth the time, but I still like him. I am that serious.

I'd prefer to leave my crush un-named, like nice person Chloe, so I'll call him...Experiment Y2. Ha ha, Im hilarious. Anyways, he's perfect: smart, funny, cute, nice, honest, has dignity, and in four of my classes, including gym...Oooooh. My friend Liliane says there are five things that proves he likes me. 1. He calls me Ady. 2. He stops by my locker right before class to chat. 3. When we got to choose our project partners in Guided Discovery he said Ady, wanna work with me?! 4. He lets me give him little pigtails with my ponytail holders. It's funny. 5. He likes the same music as me, so he asks me to listen to it with him on his iPod sometimes. I am pretty sure he likes me. And I CERTAINLY like him.
--Aderwyn, 12

(if u go down Im also justinsbf2b...Now Im 12) Im now the happiest person in the WORLD!! I finally got up the courage 2 ask him out! So now I have a bf! : ).
--Peden, 12

I have a huge-super-duper crush on a girl in my class named Melina R. I just can't get over her. She is HOT!!! She is also funny, smart, and nice. She knows that I like her as a friend but, and she likes me as a friend too but, she doesn't know I like her as much as I do. She is SOOOOOOOO HOT that whenever I am near her I start to sweat like I just got done playing a ball game.
--Christopher, 12

I decided not to go out with Craig. He's just a druggie and a player. Anyway, my friend Hannah told this other guy Pete that I liked him. He is realyyyy nice and sweat and pretty hot but I don't like him. And now that Hannah lied and said I did, Pete told Hannah I was hot and he liked me. And now I dont' know what to do. And he said a lot of other stuff to Hannah but Hannah wont tell me what. And I don't even know if this is true because Hannah is a liar! So WHAT SHOULD I DO!!?!
--Tinkerbelle, 13

I like a boy but I havent told him yet. Im afraid to.
--Cheylynn, 13

I just want to tell all of the girls out there that I am 100% sure that when you like a boy, they are A LOT more nervous than you are. Trust me, I blush around any girl that I even like in the smallest of ways and I would immediately say yes if they ask me out. So, please don't hesitate to ask a boy out because, 9 times out of 10 they will like you just as much as you like them. TRUST ME!!!
--Denile, 12

If you want a boyfriend to last a while, you can count on your boyfriend not to dump you for a while. NEVER dump your boyfriend unless you absolutely HAVE TO. Your bf may not be the coolest at first, but boys are like that. They take a while to warm up. They may not be comfortable around you for a week or two, but give them a while and they can be AWSOME!!!!
--Denile, 12

As a boy, I have a good experience of what they want and like. For example, when you go on a date with your bf, you want to make the arrangements. Boys are shy for a while when you date them. But after the first two weeks or so, set up a date at a small easy to get away from place such as your house or his house. You might want to take turns being the host. After the first 2 or 3 dates at a house, take a step up and set the date up at the movies or the mall. Boys like girls that show extra-interest in them. For example, set up a date with your bf or give him a kiss or 2.
--Denile, 12

My crush is different from other boys that I see around. He has no sadness, just plain girls around him. He's popular, and fine. Oh yeah the worst part is I found out he comes to my house every night and it's embarrassing to me. Now all the gr 6 girls that like him know now so...Im upset. What should I do?
--Jahnell, 11

My crush is cute. At first I didnt talk to him and now he goes over to my house. It was embarrassing. Any ways when he came over all happy and I was cleaning my room all of a sudden my wish came true. He finally said I like you. Then at November 2 girls started liking him and I began jealous. Then the werent together. On February I was worst. Gr 6 girls had a crush on him and theyre all more popular than me, so obviously I was sad. At the St. Patrick dance he had girls hugging him and dancing with him. I was depressed. So after night he came over and he looked like nothing happened. In the morning I was at his house and things changed. He kept looking at me every time. After April well everybody was getting us hooked up, sooooo. In May he had lots more girls liking him and he doesn't come to my house anymore, and now I was crying at home all the time, and I tried getting him out my mind. I was really depressed. My friends tried to make me confess he has girls, but its not helping and theres more drama. But what if he likes me again? Will he leave me like he did? Thats what I had on my mind. Well, love doesnt make me feel happy anymore.
--Jahnell, 11

Hey Chloe, do not let Chocolate meddle with your life. Remember, It's MY life!!!
--Hello, 12

I am soooooooooo sick of boys (not all of them). But most of them are sooooo obnoxious and immature! And all they want to do is hang out with the popular girls. It's so annoying! I would just like to kick them all!!!!!! >: [ I just wish a cute boy with a good personality would move around here, and I wish he would like me! Sometimes I feel like crying. : (.

Me, I no have a crush. My bff Aderwyn, um, YEAH! I think she submitted something about who she calls Experiment Y2, maybe it will show up soon? I hope. If it doesn't, Ady, put something else in, people should know. I twist this guys ears until they turn red. Just kidding, just kidding. I just do that to my brothers.
--Liliane, 12

Coco (11). How your worried that boy wont like you is wrong. Every forum I've been on, there has been a poll, on what color hair you like yet, and brunettes have always won...
--Spooky, 10

I look at his eyes when hes talking to me. He is so CUTE!
--Nathalie, 12

Okay, I am also Starry's cowgirl. It has been a year since I checked this site, and I am WAY over Jeremy! I REALLY DO NOT LIKE HIM ANYMORE! So if you read the one that I like him so much, FORGET IT! I am starting to like to one kid, so cute with freckles, sigh.
--Mop's friend, 11

My crush is like SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! But he already has a gf! TISNF!!!! But its weird 'cause some days I like him & some days I don't!!!!! But he is SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why I LOVE him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--Brittany, 11

Nope! But my 9 year old sister does. She likes Dylan Sprouse, Leonardo Dicaprio, and I dont know how to spell this guys first name but his last name is Musso, and I dont know how to spell this guys last name but his first name is Jason, and I also dont know how to spell this guys last name but his first name is Ricky.
--Hallie, 8

What happened with my crush and me is SO embarrassing!!!! I was SO scared to tell my crush, Adrian, that I liked him. I told my Best Friends and one of them, Hadie, dared me to tell him that I liked him and to get his number in gym. But I didn't, so my friend, Lasheral, told him in gym in front of all his friends!! We didn't talk for a few days, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. HE SAID THAT HE LIKED ME TOO!! Now we are boyfriend & girlfriend :).
--Rachel, 11

I like this boy (Josh K) who likes another girl (Sarah P) and she is my home slice (best friend). I told Josh that I like him. HELP ME!!!!
--Venessa, 12

My friends Kelsey and Gabby and me are crushing over the same guy. If it was you, what would you do?
--Taylor, 11

I have a crush on a boy that's in my math, history, PE, and lunch periods. He is soooo cute. But he never talks to me. He always tries to act mysterious around me, and talks to his friends most of the time. I am so scared to talk to him! He is really cool. In math class today, I gave him a pencil to borrow for the period, because he left his in his locker, and he sent me a smile. In history, we had to do a worksheet together, because we had to partner up. In PE class, we helped Coach Danny set out the equipment for the obstacle course that we were supposed to test today, and he sent me a huge smile. I wanted to melt! In lunch period, he sat at my table and we had a conversation. Should I ask him out? He's been real nice, and we started talking a lot now. But what should I do? I want to express my feelings in a cool, comfortable way. I don't want to sound to eager to go out with him.
--Paige, 11

"Well, I don't wanna spill my name but call me Coco. I have wavy espresso colored hair + chocolate eyes but boys don't ever like that. They all like Barbie blonde girls. My bff says don't worry u r smart and pretty the right boy will find u. But I'm not so sure...DOES ANY1 LIKE GIRLS LIKE ME?!"
--Coco, 11

"He is really nice and funny...But he could lay back on the belching contests! Lol! He is awesome...No matter what some of my friends say! One of my friends used to be his g/f...But she didn't really like him and I was sooooo angry...And he just broke up (well I wouldnt call it breaking up they just slowly stopped) with his recent g/f---I think he sort of likes me...At least he did a few weeks ago. He is awesome! <3."
--Ballerina<3, 13

"Ooo, just so you all know, I'm leaving this page and never coming back. >. <."

"Ummmm I've gone out with this person and he was first boyfriend, soo I kinda can't get over it, and I like him cuz he's good at sports."
--Melissa, 11

"Buster who's in 8th grade----Lol---I think it's completely ok that u like someone younger than you. There is a boy in 8th grade at my school...He likes a girl in my class (I am in 7th grade) so yeah...Like I said...It's alright!"
--C, 13

"Hey Jose-Miguel: ok so you like this girl's hair? Do ya like her or her hair!! Think about it. Really. I am a girl, sorry but I take that statement sort of offensive. Do guys like girls for who they are or for "Their hair"???"
--Monkeysrock, 13

"My crush is so cool because he is cute kind and funny. My crush Cameron also likes the same things I like and he also told me he liked me! So I guess it's happily ever after."
--Isabeau, 11

"Polly, 12: ok...I don't follow that. Why do you just have to choose between those guys? There are lots of other fish in the sea, but I understand. If u really like Dale. Go for it. People get jealous. That's the way things go. But if it is totally putting the friendship between u and these guys in jeopardy, TALK TO THEM!"
--Dancinqueen, 13

"I feel bad for my friend Chris for 2 reasons: 1. Everyone in my school knows he likes a girl Caroline (including his crush). 2. He also likes my 13-year-old sister. I also think he's kinda lucky (NOT ABOUT THE MY SISTER PART) I kinda like her too...But he won't make a move...HE'S AFRAID TO EVENT GO NEAR HER!!! I also kinda like a girl in my class Emma we've been friends since kindergarden. I also hear from Emma's older sister that she liked me in kindergarten!! : ) : ) ;) ;) : ) : )."
--Monkeyboy0o0, 9

"I like this boy he is soooo awesome. I have liked him for more than a year now. I think he might like my bff (grrr) or maybe me (just a little though) he used to know that I liked him. I don't think he knows anymore. OHHH HE IS SOOOO AWESOME I DON'T CARE IF HE ISN'T CUTE HE STILL ROCKS!"
--Not tellin, 13

"My crush is one of my friends."

"Is there a person you know who use to be as nice as can be but now is a total jerk that is mean and annoying?"

"I have had a lot of weird and NOT FAIR! Things happen to me lately. The first thing is, I keep catching #440 and his friends staring at me. I guess it's a good thing #440's staring at me, but his friends...That's sort of scary. I don't really like a lot of male attention, just enough is good : -). The second thing is, #440 thinks I've been staring at HIM! I have not been, he's just paranoid or something! What happened is this: #440 and his friend Jon were sitting behind me in Home Ec., next to a window. The lesson was sooo boring, so I kept looking out at the window at the rain. Then #440 gave me a look that was like, "WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME??!" and shrugged at me. I just shrugged and gave him the look back. Then, he and his friends tried to sit with me at lunch, but I just stood up, went "Oh God..." and walked to another table. Wow...I should probably get a blog. 3 DAYS TILL WE LEAVE FOR THE CAPE COD FIELD TRIP, AND #440'S MY PARTNER!!"
--Chloe, 11

"HELP!!!! Oh. My. God. This is SOOO unfair. I am depressed right now. Why, you ask. I'll tell you why. MY PARENTS WANT TO MOVE TO A HOUSE ON A STREET THAT'S 5 MINUTES AWAY FROM CHOCOLATE'S HOUSE!! WHICH MEANS I'LL BE ON HIS BUS!! Seriously, do they not know that Chocolate is my enemy? I think I'm going to throw up..."
--Chloe, 11

"He has to be emotional. Not the type of person that plays sports all day long. I need someone that likes school a lot. I have a crush on this guy named Manny. Not the guy that goes on IML. It's this guy who wears glasses and is not afraid to cry. He has 2 buck teeth that always stick out of his mouth. He loves to do Math, Social Studies, and Science like I do. He's always helping me. But my 4th grade teacher, Mr. Smith doesn't let us talk. He knows that I have a crush on him and I know he has a crush on me."

"My crush iz fine."

"Me and my friend both shuddered when I told her this; there is this 6 year old boy who lives across the street. I play with him if there is nothing to do. So we were playing tag and he came up to me and said I love you! (EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! )! I went UUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMM......And ran away to play. 1 more time (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! ) (for me and my friend)."
--2embarresed2tell, 10

"Um...That Ivy wasn't me. I don't outburst like that. So, other Ivy, could you please find another name so people don't get confused? Thank you very much."
--Ivy, 12

"Heh, yeah I have like 4 crushes. One is Zach, and I like him because he's quiet and funny he's well...Hott. Plus, he's actually MY AGE (score!! ). But he's my cousins-who is also a boy, thankfully-best friend so that could be kind of awkward. Yeeeeah and another 1 is T a.k.a. Tyler who is equally hott and nice and has THE cutest smile you have EVER seen I swear but he just turned 17 sooo that won't work out..."

"I like this guy, Brad. He's smart, nice, cute, funny...Everything. He recently got a new hairstyle, so cute...But I'm worried that he's distracting me too much. My friends say he likes me, but I'm really not sure. Maybe he will after I get contacts this summer? I'm getting really tired of my glasses."
--July, 11

"I like a boy named Colton he is 11."
--Maria, 10

HarryPotter: Yeah, I said perfume instead of cologne, but I do completely agree with you about cologne...Toxic sludge.

My boyfriend is very nice to me he gives me flowers when ever we go on Dates!
--Katelyn, 11

OMG OMG OMG! HARRYPOTTER I THINK #440 LIKES ME!!!!! My bff is in the 5th grade, Im in 6th, and her hallway is right near all of my classes, and she always hears #440 talking about me to his best friend Jon! She says that he sounds obsessed or something!!! YES!!!!
--Chloe, 11

My crush is with a boy that I like and he is mad at me because I lie to save myself. But the thing that he doesn't know is that I defend him by telling lies to the principal and not making him get in trouble. But I love this guy since we started school and he doesn't talk to me anymore. But Im sad about that, and I still love him, and I can't forget him.

Yaa I don't know like I need advice people please!! Ok! So, there is this gangster dude who likes me and he wants to go out with me, and I kind of like him, but here's the problem! He's claims to be a Christian, meanwhile, he's a druggie! But I don't know maybe he could be a Christian but w/e! The problem is should I go out w/ him or not? I need help! Please! Lol oh but there is another thing Im not like crazy over him but he reallyy likes me. Well at least thats what his friend A. J. Says, but anyway, and ya Im just reallyyyyy confused! Should I go out with Craig? Yes? No? Maybe so? Lol. Well please give me some advice because he asked me yesterday at jr. high and I said I'd let him know next week (this Wednesday!). And so like ya I don't know what to do! Help please x]. Ttyl<3 ty!! <2.
--X_tinkerbelle, 13

I know Im posting a lot, but...#440's afraid to ask me out. Hannah keeps saying she's hearing him in the hallway talking about me with his friends, and that he said that he really really likes me and he loves my personality, but he can't go out with me because Im not a prep. Hannah says I should dress more like a prep and see what happens, but Im not sure. I don't want to change myself for a boy...But I think I love him.
--Chloe, 11

You look like that when you're RUNNING Chloe? Ironic. So do I. : P. Actually, I was late to Orchestra, (luckily, my mammoth of a Violin was already in the room) and I was sprinting down the hall. Then, the guy I USED to like (who is now my good friend) came up next to me, because he was late for gym, which was near the Orchestra room. He chuckled for a second. What? I asked. Nothing, he said curtly, and smiled to himself. I became all self-conscious, because I liked him at the time. He ran up the stairs to the gymnasium, and waved goodbye (I couldn't wave back, because I had my French binder in my arms, so I just nodded). Later, it was raining (think of ropes, falling from the sky, and that was the rain). We [my entire grade] were all scooted into the auditorium. He sat next to me, and we had a pleasant conversation about HOOT, and how the book was SO much better than the movie. Later, my friend Gabby (who is a guy guru) told me that he liked me. I went about the rest of the day feeling like I swallowed a cloud; one in a lightning storm. I think he still likes me...but I like Jesse. Romance is so confusing!!!
--HarryPotter, 13

Buster: That's fine.
--YogaQueen, 11

I believe everything happens for a reason, and from what I notice, things are pointing towards the guy I like liking me.
--Mystery X

Abigail, 10 don't listen 2 what u heard. Follow ur heart...
--Abby, 13

I was picking up the litters at the canteen after recess at school and I saw a boy who was 8 years old too, same as me. Suddenly, I realized that I looked at him too much that I know I had a crush on him. Then I felt so stupid because I wasn't suppose to have a crush on any boys! DUH!!!
--Razanah, 8

Lol my friend just told me that her dad use to have a crush on Caroline Ingalls off of Little House On The Prairie when he was about ten years old! Lol!!

Sanjaya from American Idol is so HOT!!! I heard he was gonna be on Hannah Montana! Last night, I dreamed we kissed.
--YogaQueen, 11

He is cute and funny. He asked another girl out. The girl said no, though! I think he may still like her though. Can I ask him out?
--YogaQueen, 11

There's this guy named Matthew, and well, he is not cute, tall, or a fast runner but he is everything else a girl look for in a guy.
--Elizabeth, 11

How do you say explain or plan your crush?
--Angelica, 9

Well...He's funny and smart and cute and kind and sweet and nice and I think that's enough examples.
--Mizu, 11

Cute and funny (Like Jason Dolley or Dylan Sprouse!).
--Macy, 10

I don't have a crush on him. Im about 13 and I am in literal love with a boy. Its not puppy love or just a crush. Im crazy about him and I want to date him. I think about him so much, and whenever I pass him in class, I try to walk with a model strut and look pretty. Then my heart races like mad. We sit next to each other because we like each other so much, and I am always myself and so happy around him. He always makes me giggle and stare at him. 13 is not too young to fall in love...I could see 9 or 10, but not 13!!! He is my first love. Period!!! I know it. Those are all the signs of falling in love!!! : ) ) ) ) ).
--Lexa, 12

Chloe: Do NOT let Chocolate run your life like that. Don't with a capital D.
--Hello, 12

You know how I said my crush goes to my church? So he doesn't go to my school. You know why? He's 14!!! AHHH!!! But he's SOOOO hot!!! Do any of you think it's possible that a 14 year old would like a 12 year old? I don't...: ( : ( Plus, the TERRIBLE thing is, our family is going to a different church now, so Im never going to see him again!!! WAHHH!!!! At least I know his name...
--Hello, 12

Okay, so I really really like this guy and I have for like 8 months I mean really like him...But I don't know if he likes me at all. Its so confusing b/c I was talking to him on the computer one night and I asked him, and he said he doesn't dislike me. And then my friends ask him and he said he kinda does. And then one day his sister was talking to me and shes like you know Adam, (that's his name) shes like, He doesn't like you. So I have heard so many different things. He looks at me in the class we have and smiles, but then some days he just ignores?! I don't know why he would like me anyways because I am bigger than he is and a year older in school...How do I know if he likes me even just a little bit? I don't know who to believe. Guys are so confusing. Please answer my question and help me w/ Adam. Thank you if you answer this!!

If I have a boyfriend and a guy asks me if I want to be his girlfriend, what do I do?
--Brianna, 9

I have a crush on this boy but he 18 and I am only 10 his name is Corbin Blue but he is famous his curls are so cute. He lives in New York.
--Raihannah, 10

"!!!!!!!!!!!! READ HARRYPOTTER!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh. HarryPotter, I have Progress on #440! What happened like a month ago was this: I was late to band, so I had to start running. For some strange reason, I look pretty and graceful when Im running (so Ive been told). #440 and his friends were behind me, and now every time we're in that hallway, he goes, Run, Chloe, Run! I just look back and smile. Do you think they're teasing me, or is it that they like to watch me run?? I told myself I'd only run for them sometimes...Is that the right thing to do?? ***** Also, on a separate issue, this kid that's been in my life since I moved to where I live now, is meddling with my life. It's that chocolate-eyed boy again...He's always done things like this. What happened was my friend got dared to send this kid a secret admirer note, even though she doesn't like him. Then Chocolate boy (What's weird is he hates chocolate, but his eyes are the same color! ) started pressuring me to tell him who was sending the kid the note! I told him no, and then he said, I know all of your secrets, and I can ruin your social life. I you're smart, you'll tell me who did it. And, he actually DOES know all of my secrets!! We were best friends in the 4th grade, and now we're in 6th. We became enemies last year. I told him...AND NOW MY FRIEND HATES ME!! I mean, I understand that she's mad at me for telling Chocolate, he has the biggest mouth in the grade! But, according to my friend, Chocolate told my friend that the reason everybody knows is because I told everyone from Track A (the track Im on at school)!!! I DID NOT, HE DID! My friends and his friends tell me he did this because he has a major crush on me, and has since last year. I think he has too, so I don't really care. BUT WHY IS HE MEDDELING WITH MY LIFE?????
--Chloe, 11

My crush doesn't go to my school, he goes to my Church, and he is soo HOT!! He looks at me a lot. What do you think? Does he like me?? : P.
--Hello, 12

I have a crush on this boy, and he may like me, but he is my friends ex. She said I cannot go out with him. What should I do?
--Abigail, 10

Uh, HarryPotter? You know what you just said is sort of my situation with Chocolate? You said, I also hate that some guys will throw their football (or some other ball) near you, but not directly at you, just so they get the chance to fetch it and get close to you. But Chocolate throws the ball at me...And he hit me twice. Once I had enough and just walked over to him and slapped him in the face ;- P!
--Chloe, 11

I really like Lucero, but she doesn't like me. What should I do, cuz I like her hair.

