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Have you ever told a person that you like him or her? How did you do it? What happened?
--From Lashell, 12

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.


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"Whenever a guy likes me, a friend of mine, (let's call her 'Hilary') always seems to think that he likes her instead. She can't tell the difference between liking as a friend and liking as more. She's always hanging around with me, so any guy who wants to talk to me also has to talk to her, and she always thinks that means he likes her. And last year, there was a guy who was sort of my boyfriend, and she went around telling everyone that he liked her, which he didn't, and everyone thought they were a couple. That really annoyed me. I think it's because Hilary doesn't really have any other friends and she's afraid of losing me that she doesn't want me to have a boyfriend. I respect that, but it's my own life, and I have the right to have other friends."
--Dragonmistress, 12

"Telling a crush how you feel about them is hard because you don’t know if they like you to. If you want to tell a crush how you feel about them here's a few tips 1. Approach him/her as usually and ask if you can talk to them alone for a second, then tell them. 2. Write a note and then tell them how you feel but give it to them privately. 3. Call them and then tell them how you feel about them. If somebody else answers, ask for them nicely. There were a few tips about telling a crush how you feel."
--Derek, 12

"I like a guy named Cameron. I think he likes me but I’m afraid 2 ask him out. What if he doesn’t like me?"
--Christine, 11

"I once told this boy I like him. He just stood there and turned red like me. For the last few days we didn’t talk and didn’t look at each other we were too embarrassed. But then one day I was passing the hall to go to the bathroom and he was coming back from the bathroom and he said hi so I said hi, it passed so quick. And we still act weird at each other when we look at each other. And I still like him. I hope I never go through that again."
--Nathalia, 8

"I was 8 years old and I was in aces at the time. We knew each other right before Pre. K. I was as nervous than I had ever been in my life when I told him the news. We were swinging on the swings and I took in a big breath, changed the subject, and let out with it. When I did we both stopped swinging and I asked if he loved me too. He said that he was not sure yet. But two years later he told me he did and I was so happy!!"
--Shannon, 11

"Well I have only had one crush Justin and he knows, when I told him he freaked out and so did I. I was so embarrassed. I wish I had never done that but then I felt glad I got over with. We didn’t talk for the past few days and he didn’t really tell me if he liked me or not. Oh well, I know I will like someone else."
--Nathalia, 8

"Yes I have told my crush who I liked. What I did was tell the entire grade that I liked her and, as expected she got word of it."
--Jeff, 12

"Well, it all started as a simple dare and well I just went up to the person and said it. In a way it made me feel embarrassed but then just glad that the person knew! Never be shy of telling someone you like him or her because you will feel much better. I LOVE U Chris!!!"
--Jamie, 13

"I told him face to face."
--Emily, 11

"When I like a guy I say, 'I like you.' It really works!!!!!! All the boys I tell that I like them, they always like me!!!"
--Amanda, 12

"Yes, I did. I wrote a letter to him. It wasn't really a big deal after all. He answered back to me and I felt a lot better. Because then I wouldn't be all mixed up. I could even express how I really felt without getting interrupted by conclusions."
--Sreya, 10

"I said, ‘I like you a lot!’"
--Brook, 11

"I have a crush on my best friend but I don't know if I should tell him my true feelings for him or keep it to myself and try not to embarrass myself. Please help me."

"I used to like someone in my fourth grade class last year. I told my friend to tell the boy I liked that I liked him. And guess what? He liked me too and asked me out!!! I was sooooo happy."
--Claudia, 11

"I was tooooooo shy to tell my feelings to him, so I didn't tell anyone. I asked my sister, but she didn't help me."
--May, 13

"Well I have been e-mailing this guy for like 6 months and so I went to camp thinking of him and wishing he was with me. Anyways I found out when I came home that my older sister had gone onto my email and started asking him questions. One of the questions was do you like her and he said yes and now he is my boyfriend and I love him very much!"

"I really liked this girl, so I walked right up to her and said it. It turns out she liked me too, and now we are always writing notes to each other."
--Dave, 12

"I have and it was cool. I just said, ‘I love you’ and he said (the popular guy in school), ‘I love you 2!!!!!!!!!!!!’ and now we r going out. And the same thing happened about 4 other times so tell ur crush u love them!"
--Jahahna, 12

"I think we shouldn't be thinking about boys all the time. They are not the center of the universe."