Heather, 11: U should talk with ur friends and see if they're OK with u dating ur crush.
--MileyCyrus, 11

HARRY POTTER READ THIS!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! According to my best friend, who's in the fifth grade, whenever she's outside of her classroom, #440's talking about me with his best friend, Jon!!!! Hannah (my friend) says that he sounds like he's watching a game of baseball (that's really important to #440) and that he basically sounds interested!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! And something else, I told my friend, Ashleigh, I liked #440, she went and told some one that I used to like!!! Is it that she's jealous or something? And that some one is Chocolate's bff! Is it a possibility that the reason Chocolate's acting like he is because the some one told him that I like #440...AND HE'S JEALOUS??????? HEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP!!!
--Chloe, 11

I don't have a crush, ok so Ill admit, I don't want to like the guy though, he is a Mexican and is younger than me by almost a year,. He won't be 12 till Nov. But I still like him. Age doesn't matter to me, as long as they love God, but I want to stop liking him.
--Polarbearluvr, 12

Dear bran, I know that u love your x-girlfriend. So just say. Its okay if you Love your x-girlfriend. Love: meme.
--Amin, 9

My old crush was so nice and was a lot like me. But then I was chasing this REALLY annoying guy and I accidentally hit him! We had to go to the principals office and I explained. He said he forgave me but now I feel all weird around him. It's like Im afraid of hurting him and I no matter how much I tried to forget it I just didn't like him anymore.
--Josephine, 10

I like a guy that is from another country. Yeah he's older...But that doesn't matter. He's still hot and kind and funny with his thick accent and dark hair.

There is this guy in sixth grade and Im in fifth he is really cute. My older sister doesn't think he's cute but that's her opinion. Anyway he is on the basketball team for my school St. Francis. I first realized him when he was in position for the ball. This is kind of weird but he really had a curvy rear end but when I saw his face I was blown away. We played around at the water fountain and laughed. He touched my sweater I never wanted to wash it but hygiene comes first. I hope one day we become friends so I can get to know him, my sister says you need to know a guy before you date him. I hope once I get to know better he'll ask me out. But the bad news is my mother never can find out (my lil sis will soon find out and run her mouth) because she'll say I need to keep my head in my books. But I don't need to cause I get into speech bees and I get a lot of awards. It's not fair cause my bff's parents know bout their bfs. I had one bf cause we were still in love for 2 years and I almost had a bf because I moved out.
--T-Dee, 11

How cute he is.

On someone named Brittany!!!

Is it okay to have an extremely huge crush on a girl that is in 7th grade (Im in 8th grade).

What makes my crush, well, my crush you ask? Well, my crush has something no boy has, and that's some dignity! My crush isn't afraid to say how he feels. He acts like himself even though he may be around someone special! If he likes to be crazy and wild, then he goes ahead and goes crazy and wild! He's never afraid to express himself! So that's what makes my crush MY CRUSH!!!!
--Brittany, 11

I really like Dillon Foshee!!!!!!!! What should I do?

My crush is awesome. He is my best friend, and we've known each other forever. Once I told him I liked this other guy. I asked him to keep it a secret, and he did. My advice is to keep your relationship strong until you think you are close enough to date.
--Rachel, 11

I have a crush on a guy in my class. One day my friend called me up and asked if I had a crush on that guy. So I said yes. Then she told me that he liked me back. So for a while he knows that I like him and I know that he likes me. Then a couple of weeks ago my friend convinced me to ask him out. When I asked him out he said yes. So Im pretty exited. The only problem is that every one my class teases us about liking each other. What should I do?
--Emily, 12

Alisha, 11: wait until he cools down, then ask him out if u feel ready 2 do it: ).

My crush is, sweet, cute, smart, friendly, and always kind to others. I LOVE HIM!
--Aliya, 10

Girls are cute.

My crush likes me and I like him but my other friends like him too. My friends asked him out and he said no, he likes me. And they cried. Now what should we do?
--Heather, 11

"He's really nice and smart. He's my teacher's kid and his twin sisters LOVE me! Naturally Im extremely kind and nice to them. But he's three years and 13 days older than me. So it would never work out anyways.
--Janelle, 11

I like a boy whos nice, sweet, handsome, funny, TALKS A LOT and he is very, very, very, VERY kind!!!!!!
--Emily, 10

He is soooooo hot and he's really nice and his 'rents r friends w/ my 'rents.

Most of my crushes are artistic and creative (scratch that, ALL of my crushes are artistic and creative). I hate it when a guy is all bulked up and thinks about sports 24/7 (Same with watching them. Ugh). I also hate that some guys will throw their football (or some other ball) near you, but not directly at you, just so they get the chance to fetch it and get close to you. UGH.
--HarryPotter, 13

Ok, so: update on my situation. My friend was just being a jerk kinda (thankfully!) and he thought that if he said he liked me, I would tell him who I like. Anyways, one of my 2 friends that knows who my crush is said she thinks he might like me, too. She thinks (and I hope) there are signs. The other friend that knows who my crush is almost told someone so I need to watch him carefully. Another one of my friends has a crush on the guy I like, and while everyone else is being mean and saying stuff like, Oh, he's so ugly," I stand up for him. But my friend that likes him kinda likes a lot of other guys, too, so I (not trying to sound snobby) think I deserve him.
--Kat, 12

I have no idea why I just signed off as anonymous...HARRY POTTER THANKZ SO MUCH. This is Chloe in case the thingie changes it to Anonymous...
--Chloe, 11

Well, I like this boy, but he asked another girl out. The girl said no, but the boy still likes her. Is it OK 2 ask the boy out? PLEEZ HELP ME!!!
--GottaDance, 11

Well I used to like this guy, let's call him Neji (for those of you who watch Naruto). Actually wut I really liked the most about him was the fact that he simply luved everything that I luved. But since I told Neji, my friend that I liked him, well let's say it ended my crush : ).
--TenTen, 12

Oh and Samuel, try actually knowing girls like me, a tomboy, before you say that they stink! Cause try giving all other types of girls a chance before you hate them.
--TenTen, 12

"He well...he is so funny and he makes me laugh. Thats why I like him.
--Katie, 10

Well I like this boy named Brandon very much, and I call him sometimes, and he calls me sometimes. And we talk on the playground sometimes and he tells me he loves me. From Alexix E.
--Alexix, 9

My crush is a Christian and he has blonde hair. His name is...well, if he reads this I don't care as long as he goes out with me. PLEEEEEEEEEZE go out with me cuz I really like you. And your name is Caleb M...
--Anna, 10

HarryPotter, This guy is like, always talking to me. Well, he's sort of like the shy type. The type that doesn't really, well, let's say, talk a lot. He's always waving at me and in math class he tells me some of the answers because you know what sometimes I am soooooooooo stupid in math. Anyways, answer because I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to know if this stuff that he does means anything. Don't forget me!!!!!!!!!
--Doihavetosay, 12

My crush is this popular jock that sits next to me in my class. He is so hott. He is always active. He is on all of the sports teams. I love him so much.

My crush is funny and cute but I dont think he likes me. Should I tell him how I feel about him?
--Kerlisha, 8

That he likes me for me and visa versa and he is willing to wait.
--Reddog, 10

Help! There's this dork who has this thing that you can't help liking him and every girl in my class knows this and likes him!!!! But he is a DORK!

I crush on my crush because she is very cute when she comes in my class.
--Blaze, 11

Ok, so, I like my friends boyfriend...He's cute, smart, funny, cool, and sweet, and a lot of other things. But I might not ever see him again...(ever again). He's my best friend's friend's boyfriend. His name is Kyle. My church did this thing and we all went to the main event, and my friend brought Kyle (my crush), Stephanie (my friend), Cole (my friends boyfriend), and Grason (my friends friend). I actually liked Grason at first then I liked Cole but now I like Kyle, and I dont like Cole or Grason anymore (life is crazy!!!!). HELPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO??!!!! ITS BUGGIN ME...and my parents think Im too young to think guys are cute...
--Macy, 9

I would be happy to share this topic with you. Can you keep a secret, whoever is reading this? I have a crush on this kid named Jason [he is soooo cute]. I just get total butterflies when I see him. I need some advice. Should I ask him if he likes me too?
--Debra, 10

It's not so good to have a crush as boys will always break your heart! My crush is supposed to be my boyfriend but every time I see him he's always with a popular girl who HATES me! I have some advice for you, whether your boy or girl, if you really like someone then go for it! Ask them out but DON'T BREAK their HEART! It's dreadful!
--Sian, 13

Well, his nickname's Flip, but I call him Fancy Flippy for 2 reasons: 1) It's funny and 2) becuz of a Health Project our class did. Nolan is a thing of the past!!!!!!!!!!!!
--Me!, 11

I emailed my crush I like him and gave him my phone #. It was late last night around 11. I hope he calls, 'cuz I asked him out!
--Kayla, 11

He ballroom dances!!!!!!!!!!! He's cute! Hes a drummer! Hes into archery...He wants me 2 go shooting w/ him...But I can't shoot an animal (person, yes). He has dark chocolate eyes and he smells really good! Im not sure how he does his hair, but its cute! The first time we danced, I thought I was flying!! Ya'll should see his shimmy!!!!!!!!
--Adamholic, 12

I have a crush on this boy named Andrew and he is a total hottie. My best friend Lizzie has a crush on him too. We don't compete over crushes. My enemy Jacey thinks we're foolish because all we talk about is Andrew C.
--Gweneth, 12

On Sunday, April 1st, my friend told me to give my crush a Jolly rancher. I said No, I wasn't going to, but she kept telling me too. He went out of the room and I said, He's gone now. She said, No he's not, give him one. I kept telling her no, and she got mad at me. So we were walking through the hall and she wasn't talking to me. I saw my crush, and I walked right up to him and said, Here take this! Cause I was mad at my friend and I wanted her to talk to me again. He took it and I walked away. I heard him say, I don't even like these. My friend started laughing her head off. I said, Are you happy now? She didn't answer, she just kept on laughing. It was kind of fun. I felt really embarrassed (don't know if I spelled that right) afterwards. But it was worth it. Thank goodness I don't have to see him for a while.

There is this boy at my school named Malak and he is Psycho-CRAZED-UP Froot-loop! I like him cuz' his big ol light brown eyes are just gorgeous!
--Kammy, 11

Sam: Wow...I didn't think of that...My best advice to you would be to read IML's advice on crushes...Really though, if I were you, I'd just treat her as a friend.
--MissMonkey, 12

My is my crush because, she's funny, intelligent, nice, she's notice's me, and in my grade too. But when I talk to her Im afraid, and scared if I tell her my feelings. I NEED SOME TIPS! But remember just because your crush rejects you doesn't mean it's the end of the world...
--Alex, 9

Hey, My crush is cute, funny, smart, and above all, easy to talk to. I mean, I can NEVER talk to guys I like. This guy is the first guy I've ever liked that I've been able to talk to. He laughs and asks open-ended questions. I never run out of things to say to him. But unfortunately he isn't in my social group, so we really don't see each other much. : - ( But anyways, I like him because he's funny and cute and EASY TO TALK TO!!! Ttyl! : -).
--Zoe, 12

I like, so like him. He is so cute. Every time he sees me he flirts!
--Jasmine, 13

HARRYPOTTER I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Ok, something freaky happened. Jon, #440's best friend called me over to the desk he and #440 were sharing. So I went over, said Yeah? and he told me to go away (#440 wasn't looking). Then he talked to #440 for a second and come over and said to me, "#440 wants you to know...Like...Ok? THAT WAS ALL I HEARD, MY CLASS IS SOO LOUD!!! But I told him, Ok. But I want to know what he said completely without looking like an idiot and embarrassing myself in front of #440. What should I do? (PS: Jon was the one who originally flirted with me to get the attention of his best friend ;-P).
--Chloe, 11

Great idea Anonymous! I have most perfect thing! *grabs brother's cologne* Just kidding, I'd never wear that toxic sludge.
--HarryPotter, 13

A boy who is smart, dorky, sensitive, energetic, and a guy who loves school. A boy I wouldnt like that much is a guy that plays football, dumb, doesn't focus on his work, and wants to ditch or has ditched school. And I know that he might pop up during middle school.
--Madison, 9

To me behavior. Go with behavior you like.
--Anonymous, 10

Is that he is so hot and funny.
--Keithtisha, 9

My crush will never look at another girl he kisses good and he loves me.
--Tawny, 19

Melina: Im kinda crazy about hoops too ;).

Well hes cute and sweet.

He is cute, funny, kind, and we are really good friends.
--Amanda, 13

I wrote my crush a letter yesterday and had my friend give to him while I went to the bathroom. - Im very bad with that stuff. : ) - So he read it and acted even weirder which is funny because he knew I liked him for two weeks. In it I asked a? Im not going to say, told him I was moving, and not to show it to his friends. I knew his gf would totally kill me if she found out but it was worth it. - She once said she thought I was cooler then her lol. - If he had not of been dating I would have asked him out bc he is: funny, kind, sweet, caring, weird which is funny, and of course soooooooooooooo cute.
--Brianna, 10

Last December, we were in a play together. We both had main parts. I think he likes me too, and so does his best friend (who I don't like). He kept accusing us of getting Close". Anyways, he's a skinny little dork with a charm about him that I can't really describe. I know he has a sweet and kind side, its just a rare sight.
--JesusFreak, 13

Salma 12, I think you should go on if you want but try and keep it simple cuz if it goes too far it may lead to other stuff (like that) and thats probably not the best choice for a 12 year old who is still in school. But anyways you might as well do something now becuz he may break your heart some day later. H. I. H. (hope I helped).

Im not sure if my crush likes me back we were hanging out for a weekend and his younger sister was trying to get us together and so were both of our friends hed try to make me laugh and sit next to me but I dont know HELP!
--Zoey, 11

Well, he's not a crush, but I'll tell u 1 thing: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you! HarryPotter, he still hasn't answered...But Im not worrying. Guess what? We have a huge 3-day trip to Cape Cod that cost like 170 dollars and #440 is my partner!!! The partners have to go down to the beach together in the morning at like 6 o' clock and take pictures to send back home! OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS I AM THE LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD!!!!!

This is supposed 2 b in the crush section. There's this boy that I luv & he moved. Should I tell him? Im afraid because I 1de if he will hate me. Please help. : * (.
--Lover2, 13

"Hi again. Umm...MissMonkey, Im afraid that if I just talk to her, she will soon get the impression that she is insignificant to the world, due to my expanding intelligence and vocabulary. HELP!!!!!!!!!
--Sam, 12

Well he has gorgeous eyes and an amazing smile! His name is _______.

I don't have a crush...
--MayaSantos, 12

My crush is cute, smart, and really sweet. I really don't know if he likes me back. One day he held the door for me at the library. Do you think he likes me?
--Christina, 12

Hes ssssssssooooooo funny and cute. Hes best best boyfriend but he moved away FAR. Help.
--Lilyi, 12

He is soooo cute and sweet and one of my friends. I sit at his table and school and about get in trouble during class for talking to him, but he talks back and plays with me. I like him a lot and I even had someone tell him that - Im shy when it comes to that -, but when we went on a over night field trip I found out he had GF. I still think he likes me a lot and is so nice he stayed at the table when two other girls sat there. And he is the only boy at that table!!
--Brianna, 10

If you like someone and they do like you, but they are mad at you what do you do?
--Alisha, 11

Monique, just wait it out. Those are some good signs (take it from me, the symbology girl) and if it's meant to happen, it will happen. (I've been watching WAAAAAAAY too much Oprah. ).
--HarryPotter, 13

Lolol: I TOTALLY agree with you!!
--Hello, 12

The reason why I like this boy is hes cute, nice, funny, and he loves basketball. But, the bad thing is that's all he wants to play. Never ever with anyone else but his friends in basketball. Even if he had a girlfriend he wouldnt talk to her at recess. All hell do is play basketball. If you ask me I think hes also a jerk, and as my ex-friend Tiffany says "I don't care if hes a jerk. Hes a hot jerk. But thats the only thing I dont like about him. Thanks for listening, Melina. Kiss kiss BYE!
--Melina, 11

Well Chloe, (sorry if Im replying a bit late) that's a little tricky to decode. (I swear, some boys are from a parallel universe. ) Either hes interested, he likes you, or he wants to be good friends. I think that you should ask him a few precise questions. #440 seems really sweet, so even if he doesn't like you that way, I bet you can still be friends.
--HarryPotter, 13

Salma, 12 follow ur heart and if he likes u he might hang out with u and not another girl. LOL! Hey, IML can u create something 4 mistaken ages?
--Barbie, 12

Hi guys! Im the one who asked the question and Im back! 10 years old I am in fact, but anyways, I LOVE YOU TYLER!
--Angela, 10

Ok...So hes cute and fun!!! Hes in my karate class and he said if I could through him he'd take me 2 a movie...So tomorrow Im going 2 a movie! He has a southern accent witch is sooooo HOT!! Hes kinda rednecky but Im ok with that! Plus hes the only guy I can really talk 2!! : ) 2 problems though...Hes years 4 older than me and thinks Im in the 8th grade!!!. Omg!!! If Justin reads this ( not that I can c him sitting down long enough) *shiver*shiver*.
--Justinsgf2b, 11

My crush is Jake.
--Shelby, 8

Samitha is hot.

I still don't know if I like this person though, but he is really cute, athletic, and has great hair though he is like 2 or 3 years older then me, but I can wait...
--Vanessa, 11

I have a crush on someone and he is in 6th grade an Im 3rd. I really like him. But here is the problem he lives in Sabinal, Texas and I live in Uvalde, Texas. We barely see, and talk to each other. And really like him.
--Gabriela, 9

Having a CRUSH isn't about kissing and other stuff. It's about him/her not knowing that you like them.
--Jazmine, 12

My crush is Cole H. I like him because hes cute, funny, and likes me, too!
--Jamie, 11

Its a very fine boy on my team but I don't know if he likes me
--Lexie, 10

I am embarrassed. I love a kid named Jamie I was passing a note that said I love him. And the teacher read it out loud.
--Katy, 11

HarryPotter (13) : You asked, Does anyone have any not-the-guy-you-like repellant? Try really horrible smelling perfume! OK, sorry. I just HAD to say that.

Oh my gosh, I think my crush likes me!!! He always looks at me!! PLZ LIKE ME!! PLEASE!! <: ).
--Hello, 12

CLH, 10: if this person (JH) is into you. Then you should go for it!
--Kayla, 11

There was this boy named Scipio R. and I liked him and he found out and now he likes someone else in his apartments.
--Lilan Nguyen, 10

Hes really fit, is caring, if someone says something mean about someone else to him, he would say to the person whose telling him all these things that its not nice. He is brave enough to ask a girl out as well...

I really like my best guy friend's (although there have been rumors that I have a crush on my guy friend all year) best friend, and have since the before the second month of the school year. The first time I talked to him, we started arguing very loudly, but we both just ended up laughing. More recently (like two days ago), I actually HAD to talk to him. It was not my choice. We only got to talk for about five minutes (I had to take the bus home and I couldn't be late; he had to get his instrument out of the Band Hall), but he picked up my binder for me without me asking, said thanks for taking time to talk, and his face was bright red the whole time we were talking. The next day, we had to sign into something and he let me ahead of him in line. Very pale skin, beautiful blue eyes, two or three inches taller than me, extremely shy, pretty platinum-blonde very wavy hair. He's perfect for me (I am Miss Picky). But you remember that guy friend that I mentioned earlier? Well he just told me that he himself has a crush on me!! There is too much unnecessary drama in my group of people.
--Kat, 12

Miss Monkey, 11: I am Marlene and u can try to find out who impersonated you if u know what I mean. Angel, 23 go out with him. Don't waste ur time because u should do it now if u know what I mean girlfriend...
--Eliza, 12

The boys name is Zac Efron he's really cute he famous but he's only 19 years old.

I have a crush on someone and he is in 7th grade an Im in 6th. He asked me out and I said yes!! We always meet in a bathroom at 7th Period and we make out!! Should I keep going or tell him to stop. We also go over each others houses and lock ourselves in one room! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Every1 says it's gross but I really LOVE him!!! What makes him unique is that he has his own cute style and we have a lot in common! I really love him!!
--Salma, 12

I don't well know why. He is like smart cute and well not often nice I just like him. He goes easy with me when me and one of my friends play football. I do like football but I don't play very good. His friends take it easy on me and my friends. That Is MOST OF IT but I don't know why I like him. I like him as a friend. But there is something about him I just like...