"One time 2 of my BFF's went up to my crush [SEAN!!!!!] and asked him if he'd go out with me !!!Of course he said, ‘Sorry I already have a girlfriend.’ A 7th grader. Bla, Bla. BLA!!! I was so embarrassed!! But he was sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!"
--Hayley, 11

"When you like a guy, just tell him you like him or else forget because maybe he doesn’t even notice you. Tell him straight up. Guys like those kinds of girls."
--Mary, 13

"I just told the boy's cousin because his cousin told me that he liked me so I said yeah I like him too."
--Giana, 11

"I told him by an email because he lives in Sacramento."
--Teresa, 10

"At school there is a boy I like but I am scared to tell him. He might not like me and tell other people about it."
--Emily, 10

"I like this guy, and all of my friends think he likes me because he and I flirt a lot. I want to tell him, but I am scared he will not like me.. I read all your people's messages, but I am still scared. How should I tell him?"
--Carrie, 11

"Actually I really didn't tell them I liked them, someone wrote a note to my crush and asked them what he thought about me and he said, ‘You are a very nice person but I just don't think that way about you. I’m sorry.’ I was really happy, even though he doesn't like me we are still great friends."
--Hope, 12

"I had my friend tell the boy that I liked that I liked him. It turned out he liked me too!"
--Angela, 11

"I told him during art class and come to find out he feels the same way! After that we went out."
--Ashley, 11

"I gave him a Valentine that said, ‘I really would like you to be my Valentine’ and he said he would like me to be his Valentine too!"
--Hannah, 10

"Well my best friend Kayla is going to fight a girl over a boy named Dillion, I told her not to do it but she won't break up with Dillion, if she breaks up with Dillion they won't fight. What should I do?"
--Brook, 11

"I have this boy in my class and he is so cute, we are best friends and we live by each other. I have never told him that I have a crush on him. My friend Deana thinks he likes HER, but I think he has a crush on me. I was going to send him a note telling him that I have a crush on him, but I never gave it to him because I am embarrassed. P.S. He looks exactly like Stevie Brock from Radio Disney. Ooops one more thing, his name is Connor."
--Esmeralda, 10

"Yes, I wrote a secret message on his Valentine: ‘I like you.’ Then he asked me why I wrote it and I blamed it on my little sister. Then my friend told me that he likes me too, so I guess it worked out ok."
--Molly, 11

"If you have a crush on a guy, just tell him! But if you are too nervous or afraid of being crushed, have a friend tell him. That’s what I’ve always done."
--Jenna, 12

"I told my crush that I liked him by writing a poem. It was much easier than telling him myself! It turned out that this person liked me too!"
--Carly, 11

"I once had been good friends with a guy and I had really liked him but had never told him. Then he moved to Costa Rica and we talked by email. One day I told him I liked him and in his next email he told me he had a hunch I had liked him before! I was so excited."

"No, I have never told anyone liked them."
--Shannon, 10

"Hello, I have never told anyone. Heh. I am a coward. And I know for a fact they wouldn't like me. Probably ‘cause 1. I don’t look good at all. 2. When I try and stand out it’s not what they would expect especially if they are into Care Bears and Barbies. That is probably why I don't believe in Valentines Day, etc. Because love does not exist. If you’re going to love someone it’s not their looks. And it always will be and always is for me. So I probably won't get a GF all my life. I guess it's better that way."
--Samuel, 11

"I put a hotdog in his locker and put a paper in the hotdog that said I like him and he ate it. Then he found the paper in his braces."

"Well, I really liked this boy but he never told me how he felt. The whole school knew how I felt! But I wanted to express myself to him, so I called him and I told him everything that was going on in my mind. And then I asked him how he felt and he told me that I was just a friend. I felt really hurt, but I still tried my best to get him to like me. Now when people ask him if he likes me he says no. But when no one is around he flirts with me. I don't know what to do!! I even think I love him!!"

"I like this boy a lot but I’m not sure how I should tell him. I don't want to write it down because I don't know where it would end up like, in his friends’ hands and they make fun of me because I like him. So what do I do????"
--Raenita, 11

"Yes, I have told a really cute guy that I liked him. One time in my school there was a winter ball dance and he was there so I asked him to dance with me. He said yes. I also asked him if he wanted to be my friend and he said ok. So u see, it’s better to tell him or her how u feel. It’s better to break the ice!"

"I told my best friend that I liked this boy in her class in 5th grade and one day he walked up to me and he said, ‘Your best friend told me on the phone that you like me, is that true?’ The next day I got so mad at her that the boy said that he will not go with me but we can be friends."
--Elaine, 12

"I told this 5th grader that I like him but I was going with his little brother. The next day, the day after February the 14th, we broke up and now I’m going with the boy I told that I like. Now everybody in my class knows, but he didn’t want anybody to know. I’m soooooo sorry."
--Elaine, 12

"There is a boy named Cory and I think he likes me. He keeps staring at me. I like him too. I am home schooled so this is at a group I go to. I’m too shy to tell him."

"My friend gave him a candy heart that said ‘My Man’ on it and asked him if he liked me. He tossed the heart on the ground and he said yeah. I was so embarrassed by this time but I don't like him anymore."
--Jennifer, 13

"I really like this guy but I don't know how to tell him."
--Maria, 12

"Well, at first I told my crush this: ‘There are three words that I want to let you know!’ He said, ‘Which is?!’ I actually didn’t say it! I said it in sign language! He had nothing to say! All I can tell you is that he was shocked because he was my ex- boyfriend!!! Now, he never talks to me!!! Why???"
--Fariha, 11

"I always have my friends tell the guy I like that want to go out with him. I am so shy when it comes to that kinda stuff."
--Taniaya, 13

"There is this boy named Kevin I like him and, well, I told my friend that was going out with him and she is like, ‘You and Kevin make a really good couple,’ and she broke up with him. I told him and he said, ‘Right now I’m not ready to go out with nobody but when I’m ready I’ll tell you.’ I don’t think he is ready. M+K=love (not yet)."
--Martha, 12

"I was walking, thinking, ‘Well I really like this dude,’ so when I saw him next I said, ‘Can I talk to you for a minute alone?’ I told him straight out, ‘I like you’ and it turned out he liked me too."
--Katie, 13

"Yes, I just told a guy that I like him and he said he just wants to be friends. I can't keep it as a secret forever so I told him."
--Jenifer, 11

"I like this boy named Pierre. He is 12 and sometimes he acts like he likes me but I don't know and I don't want to tell him because last time I told someone I got hurt really bad. What should I do?"
--Cheyenne, 11

"I gave him a card so that I would not be embarrassed but it turns out I was!"
--Nicole, 11

"No, I do like one boy though. But I do not know if he likes me and I don't know how to tell him. I do know that he does look at me at class and stuff."
--Kelsey, 10

"I gave a boy I liked a gift them he asked me out. We have been going out since 3rd grade, now we are in 5th grade."
--Dakotah, 11

"Well, I didn't exactly tell him. It was on a chat site. I ran into him there and we talked. I then told him that I liked him. I asked him if he liked me but he just said 'maybe'. :( I may never find out…But sometimes when he's by himself I talk to him a little bit. You see, on the chat site he said that he gets embarrassed in front of his friends so I make sure he's alone when I talk to him."
--Tessa, 11

"Well, I like this guy named Jordan and I just whispered it to him at recess. He smiled and said he liked me back. I was so relieved."
--Audi, 10

"I like this boy at my school and I've went out with him before but I don't want to ask him out because he cheated on me with my friend. Help me someone with this problem."
--Sydney, 10

"Yes. I wrote him a letter and it turned out he liked me back. He asked me out and now we are dating."
--Jessica, 11

"Yeah, I told this one boy that I liked him. I told my close friend to tell him that I liked him and if he would go out with me and he said yeah and we went out."
--Cristin, 11

"I haven't, but if I did tell them, I would write a note and put it in their locker or desk. A lot of kids like to have a friend tell their crush that they like them, too."
--Anonymous, 11

"I usually keep it a deep-dark secret, but I once said to a boy named Jacob, ‘I like you, you're funny.’ Other times I would tell a person, but they had big mouths."
--Lindsey, 8

"I got my friend to tell him because I didn't see him much, I'm glad I did because now I know that he might like me but he is not ready to go out right now, I respect that!"
--Melonie, 13

"Well, I kinda did, and I kinda didn't. My friend Jenna and I were kidding around saying funny things to each other, and she said that if I told anyone who she liked, then she would tell Sean ( the boy that I like) that I liked him. So, I said ok, thinking that she was joking, and she did. I ran out to the school field, being that it was recess. I was so embarrassed!! But it was ok. The only thing that happened was that Sean didn't talk to me for 2 days. Oh well!"
--Briyahn, 9

"On Valentines Day I'm gonna tell (I'll make a different one later with her name on it when she knows) and give her a note. Hopefully she reacts good!!"