Well my crush is really cool and he likes to be around people who are chill. And people he can talk to and Im that kind of person.
--Richelle, 11

"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I TOLD MY CRUSH I LIKED HIM (The one at locker #440)!! Well, last month I left a secret admirer note in his locker, and he didn't figure out who put it there,, so I waited for him after L. A. And I told him that I left the note in his locker. He's not really good with on the spot things, so he didn't tell me if he liked me back. But he's been SOOOO sweet to me. Like today we had a raffle, and Mr. S, my teacher, pulled a female's ticket out, and he described someone sweet, smart, a little bit sarcastic, and a hard worker. #440 (that's what I'll call him) said, Oh that's easy, it's Chloe! His friend then whispered in his ear for like 5 minutes, and I saw #440 looking at me a few times during the day. PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS MEANS SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--Chloe (Again), 11

What makes your crush, your crush?!?! Well, I like guys for there charm and personality, I guess but thats just me.
--Carina, 12

My love makes me my love because he understands me and we both communicate really good. We both have a same personality of being shy, compassionate, smart, funny and diligent. =) And we enjoy being together.
--Berisa, 12

"!!!!! READ THIS HARRYPOTTER!!!!! I NEED ADVICE!! Umm the other day I got up the nerve to tell my crush I liked Im. He didn't answer me back, and he's never had a gf before. But he keeps staring at me and being oh so sweet! Like today, we had a raffle @ school, and my teacher described the girls' ticket he pulled as sweet, smart, a little bit sarcastic, and pretty, and #440 (What I am calling him) said, Oh that's easy, It's Chloe! Then we had a pizza party and he tried soo hard to make me laugh (which I did) and after he succeeded, he made Snapple come out of my nose (how attractive *rolls eyes*). Does any1 know if this behavior means anything?
--Chloe (Again), 11

Why the heck are 8 year olds worrying about crushes? Shouldn't you be playing with your Barbie dolls? This is crazy, I say if you can avoid dating for as long as possible you should. So much stress comes with it, especially when you get older. I don't know, world's crazy these days.

MissMonkey, are you still leaving? : ( stay! : ) : ) : ) : ).......Please? LOL.
--Tinkerbelle, 12

I have a crush on this boy Cole but he has a girlfriend that I hate and Cole said he'd never go out with me I am crushed what should I do about Cole's girlfriend and me and him.
--Megan B, 10

Well, me and my crush are together. We were together since November, and we never broke up.
--Irene, 11

I want to hang out with him but I don't want him to think I have a crush on him because I don't. My friend has a crush on him so, us three and maybe some other guy could hang out...Sorry Im speaking my mind again: )...

Okay, it started during the summer when we were picking up my cousin from his friends house. My cousin had told me that he showed his friends some pictures and he said I was hot but he had never really met me until I found out that we were going to school together. But when I saw him, I had a major crush on him. His name was Jeff and he was in 6th grade. Remember this Im in 7th grade. Anyway, I started building up some feelings for him but the problem was that he went out with at least 6 girls and this is already halfway through school. I wondered why he hasnt gone out with me yet. He said I was hot. But even though he still went out with other girls, I still liked him and I still wanted to go out with him. And last night I just had a dream that he had asked me out. Is this a sign? Today I didnt go to school because I guess I was still having my dream and my parents werent able to wake me up. But tomorrow will there be a chance for me to get with him? Will he have the same feelings for me too? My horoscope, (Capricorn) says that Taurus, (which is my crush) is my one true love and he understands me. HELP ME IM DESPERATE AND ROMANTIC!!!!!!!!!!!.
--Monique, 13

Chloe, 11: don't worry, ur time will come.
--CouldBeAnyone, 11

Lori, 11: Don't let the teasing get 2 you! DON'T, DON'T, DON'T, seem angry or upset. He's just saying he's gonna do it 'cuz it makes you mad. Don't show your upsetness show. See where it goes. If he ends up telling, at least you won't have to tell this guy you like him! Also, don't hide your feelings and say you don't like him. By denying it, he'll be tempted and want to do it EVEN MORE. If he says that he's gonna tell, just say: Yep, you're right, I like him. And, I was gonna tell anyway. So, you'll just be doing me a total favor by doing it. But, it would be a waste of YOUR time. Anyway, I just wanna let you know that your teasing doesn't bother me any more. It actually never did. Try to work up the nerve to tell him you like him. But if this pesky demonic kid DOES tell, don't deny it. Because if you do work up the nerve to tell this guy he will think you're a liar, and you may lose the chance with a great guy if you do deny this. He may like you too, and when you deny it, you tear him down, and he may turn his feelings from you, to another girl. I know it'll help. BYE!!!!.
--Kayla (advice-giver), 11

Naomi, 12: If this guy likes you, and you like him, why don't you say anything? He's probably not saying anything, 'cuz you're not. He's probably looking at you funny because he's uncomfortable--Uncomfortable because he's scared to make the first (or 2nd) move, and you're not. Not because he thinks you're weird for liking him or something. Start saying Hi" during classes, ask him to borrow a pen, sit with him at lunch. Gradually work your way to the courage to say: Are you still into me? 'Cuz, if you are, you act totally opposite, and I still like you. Guys usually show their feelings by the opposite, like hiding them or such. Don't be scared, if it helps instead, write a note that says, It's too bad you're moving, because I'll miss you. I like you. How do you feel? then leave your phone #. Give him time to think. Hope I helped! T-T-F-N!
--Kayla (advice-giver), 11

Chloe, 11: A boy will like you fro Y-O-U one day. You won't always be taller (they'll soon catch up! ), mini skirts won't always be the style (at least not yours), and guys like girls with strength. In the meantime, try accenting your face with a (light) lipgloss and blush. Paint your nails, too. Also think that maybe one of these boys does like Y-O-U and is just hiding his feelings (showing them the only way he knows how, anger/hatred/...). I hope I make you feel better. And remember Chloe, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, AND ONE DAY A GUY WILL LOVE YOU FOR THAT AND YOUR INNER BEAUTY. (if any guy now doesn't see that, then he's the loser/sucker/...)!!!!!!!!!!!
--Kayla (advice-giver), 11

OK. Sam: Im coming less often, but Im still here. For your questions, 1. Im homeschooled. 2. That's great that you're so smart! My advice to you is just to talk to her, and try to become her friend. BTW people, don't trust anything with my name on it people, for the millionth time, I was impersonated!!! All the comments about me leaving and me being impersonated have been me, things not related to that have probably been an impersonator. Byes.
--MissMonkey, 11

At my age some people would think I have a crush but I really don't have one.

"Dear IML, I really like this guy, and I know he likes me too. My friends say its obvious! I just don't want to end up like my friend who her crush likes her but they arent looking like they like each other. I don't want to make a fool of myself telling him I like him, I bet he thinks the same. What should I do?
--Catherine, 10

I have no ides about the whole crush thing.
--Crystal, 12

My crush is the most hated person in my class for some reason AND he is the dorkiest boy in the 4th grade. But for some reason I really cannot help myself. He is so very sweet and I think he is a really great person even though he is a major dork. My crush is just well, like Angel said, my crush!
--Nicole, 10

Well he is really hot, and were kind of friends. Should I go out with him?
--Angel, 23

Marlene, actually, I was kind of over-reacting. FredTheMoose, ummm...Why what? Eliza, I don't know who impersonated me. Someone did impersonate me, and I am angry, but once again, I over-reacted before about it.
--Miss Monkey, 11

I have a problem. There is a boy that I really like and we've been friends since last semester. My friend is his friend too and she told me that he liked me and probably told him that I liked him too. Well anyways I really like him and I wanna go out with him, but when people ask him if he wanna go out with me he'll say sumthing other that yes or no. And now that its spring break I cant talk to him for 9 days (unless he calls me, which he never does). And he might be moving too which is another problem. If you have any advice please tell me.

Hi, I have a crush on 2 of my best friends. TP and JH. JH has a crush on me. I also have a crush on TP but TP has a crush on TB. SOMEBODY PLZ HELP ME!! I DONT EVEN HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!
--CLH, 10

I luv Jesse McCartney so much!!! ****.
--Jessemccartneyiscute, 11

I LLL...Ooo...Vvv...Eeee...That guy off the cheetah girls 2 who dances with Dorinda. He is so hot! The one with the skinny cheeks.
--Chelsea, 12

"*Does happy Irish step dance* I don't think PC likes me anymore!!! He's just a really good friend. Buuuuuut...Ugh...Another guy in my class likes me! *slaps forehead in a facepalm* I'll call him De Cecco, because there is a pasta tin near the computer. OK, so the substitute that filled in for my English teacher on her Maternity leave was leaving, and we were having a going away party for her. Before eighth period (when the party began), I had core extension. It was nearing the end of class, and my group put away the poster we were making. I was reaching into the desk to get my binder, and then De Cecco comes over nervously, and quietly asks Hey _____, [my name] how old are you? and I ask, What?, silently praying I hadn't heard him. He scrambled away. AARG! Does anyone have any not-the-guy-you-like repellant?
--HarryPotter, 13

HE IS SOOO HOT!! And I think he might like me!!! <: -D Yeah, I know, I get my hopes up too high!! .

Well. Well. Well. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Fa. La. La. I dunno! There are too many ppls and I don't know. At one point I like this person, but at another I like a different person, but then at another point I don't know who to like!!!! Its quite confusing actually.....
--Robin<3, 12

"NO MISS MONKEY!!!!!!! I NEED UR ADVICE!!!!!!! WERE GONNA MISS U!!!!!!! Okay, u want a direct message, what school do u go 2? This girl I like and I r now talking more often, how do I make her feel smart if she doesnt? Miss Monkey, don't do this 2 us, but still, ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, evry1 thinks that Im the smartest kid in science and creative writing in the whole 6th grade, so how do I make her feel smart MissMonkey? Please come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--Sam, 12

Ok well I have a crush on this boy he is in the 7th grade and Im in the 6th grade. And well he is very very HOT! He is one of the cool kind of guys in my school and he is in my classroom in my 3hr class and I can not stop looking at him what should I do? And I really like him but so do other girls and they talk to him. I dont I just stand there lol...So plz give meeeeeeeeeee advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Barbara~.
--Barbara, 12

I have a crush on this guy...I'll call him George. I finally got the nerve to say hi to George but he didn't say hi back. When I asked him if he liked the pizza we were served for lunch he just grunted and walked away. I am soooooo heartbroken! I don't know what to do because I just can't stop liking George! (That's not his real name).
--Kiera, 11

You might see me down the page as Mariah. The guy I like is an old friend. I've already told him and gotten rejected but I can't stop liking him! He's a really good person and we've been e-mailing for the past few months. He insulted me and faking it to make me work harder. The funny thing is, I actually fell for it! We're good friends and I'll be visiting him this summer. He has a girlfriend and all but I still like him!
--Kagome, 12

Yo mama": Tell your friend that you like her, and want to spend a little time around her too. Your friend may tease her, and you risk that, but he may let you hang out with her. Maybe you can ask him her personality, that way you can make sure that you really like her. Tell her no matter what happens, apologize. Walk right up she's in the middle of a conversation just give her a small note that says Im sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, but now, I like you. (A lot. ) Please forgive me, and I hope we can be friends, and maybe even more than that. She will be happy and impressed you apologize, I haven't had a boyfriend, but from my experience with guy-friends: THEY DON'T APOLOGIZE OFTEN. And with my experience being a girl and having friends: EVERY LITTLE THING MATTERS. (AND GIRLS SOMETIMES TAKE JOKES AS SERIOUS COMMENTS OR THINGS.) BE READY AT ANY GIVEN TIME TO APOLOGIZE SINCERELY), AND WATCH WHAT YOU SAY. Hope I helped!
--Kayla, 11

Harrypotter, 13: You may not like your guy-friend that way, but he likes you that way. Don't try to put on an act for him, because you feel sorry. If that's how you feel, then you need to tell him honestly. Dont be rude, but tell him all the great things you said he was at the beginning of your post, and then say something like: Im really glad we're friends, and you're nice, and funny, and you make me laugh, and I love how you like me, and have feelings for me. But, to honestly tell you the truth, the way I feel about you isn't in that depth. I don't want to hurt you or anything, but if it's possible, can we just be friends?. If he says no, he may just be in shock and hurt, give him a little while, and he might start being friends again. Just give him time. Show him how bad you want to be friends. If he says Ok" about it, then realize that your friendship may be different now, at least at first, but only in small things. Sometimes, it may be hard for him to keep his feelings back, and he may act different. But that's all right, just move on with the friendship and forget it happened, don't bring it up to him or anything, he might get angry. Especially if you tease him about it. Guys sometimes have anger-management issues, even if you didn't mean for it to hurt.
--Kayla, 11

My crush is cute, smart, athletic, and he's a farmer boy= strong. He respects me and lets me make choices he doesn't take control of me and he's very understanding.
--Me-me, 12

He is cute, smart, and athletic.
--Tiffany, 12

Girls said that this girl named Kala but I really dont believe them.
--Andres,! @

Sorry, HarryPotter! The best way to deal with it is DON'T AVOID PC. Make his day by spending more time with PC, but at the same time make it clear that you don't like him. (a.k.a. point to a kid you know and say something like, Oh, he's sooo cute!! I wish I could go out with him!!!) Ummm, tonight I was at the pool, and thee chocolate-eyed boy was there!!! AND HE WAS LOOKING AT MY LEGS!!!!!! YES!!
--Chloe, 11

Hi, it's me again!! HELP!! I don't know what to do! NONE OF THE BOYS IN MY GRADE LIKE ME!!! The only reasons I know of are that I don't wear mini skirts or make-up, Im taller than most of them, and I punched one of them in the face once ;-P...
--Chloe, 11

Ok I have a bffl and a another friend who is a boy. We are all good friends but I have a crush on the boy! And my (x) bffl has a crush on him too I talked to him about it and he said that he has a crush on her!!!!!! What should I do! (although I think he kinda likes me too! ).
--Meg, 10

MissMonkey, 11 who impersonated u?
--Eliza, 12

I like my crush because he is so totally HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I dont know if he likes me help?
--Meg, 10

Ok I have a total crush on a boy named Ben. Hes kinda cute. Hes smart, funny, and has an awesome personality. But the problem is that my (x) bffl has a crush on him too! But that is not why we got in a fight. And I think he has a crush on me and (I know) her. What do I do! ? ! ? ! But plz dont tell anyone.
--Megyn, 10

Ok, I've liked this kid since, like 1st grade. Im in sixth now, and I still do. One day, (I think it was Tuesday...) my friend came up to me, telling me he was moving to North Carolina!!! On Wednesday, I was sad, so I decided to tell him I liked him before he left. I had my friend tell him, since they were in a class together. My friend comes back and tells me he wants to talk to me, and that he likes me too. Picture Perfect right? WRONG! I only told him cause I thought he was moving on Thursday, but as I had to tragically find out later, He wasn't leaving until APRIL!!!! Now he always looks at me, but hardly talks to me, and Im scared to talk to him, cause I dont know what has or hasn't been said. It completely stinks. Help me out.
--Naomi, 12

He's funny, mostly good looking. I am not allow to date so I just have a crush on someone and daydream about it. No one at school knows who my crush is.
--Jenny, 11

I have a crush on this boy named Darren, but he doesn't know Im crushing on him. What should I do? Im going to move away soon, and I don't know if I should tell him or not. On one hand, I want to tell him sooooooooo bad that it hurts. But on the other hand, I don't feel so comfortable about it. Please give me some advice, Im desperate!
--Rebekah, 10

How can you make your crush love you when he is 7.
--Crystal, 9

What if my crush doesn't like me? What should I do?

My crush was my friend, and I thought he liked me, because he bought me a Christmas present, always chose me for his partner, asked me to be his square dancing partner, you know. Then, one day, he asked me out!!!!!!!!! : ) : ).
--WaterFairy, 11

The plan worked about trying to lie that guy out of knowing who I like. My other problem is really bothering me because I want my crush to know but I don't want him to find out the Wrong way. What I mean by the Wrong way" is a rumor getting around that I like him and him finding out. Im so confused right now, please help me. Im the shy/quiet type, sometimes so thats why I dont confess to my crush. By the way, Im not going to put my age down anymore because someone I know might come on here and find out all the stuff Im writing. (3-4-07).

Have u ever had a crush on a boy/girl who was just to perfect for u? And did u ever feel like he/she would never like u?
--Brandy, 12

I have a crush who I am good friends with help.

I think...My crush might have...Well I think something has happened to him. Because he hasn't been on this website in about six months. And I feel bad because I don't know what has happened to him...
--Sad, 12

MissMonkey, 11: WHY!!??

My crush is on Lauren because she is pretty.
--Dakota, 9

Theirs a girl named Lauren that I got a crush on. I think like she likes me to. She flirts with me a lot. She said she likes me. I am pretty lucky.
--Dakota, 9

A lot of people on this page have asked this question. How do I know if my crush likes me? Well. First of all, maybe he'll sit beside you. And then stare at you a lot. Or maybe he will just talk to you kind of nervous. Well, my clues for you are if you want your crush to like you then you have to be out going. You have to flirt just a teeny little bit. Remember not a lot or else you'll set a bad name 4 yourself. And boys after the age of...11 reallyyyyy care if your hot. For instance, if anyone of you seen she's the man you'll know what I am talking about. If you have short hair it might be cute to throw it in pig tales. But if you have long hair it helps a lot to keep your hair open. Guys like that stuff! LOL. And you don't need to wear TONS and TONS of make-up to look pretty. You don't want to bury your eyes under all that mascara! And bangs are totally in! Side bangs, emo bangs, front bangs, anything! Oh and if you have short hair maybe side bangs might look nice! Well thats my clue. Bye! <3.

Oh, NO!!! *groan* I think my guy friend likes me! : P *uck* He's really nice, and funny, but I seriously DON'T like him that way! *ew ew ew* You want evidence? OK, here's some! It's really cold out, and it's snowing one day at school. So everyone was clustered into the auditorium for indoor recess. Half the seventh grade is in that godforsaken room, and it is VERY loud. My friends Ashley and Jackie were ganging up on my guy friend who I will just call PC. (Im sorry. I've just seen a lot of those Mac/PC commercials. : D) OK, so they were absolutely torturing PC and he was looking very shaken. I caught a few words such as 'who' 'girl' 'like.' I figured that they were interrogating him about who he liked. No big deal. Then I heard Ashley ask (very loudly) Does she have short hair?! I didn't hear the answer, but Ashley made her OH MY GOD!!! face. I had donated my hair a few months before, so it was kind of short. I was sitting next to my friend Sage who also had short hair. Then, in her Heeeee heeeee! voice, she called Sage over. I leaned over, and asked what was going on, and Ashley said (screamed) BUTT OUT!!! While looking very excited. I noticed when I looked over, PC's face went slightly pink. Flashback over. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! I DON'T LIKE HIM THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!
--HarryPotter, 13

My crush (more like love or boyfriend, but I'll tell from before I liked him) was very what's the words-Stood out of uniqueness and he seemed shy at some times. But I didn't really know until I liked him and we fell in love with each other a lot for 7 and a half months. For all who need some crush advice here's some info: If you kind of have a crush on him or her, try go for him or her. And if you ever read my life lesson, go for it~.
--Berisa, 12

He is really nice to me, and he isn't nice to most of the other girls. Also, he is really cute and smart. Also, he is very athletic: he plays hockey, basketball, soccer, and football.
--Me, 12

Sarah, I think that you should tell Kaylyn that you don't want to fight over him. But, whatever you do, don't ever actually say that you like him. That'll most likely make it worse...
--HarryPotter, 13

His name is Anthony he is cute.
--Selena, 11

Yeah, so I have had a crush on a girl for a long time now. And honestly, I thought that she never liked me at all, but now Im one of her best friends. We have (both) agreed that we should develop a relationship. She is very friendly and we just click! : ) - Don't be in a rush...Just find the one that's right for you and be calm about it...
--Matt P.

My friend had a huge crush. She sent him flowers. He was so happy. He spent all of lunch trying to guess who it was from. He finally figured it out. All through Geometry she had to work with him. He was like a mime, not one word. That's when she realized she just wanted to be friends.

I love Agil.
--Tommy, 10

Well there's just something about his personality. His name is Wilton, and he is the cutest guy I've ever seen. And his looks. One time I asked if he liked me, and he said he did! All I could do right then was look at him until somebody started to sing that me and Wilton were in love. And to this day he is still my boyfriend.
--Lilly, 10

MissMonkey what post r u sick of seeing? If u want it to be gone for good tell IML to delete it...
--Marlene, 12

This one girl always annoyed me so I always told her to GO AWAY!!!! Now, on year later, it turns out I like her. BUT now she is always hanging out with my friend and doesn't talk to me...=- ( Ironic but sad...
--Yo Mama, Q

One girl always annoyed me last year, so I always told her to GO AWAY!!! Now, I realize I like her, but now shes hanging with my friend!! Ironic but so sad...=- ( Advice?
--Yo Mama, 13

Im sorry, but 8 is WAY to young to be dating.

Hmm. I have 3 crushes. Yes, THREE. Most of the time I think Im crazy for that kid down the block, then my attention averts to the uber cute prep down at locker #440, and then...The world blows up, all because that drummer from band who I've been crushing on since 4th grade walks past my locker and FLIRTS WITH MY BEST FRIEND!! His eyes are like chocolate, and we were friends in 3rd Grade. I swear I get sugar-high off of his eyes! Um. Oh Yeah, I forgot to mention that he HATES ME! Well, Im not so sure about that because his friends always tell me that he has a major crush on me...It also doesn't help that one of his best friends is the aforementioned kid-down-the-block. Can you tell me if Im crazy, or if it's just hormones (dang them).
--Chloe, 11

Ok, I have a REALLY big problem! I've liked a boy and I've kept it a secret for almost 3 years but now a lot of people want to know and I've been giving some hints but I think I gave one too many and this one boy found that happens to be one of my crush's best friends and now he keeps saying that he is going to go back and tell but I keep lying and telling him that I was kidding about liking the boy and he kind of believes me but he keeps kidding and saying he will tell and I can't tell if he is lying or not. How can I convince him not to tell this boy because I REALLLYYY don't want him to find out? ! P. S. It's really hard to get him to listen to you and he may just be kidding because he said he was but then he said he wasn't. Please respond as soon as this post gets up! I seriously need YOUR help! (2-25-07).
--Lori, 11

Sarah 10, it can be tough when someone has a crush on the same person as you, but the best thing to do is just let him decide. Im not saying that you have to ask him who he likes I am saying that you just have to wait for him to see who he likes for himself. Then most likely you'll see the signs that he likes you or Kaylyn. Well anyway thats just my advice! You don't have to listen if you don't want to! Lol. Bye<3.