"I tell another student to tell that person I like because I am scare to tell them. Then I always keep getting no's from every student or person that I liked. I only wish there were yes's for the people that I liked."
--Helen, 13

"One day my crush came up to me, and said that he wanted to talk to me and I said ok, and he said I LIKE YOU!!! Then he asked me if I liked him and I said yes but at that time he had a girlfriend so he asked me if he should dump her and I said yes because I don't like her, and a few days later he dumped her. She said to me, ‘Hey I knew that sooner or later he would dump me!’"
--Claudia, 11

"I did not tell the girl I like her because I think she might not like me."
--Patrick, 10

"I went up to a boy and before I could tell him that I liked him he told me he liked me. So I said, ‘I like you too.’ We don't talk much anymore, but I am going to give him a really cute Valentine."

"Ok, here's the thing. I like this guy named Paul, and one day while we were entering science class I just stared at him for a while and then I told him, 'You're hot,' and then he said, 'You too," and then we started going out."
--Prettygirl, 13

"I said it to their face because if u wrote a letter they could use it as black mail and tell everybody, same with e-mail and IM'ing."
--Karen, 12

"I have this crush and I want to tell him really badly, but I know he will say that he doesn’t like me back and I know that he will tell the whole school. How do I tell him?"
--Rima, 11

"Well, I like this guy in my class and he like sits next to me in science class. He is like a person who doesn't act all weird around girls, he actually acts normal. Also he is cute. Well this one time in computer lab he tried to come close to me and I was like, ‘What are you doing’ and he was like, ‘Nothing.’ All of a sudden his friend who sits next to me says, ‘He likes you.’ I was like, ‘OK.’ I was so shocked. His friend told me he might ask me out sometime in the end of the year (his name is Tyler). I like him very much but he makes me nervous a lot. I don't know what to do."
--Zoua, 11

"I know I'm probably the oldest person in here but I really need to talk 2 people, and my friends would make fun of me if I told them I liked this kid. There is this kid in my Spanish class and gym class 1st & 2nd period. I like him but I don’t think he likes me. When I first met him on the first day of school in class he was playing around and he would tap me on the shoulder then look the other way, then laugh. Then our seats moved and he sat behind me and during class he would poke me or tap me and look away. Now in class he sits far away from me but when he passes me in the hallway he still would hit me on my head lightly or pinch my hips or stomach, then he runs away but he's just playing around and I chase him. Also once in gym I was walking to the locker rooms and he was standing there. He pinched my side but I knew he was just kidding around. I like him and I don’t know if he likes me. If any1 can help me and tell me if they think he likes me or how I could find out if he likes me besides telling him. If I told him and he didn’t like me it would be really awkward around him and to other people in school because when something happens in my school everyone knows about it."

"I wrote the person a letter and asked him did he like me and he said yeah, so we go together."
--Myesha, 12

"This happened to me last year: I didn't tell him, but people who found out did. It was embarrassing, but the next day, he acted like that day never happened. Now, I still like him, and he acts mean (teasing) almost every time we talk. When you tell someone that you like him/her, have confidence and be sure to know what you're doing."

"I just took him to my house and said I love him! He looked at me like I was nuts. Then he just cracked up! He knew I did so now we are bf and gf."
--Violet, 10

"I wrote a note and let this big mouth boy read it, and he told the boy what the note said."
--Staci, 13

"I really REALLY like this guy, but he already has a girlfriend. I don't want to be the reason they break up and I don't even know if he likes me or not. What's fun to do though, especially on Valentines Day, is leave them a card but not signing it. I did that last Valentines Day and I saw him and his friend looking at it, trying to figure out who put it there."
--Kelly, 13

"I used to have a crush on this boy. But he was in 6th grade and I was in 4th grade. So I finally got enough courage to just ask him out!!!! But he said NO. I tried not to get mad because he was my friend. It turned out ok, we just forgot about the whole thing. We're still friends now though."
--Lindsey, 10

"Well, my school has a mailing system and my friend asked this boy to the luau (the 5th grade dance) by it, so that’s what I'm gonna do. But if you don't have that thing then just send them a note."
--Emileigh, 10

"I've told someone I liked him by just telling it to his face. I didn't think about what I was going to say because I just told him how I felt about him at the moment."
--Abigail, 11

"I either tell them to their faces or I tell my friends to tell them. Either way they should know that you like them."