Imani 12, color doesn't matter at all! I am white and I know someone who was dark and he liked me, so I am saying that it doesn't matter what color you are, as long as your yourself! Lol.

--Natayia, 8

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Sorry everyone, someone's been impersonating me on this page. I thought it would be fun to be impersonated, but NO!!! P. S. Sam: No, no one on here knows my real identity. Oh, and people, you'll probably never see me on here again, Im quitting IML. I might come back every few months to check up on things, but unless someone sends me a direct message, or I see that someone impersonated me, Im going to stop posting.
--MissMonkey, 11

I have a huge crush on this boy in my class but my friends don't approve and I kind of have another boyfriend. What should I do...

That he knows me and he acts funny when Im here and most of all he is HOT!!!!!!!! He talks to me a lot and plays with me.
--Joanna, 10

Well there is this guy in my class and I think that he is really hot/cute!!! But there is a problem!!! This girl named Kaylyn N. thinks that we are in wore over him!!!! And he's new to this school so ya! So what I need...Is a star's most professional advice from you!!!! Thanxs!
--Sarah, 10

A crush is so cute and so cute.
--Jessica, 13

I like this boy named Khalif copes he is soo cute!! He has the cutest eyes!!!
--To ashamed to say, 10

I love Jeff very much and he's cute.
--Vanessa, 11

I have this crush I really like but I am black he is white. And one of my friends spilled out and told him, but I wasn't mad cause my other friend were going 2 tell him anyway. Then my other friend asked him if he likes me and of course he said no. But somehow I think he is lying cause he constantly looks at me and at the last dance he asked me 2 dance 3 times. Do u think he was lying cause he was with his friends?
--Imani, 12

I have a crush on this boy Sean whose a year older than me but he has a girlfriend Tonishia (who is really mean to me) she thinks I like him so shes mean to me I really like him and I think he likes me but Im not sure Im so confused.
--Denise, 11

Well I am soooo lonely, soo lonely: (Akon Song: Lonely?? ) well anywayz my friend Andrew?? well he is going out w/ my friend...And its so funny cuz I like both of them (As and Andrew) HELP SOMEONE???!!!! PLEASE???!!!
--Pimp12073, 12

Alissia, 11 the way to find out if ur crush likes you ur crush might even say something nice to u or do something nice for u. If u have a crush on a boy, he might do those things. Ella, 12 ask ur mom to send u to his public school, if he goes to one...
--Cassie, 12

How do u no when your crush has a crush on you?
--Marisa, 10

I am so in love with my crush and I have been for a little over a year. He has no idea that I like him, but I fear rejection so I 'm afraid to tell him...

You see, Im in the 4th grade and know all about crushes. First off, my crush is my crush because he is so CUTE!! He even asked me out! But, then, all my guy friends got jealous because I spent all my time with him. I didn't mean to make them jealous. It's just that I really really really really really really like him. So my guy friends made a Plan" to break us up. IT WORKED! But no matter what, Im always going to love my crush. Josh.
--Jacquie, 10

I like the most popular guy in 8th grade and I am in 7th and I don't think he likes me but he stares at me ALL the time but anyways everything is great about him.
--Kelli, 12

My crush is my crush by being cute, smart, funny, and not afraid to be himself...
--Ariel Kurtz, 11

He's cute, sweet, and we were friends in 1st grade.
--CuteGirl, 11

I found out at camp one of my friends likes the same guy as me : ( but Im not going to stop liking him just because she does. I've liked him since last September I think. It's been a long time though. He probably doesn't like me anyway though: (: (But I can still hope and dream.

What can I do to make him notice me.
--Destiny, 8

I like this boy Dylan should I date him.
--Corinne, 9

Im afraid that if I tell my friends about my crush then well my crush does not like (as a friend) this girl and my friend likes destiny and Destiny is the first girl that I mentioned friend. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
--KristenD, 12

"Hi!!!! Im back. Just saying that now Im 85% sure that my crush likes me too. Im her Valentine for tomorrow and still don't want to tell my friends I like her. Although one of my friends might read this, (Hi Alexis, Roya, Juan, Rachel, Jenna, Boris, Scott, Connor, Hailey, Sydney, etc. !!!! ) Im not really that afraid of them finding out, I just don't want to tell them. From this and talking to this unnamed girl who I like, she has taught me how to deal with this kind of stuff. Confirmed: I think I can go out with her next year if I play my cards right!!!!!! BYE!!!! P. S. Does anyone know the real identity of MissMonkey?????? SHEBAM!!!!!!!
--Sam, 12

I got a crush on the girl in the 5th grade. Her name is Arielle. But I dont know when to tell her that I like her.
--Baller, 13

Yo my crush is tan with brown eyes that couldn't look away from.
--Baller, 13

I got that mixed up she's 12 years old not in the 5th grade. I was thinking of my first GF!!!
--Baller, 13

I have a Crush on Ne-Yo he is so hot. I wish he would come to South Carolina maybe Loris. I want to hear him sing a nice sexy song. I like Petty Rick they so hot wow. I wish I could meet them. Hey Raven, How are you doing? your show is good by the way. I like your brother he cool. I like your friend E he so funny. I wonder do have a girlfriend in real life. If not tell him to give me his number after the show. Maybe we can see what Happen in real life. I am a sexy girl look for a friend to hang out with. Raven you my best friend I love your show a lots. I want to be just like you. I al way want to be on your show maybe sing or dance. I want to be on top of the world to feel my wonderful dream. I like just being my self and make in life. Maybe I just dream that one day I will find the love of my life maybe get married and had kids. Who know I might be a wonderful singer just like you Raven. I want to say thank because you make kids look up to you as a big sisters. I wish you were my little sisters because you sound nice and funny. Life goes on when you do not have anyone to talk as a sister. I love my sister but think she do not like me much because she been so busy to hang out with. I love all my family from the heart but it hard to cry about things in life because you know your family always love you a lot's. I wish things would be more open in our family. I know we love each other but we need more time with our family. I bless god Everyday and he save me. I know now life is so good for me and my family. Who know I might be rich or married. Life still goes on. Bye.

This may sound weird, but I have a crush on Matt Wilson (the guy who plays Harry on Cyberchase). I don't take it seriously, but it's nice to think about.
--Anonymous, 12

Ok I liked dis guy and he is so.....Cute and I dont know if he likes me but he rolls with 1 of my old friends and people say he likes her but she says she doesnt know if she likes him and me and my crush just started talking and we some times have eye contacts but I dont know bcos he has asked other girlz and dey alwayz say no but he hasnt asked me. People dont know but I really want him so bad. I cant do without lookin at him. He is my obsession and fantasy. I want 2 kiss his sexy lips. Gosh I cant help it. People tink he is confused about who really likes. Pls help me?
--Missgroovy, 13

How do u know if your crush likes u ???
--Alissa, 11

Help!!! I've had a crush on this boy named Matt since kindergarten and Im homeschooled so I only see him like once a year and so me liking him is probably really shallow. I only like him because he's cute and from what I've seen (which isn't much) he's a good big brother. He has longish blonde hair and Blue eyes and is really, really tall. My friends say he is a know-it-all. What should I do?
--Ella, 12


I love my crush cuz he is funny & hot. He doesn't know me so that stinks. He is one year older than me also. So I am not sure if I will continue to like him. ='[.
--Kayshya, 11

PLEASE DON'T READ IF KYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I like this boy named Kyle. He is my age. We aren't even in middle school but he might like me back. I need tips to see if he likes me back. My friend Kendra (keep her out of it) says he likes me back. She says I have a lot to know about boys! Hes nervous to talk to me and tries to impress me. HELP!!!!!
--Talia, 9

Hey what's happin? Well me and AS" are not good Member Roslynn? well she makes me Jealous!! ?? But now I think I don't even like AS" @ all now?? !! I think maybe I'll go out W/ my friend Andrew ? ! Pleaze Write Back Someone L8tr.
--12073, 12

Hey, Im almost 13 and I need ur help now! There are my friends since preschool and Dale. If I choose Dale I think my guy friends since preschool might be jealous but if I choose one of them Dale and my other guy friends since preschool might be jealous. Help!
--Polly, 12

What makes a crush for me is that he's usually different and unique. Any guy I like (either as a friend OR a crush) HAS to have a good sense of humor. Also, they would need to be really nice to me and understand me. We'd also need to have something in common. Good looks are not the most important thing, but they are a BIG part of what makes my crush MY crush. Basically, they have to have a really great personality and just have to be easy to hang around with and talk to. =).
--Laura, 12

He's funny (and I mean he can make a joke out of anything), nice, and of course he has to be really cute.

I really like a girl named Ada and I want to tell her but every time I try to tell her or to talk to her Im not able to say anything. What should I do?
--Anonymous, 11

E. V. 9: look at all his BAD qualities, then see, can you really stand those bad qualities? if you can then idk what to do.
--Zinkoff, 10

How did you meet your crush?
--Cynthia, 8

NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO JJJJJJUUDDGGGIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGH! Michael, I didn't hope you'd answer that. Im still wondering if I seriously posted that...I must not have been feeling that well if I did, lol. Michael, I apologize for my stupidity. Even though I sometimes post dumb things without thinking, I can't imagine me posting something that dumb.
--MissMonkey, 11

Agh! I've read that post 50billion times, and have decided I would never say something like that! Gross! I would never ask anyone out, especially if they're older than me...And that person I said is my crush, I didn't really like...Maybe I did for a week or so, but barely. That post makes me sick...DIE POST, DIE! *punches computer*.

I have a crush that I know she doesn't like me as much as I like her and I dont know how to get her to like me. What should I do. (BTW I asked her out and she said can we just be friends but can I still get her to like me and how?).

"ShaBAM!!!!! I have a crush on a girl who is really popular, but I don't like her just because she is beautiful, she is smart but doesn't realize it and is really talented and cool. Im upset because if I make any Moves" then her friends and my friends will make fun of us both. I think she might like me too but Im not sure. My parents are just not taking this Dating" thing seriously, or taking it too serious because they won't let me date 'til Im 16. Sad because I really want to go out with her next school year if I still know her.
--Sam, 12

He so cute, an athletic! I am even going to give him a valentine this year!! My friends also call him my BF because they say (quote),He obviously likes you, and you LOVE him! 'tis true, we hang out so much, except for the fact that he doesn't know that I like him, a lot, we are like, totally almost BF/GF...
--Kayla, 11

My crush is my crush cause of the way he is.
--Justina, 13

Shes someone who's very nice and intelligent shes very pretty and I like her!!!!!!
--Michael555, 11

There is a boy that I like at my school and his name is Walter and I hope he will ask me out and I hope Walter is crushing on me also.

My crush is very smart. He is in the Gifted Program. He is a grade ahead of everyone in math, he can play the piano and saxophone and he is VERY athletic. He has eyes as blue as the ocean and his hair is adorable. He is unique, funny, sarcastic (in a good way), and cute. I have liked him for three years. (4thth and 6th grade) In 4th and 5th grade we liked each other, but I do not know if he likes me now. Our lockers are right next to each other and I sit across from him in Comm. Arts and can look at him whenever I wish. He is a few inches taller than me, (which is amazing considering the fact that the average height of the boys in the 6th grade is about 4' 8") I love the way he acts like himself and doesn't change the way he is so he can be cool. But the best part is--He goes to church and is a Christian!!! All of the reasons listed above are the reasons that my crush makes him my crush...
--Chloe, 12

If you like a special someone tell them. They might even like you. But if they don't then youre on your own!!!!

Kayla, I know whatcha mean! I try to be all like, Aw, come on! He is SO stereotypical! but then I see him perform or hear his music and then Im all like Oh my GAWSH! He is so EEE!!!
--HarryPotter, 13

I went to krispy kreme's with the boy I like and he bought me a doughnut. I thought it was the moment, the time where he would ask me...And then he got me a balloon and blew it up for me. I was so happy then he said would you mind giving this to your hamster...
--Anna, -

I like this guy. We went on a fab date. We went camping for a week. He cooked us a lovely BBQ for dinner on our last night. When we were in the taxi on the way back we were talking about girls in our school. When we had 10 minutes left of the long journey he asked me who 'Anna' liked. I said ' I dont know Josh, Dont you like me anymore? ' Then he replied, and I quote 'No, I invited you only as a friend and Im sorry but I am thinking of asking out Anna ' I was heart broken! I think I will have to tell him how I feel. Please Help.
--Ellie, 12

Hes cute. Too bad he (probably) thinks Im a grouchy little pest.
--Beautifullonley, 13

I kinda get frustrated because I have a crush on a celebrity, he is like 3 years older than me and he is really cute, but I always day dream about him but it's not fair cause Im not famous and its like I love a person that thinks I don't exist and he is a celebrity and I really want to be a celebrity. And my question is, why do you have to be famous to have a famous celebrity boyfriend? I don't get it!! we are all humans!! we are treated the same way!!
--Melissa, 11

"This isn't about my crush, most people are tired of me saying I like, well, ya know. But I do think that the most important thing in a crush is open conversation. TALK!! !! ! otherwise, you're not going to be able to get to know him, the guy of your dreams may be the meanest popular junkie in the world, just talk, okay?
--Kayla, 11

MissMonkey: Well, Im not really into dating. But, uh, perhaps if you become really good friends with him......
--Michael, 13

It's getting A LOT easier to talk to Jesse! We're doing Bye Bye Birdie together, and it's a lot of fun! Im in THREE scenes with him! (BTW, I HAVE TURNED THIRTEEN!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! : D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D).
--HarryPotter, 13

My crush is Mauricio. What makes him my crush is that he helps people and is kind but still is athletic. (and cute).
--Stacie, 11

Thank you SOOO much, IML!
--MissMonkey, 11

What? I don't remember posting that to Michael! Agh, don't answer that! That is so annoying!

I think it's ridiculous that kids who are 14 or younger are making such a big deal about Dating" if that's even what you can call it. Anyway, back to the subject, when you start getting close to 16 and you're not just looking for somebody to go out with so you'll be Cool", but you're looking for somebody that you can spend the rest of your life with, that's when it really matters. It doesn't matter what they look like, all that matters is that you truly, genuinely like them. When whenever you see them you can't help but smile and think Are they the one? ".

There is this Valentines dance at my school and there is this boy that I like and I know he likes me and I want to ask him to the dance, but Im not sure how to ask him. What should I do?
--Ally, 10

I have a crush on a boy whom I like. I don't know how many crushes I have but this one is cool. What makes me like all of them is because they are nice.
--Thu11, 11

I like this girl named Katie. She moved from Rhode Island and she is so cute...
--Peter, 12

Horsecutie, I think that you should found a way to hook up with him. You could tell him how you feel or if you are too embarrass found a way to talk to him in way that normal friends do.
--Toome, 11

Im going to be going to winter camp, and my crush is going too. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.....Sorry about that.....

He's good at social studies. Also, he already confessed about you know what.

I have a crush on this boy I think is so totally hot, but everyone in my class totally dislikes him. I do not know why he's a sweet guy. The day I told him I had a crush on him, he had one on me too. But it did not work out because everyone thinks I am weird so he did not want the guys to tease him. I made him promise we would still be my friend but we barely make contact though. And I still like him! I have problems apparently.
--Nicole, 10

Michael: Great idea, I do keep a diary, but I ran out of pages a few months ago a little before I met him...I need your opinion, would a 13-year-old EVER go out with an 11-year-old? I think Im going to ask him to the movies, but he might say no because of our age difference...I don't know...
--MissMonkey, 11

Jesse McCartney is the Zac efron" in my life, and my eyes. He's way hotter, and cooler anyways!
--Kayla, 11

I've already told mine, but when I think you have a crush is when you want to try to look nice, sit near them, see them, hangout. Maybe talk, maybe not. But that's when.
--Kayla, 11

My crush makes a my crush by his smile and by the way that he is always making you laugh......
--Thalia, 12

I have a boy that I really like and he is my best guy friend his Brandon Collins. He knows I like him and I see him almost everyday. I really want to ask him out but I am afraid he will say no what should I do? I REALLY LIKE HIM! PLEASE HELP ME GUYS THANKS!

IML, can you please delete any recent messages I've sent...And if you have the time, all messages about my crush? There aren't many...Yes, I just looked down and I only found four, and they were pretty easy to find. Can you PLEASE delete them? Pleeeeaaaassseee!
--MissMonkey, 11

Message from IML: Okay, MissMonkey, we are deleting those four posts from you. We cant do this very often because it does take some time, so everyone please: try not to post something youll regret later, even though we know thats hard;-) Thanks!

Ok, his name is Zackary. I sit next to him in my Social Studies class. I also sit near his friends in that class so it gets really interesting. He laughs a lot like me. And he talks sometimes about random stuff like me. My friend has a crush on him too and I tell her pretty much any new thing I hear about him. We also have this Dream guy" character. The Dream guy" in a graphic novel series we read and Zackary is getting really close to exactly like him. Except we don't know if he likes either one of us back. I could go on and on about how my friend and I think he's the perfect guy. Zackary, if you're reading this, the only way to tell who she is by the bell like mine she wears around her neck...
--Mariah, 12

I have a crush, but Im not sure if he likes me. He is really nice, cute, and smart. He's nice to me but I don't know how I can tell him that I like him. I need advice, so please talk to me.
--Horsecutie, 11

"Well, my crush is a crush because a) I think he's so cute, b) I guess you could call him a bad boy, but I like that, I guess. C) he's good at sports, d) his brown hair, e) his smile, and f) all of the above.
--Abigail R., 12

I LOVE my crush soo much. And Im serious--Everyday I dream and stare and everything. Im what they say A story crush" because when I see him, I DO feel like Im going to barf, My heart DOES because a mile a minute, and I DO scribble his name on my notebooks. HELP! He's obsessed with football and he probably doesn't care about me. But I love him too much, and him rejecting me would be like dropping a boulder on your beloved kitten. : P I need to get him to like me, or loosen my love strings a bit. Any advice?
--E. V., 9

I have a crush on this boy named Walter and I know that he likes me also, I hope someday he will ask me out.

I love him but I dont know if he loves me.
--Alisha, 12

I love a guy who's : Funny Charming Likes me takes me for me I have the biggest crush on this kid right now, Andrew Rogers, (hopefully he never reads this! Actually Andrew if you do read this I really like you and want you to go out with me. ) And he is the sweetest thing. I absolutely adore him!
--Kelsy, 13

Its a crush when you cant talk/gets all sweaty/ or hes really, really cute! I dont get why you would be asking anyway though, I got my first crush when I was 9. You shouldnt worry about it until you are a year older. WHEN THE TIME COMES ASK YOU OUT!!!!
--Anna****************, 11

"I heart Jesse McCartney!!!!! He's like, the BEST singer ever. I also do not like garret, and like zl...
--Kayl*****, 11

I need help my crush has been my crush since the 6th grade I haven't had the gut to tell him for the reason that I am afraid to get denied or get my feelings hurt but I feel that any second I will explode and just let it all out.
--Precious, 13

Well....Hes the best crush EVER!!!!!!!! He always is on the floor right next to my desk. I just love when Im close to him. He sits right behind me in class so Im always happy! He has short brown hair thats so soft me and my friend Brianna calls him silky soft. He he. And he's one of those guys that wears their pants real low. Plus those eyes. Green. They're the kind that if he looks at you right its like you get this great feeling. But the best is his smile. When he smiles its like the most AMAZING feeling. Better than his eyes. You feel all warm and safe. It just raps around you like your warmest blanket...
--Cupofjoe, 10

I used to go out with this kid and now that I am going out with someone else because he did not treat me right he said he is going to beat me up what should I do???????????????
--Misalanies, 12

Well....I really like this boy who kind of doesn't exist....But oh well. I suppose you could call him an Imaginary friend. ^_^ As for real people, I don't really like anyone. Sure, there are some guys I think are cute, but they're jerks, so I don't like them...
--~LOF-VC~, 13

Well, there are two favorite things about him. 1. His eyes. 2. His smile. My absolute fav is his smile. When he smiles at me its like, love, happiness, safeness, warmth, softness, and so many more great things all mixed in one. Its kinda hard to explain. The things I listed were not even close to what I feel. There are no words to explain it...

His name is Nolan and he's sooo adorable and funny! He has blond hair and hazel eyes. Unfortunately for me, my other friend Brenna is going out with him. I've gotten rejected in the past, but this one made a deeper impact. = (.
--Hannah, 11

I had this crush on this boy who was really nice but when I found out he liked me I felt uncomfortable around him, isnt that weird? This happens a lot too.
--Why do u care?, 11

Can u guys keep a secret?
--SoCool, 11

X_MissMonkey_X: Do you keep a diary? Maybe that's how your mom found out!
--Michael, 13

I have a crush on 2 boys. I have a crush on a 5 grader but I don't want anybody I like. The other I let a few people know. Should I tell him.
--Xania, 10

I really like the boy I was with when I was in 5th grade but I guess I didnt make the right moves or conversation and we broke up and now its another year and I asked him to get back with me because I changed my love life and he said no should do anything or let it go?
--Tiffany, 11

Dear IML I like him. But he dont know I like him I want to tell him but I too shy want should I do from Heather.

A misunderstood guy who doesn't attract that many girls. That way I don't have to replay 'John Tucker Must Die' or anything, and he's all mine. Being cute is an added bonus too. But I don't care how guys look most of the time. My last boyfriend was a self-admitted nerd. You didn't see me complaining!!!
--Jen, 12

Things with boys are not great but they are better. My friend does not like the same boy as me anymore and my two friends now like different boys. Crush competition has been settled but here are the things that are still bad. We're having basketball games for a few weeks and last night and there were about 6 5th grade girls and 5 5th grade boys. Well a lot of the girls aggravated the boys and in the end they aggravated them so bad that they left 15 minutes early. My friend is going to get in trouble because she took my other friend's cellphone (this is really confusing) and dialed the home phone number of a boy that was at the basketball game and the boy's mom answered from her house and my friend hung up because the mom is really mean. Then the boy had to go home I think because the mom didn't want anymore calls.
--Lori, 11

Well this crush is really nice but is a little rough around the edges. He is cute and Chinese but is an inch shorter than me. But he likes someone else. : (.
--Nischa, 11

Well. My crush is beautiful, smart, athletic, she has a great sense of humor, she is nice to everyone, she is very popular, and just soooooooooo hot!!!
--Raphael, 11

Dear cowsrock be social around him and start a conversation. Give him a compliment but don't always give him compliments it would seem like you were stalking him. I know this stuff works because millions of boys started to like me when I liked them. P. S. I would always talk about video games around them like Halo.

I have a crush on lots of boy's!
--Amelia K

Lori: First of all, major congratulations for your multi-language Help". Second of all, don't worry. Arrange for your friends to meet with you, at school, or the park, or where ever. Then, discuss with them why you all are friends (sense of humor, personality, great memories, etc. ) and explain that, though crushes come and go, friends can stay friends forever. It's awful to end a friendship over a boy. Good luck.
--JS, 13

Hhhhhheeeeeeellpppppp me! to all boys I need some major help, I have a major crush on a guy and Im getting mixed and confusing messages he flirts and flirts and flirts and he pretends he comes in to my room at night and he's popular Im so confused its not funny! we make LOTS of eye contact but recently he got a girl friend but I don't no y! I even admitted to him and hes still talks play. Any way Im not a boy or him so I dont no if this is FLIRTING or just playing 'round with a girl thats a good friend plus I think hes best friends hitting on me he told me he was gonna dump hes girl friend !! hhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeelllllpp p. S girls are welcome to help just I thought it as from a boy point of view so a boy could help me out! AND if you know whats happening plz help me!! Im worried Im missing out on something great or even better!!
--Star bright, 12

I like a girl.
--Dallasrocs41, 12

He would be understanding, kind, someone I could truly laugh with, cute in my eyes, and not afraid to show his feelings. My friend has the same crush as me at school, we like to tease each other about it but it's friendly. This guy fits most of these things and I can compare him to me easily. He's fun to be around and in my S. S. Class.
--Mariah, 12

His name is Jordan and I think he's cute. He's, like, the only boy in our class who doesn't get all rowdy, and wild, and weird. He is sooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!! He is in fifth grade.
--Anjie, 8

I have no idea whatsoever, if I even HAVE a crush! I have a wonderful friend named Erin, and she is really great! I am truly blessed to have such a great friend. But Im not sure if I have a crush! I'll let you know later!
--Michael, 13

I like this guy but hes friends with my brother, and I told him I like him. My brother said that we wants to be single this year. But I still really like him. Help?
--Livi, 12

"I know this isn't on the subject, but the crush competition wuz full. Anyway: ---A, LAY OFF!!! I LIKED 'IM 1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like this guy but I don't think he knows it. I am too afraid to tell him. His name is Spencer, and he is so cute but I don't know how to tell him without getting embarrassed. Everyone in the 6th grade knows about it. I think he knows but doesn't care. And I have this friend and she likes him too but I don't want to end our friendship. How do I tell this boy that I like him? P. S. : without getting embarrassed!!!
--Rylea, 11

I really like this guy in my class. He's cute, athletic, and funny. He's always nice to me and I want to confess that I like him. Should I wait for the right moment?
--Aline, 12

What happens if my crush won't ask me out even if he really likes me?
--Mackenzie, 11

Well if you have a friend fight than tell them you guys are best friends you should just accept that you 2 r best friends. To Lori for advice.
--Christopher, 12

His name is Tevin H he's in the 8th grade I have already told him too he smiles at me now.
--Tererika, 11

Yeah, a girl named Randi" and another one named Brittany".
--Michael, 13

Well, where do I begin! My crush asked a popular stupid, snobby girl out today. I understand that I am too young and my parents would NEVER let me but, it feels good to be asked. He is sooooooooo hot and nice! I really want to go on a date with him!!!!!! MY parents invited his family over to my house because they are friends. What should I do??????
--Inlove, 10

Yeah, I like Randi W.
--Michael, 13

I once had this boyfriend, and I liked him but then I liked some other kid in my class. So I dumpe4d the one kid and asked the other one out. He said No". I still like both of the guys but I don't know if they will go out with me.

Well, he has to be sweet and gentle its not always on having to be cute...He cant be a bully 2 anyone else.
--Faith, 11

Michael: That's a normal age for a fifth grader, 10 or 11...Depending on their birthdates.

This is gonna sound ridiculous, but I have a crush on the lead singers from my chemical romance and afi because they're cute, and......(hesitates) I have crushes on a lot of anime characters!! (feels weird) eeeeeeeeeeeekk! Oh and in interview with a vampire, when tom cruise plays Louis! Hes cute then but hes not my crush, my only real crushes you for personality and looks the whole nine aren't even real, so Im bored. Lol.
--Madelyn, 13

Hmph, I am so annoyed! My mum doesn't trust me at all! I went to the movies with my friend today, my mom dropped me off, then my friends mom dropped my friend, my friends bro, and my friend's bro's friend off at the theatre, and we all went to see Eragon. When I got back my mum asked me if I liked the movie, I said yeah, then she asked me if my friends mom liked the movie, and I said she wasn't there and that she had only dropped my friend off...Well, she went crazy, she even thought that I had met my friend there and then went to my crush's house! Insane! I don't even see how she knows I like him! ';. ;'.

Fredthemoose: I totally agree with you! I mean, a lot OK to have a crush, and like each other, but actually going to the movies together or whatever when we're only 11, puh-lee-ze!!! But when all of my friends say, 'we are going out', I think it means more like, that they just know that they like each other, so they call themselves bf/gf.
--Kayla, 11

Jennifer-Lenise: That doesn't mean they are dating, they have no clue what they are doing! They probably saw adult/teens, kissing and holding hands and wanted to be grown-ups, so they started kissing, and holding hands. Three year olds don't have dates, they have 'play dates'. *hint hint* They're Playing.
--MissMonkey, 11

SplashGirl (Lori) , 11 if that didnt work talk 2 ur cousin or ur sister about it if they r older than u and r girls. If that works tell me that it worked. Well, the whole talking 2 ur cousin or ur sister thing and ur sister might be a girl 'cause I said that u can talk 2 her. Talk 2 all girls that have lots of advice for u girlfriend.
--GwenIsAlsoAGoodName1, 12

He's one of the smartest kids in class. Also, he's real cute!

What make him my crush is hes nice, funny and friendly and cute. Hes my best guy friend who I've liked for lil over 2 years but he doesnt know I feel this way.
--Just some kid, 12

My crush is my crush because he's nice. He also is neat. And he tells the funniest of stories. Me and him like to play together.

Well, his name is Michael, and he is in 7th grade and my friends says he likes me because at church (He rarely comes) he moves across a huge table to look at me and he looked all red and would not stop looking down at his feet! But yeah I fell in front of some doors while he was eating but he didnt see me : -D! Me: Pretty, braces (I can pull them off! ) fun 2 be with, skinny, etc!!! Him: Hot, does that cover it? JK!!! Thx 4 reading!!!
--helby, 11

Lori: Woa!!! Umm I really don't know if this is good advice or not but I don't know any other way to help you. Just try to stand up and talk it out with your friends. Tell them it doesn't matter because what are they gonna win if the boy likes them?? A thousand dollars, candy, a new car?? There isn't anything amazing that is going to happen to them if he does like her, so what's the point of getting mad at a friend for something they're not gonna get involved in until they're older? Just tell them that they are making a big deal over something really simple like a boy. Hope I helped, bye!

I like my crush Jared because he's so funny. Even though he's 2 years older than me, I am mature for my age. I think a lot cute when he cusses. He is so adorable even though I think that he might be a nerd. I DON'T CARE! I LOVE JARED TO BITS!!!!
--Vanna, 12

My crush is cute and stares at me all the time so what should I do.

OMG! I have had so...Many crushes. There was Jacob, Philip, David, Reid, Daniel, Christopher, Foster, Garrett, Tyler, and now for my, current crush, ZL. Yeah, he's HOT, but we're like, totally Best Friends, so, like, he doesn't really know Im alive and well, let's just say we don't go to the same school, so he probably already has a GF, which pretty much reeks like crud. Anyway, you get da point, rite>?
--K*a_Y*l_a*, 11

I used to have a crush on this guy named Tyler H. , but I was talking to him, and although we had SOME things in common, I found he was a TOTAL bragger, he bragged about his big house, his home in California, his friend who's 'dang' rich...It really annoyed me, and sorta blew me away, that's too bad, I really liked him, and was even gonna tell him. I hope I see him next year. .
--K*a_Y*l_a*, 11

Ok DJ......You are WAY too young to be dating right now! Now, dont ask why Im giving you advice because Im not a girl, but like Shishi and Harrypotter said, if you 'put the moves on the ladies' you will get slapped. Now what you say about 'Im not 3rd grade, Im 7th grade' I just wanna say something.....How could a 8 year old be as smart as a 7th grader? (no offense to the 8 year olds) now Ive heard of 2nd graders being smart like 3rd graders, but 3 to 7? you really must be one of those little kids acting cool and trying to pretend you are someone that you are not. And as for your 'girlfriend' Erin, you have got it all wrong. 3rd graders do NOT get girlfriends! She could be a really good friend or something, but no 'girlfriend' stuff until. Lets say, you really ARE a 7th grader.
--Johannes, 9

He's so hot but he thinks I only like him as a friend. We always talk and people always think were going out...
--Jenny, 12

My crushes name is Isaac, and OH MY HECK he is sooo hot! He has long blonde hair and blue eyes. He is sooo cute. What makes him my crush...Well like I said, cuteness is a BIG factor, but also personality. He is funny, he makes me laugh all the time. He's also very smart, and sarcastic. (in a good balance, so not a nerd, and not a jerk. ) I am nuts over him, I think about him all the time, and apparently, supposedly a friend of a friend told me, (hee hee) that he likes me. I think so too, because he is constantly flirting. Well adios...
--FJHcheerleader, 13

Well he is cute, good smile, tall, nice , funny, and makes me laugh.
--Kelsey, 10

He's actually my BF, but he is so cute funny. And lets just say he takes care of his lady. He's also very respectful and tooootallly cuuute. (even if hes shorter than me).
--Merchandise is Preci, 12

Fred the moose: I had the exact same problem! This is what I did: go to google, type: how do you know if your crush likes you? go to the first entry, and get the results!

Woah, you guys should see ME when Im in love. I get OBSESSED. I remember when I liked Michael [in code, his name is MS] I practically STALKED the poor dude! All I would think and talk about were him, and his perfect, blue eyes. It was seriously pathetic. But now, I like Nathan. And Im not nearly as bad I was before. *shudders at the memory*.
--Raji, 00

Betty: Yeah, why?
--Lori, 11

"I have had several crushes starting in second grade. I liked my second grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade crush only because I thought they were cute. I liked my third grade crush because he fell asleep in class once and I thought he looked cute. But really, my best crush was in sixth grade. I didnt care about his looks. He was funny, caring, and smart. My crush, I think, liked me, too. He said hi to me almost everyday and apologized to me once when he made me feel bad a long time ago. Too bad he moved south into a place where it doesn't snow! I really miss him: (..
--Valerie, 12

Over the years I have had many crushes! My first crush I had was on a boy named Alex. Then a boy named [in order ]Tommy, Nathan, Ashton, Eleis, Joey, John, Dylan Sprouse[celeb], and finally Peter. When I like a boy I look for the things we like what he does around me, and trying to figure out if he likes me. But what really makes a crush a crush is his ability to think and understand what your thinking, For example if your sad your crush will understand that you need comforting and help you [well at least that is what mine do]. But as you and your crush get older he becomes hotter, cuter, more in to girls[if your crushe is a boy], and kinda spends too much time with you. But that is good if you like him!
--Deanna, 11

Well hes cute really smart short weird funny a kinda sweet kinda not sweet and all my Friends" say How do you like him? ! Hes not cute and he gets mad about everything!!!! well you guys aren't me so you cant judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I like his name Cavin. Ohhhhhhhhh I llllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! I have soo many crushes in my school, they're 7 and 8th graders. The cutest one is in 8th grade!
--None of ur business!, 12

HELP! SOS! Ayuda! Aiuto! Hilfe! Aide! Hulp! Someone, will you please give me advice? Today the problem with boys got SO serious!!!! People are now getting into crush competition and they are fighting over boys! My friend likes to same boy as me but Im ok with that, just slightly jealous. My two friends got into a fight because they both like the same boy and they won't talk to each other! GIVE ME ADVICE ASAP!
--Lori, 11

Ok, everyone I need help. I've liked this guy for three years. He once liked me but then he stopped. I want to get over it but I REALLY like him! What should I do?
--Cowsrock, 12

GwenIsAlsoAGoodName1: I have tried to talk tell my parents but they just laugh and say Its not like you're going to get married. But anyway THX 4 the advice.
--SplashGirl (Lori), 11

He's hot and tall he has blue eyes that make you dream I met him at church but he rude but I know he's sweet inside I think Im falling in love with TAYLOR GURNEY he's the coolest hottest and kind of wired he a quite guy and I know he like me he's my crush but I cant do anything about it because I have high standards I hope he will be my husband and I can give him my first kiss on are wedding day ILOVE YOU TAYLOR GURNEY! Youre always and forever and death we will be together I hope you read this message you'll know who I am! TAYLOR GURNEY. Love forever!
--Snow white in love

My crush is a friend of mine.
--Mary, 13

I like Nora. She's funny and she didn't even notice me until I became her friend. When people said that they told her, she became even friendlier with me. We always walk with each to band and always talk to each other! Do you think she likes me?
--David, 12

Whoops. I got carried away. My bad.
--CaliforniaIsMyHome7, 12

O. K Augustine is a maybe and 2-day at school, At Break we were playing M*A*S*H The Game (its Fun and stupid) And What was it was I Have 2 marry Augustine and We're going 2 live in a Mansion and Have 2 kids and they're both brown and We have a Escalator (Car), A little Chihuahua. Weird And Dumb but 2-day he was flirting W/ Roslynn (I HATE Her) and HATE it when they do it. But only my friends think we make a cute couple and Only Wayla and Whitney, Robyn Know!! Write 2 U guyz L8tr.
--XXxCali_12073xXx, 11

My crush is someone with the same athletic interests. He is taller than me and is Vietnamese. He is skinny like me. He is a musician who plays the bass, cello, and violin. My crush's name is Sid and we both have anger issues. I use it up by crying but he does by screaming. He and I love each other very much but we are to shy to ask each other out. We have all as and are academic focused. At school we are nicknamed lovebirds, and emos...But that is what makes us us and I am proud of it.
--Noma, 13

I had so many crushes over the years even in kindergarten. There was a guy named Micheal, Tyler, another Tyler, Ryan, Daniel, Luke, Matt, Cody, Hollan, Owen, Anthony, Jake, Xavier, Mycade, and Kale. But now I don't like anyone because I found out that boys are dorks. And if you are younger than 13 you shouldn't be going out with anyone. I have never gone out because my dad is very protective (he's a sheriff).
--Oliva, 11

YES IT DOES!!!!! They do date. I saw a couple of 3 yr olds, hold hands, and kissing each others noses. Some can talk too ya know!
--Jennifer-Lenese, 11

Well, my crush and I love everything the same, from films to food and everything. But we are best friends!
--Robert, 10

Well, I like this boy and he like me but Im not sure if I want to go out with him yet so he's just my crush.
--Sarah, 11

I used to have a crush and, UGH, Now I don't like him so much. I guess I just loved that long mess of hair he had on his head. I always wanted to ruffle it (cuz he's shorter X3) but never got up the courage. Now Im following another guy for his locks...*sigh* Well...Ta-ta!
--Alice L, 13

My crushes name is Dan. He is nice and very funny. He talks a lot during class, but the stuff he says is so funny the teachers just cannot get mad. My friend likes him too though, she doesn't know I like him. He is also very hot. See at first I liked him cuz he was hot, but then I got to know him and he was really sweet. The most important thing about him is his personality. When he says something usually the whole class is laughing, even the teachers. I am also kind of his friend (most people are).
--NYC55050, 13

I don't have a crush but boys are crushing on me...

--Soccer Star, 11

I REALLLLLLLLY like a girl named Nikki. She is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
--Becker, 13

"Because he's so cute and because of his attitude.
--Liz, 10

Because of his attitude and he is funny.
--Deeloe, 12

My crush is funny, creative and cute. He is nice to everyone but if he says something mean he is always joking. He is cool and popular. I really like him...
--Maya, 13

I don't know why I like her...She's a great actor, she's nice, she doesn't completely ignore me, and she's cute. I don't know much about her except for that, but Im trying to find out more. Wish me luck!
--Mark, 12

I look for someone caring, nice and funny. Cute is a bonus...Well, sometimes crushes r not fair cuz all the boys luv the pop kids and none of the NORMAL kids get bfs or gfs...SIGH!!!!
--No name please, 12

Marcel: You bet! Tell her everything! It's terrible!
--Michael, 13

Kiera: How are you in 5th grade if you're 11?!
--Michael, 13

AmericanGirl: THX 4 agreeing! MissMonkey: Yeah you're right but I really meant that they shouldn't actually be kissing or anything like that.
--Lori, 11

He is very cute and has pretty eyes.
--Janaesha, 11

I have a crush on a boy in my homeroom. I told three of my friends and over the next 4 days everyone in my grade knew I like him...It is terrible! And now whenever people talk to him the always ask him if he likes me and stuff...I think he is getting mad and I am getting really upset because he was just starting to like me before everyone else found out...I still think he might like me but he is just too embarrassed to tell everyone. He is the type of guy that doesnt like that much attention...

"I luv ya Zachery L!!!
--Kayla, 11

If their personality is great and they have good looks.

Gabrielle 12, what happened last month? Sorry if I seem a little nosy. I cant help it LOL!

Im 13 (almost 14: D) and Im not even allowed to date (not till Im sixteen: (, ) Kids shouldn't be allowed to date till they are at least teenagers. My niece, who is only six, said she had a boyfriend. I asked her if he knew that he was her boyfriend. She said, No.And even if they were bf/gf, they are WAAAAY to young to date. I Mean, I still have to wait like 3 more years! I want a boyfriend now, but Im still too young. So anyone young than 13 or up shouldn't have a boyfriend. No offence to anyone.

Violet: Well, I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with your dating him, but if his friends don't know, there is a possibility that he's using you. Your instinct not to get in the car with him shows that youre very smart. If I were you, I'd tell my parents, because the longer you hide it the more complicated things get. Don't discount your own feelings, but remember that at our age, it is hard to tell love from a crush. I think it's okay to date him, just don't lose perspective and tell your parents. Good luck!
--JS, 13

CaliforniaIsMyHome7, um, I can't really way that I 'love' Jesse. I barely know him! (BTW, he and I have the same cell phone. *OMGFANGIRLSQUEAL!* OK, sounded like a Lockhart reader. Sorry!).
--HarryPotter, 12

Lori, 11 this is serious and u should tell ur parents about it. Flammer, 13 u have 2 talk 2 ur friends or someone else like ur cousin...
--GwenIsAlsoAGoodName1, 12

hello! There r no 3 year olds dating! Dj and erin have 2 say 3rd grade stuff because they r not in the 7th grade or other grades for people that r now teenageers and not kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--UKnowThatIHaveAdvice, 12

I have a crush on this guy I met at camp this year. He is really funny. I think he might like me too because he spent a lot of time with me when he didnt have to and he teased me in a nice way (if that makes any sense). Also at one point we were sitting next to each other and he kept looking at me in a goofy way. It is kind of sad because I might not ever see him again!

Well, for one, she is one of the few girls that I really can trust, like I've done this before and they have gone and told everyone they saw, (even people they did not know!) so I really have been avoiding girls, but I am always open for new things, along with new people, so I met her when my friend was talking to her, I was just going to say hi to him, which I did, but then he introduced me to her and then she wanted to know more about us. She seemed pretty interesting. But then every time I tried to be better friends with her, my friend just walks up at the last second and says Follow me!" then sometimes he is alone so I talked to him why not he could just hang out with both of us, and his reply was: Three is a crowd. but one day he brought in a silly hat. He gave one to her and one to me. We started a club. I finally got me and her to be friends, so then, every day, we meet up, and find my friend, but then, he was not there. He was playing ball with his friends. And then some kid hurls me to the ground and takes of my shoes. Next he finds special rubber arch support insoles. (I have severe flat feet) and then my friend finds him juggling them. Next they play dodge ball. (one group has my shoes and the other have my rubber insoles) and so then I tell the yard duty. I get them back. Next he tells the whole thing to that girl, only he changes it out, so it sounds like I took off his shoes and played with them. Next he winks at me. Oh and by the way, shes not my crush. Shes just a friend. So Im wondering, does he have a crush on her and is trying to get away from me with her and talk trash behind my back, or is he just putting me down and trying to make me feel left out until I crack, and make a fool of myself near her? Someone please answer what they think. Ok! Now you have heard the story, and please write back!
--Anonymous, 9

I have plenty crushes but Im not telling well ok there names r c, l, l, s, a, b, e and those r the initials of them all hahahaha lol just kiddin.
--Meagan, 11

"I have- wait no...HAD a huge crush on this one boy who has been flirting with me for a really long time. But guess what I just found out? He has a girlfriend! Also he had this girlfriend while he was flirting with me! I am really mad at him, should I tell his girlfriend?
--Marcel, 13

I have a problem and I was hoping someone could give me some advice: There are these two boys in the other 5th grade class, Sean and Brian. Sean is smart and kind and funny, and he's pretty cute, but Brian is THE cutest boy I have ever seen. The only problem is, all my friends in the other class say he's mean and selfish and a show-off! Of course, I can't ask him myself, because boys and girls are supposed to hate each other! Does anybody have any advice?
--Kiera, 11

DJ, you said that you're 8 years old and in the seventh grade. I find that hard to believe. If you went to third grade and you were the smartest one there, wouldn't they put you in fourth or fifth grade?
--Kiera, 11

Hi, Michael. I don't come on as much as I used to because now I am in seventh grade and I have more homework and just more things to do. I try to come on when I can, though. Hope that answers your question.

Well she is my best friend and anyway he does not like her he likes me more...
--Kaity, 9

Jennifer-Lense: 3 yr olds do not date! They barely even know how to talk when they're 3.
--Lori, 11

Lori, 11 Im 12 years old and I am almost 13 years old. Cool, huh?
--Betty, 12

My crush's name is Jack he is tall and he has brown hair and a great smile. I am so glad that I know him. JACK I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS TILL DEATH.
--JACKIE, 12

Paris, QUOI?!?!?!?!?!? I mean, WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? Wa-wa! That is SO sweet of him! *kissy kissy goo goo eyes* A-L-L of my friends say that me and Jesse would be a cute couple. Would we? I DON'T KNOW!!! (Only one of my friends knows that I like him, though. And she only knows because I guessed her crush!) Me, light brown shoulder-length straight hair with a slight wave at the ends. Blue eyes. Tall, fun personality. Him, light light brown hair (gorgeously wavy!) , lightly colored eyes, about my height, same interests and personality. Maybe we would work...Hmm...
--HarryPotter, 12

Whoever is impersonating me, it's NOT FUNNY! I dont have a boyfriend named Adam, and I didn't write that thing about the juicy mini with boots. Whoever is impersonating me PLEASE tell me NOW!
--ShiShi, 11

Philip (11) : Most of the time when a girl is being really nice to you they like you...Or if they don't like you then they eventually will...Seriously, Im being honest here, all guys have to do is like, say something cute and we'll fall for them...I don't know why but most of the time, yeah we do. If you want to make sure they do like you just ask one of them that you like, saying something like, 'Hey (girls name here) I really like you and I wanted to know if you like me. ' I really like it when guys say stuff like that to me. As long as no one except I can here them, go for it.
--MissMonkey, 11

My god I wish I had a crush! Boys in my class like to wink at me, but I can tell there joking, because well...I don't know! There is this one guy in my class who is ok looking, but I don't know if I like him...
--ShiShi, 11

Well, I have a really great friend named Erin. I don't know if I have a crush on her. I like her a lot...But would I call it a crush? I like her as a FRIEND, but I catch myself wondering! I wouldn't want to date her (We both think dating is kind of silly!) I don't get that Butterfly in stomach" feeling (Good!).
--Michael, 13

Lori I totally agree w/ u!

My crush is smart, could be your friend easily, plays sports, and is totally cute! He's so nice like my dream guy image. If anyone knows who Ichigo is, my dream guy was made from her boyfriend in the series!
--Mariah, 12

I have a crush on this guy and he is really popular, but Im not and I try to say Hi to him but like a lot of girls are all around him and I am scared that he will like them and not like me.
--Caroline, 13

Violet: First off, you shouldnt lie to your parents! Next: He's a little too old for you! And I think you should just be friends, especially if there's a risk that he may just be using you!
--Becker, 13

Ok everyone, the problem with boys at my school is starting to get SERIOUS! People are getting their feelings hurt and girls are making each other do things that they do not want to do. Like the other day I heard my friend telling my other friend that they were going to try to get my other friend that has a crush on this one boy to kiss! They were going to try to push them into each other. Luckily I went back and told my other friend what was going to happen and she was able to avoid it. Then another problem is that this one boy likes this girl but she thinks he's weird and doesn't like him. Well some of the kids in my class gave the boy her phone number. She got really upset about it, because she didn't want them to do that. Anybody who has advice for this situation, HELP!
--Lori, 11

Hi, I know this guy at school who I like and he likes me back. He is funny, smart, cute and is hot. My mom doesnt know I like him. What should I do?
--Flammer, 13

I have a crush on this guy at my school and his name is Nick and he is a total hottie, but the problem is, is that he is around so many girls and I am afraid that he well go out with them, but not me, but someone said that he likes me and that he thinks I am really pretty, but I am guessing she is Lying.
--Caroline, 13

My crushes name is Elliot. L, he is so nice, funny, cute, hot, sweet, athletic and is cool. He likes me and I like him. All my friends say we make a cute couple and my mom says he's a good guy. I want us to be more then friends. I need him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What should I do?
--Flammer, 13

Violet (13): If I were you I would let him know that your parents don't know you've been seeing him, and probably wont approve of it (if he doesn't know already) and tell him you want to tell your parents about him if that's okay. He'll probably say it's fine, once he does tell your parents what you've been doing, and that you're sorry about not telling them but that he's a really nice guy and you're going to keep seeing him even if they don't want you to. (but if you take my advice make sure you say that as sweetly as possible!!) Stand your ground as long as you can and keep dating him. Even if you don't do it like I said, make sure you tell your parents, or they'll find out anyway, get really ticked, and probably (this is what my parents and every other parent I know of would do) will ground you for months and forbid you from seeing him ever again.

Take my advice Ivy.
--IKnowUNeedAdviceGirl, 12

I wish Elliot. L would ask me to be his girlfriend. I would be so happy. If he wont ask me to be his girlfriend should I?
--Flammer, 13

Now y'all otta kno that there ain't no 3 year olds that is datin. Get real! Now if u kno one that is, go up to them and ask them if they is datin (lol if they could talk). Once again get real, no offense NE1 but it just common sense. And no Im not talkin 2 NE1 who knos that there aint no 3 year olds datin...

Violet: Do not keep that from your parents. You shouldn't do anything if you don't tell your parents or if you don't know him that well. You guys should just be friends if you're not going to tell your anyone else. If he was only like a year older than you, I think it would be okay but I don't know about 16.
--Lori, 11

HarryPotter, 12 I guess u luv Jesse. Oh, u do know Sillyputty on IML, right? She's now Misscrayola. Cool name, huh?
--CaliforniaIsMyHome7, 12

Hi Lana! Im Harvey and I live here in Kentucky. You're cool! My crush is Megan R, the daughter of Mrs. Tammie R. So I love...MY TEACHER'S DAUGHTER! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas form the United States.
--Harvey, 11

Derrick is my friend.
--Elaina, 8

Derrick likes me I know it.
--Elaina, 8

I have a crush in this boy, a Chinese boy and he is good-looking. Well, it's just a crush--It's not really like fall-in love no way! Im not falling in love in him. Just a crush--You know? crush only! Because I'm still 11 years old...And having a crush is like, you always think about him/her sometimes. But you know? He didn't know that I like him. HE is my Friend in our prayer meeting church, he wears spectacles and Chinese-boy and white (Of course. I also like this boy--He is also a Chinese...He is so weird. Sometimes I hate him, sometimes I admire him and like him...But I don't like to talk to my Chinese crush...I think falling in love is so gross...I fall-in love when I was a kid...It's just. I think 1st grade...Yuck! I like him. He likes me too...But when my mother tell me to study first before falling-in love...So I hate him. I didn't talk to him in 1 yr/ then I lost my feelings to him...Then he lost also he's feeling to me. Then we are just classmate-friend (It's a long-time ago) Now, I didn't see him. Since a long time because we moved places...
--Joreen, 11

I really like this boy, John. He's sweet, has goals for his life, and is funny. What makes him sweet is that he opens doors for you and offers to carry something if your hands are full. What makes him funny is that if u sits next to him he starts making whacky faces like a fish. What shows he has goals for his life is that he picked out and extremely good high school for the one he wants to go to and coincidentally it's the same one I want to go to.
--Erin, 12

Violet, 13 calm down. It's not wrong at all. If I were u I would so tell the people I can trust but u know what I mean. The point is that if u tell all of ur friends here that r the people u can trust ur friends can keep your secret safe and not blurt it pit to everyone else. Oh, Arielle also needs help with Naasha and Ivy needs help with Lizzie's relationship with the boy that she likes. He's so mean 2 her. MAN OH MAN THAT ISN'T GOOD! I want him to get the mad look from all of us when he comes here. If he calls Lizzie something mean and I see it I'll say, HEY! THAT'S IT! IF U GO 2 MY STATE U R SO GONNA GET IT SO DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I might do it if Lizzie gets her feelings hurt real bad. Hey HarryPotter, 12 if it happens click on the words and write down how u feel. I use my emotions outside when I see someone in person but I write down how I feel on my computer when I am mad or a different feeling. Well, to tell u the truth now that I don't IM people on Yahoo! Messenger I give people advice by using lots of emotion if it happens. But if it does I'll be super mad and Disha got me confused. I was really mad when she told me she wanted to be LAVAGIRL because she is part of my daydream and I wanna know why she wants to be her now.
--BadThingsDoHappenNow, 12

I love my crush a lot. His name is Isaac.

I have a Boyfriend named Kent Fullerton he is so creative. You got to see his work oh my gosh!
--Kristina, 11

I have a crush. Everything was alright from the start of the year but now my crush doesnt talk to me as much as he used to. So Im I being dumped???????? HELP!!!!!!

Kids shouldn't date until they are at least 14!
--Lori, 11

Jennifer-Lenese, Name one 3 year old that you know of that is dating. Yep I'd like to hear that.

I like him because he's cute, nice, funny, and cool.
--Jasmine, 13

I have a crush on a guy named Dante and so does my best friend, my good friend, and my other friend. He is SSSSSOOOOOOO cute and I used to think he was a show off and I didnt like him. But a couple weeks ago my teacher moved my desk up beside him and I thought Great, hes a pain in the butt then after a couple days I realized how caring, cute, and creative he was. Now I have the biggest crush on him of all!
--N/A, Na

Well, Drake (my crush, I thought he liked me) sent me in IM of lips, that symbolizes a kiss. It's like a spell! When I met him, he wouldn't stop talking to me.
--Darth Allegra, 10

I have trouble in trying to find if a girl in my class likes me because most of them are very nice. I really need some advice. Someone please help!! Its so hard.
--Philip, 11

Jennifer-Lense what I see is information that is nonsense and 3 year olds do not know anything about dating. DJ and Erin don't know anything about dating and also they r pretending 2 be in the 7th grade because it is fun. I think that all of u r not allowed 2 be on this site if u know what I mean. AND I AM GONNA BE 13 YEARS OLD ON MY NEXT BIRTHDAY! DJ is 8 years old and so is Erin. They r in 3rd grade! I AM GOING 2 BE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL AT THE END OF THE YEAR AND I THINK THAT DJ and Erin shouldn't date each other if they r only 8 years old!
--FrankieIsSoCoolGirl1, 12

I like my crush because he thinks about my feelings. My crush also says hi to me everyday, which is a nice thing for him to do. He's also very outgoing, smart, funny, and cool! Now Im starting to think he actually likes me! What do you think, IML?
--Alyson, 13

I like mine because he is different from other boys. And because he is cute!!!! HES ALSO MY BEST FRIEND!
--Not telling, 11

Nope, Im a girl and proud of it. I have the name FredtheMoose because there was a song I learned in middle school and it was about a moose named Fred, and I have a moose and my friend said I should name it Fred. And I like the name: D.

I got a new bf named Adam! Black hair light blue eyes...Soooooo cute!
--Shishi, 10

Take my advice: I blushed my face, put mascara on and put on lipstick. I also put on a juicy coture shirt and a mini skirt with boots! Then my crush Adam asked me out!
--Shishi, 10

My BF Brandon who is a hottie (blonde hair brown eyes!) dad owns the country club. So his friends and my friends were in the country club all alone in the hot tub eating shrimp. And then he said there was something shiny under water. It was a diamond ring! I loved it!
--Paris, 10

OMG! T and L are together! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (cries!).
--London, 10

Hey IML pals. I want to be one of the regulars sooooooooo...Include me!!!! I like my crush b/c he is tall-n-hot-sweet! But he really doesnt like me b/c of an incident last month. 10/20/06! I tell you all l8r!!!!!But I like him mostly b/c he is funny. Really cute too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1.
--Gabrielle, 12

And ShiShi (10) I fell sorry for ya, here in middle school, its a complete adventure, filled with twist and turns, but I dont get why my school has dances, that sickens me in a strange way. But it would be fun, in a way.
--Spooky, 10

I like my friend, and it scares me. I don't know if he'll ever like me. But hey, I got a good friend.
--KStar, 11

DJ-did you mean maturities, I will give you credit for that, but at any age, intelligence, or maturity Putting the moves on the ladies sounds wrong. And to all of you in this controversy. Can we please end it?.
--KStar, 11

I broke up with him!!!!! Sniff.
--Anonymous, 11

My crush name is Evan. What makes him my crush? Hes so funny! Whenever he laughs I want to laugh too. Whenever he makes a joke I giggle from across the room. Whenever he sits beside me I always pretend like hes not there. Whenever Hes around me, I feel special. When he looks at me, I dont want him to stop looking at me.
--Verety, 12

I like a guy called Ridvan he is 13 I am scared to ask him out what should I do.
--Tamara , 12

4 some reason I don't /do like Augustine (don't ask why) and my friend was going out w/ my other friend and the broke up and now 4 some reason she wants him back xXx oOo $$$Cali_12073 (new nickname) $$$.
--Cali_12073, 11

I know a lot of people who want to keep it in, you don't need to tell someone else just tell the person and get it over.
--Starcoco, 10

OK, OK, I know I've mentioned him sooo...Much on this site, but I have never, ever liked a guy like Zachary L. (Zakk, as my craZ friend Garrett r. Says). He's super nice, HOT, sweet smart, funny, and he's totally awesome to hang out with!!! *love*...
--K*a_Y*l_a*, 11

I have a mega huge celeb crush on Jesse McCartney, he's sooo...Dreamy, and HOT, too****.
--K*a_Y*l_a*, 11

Jennifer-Lenese (11) : There are no 3-year-olds dating and even that wouldn't give DJ an excuse. He shouldn't be talking about girls that way! () () (V. V).
--Proud2bAnonymus, **

"Hey, I know this is off topic, but since there is no where else to write about crushes, I'll do it here. So I met this guy (Trenton) at youth group while I still had a boyfriend. He was super hot and nice, but he was 16 so I didn't think of him that way. Then my boyfriend dumped me in the worst possible way at the worst possible time, and really needed someone to talk to, so I called him. Now were dating. I'm sick of keeping this a secret from my parents, since I always lie to them of where I'm going. I told my BFF Lexi, and even though she wants us to be friends, she thinks he's using me. But I'm practically in love with him! I know I've only known him for a month but IT'S TRUE!!!!!! I swear, I'm not going to do anything. All we do is go to the movies or to Starbucks, and I would NEVER get in a car with him (gut feeling). If we don't do anything, is the relationship wrong? His friends don't even know. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!"
--Violet, 13

"My friend has all the boys! She is a tomboy! I want a BF NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
--London, 10

"I have a crush but it is hard because once one person finds out it goes all around. I like this girl a lot the best thing to do is just get the time to know her and then u can be friends for a while the more stuff happens I don't know what I am only 12."
--Jim, 12

"Uh, Kitten, I said that you will get slapped if you put the 'moves' on a girl. ShiShi said that they would run for their life if they did."
--HarryPotter, 12

"SoFlyButtafliesHate: Thanks for the advice. It's just my friends are just like flirting with boys, and they don't like it, and I try not to join in, but sometimes it's like they make me."
--Lori, 11

"DJ is lying he does have a girlfriend named, Erin. But putting the moves on the ladies is not what he said. My twin brother, Kevin wrote that."
--Isache, 11

"My crush is Abdiyaziz he is so skinny and cute and sweet. He is in my year and in my class. I liked him for years and years. I hope he notices me in the future and I wanna have a relationship with him!"
--Nimo, 13

"Hi there! I'm from ASIA, not America (my ethnic background is half-Chinese, half-American) so in your opinion, what do you guys think of us Asian-American girls? Please and me!!"
--Lana, 13

"Well, I had this crush on a guy, and his in 11th grade and I'm in 9th. He is so cute especially when he wears his sunglasses to school. He's Filipino and I'm Japanese. The coolest part is that he also knows how to speak Japanese as well as Tagalog, and of course English. I think he likes me too cause him and his friends started to hang out at our place. I always catch him looking at me and then looking away which I find really cute. I would start to blush or make this squeaky sound. Oh, and I also know how to speak Tagalog. Isn't that such a coincidence? 1 time my friend told me to come to the water fountain with her to drink and I noticed him and his friends standing next to it. So after that I was gonna walk away, but then she pulled my arm and said, " Come on Yori come this way." She was gonna pull me towards him and I was all like "NO NO NO DON'T MAKE ME COME THERE PLEASE." and I saw him smiling really wide. I was so embarrassed, but at the same time I felt all giggly."

"Okay so I'm going to this field trip which is an opera to see Hansel and Gretel. Which means I have to dress casually and the guy I like might see me with it and I am so nervous, but at the same time excited cause I have a cute dress that goes to my Knees (what I mean by cute I didn't mean all pinky) it's actually black and red. I wish he'd smile when he sees me."

"I can get REALLY carried away if I have a crush, so I kinda just go with the flow, I have friends who are guys, but that's it, for now."
--Mari, 12

"Shishi: Good post! Very true! You have no idea how fast I'd have to run!"
--Michael, 13

"I hade a crush on a guy that I hated, but I hated him because he was going out with a girl I hated. But then I feel in love with him and now he is my boyfriend!"
--Lynne, 11

"Ivy you can tell the principal what's happening. If that doesn't work try all of the teachers, your best friend forever a. Ka. BFF Lizzie and everyone else what's happening. You can also talk to the boy that is mean 2 Lizzie and say, HEY! LEAVE HER ALONE! Stop picking on my friend Lizzie and if u don't you're gonna get what u deserve for real and if you don't want it stop talking behind her back and being mean to her, k? And if he says, Whatever Ivy I don't care what u say and I am not going to stop say, That's it! You asked for it! And do what u gotta do to him if he doesn't care what u say a bit. Plus, u can tell your friend Lizzie that her so-called boyfriend is being mean 2 her and that she might have to break up with him, and u can tell your mom the whole story. Hope I helped..."
--OMyGoshURSoRightGirl, 12

"My crush is tall, cute, popular, and is funny. I get along with him and his best friend. He knows I like him, but hasn't said anything to me. I think that he still thinks I'm going out with my ex though. Ohh well, and the best part is he always seems to be around! One of my friends asked me why I liked him and I guess you really can't pick who you are attracted to."
--Lil D, 13

"I have a crush on this really hot guy, but he already has a girlfriend. I do not know what to do. My friend gave me advice. She said to make a love eye contact with him and twirl my hair while I am doing it. He still kinda looks at me like he likes me. What do I do?"
--Rachel, 10

"Stop it! Stop it everyone! Jen is right! There are 3-year-olds that are dating. But just because he is too young, doesn't mean he can't try a different experience."
--Takiyesho, 10

"I have a crush on this boy and he is like the cutest boy in school. But I don't know if he likes me back. And I don't even know how to tell him that I like him. So I don't know if he'll ever know or not."
--Cathy, 9

"My crush is sooo sweet!!! He knows I like him. When I'm around him he makes me feel so comfortable so then I don't turn all red! The problem is he still thinks I'm with my ex! His name is Kyle and I don't care who knows it."
--Lil D, 13

"My crush is Nicholas and he is hott I luv him but I don't know if he luvs me back but he is my BF."
--Angel-Lynn, 13

"Arielle if u like him tell him the good stuff and u don't have 2 listen to Natasha because I think she's not in love with him because I think she's using him for some reason. I don't know what the reason is but if she is u can always tell me that she is using him and if she says, Hey now that I have a new boyfriend I don't need you anymore because you are not my type and go back to Arielle 'cause I would rather be with someone else that's way more cuter and I'm going to do it right about now. If she says that or something else u can tell me what she said, k?"
--MyFriendsRSoCoolGirl, 12

"He was funny, nice, he stuck up for me, he was in my class, right next to me for most of the time, we goofed around, and then he moved to Florida. The total other side of the planet U. S. A!"
--Darth Allegra, 10

"What makes my crush, my crush? Hmmmmmmm. For starters I LOVE his name it goes with his personality, and style. His name is Luke. Luke is also Very cute, every single girl in the 7th grade loves him! (Including me, of course!) Luke is also smart and funny. He is soooooo easy to start a conversation with. He is nice to everyone he meets and does not judge people on what they look like. He is so nice, I just wish he would talk to me more often and he would notice me!"
--Jessica, 12

"DJ, Michael and Harrypotter are right. You're 8. Your way too young, wait till your 9 or 11 or 12 or 13, or something like that. But anyway, yea, too young."
--Kitten, 9

"Jennifer-Lenese, calm down, girl! We're not trying to make anyone upset! We just want to make sure DJ doesn't get into any trouble and stuff. BTW, Three year olds aren't even potty-trained, much less dating. They can barely talk! Get real!"

"I have the same feeling as you Linsey, 10. I have a crush on a really cute and I mean cute boy but I don't know if he likes me back either."

So!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look, Isache and DJ are my cousins, and I don't wanna see DJ getting talked to like dat. FOR YA'LL INFORMATION, THERE ARE 3-YEAR-OLDS THAT R DATING, SO DAT DON'T MAKE NO DIFFERENCE 4 DJ AND ERIN!!!!!!!!
--Jennifer-Lenese, 11

DJ, Everyone is totally right! I should know. I have experience. With a boy named Cayleb, but now he's totally changed! I should have known I was too young, but look at me now, I've learned my lesson. But maybe I'll get one this year...He he, let me stop before this sinks to a whole new level. From level 5, dumped, to level 4, dumped & looking for another.
--Kitten, 9

I have a crush on a really cute boy but I do not know if he likes me back and I dont want to tell him because then every one will find out.
--Linsey, 10

This information is alas, RESTRICTED to others. Though I will say this: I do have a crush...
--Elecktro, 13

Thank you Spooky (10), but what I was saying was that I wished there were better boys in my grade, not that boys don't like me. But thank you anyway.
--ShiShi, 10

I have a crush on a boy named Tony his nick name is lettuce he is soooooooo cute and I want to ask him out but he has a girlfriend and I need advice.
--Angi, 11

My friend Taylor has been dating this guy, Luke. They were going to have a boyfriend girlfriend official wedding tomorrow, and well after she left to go home early, and then he told the boy who was going to call the cater he was going to call her and break up with her. Then a girl overheard and was going to tell her. Then earlier today at P. E. He told his friends that he might ask ME out. He is smart and rich. Im dumb and middle class. I will say yes. Is that being a good friend? he has black hair and hazel eyes and very athletic.
--London, 10

N is cute but heartbreakingly unattainable, and D is a VERY small crush (despite what S told nearly everyone). I'd use names, but people will know it's me.
--QueenKitten, 13

Jesse's so talented! I heard him sing at the Drama Club's audition, and he's pretty good! (For a boy; the girls sing MUCH better than the boys. ;]) He's also a superb actor, and very smart! (He's in advanced math! ) Plus, he's so handsome....*guilty smile* sometimes I can be so boy-crazy! .
--HarryPotter, 12

He's kind, He's cute, He's not so high on ego like a lot of guys, and He's smart, He'd also protective, One time I got in a fight with someone and he stood up for me, that's mostly why I like him, he sticks up for people.
--Bailey, 11

He's so sweet!! And he's really not my crush anymore, he's my b/f!!! We were talking at youth nite and he finally asked me out!!!! It was awesome!! He's the nicest guy ever!!!
--Brittany, 12

I really really like this guy named Lance hes really cute and nice but I don't think he likes me that much we know each other and say hi and talk about stuff but I get the feeling he just thinks we are friends. What should I do?
--Kayla, 10

Well what makes my crush my crush is that he is cute.
--Breanna, 13

My crush is in my 8th grade English class. He is sweet, sophisticated, stylish, and cute. He sort of likes me, too. But he is too shy to admit it.
--Isache, 11

You guys will not BELIEVE this. A few days ago I (For some reason) got tired of having a crush and I prayed that I would stop having crushes. It came true! The prayer was answered! But today I asked to have crushes again because I didn't like not having hem. It felt like something was missing. So now I have crushes again. COOL!
--Michael, 13

I have a ton of crushes. To name their personalities...One is a hilarious troublemaker, one is a happy-go-lucky weirdo (just like me lol) , one is a funny sports player, and the last one is a cool Elvis-lover that I had a dream of him holding my hand...O. O And I didn't even like him yet when I had that dream!
--Eve, 9

I like this guy. But the only time we ever talk is when he asks me for a pen. Also Im not sure if my friend likes him too. She's always talking to him. He also is always talking to this other girl too. I hate liking someone. I havent liked someone for the past 3 years, so Im not used to it...
--Rachel, 13

Well I don't really have a crush now, but when I was lovesick what I really liked about the guy was that he was smart, funny, athletic and was going through the same problems - pressure, puberty and sarcasm. Lol!
--Samantha, 12

My crush is cute, nice, funny, smart, and sweet. And my freinds told him that I liked him, and I told them it was o. K. If it wasn't they wouldn't of done it. And we can talk, look at each other in class, goof off together and not feel awkward. We wave at each other in Homeroom, and smile at each other. (Did I mention he fold's his sweater when he takes it off? ) Heck, we even sit next to each other in math. One of my freinds (she didn't tell him that I liked him, because she was absent) no name, say's he likes me. (she used to like him now she doesn't) My friend say's, Now I like looking at him. After I pointed him out. And I thought there were no cute/smart/sweet/funny guy's in 5th grade!
--Taylor, 11

Alex 11, if he is your cousin that don't matter. We can talk 2 him if we want to. Besides if he wuz really smart he would know that only girls are tomboys and a degree is like a diploma not an angle. 'Degrees' is an angle. Plus ain't nobody wanna hear about sum1 having a girl every week, apparently that boy don't know what dating is. By the way Alex, you're acting like you're actually gonna do something if we do talk to him. Try!

Lori, when I was in fifth grade this stuff was happening too. We were just getting to that age where we're like Oh my gosh he/she is fine! ". In fact I actually had 2 boyfriends then too, but that was at the end of the year. If this stuff is happening and you don't feel comfortable about it you don't have to join in if you don't want to. What's the point anyways? It's not like y'all are gonna get married. I personally think that having a Boyfriend/girlfriend" at a young age is just getting ready for when you are starting to date when you are older. They can do whatever feels good for them, and you can do the same. Good Luck!

DJ, even if you are in the 7th grade you're a little young to be saying and doing that. Cause I don't think you're ready for that kind of stuff.

I think my crush is hot but most everyone else doesn't really think so. She is small. She is smart. She is so hot and I am kind of obsessed.
--Shayne, 11

I had a huge crush on one of my best friends (who was a boy! ). His girlfriend was two-timing him. So I told him and now he broke up with her and asked me out! Guess what now were going out! One thing that I am scared of is if this will ruin our friendship! Let's hope not! But to answer your question a crush is someone you really like. When you start dating there like your best friend
--Princess, 13

Well, your crush is someone you like that he/she does or does not know about...
--Kristin, 13

My crush is my friend Dale. He is nice, friendly, and artistic. He is the coolest friend I ever had. Arielle do not listen 2 Natasha and also if 7u like him talk 2 someone who doesn't like Natasha at all,. HOPE I HELPED!
--CrushesAreSoCoolForU, 12

Well, I have a crush, he's my friend. I really hate him before but when he keep on calling me everyday in our house. Im getting falling to him. He's so sweet and different to other guys.

If there are any boys here, just let me tell you something. Like ShiShi said, if your in middle school, don't put the moves on the girls. You will get slapped. Im not in middle school yet, but if you try to put the moves on me, oh boy you're gonna wish you never did it, cause my slaps will definitely be dangerous to your health, but who could deny this pussycat? *Growls* Meow.
--Kitten, 9

Fredthemoose. I thought you were a boy because it is FRED the moose. Huh...

My crush is Ryan.
--Jamie, 9

I need a nick name do you like bonnie????
--Anne-Marie, 11

Let me think. I think what makes my crush a crush is because I've known him a long time. I have known him a long time because he is my best friend! He's the best friend that I can tell any thing to. Not this!
--Arleyah, 11

I like this girl named Lauren, but the downside is...SHE'S MY BEST FRIENDS SISTER!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
--Brenden, 12

Im just dying for this boy in my 7th period class. He's sooo fine and he knows it. He knows I want him like that so I don't know why he's frontin'. Oooh but I do think he likes me too cause he's been flirting with me a little more than usual. I Luv you jay-dub!!!

I have a crush on a boy. He is soooooo handsome and the most popular boy in my class and you would be surprised to know that I am too one of the most popular. I like him and I think that he also likes me but how to tell him?.
--Manisha, 12

BEEEEEEEEN!!!!! I KEEEEEEEEEEEL YOU!!!! AARGH! Today, after school, I was talking to my friend Iris about Project Runway (I LOVE Project Runway! ). Just then, Ben (who I mentioned somewhere in the 'School' category) came up to me with Jesse by his side, and said Likilikilaolao". Jesse looked at me, and asked Likilikilaolao? and I turn to Ben and shout YOU CALL ME THAT, ONE MORE TIME-" and he walked off with Jesse, and explained that my name is Hawaiian. THE FIRST TIME JESSE TALKS TO ME AND FREAKIN' BEN SPOILS IT! GRRRRR! *growls, swears, and makes pirate noises*.
--HarryPotter, 12

There is this hot guy named Jacob E and he is so hottttttt. He rides my bus. If u read this I just want to tell u I love u.
--Haley, 12

My crush is so nice, and thoughtful, and sweet, but I don't know what do because he is popular and I never have time to talk to him.
--Chloe, 11

My crush is a really cute and funny boy. But I have two problems. (1) I think he likes someone else and (2) I am the most unpopular girl at school, so he isn't going to notice me, even if he isn't going out with someone else. Oh yeah, and (3) All the other girls like him too, so he won't choose me (Miss Unpopular) over all the offers he's getting from the cool girls who are actually horrible (swearword) s.
--Sarah, 12

Um DJ, well in my grade (5th) if you put the moves" on the ladies" you will probably run for your life. : ).
--ShiShi, 10

HarryPotter, good post! Haha, that's true, too! Im sure that when you say sometimes, you mean Almost never" : D.
--Michael, 13

Dear Taleisha, try to show your crush that you are really interested in him. Make him feel calm and comfortable in front of you. Talk to him and find some common interests that you both like. If you two have a lot in common, maybe he will like you. Try it, it worked for me.
--Isache, 11

For those of you who r talkin' 2 my cousin, DJ, u better stop. Isache is my sister 2. DJ is in the 7th grade. That is how smart he is. Im in 7th 2. Isache is in 8th. I works all the time. Isache's twin brother, Kevin, he has a different girlfriend every week!
--Alex, 11

No I am not young. I have the majorities of a 9th grade tomboy. Im in the 7th grade. They said I was to smart for the 3rd grade. I know the square root of pi, and the exact degree of the Earth's axis.
--DJ, 8

My name is Erin. I am 8 years old in the 7th grade. I am DJ's girlfriend. I am from the Philippines. I speak Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines. I just want to tell you all that whatever you do to earn the one you yearn, just be you!
--Erin, 8

I have this problem at school with boys! Everybody talks about boys, all of the time. We play this game where a girl writes a time on another girl's hand, close to the current time, and on the palm of the other girl's hand, they write a boy's name. The girl gets 1 guess. If they guess wrong, they have to ask the boy out at the specific time on their hand. It was fun, and I played at first, because the boy would always say no, because it was a joke. Now girls are getting their feelings hurt if a boy says no. At recess my 2 friends push people into boys, and sometimes they hurt people, if the boy backs out of the way at the last second. My friend is obsessed with this boy, and in class they stare at each other, and sometimes they touch hands! This is fifth grade, and people are like this!!! If you can give me advice, please tell me!
--Lori, 11

Dragonmistress: WHERE have you been in the past few months?
--Michael, 13

DJ: DUDE! You're only 8 years old! I think you should wait a bit (until like) to have a girlfriend, you're WAYYYYY too young!
--Becker, 13

My crush that I have, is my crush because I said so and because he is so darn cute.
--Ray Ray

My crush is very cute, umm...not to be shallow and this is mainly girls here...but cute sort of goes...right...OK.
--Quinn (that's a boy!), 11

He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute (the boy in my second message)! Every time I see him I can't stop looking at him! Sometimes I want to go up to him and tell him I like him but Im just too shy.

HarryPotter (12) Ur a very interesting girl...
--TinkerBell, 12

Well my I met my crush last year when I was in fourth grade. And he's so cute funny smart tall and he's older than me. I still like him but I dont know if he likes me he did sorta flirt with me last year but I think he likes my friend Jaylene.
--Angel, 11

DJ-u r 2 young 2 have a gf! As 4 putting he moves on the ladies. I suggest u avoid any heartbreaks and/embarrassment by not putting any moves. Girls like ppl that aren't so obvious. And call them girls, plz.

"I have a crush on 1 of my buds!!! What do I do??? Do I tell him!!! Cuz he wrote me a letter that went a little like this: Jin, Who do u like? Just wanted 2 know, cuz I can! W/B Bud.
--Jinny, 12

I love Shade.
--KStar, 11

DJ---Okay you are waaaaaaaay too young for that stuff. In middle school we say girls and if you try 'moves' you will get slapped in the face or if you are really, really, lucky the girl will laugh at you and ask if this is a teen movie
--KStar, 11

Arielle (11) if he likes girls like that, he's not worth it.
--KStar, 11

Well I have a crush on Nick from Zoom. Why do I like him? Well because I just think he's sooooo cute!!!!!
--Unknown, 9

"<3I fell in love with someone because...I don't know. I accidentally fell in love. It's such a strong feeling. I've had crushes before, but I think this time it's love. Now I miss him so much, it even hurts. We go to different schools now. But I'll always love him. But if you truly love someone, you won't know the reason why you fell in love. That's true love. <3.
--Ailsa, 11

I said that Jesse was running for Vice President of the Student Government, and........HE WON!!! Now he's Vice President of the Drama Club AND Student Government! I said 'congratulations' to him on Friday (Drama Club Tryouts) , and he said Thank You". NOT 'THANKS' 'THANK YOU'!!! OK, Im totally overreacting, but still! *squeals like over girly pink lady* : D: D: D: D: D.
--HarryPotter, 12

LOL. What do u mean when u ask someone out when ur only 10. Like do u walk around at lunch? Ha ha ha ha.
--Spooky, 10

Arielle-I hate it when guys think their gf is so rite, but she is so wrong. Well I myself have never had a bf= (so I can't help u.

Well this is something I dont like Friday the 13 is the day we started to date! I hope we dont have bad luck! =[.
--Taylor, 10

My crush, Zach, isn't my crush anymore! He's my BOYFRIEND! He asked me out last week and I was sooooo surprised! Then we went to his house and we made out and it was sooooo much fun! Zach is the sweetest and hottest boy in da world!!
--Crystal, 13

My crush is so cool. Her name is Victoria. She is nice, smart, funny, cute, and she has crystal blue eyes.
--Michael, 10

I have a crush and I hate it! I hate middle school when it comes to this. Like I just have like this feeling inside, and its just to weird.
--Spooky, 10

Shi Shi, 10 if ur looking for dudes, u gotta be a dude. What I mean is that u gotta think of what boys like. Don't change yourself. Observe boys. Look at lunch or something. So if u see a boy with the same interest, talk to 'em!
--Spooky, 10

He is very sweet, but with certain types of girls. Not judging you by your looks, but your personality! Guys like that are very special.
--Liliana, 13

My crush is so hot!! I almost love her. I am so going to ask her out.
--Glenn, 11

I have this boy that I like but he doesn't talk, play, or like me I need a lot of help plus he said he doesn't like me in front of my face and in front of his friends now I have another boy who I like and who likes me too! Can you make me much, much cuter? Now my crush thinks I am ugly.
--Taleisha, 11

I Love Jack.

Well my crush is hot but he doesnt notice me or he does but he doesnt like me I think he sent me an IM maybe asking me out but idk.
--Chelsie, 11

DJ, yes, sometimes (S-O-M-E-T-I-M-E-S) the 'moves' work on us 'ladies' (just say 'girls', okay?) but if you're in middle school, like myself, if you put the 'moves' on us 'ladies', you will get slapped.
--HarryPotter, 12

I've liked my crush ever since he started going to my school. He is funny and very nice but at the moment he is going out with this mean girl called Natasha. What should I do?
--Arielle, 11

DJ, YOU'RE 8 years old! Aren't you a bit young?
--Michael, 13

What makes my crush, my crush is some of qualities he has. My crush is perfect, he is sweet, kind, and nice. He is also the cutest boy ever!!!.
--Sarah, 11

Well I just don't try thinking about it. I have 2 crushes, it sounds stupid but well yeah. I used to crush this other boy but lately he's been acting so stupid.
--Spooky, 10

My new crush is Dale. He has a baby face, he's a skater/punk kind of type *which I LOVE!*, he has brown hair with dark blonde highlights, A perfect body *no, I don't like the guys who are obsessed in getting muscles, it's fine when they are the body type like Billie Joe Armstrong's from Green Day*. His personality is nice. He's really funny, nice, caring, sweet, everything in a guy that I wanted. His eyes are dreamy, and he has the cutest baby face. I might ask him out.
--Judy, 10

Cute smart funny strong.
--Secretly, 9

Ivy, 12: Don't get your hopes up.
--Isache, 11

For me a crush has to be really into sports and have a great smile. Also, he likes to like me for me!
--Sara, 13

My crush's name is SHAUN...Ooo yeah I love him like heck...But I dont know if he likes me...That's the only problem...But I guess so he likes me as that is how he reacts to me...He is in the 8th grade n Im in the 7th grade...He rocks!!!any1 who sees him will fall in love with this guy...Muuaahh this is for u my sweetie...
--Annette, 13

Im surprised this didn't fill up quickly...

DJ (8) : Whoa! You seem a little young to be saying that you 'put the moves on the ladies'. Also, you may be a little young to even have a girlfriend. You may think different, but that is my opinion.
--BeHappy, 13

If you want to ask someone out, but aren't sure if they like you, ask them out and if they say no pretend it was a dare...
--Person, 13

I like this boy named Bobby and I don't know if he likes me back. He wants me to kiss him at his house. What do I do?
--Emily, 12

My name is Rhianon I have a crush on a guy named Camron and he likes me but I have a boyfriend. I am in a very sticky situation.
--Rhianon, 11

My crush's name is ZACK he's hot. Its good cause he lives next door!!!! HE'S SOOOOOOOO HOT!!!HES HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT SOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HarryPotter: You're one inch taller than me! Cool!
--Michael, 13

My crush is a hottie!
--Ash, 10

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally love this guy named Tyler R and he is so fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo and this black girl likes what she sees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other than Chris Broen he fine too <3.
--Talia, 12

He was my boyfriend but we got into a huge argument. I thought he was gone dump me so I dumped him.
--Dajanae, 12

My crush has kind of a Dylan hair style. He is cute but he has a girlfriend. He told my friend that he likes me but he saw me hugging one of my guy friends. Now I don't know how he feels about me. He is really a great guy.
--Lorena, 13

Hi, Michael! Yeah, Im back. Nice to know I was missed. : ).

My BF is like my twin...We have so much in common & he's my best friend & I love him to death: ) <3 lil secret: I DO have a celebrity crush on Pete Wentz : P but yah.

My crush is so cute! He has Black curlyish hair. It isn't long and I like that. His name is Kareeme. And he knows I like him!! *Turns bright red* because my friend which is also his sister, told her mom (And I hope only her mom)and then her mom accidentally said it out loud! At least that is what my friend told me. But anyway, now he knows!! He is so funny and sweet and an all-around nice guy! Kareeme, if you are reading this then...OH NOOO!! I AM SOO EMBARRASSED!!!!!
--Evelyn, 11

Here is another crush of mine: He was so cute and sweet! His name was Kris. The reason Im saying 'was' is because he moved to Pennsylvania!!! I was so sad that a few months after he and his family moved, I cried!!;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; I wish that I could see him again!! Just so you know, we did NOT DATE!!! I have had a boyfriend before and I am NEVER getting one again until I am 18 years old!!!! My other boyfriend kept telling me to French kiss him!!! I WAS ONLY 9! He was only 9 too. But I still hate him!
--Evelyn, 11

I used to have a crush named, Erin. But now she's my girlfriend. You just gotta put the moves on the ladies.
--DJ, 8

One day at school I was in art class and my math teacher said that all the 6th grade teachers need to see about something. I went upstairs and my homeroom teacher was looking very mad. then the teacher asked me that what is going on with u and this girl and the teacher bought up another girl then they asked me if I knew her but I did not know her. then they said why were u guy s spreading rumors and gossiping about her that she had a crush on someone. we then both said no and they told us to go to the other room so the teacher can go call the girl who told on us. while me and the other girl were crying and then the teacher came and told only me that it was another girl who name is just like mine but different spelling. the teacher than told me that we r very sorry for the miss inconvenient.
--Saira, 11

Mitchell is smart and cool and funny and sporty and cute he is just the right guy.
--Janine, 9

"Miesha here's some tips to tell if your crush likes u he sits near u in class he talks to u than ignores u for a couple of weeks then starts acting weird a round u a the most oveis he askes u out and remember dont tell him u like him untill u know him.
--Danielle, 13

Ughhh!!!!!!!!! Why can't there be any hot/smart/nice boys in my grade!!!!!!!!! Onetime it was a boy in my grade's birthday, and his friends asked me and a bunch of other girls to give him a Birthday Kiss". I don't want a boyfriend till'.....Well when I find someone good enough.
--ShiShi, 10

My crush is my best friend Amy. She is smart, talented, sweet, nice, has a great personality, and very pretty. I love her, and I told her that.
--Mohammad, 12

I love Cole.
--Haley, 10

What I expect from a guy is funny and charming " If he's got a sense of humor he's the guy for you, " Believe in your heart to give you the right answer.
--Amersaline, 11

Logan he is cuteiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
--Al, 10

My crush is really cute he goes to View Ridge with me and he is the cutest thing you would ever see! He has cute shaggy blonde hair, his skin is tan, his clothes are skater clothes kinda, he plays football, and his adoring name is Connor M!
--Jammie, 9

FORGET WHAT I SAID -K-!!!!!okay I think it won't work out cuz they have been going out 4 3MONTHS and I think I found another 1 and his name is CHRIS we're at the buddy level (if u know what I mean) -K- laterz.
--Native2023, 11

Well my crush Mitchell H is cute, cool, sporty, smart but mostly cute and I mean really cute. P. S Mitchell if you read this please do not try to find me...
--PopPrincess12, 9

HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WUV HIM.
--Candy, no

I liked these girls but then 1 kissed ME! Wow Im 4 girls.
--Quinn, 10

My crush is a really hot guy! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! That knows his way around chicks & could get any girl he wanted 2 just because he's him. The one thing that worries me is him cheating on me because he did it with me 2 his girlfriend and I don't know if I would be able 2 trust him.

He's my best friend ever and he's awesome and really HOT. I tried to ask him but I freeze up when I get close to him. I gonna try to ask him soon just to see what he says.
--Marie, 11

My crush Tyler, he is sweet, nice, caring, and he ALWAYS every single time when we play Heads Up Seven Up. He is also cute!
--Vanya, 8

I like this boy and I think that he likes me it's just that this girl keeps saying that she and him are going out. She used to be my friend and I might have told her I like him. What also troubles me is that my old crush likes me now and keeps talking to me. Should I hold onto my old crush or make way for the new?
--Bloo, 11

I only new this boy for 9 weeks and I like him.
--Jazmin, 13

Well, I used to like this boy named Kyler. But he doesnt like me anymore because of the stuff I do with lots of different boys. Now I have a crush on someone else. It's his friend Antonio but he doesnt even know my last name. Man I need help.

Ok, well there's this really cool guy that I know but I only see him once a week. I think he's awesome but...BURN...He likes my best friend! He hardly even knows I exist. Plus, to make things worse, he is 2 years older then me, and only a year older then my best friend. DEREK IF YOU'RE OUT THERE I REALLY THINK YOU'RE TOTALLY COOL. IM THE GIRL WITH LIGHT BROWN HAIR AND GRAY EYES AND I PLAY THE PIANO EVERY SINGLE WEEK BUT YOU NEVER COME BY TO SEE ME! PLEASE SEE ME SOMETIME! Ok I said it...
--Ivy, 12

DRAGONMISTRESS! You're back! I haven't seen you in a while!
--Michael, 13

My crush is well just him a crush is someone cute, funny, sweet, and definitely SMART.
--Gina, 9

I have a big crush on a girl but last Friday I got into a fight with her and she made a rude hand gesture and I did too, so now what do I do to say Im sorry?
--Han, 12

DragonMistress, He's six inches taller than me! You're three inches taller than me! Wow! (Im 5'1) Ahhhh, Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse! (He's running for vice president. Should I vote for him? He's already vice president of the Drama Club! ) .
--HarryPotter, 12

He's SO CUTE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I don't have a crush. But I know who has a crush on me...NICK! Well I haven't seen him in a while. But when he first told me I was so mad at him. And he was like, There's something in your desk for you. And I was like, NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO! ! ! ! ! ! Oh yeah we went on a fake date together. And I hated it! Just kidding we never and won't go on a DDDDDDDdAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
--Christine, 10

Heyy uh. ConFuzzeled age 12...Is ur name Taylor? Because my friend who I talk about a lot, has like the same problem as u! And her name is Taylor, and she likes someone named Jake also!
--ForgottenGirl, 12

Heyy. Well I don't really like anyone at the moment. The reason why is because this guy use to go to my school I don't know if he does anymore. He has been going there his whole life like me! He is in my class and I use to like him in grade six. This year I was pretty excited for school so I could see him, and maybe like him again. But when I got there I didn't even see him there! And he has been there all his life! And I really expected him to be there. So no booya this time...Just boohoo...: ( (U) .
--ForgottenGirl, 12

I have a huge crush on a boy named Terry. He was in my 3rd grade class, now he's in my 5th. He used to have a huge crush on me, too. But, he doesn't like me anymore. He likes my friends, Serreana, and Stephanie. He doesn't also don't like me no more because, he has a new girlfriend named, Mary. And I don't care if he reads this message or not. I hate him!
--Iasche, 11

My crush-he's hott. He's funny. He's name is Tucker. I filled my journal about him like Harrypotter. I think about him every nite before I go 2 sleep. His name is on the back of my notebook. IDK if he likes me. My bff (Ryann) cant find out I like him. She likes him 2. But then she found a bf, and broke up w/him. Everyone liked that guy Ryann went out w/...
--Sillyputty, 10

I have a girlfriend that I've liked since 6th grade. I think she likes me to. Her mom is my reading and grammar teacher, I be polite to her every chance I get. I havent told anyone yet. You might find us somewhere up in Alaskas wilderness
--James, 12

This guy not saying names I like a lot but every1 says it's strange but I got to know because we walked home together a lot and talked. I wanna ask him out but Im scared. HELP! ! ! ! !

Do you like a boy? If you do, do not let him know.
--Michaela, 8

I like these guys but I don't who better!! !! !! !! !! !! what should I do!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!!! !! !! !
--Yamilett, 12

"A*n*N*a, 11...You're my best friend!! ! (that along with my crush)...
--Kayla, 11

"I am soooo confused! There is this boy that goes to my church (Not the same one I wrote about earlier) and I think he is extremely cute!! !! ! But tonight when I was at a thing for church, he and his friend had to go out in the hall because they were being disruptive. I have mixed feelings. One minute I really really like him, the next Im telling myself I don't. He and his friend are kind of showoffs but still...AH!! !! Im so confused. Even my friend thought he was cute and she thought the other boy I like was not very good looking. I don't know what to do! I think Im going to go crazy! And another thing to is Im just a little bit on the heavy side. Im not too bad but I need to lose a few pounds, and when Im around boys I like I get self-conscious cause I feel like they don't think Im pretty and I hate feeling like that! Im going to try and eat better and exercise though, but Im just so.....AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! !! ! Can anyone give me some advice? Im way to shy to tell anyone I like them. So please don't tell me that I have to tell him that I like him, cause I really can't. Like I said, Im WAAAAAY to shy and I get embarrassed easily.

Well my crush is Antonio and we both like each other but one time I went in for to kiss him on the cheek but before I could he looked and me and screamed and hit his head on the bus window and hes like ow ow ow lol it was funny.
--Taylor, 10

He is such nice, and also don't forget HOT!
--Belen, 9

Well I like my friend named Dale. We emailed each other and we met each other after that. He is a shy but nice, fun, very cool and awesome boy. That's what I like about him.
--Emma, 12

Danielle, I don't think you should have an advice column, because that wouldn't be fair to the rest of us! Oh, Jesse Jesse Jesse, I LOVE you so!
--HarryPotter, 12

Hey, Starry's Cowgirl. Um, I kinda hate to tell you this, but you will probably have to wait a couple of years to get a boyfriend. Since girls mature faster than boys, around age 10 most girls are ready for relationships, but most boys aren't. Try making friends with a boy first, and making sure that you are very comfortable with him before asking him out. I hope that helps. : ).
--Dragonmistress, 12

My crush is my crush because he's SUPER nice and sweet. He's also really shy, but Im kind of shy so thats ok. He has the exact same birthday as me, we are the exact same year/age and he is the same height. Or at least the last time I checked. He's been my crush for two whole years but I moved away. I met him at awana when I was ten. I just recently found out that my friend that lives there is friends to his older sister and I've been friends to her forever so may be I can someday date him. We are only like a days drive from there but my mom and dad don't like to make the trip very often. Im not allowed to date till Im ready to get married, but maybe I can let them meet Tyler, they will hopefully change their mind. I haven't seen him for two years and Im aching inside. I LOVE YOU TYLER!! !! !! !! !
--Cole, 12

Dear its my life and I have a bf and he his really really cute and he is ?and his name is Colton S. And he is really really cuttttttteeeeeeeee. !

Okay what do think about girls that are like best friends like the same boy but the other said I will let you have him and still flirts with him.

When you like someone you dont tell him or her because you are embarrassed so you should do is show of and play with girls if you like a girl but is you like a boy play with a boy!! !!
--Lizbeth, 10

There's this guy in my homeroom whom I've only known for a month, but have a massive crush on. Im not going to say his name because he might go to this site. He's only in seventh grade like me, but he's five feet seven, one of the only guys I have to look up at. (Im 5'4"). He has shoulder-length hair and pale skin, and he's very, very hot. He's kind of my friend, and I like everything about him, from the way he carries his backpack to the way he talks. He is soooo cool. I've never liked a guy like I like him. I should ask him out soon, though, because a lot of other girls like him, too.
--Dragonmistress, 12

Well he is all ways smiling at me and he told me he wanted to be my boyfriend Im still thinking.
--Kim, 10

My crush is extra cute, and he use to be my best friend, and now he wants me to be his girl friend I excepted. He is in my 4th grade class, and he tells me ladies first, and he wants me to kiss him on the cheek. Ps his name is Andre.
--Deserae, 11

--Starry's cowgirl, 10

From my last post: My ex doesn't go out with her anymore. Now, every time I try to ask him if he still likes me he smiles but won't answer. I asked him why he wouldn't answer and he said, Cause I don't feel like it". Sometimes I try to get other people to ask him, but he still won't answer. I still have his cell # from last year, but he never has it on (and plus, I got him in trouble (and let's just say it was because of the phone) ).

"I like--Actually LOVE--This guy who goes to my church named Zachery" but Im afraid to ask this guy 'out' 'cuz his dad is my dad's BFF. I don't know if Im allowed to have a boyfriend at this age. Hope so, my sister says he likes me. I don't know if it's true...
--Kayla-baby***, 11

I am in la la land: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe......
--FantasyLife, 11

I have a crush on this guy in school and I KNOW he has a crush on me too, but whenever he's in class, he never talks to me and talks to every other girl except for me. He's one of those people that make you feel so happy and that are so attractive, kind, mature, and smart. How to talk to him???
--Anonymous, 12

TO: Danielle, 12and Peoplez O. K Maybe this might work out with Augie, this is how it will go: OK Roslynn is going out with Augie ? and shes going out with Andrew at the same time AND if she goes out with him and does Dump Augie AND if Whiteny will stop FLIRTING then if it all comes out right maybe I can go out with Augie. Yay" Maw!!!! And I can see him tomorrow at Aroma. Katrina: do you go to S. C. C. S. (Sky City Community School) ?
--Native2023, 11

Well, I have a crush on one of my best friends! He's soooooo cute!!! I asked him out and he said yes!!! I still have the BIGGEST crush on him even though we're going out!!!! We e-mail each other!!!! Isn't that kool or what!!!!
--Jenny Jo, 13

I have a crush...I like him because he's really funny. But the bad thing is, my friends totally hate him! (I haven't told them) They have a crush on his friend! I don't want to tell them, or I might lose my only friends! What should I do?
--Eve, 9

Ugh sometimes the teachers will be totally unfair...The first week of grade 8 in September, I got THE PERFECT seating arrangement in homeroom, (it was in groups of 5) I was sitting across from my crush. In French my crush was sitting behind me. I actually liked French cuz he was there lol. Couple weeks later guess what happened? the seating arrangement changed, in homeroom he was assigned to another group and in French he was assigned to a whole other row. AND as if that weren't enuf, both times he got moved beside a girl who was ALSO crushing on him! Now this is one sad tale, but at least a hope remains, cuz when we finally had computers (we only had it once a cycle in our schedule and our cycle consists of 10 days) the computer teacher put me beside my crush! O how happy I was!: D lol so yeaa don't get discouraged everybody cuz there will be some hope left no matter how bad the situation seems!
--Kittylover22, 13

There's this guy, Jake. He's so cute and so funny and sweet. But I feel like he doesn't want me. I want to tell him I like him, but I just can't. You don't know the story. I just want him to want me SO BAD. But he never will.
--ConFuzzled, 12

My crush is soo...H-o-t!!!
--Anonymous, 11

Try to ask someone who will understand your problem how to find clues to find out if someone likes you!!! Oh and uh. CALM DOWN!
--Starrys Cowgirl

My mom makes me nervous...She makes a big deal about me not having a boyfriend until Im 16 or something, but Im always so boy crazy. Boys like me too and I don't know what I should do (hey Im rhyming!!) could you give me advice?? (it'll have to be on here because I don't know what my e-mail address on this computer is yet) and one more thing: there are too many cute guys!! (NOOOO! Im acting preppy: ( ) (lol).
--Danielle, 12

Ok...My mom's friend has a big family and they're Christians (even though I personally like The dark side" of things and am gothic. ) and I don't act goth around them, anyways this boy (my moms friends son) likes me and I can tell. But I don't like him, I like his older brother whose 20!!!! Its weird and I can't help it and I try to ignore the fact that he likes me but it gets hard. I keep to myself a lot. What can I do?? (someone on here answer me!!pleeeeeeeeeeease! And please dont tell me to tell him that I don't like him. We all know that doesn't work!).
--Karu, 12

I thought the new phantom of the opera was pretty corny, but I do like how the phantom is so assertive (I like bad boy tough guys!^_~).
--Dear shishi, 12

I have many MANY crushes from sssssooooooo many shows including teen titans and Inuyasha and avatar youre not the only one! Thank god! I thought I was the only one!!!!
--To avatarFAN, 12

What if your Crush does not go to your school now??? And what do you do when he is the 8th grade???

One time when I was on the bus a boy told me he liked me and he said I was his girlfriend.

I like this guy named Zach L.
--K-girl, 11

When you can't really talk to him, or you two bond really well then you can't think of anything to say...*long cricketchirping*...You'll just feel it when you get one!
--A*n*N*a*1, 11

Just like HarryPotter, I also have filled up my journal about my crush!
--Michael, 13

Well I like this boy in my class and he likes me but hes too shy to ask me out and he treats me like Im his best friend I mean we do hang out a lot but who cares I like him a lot and I dont know what to do should I ask him straight out or just wait til he makes a move HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
--Amy, 11

Well a lot hes athletic cute smart and very nice only really to girls and his football team.
--Hailey, 12

I have a crush on a boy that lives across the street I don't know how two tell him.
--Bryanna, 11

I have a crush but I cant talk to him and guess what else he lives in front of me so I have to be careful when I go out side cus he knows that I like him and he will sneak up on me and I run inside and get this he used to be my best friend please give me some advice.
--Danielle, 12

Once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loveeeeee you Jeremy! If you do not like me back, I will find someone else!!!! BUT.....I mean it! : ) =) : ] ;} : } =} +: } {.
--Starry ( a. K. A Sierr, 10

Well, I have a crush on this boy. He goes to the same church as I do. And I use to think he wasn't cute but after a while I found out that he is really nice and has a great personality, so now I really like him. I didn't want to tell my parents that I liked a boy or anything cause I didn't know what they would say but on my 13th b-day, my sisters were singing Happy Birthday" and then they sang "What's your Boyfriends Name", my niece said " I know his name but Im not going to tell you. I was sooooooooo embarrassed. But my mom said it was normal for a girl my age to like boys. I've only told one of my friends I like this boy. I don't know why but Im embarrassed to tell my other friends that I like him even though I want to really bad. What should I do?.

Hey fantasylife: okay, are you saying you like Jeremy?
--I am in la la land, : )

I DO NOT GET IT! Okay, I am 10 years old and a free spirit. I do not like anybody. I am supposed to like someone that has to have certain things. He has to have every check on my checklist! Oh, how I would love to have a boy that is a friend ( not allowed to have a boyfriend =} ) and sit under the sunset, holding hands...Okay all you people you out there please pretty please with cherries on top TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! Help me! I am desperate! Please! How do I get someone!
--Starry's cowgirl, 10

My crush is on a guy who is a little strange sometimes but he is so nice.
--Natasha, 13

I think its because he is the cutest in the class, but the kids in my class aren't really cute anyway. But I can't decide if I like my crush or not, because he spread a really bad rumor about me 2 yrs. Ago.
--Jackie , 11

Well, I like my sisters fianc. He's hot. Im so jealous!!

JESSE IS IN THE DRAMA CLUB WITH ME!!! : D : ) : D : ) During the first meeting that he came to (he came a BIIIIIIIIT late. Just a bit. ) We played this handshake game where you had to pick a number from one to three. Then you have to go up to someone, and shake their hand. If they shook your number of times, then they joined your group. If not, then sorry, they're not in your group! I was originally going to be a two, but then I realized that this really weird kid was going to be a two, and I really don't like him, so I became a three. The first person I shook hands with was my friend, Sage. Turns out, she was a three too! Then we went around, shaking hands with people. And there stood Jesse. He noticed me, and stuck out his hand. I shook it. One. Two. Three. My heart skipped a beat; I had shaken hands with Jesse! You're a three?" I asked him. He nodded. Oh my gosh, I was totally ecstatic that I had shaken hands with him! I went home kinda jumpy. Oh well. Im Ayu, and he might as well be Tetsushi. ;).
--HarryPotter, 12

Member I told you NOBODY was going out with AUGIE" well somebody is ok I am soooo freakin mad and Jodie he asked me out and I said no cuz he's not my type. For now I think I'll go out with Andrew IF Whiteny isn't going out with him. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME? W/B.
--Native2023, 11

I have a crush on a celeb. I got the address, but he is 4 years older than me, and he has a twin.
--Angelica, 10

I like this boy and I don't know if he likes me back he looks at me a lot what should I do?

My crush makes a crush because he is my friend and he is a perfect influence. His mom is soooooooo nice! I met him when I was a little cutie pie in preschool. I developed a crush on him in kindergarten. He had an old crush and her name was Veronika, but my crush pretended to dump her. But is his friend.

Pheonix, 11, are you pretending to be me for some reason or is that what you really think? If it's what you really think, then I think he seems like a good crush to have. Awww. And if it's because you're pretending to be me, let's just say you didn't do the best job. No offense or anything. Still, I hope that what you said is true. Yay.
--Phoenix, 12

Ivy, 12 here's some advice okay first of all help your friend find a new crush and if your guy friend is being mean to her than there's a chance he could be talking about u too but dont jump to thinking what I just said but may be you need to have a talk to him telling him either to stop or find a new friend.
--Danielle, 12

Dear IML I was wondering if I could have my own advice column so people who need advice could talk to me because I love giving advice write back with ur answer thanks.
--Danielle, 12

Message from IML: Hi Danielle! Well, we cant really give you an advice column right now, but please feel free to tell others that you are open for questions! Youll probably find that people will write to you and you can answer them.

Ok I really like this boy in my school he's in 7th grade just like me and he says he hates me but I think that he is lying and really does like me, cause you know how boys are this age they tease girls cause they like 'em, but I really like him a lot and I just wish I could know if he really does like me but how can I tell if he says he hates me but probably really doesn't and likes me PLEASE I REALLY NEED HELP ON WHAT TO DO AND FIND OUT IF HE REALLY LIKES ME OR IS TELLING THE TRUTH BOUT HATING ME, AND HOW CAN I GET HIM TO LIKE ME WHAT SHOULD I DO HELLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP MEEE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--Sarah, 12

Please read this I hope I have your attention! Announcement: I do not like him anymore! I repeat: I do not like Jeremy anymore!!!!!
--Sierra, 10

My friend is goin out w/ a kid that is the same age as me but he goes to a different school and his best friend just moved to our school and my other friend is goin out w/ him well ne ways they both smoke and do that kind of stuff and I am scared to go to seventh grade cuz my best friend will get to see her boyfriend every day and I am afraid my friends will change and of corse there some of my best friends and I don't want them to change in that way!! And then my boyfriend hangs out w/ there boyfriends and also goes to the same school as my 1 friends boyfriend he says he doesn't do that stuff but his friends say he does who do I trust??? and then I am soo mad at my friends cuz they no there boyfriends do this stuff and they don't really care but I mean they said they shouldnt to them but that was it !!!
--Sh*****, 11

Kendall, if you are still with that boy or someone else, you can call him and ask him what kinds of things he likes to do. If he gets the hint, you could probably start a conversation and then take it from there. Hope it works.
--Lisa, 12

He's a cool person to be around and he is pretty good-looking too!! LOL.
--Margaret A., 13

I used to think my crush was obnoxious then we became friends and now I really crush on him. The odd part is if someone had told me last year that I would like him I would have had them locked up in the mental ward.
--Katt, 11

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