"I asked a friend to ask him then he didn't answer to them so my cousin asked him. He didn't answer again, so I asked him myself and he said yes. But he was waiting a long time to ask me because he was nervous to ask me, and then I asked why he didn't ask me. It was because he was shy!!"
--Christy, 11

"I told a boy that I liked him on Valentines Day and it happens that he liked me back."
--JaNae, 10

"I went up to her and said, ‘I want to be your friend.’"
--Tyler, 11

"I told her by giving her a rose on Valentines Day and a teddy too! I think she likes me a lot."

"Well, I think if you like a boy, just tell him how you feel. Because if you like him, he probably likes you."
--Michael, 9

"Okay I like this guy named Josh and he's sooooo cute. I don't know tell him. I'm afraid he'll say 'no.'"
--Whitney, 10

"I really like this cute boy but I'm scared to ask him. Do I ask or wait? Do I have to make it seem like I'm somebody I'm not?"
--Shanise, 12

"I've had many crushes in my life, and from experience, I learned, if you are sure you really like them, tell them. Chances are…they like you! And if they don't like you, it's OK! and don't be bothered by it, because you're lucky you weren't crushing over a boy/girl for a long time!"
--Rebecca, 13

"What happens when he tells everybody and they laugh at u?"
--Mallorie, 11

"I just told him that I liked him and he said he liked me too. After that we went out."
--Celestine, 13

"I've told someone I liked them and almost every time they have liked me…I found it best to tell them online…Ask them who they like and then they usually tell you, then they'll ask you who you like and just tell them…I hope it works out!"
--Jess, 12

"Well Lashell, first I went up to him and I said 'hey, you're kinda cute.' Then a few days later he asked me out."
--Ashley, 12

"I liked this boy in my class and I told him, and he said 'I like you too but I really did not want to tell you.'"
--Mariah, 10

"Well, I've been through a lot of crushes in my life but this year was different. N*E*Wayz um…yes I have told a guy that I liked him. It was really hard but I didn't exactly tell him, I gave him hints that I liked him and he found out eventually. It didn't really go the way I wanted it to. He didn't really talk to me for a while because he was @ the time going out with my best friend so, there wasn't any thing else I could do. It's a long story but it was fun responding to you! Bye!"
--Maxine, 13

"I have told this boy that I liked him, I asked him if he liked me. He said no. I cried for a very long time, but my friends and I thought he was lying because every time he was around me he would act weird. So go for it. Maybe it's your crush that's shy and not you."
--Aneka, 10

"I liked this one boy, and I didn't think he liked me too, but one night at a dance I noticed that he was where I was all the time, and then a slow song came on, and he asked me to dance,. I said okay, and then that night, he asked me out. So basically you need to take chances and not be afraid to take risks."
--Marcie, 12

"I have a crush on one of my friends. I don't know if I should tell him or not. And, I don't know how to tell him. My best friend also likes him and she's the only person that I told I liked him. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!"
--Anonymous, 10

"I like this one boy a lot! We went on a 6th grade field trip to the Island Waterpark. I was hanging out with him and he was acting kind of shy around me. I told him that I liked him a million times already and he never turned me down, but he never said anything either, he just got red. What should I tell him? Should I just leave him alone and get over him, or does he like me and just is embarrassed to tell me?"
--Brittanie, 12

"To answer your question yes. I am a very outgoing and friendly girl and I have made plenty of boyfriends. So what I did first was I told my best friend and she told him. At first it is embarrassing for everyone to know, but in the long run it is a huge load off your chest. Good Luck!"
--Whitney, 11

"Yes. So everyone found out that I liked this one kid. So my friend was teasing me about it. Then my crush came up to me and said, 'Do you really like me?' I said, 'Yes.' Then he ran away. But it felt really good to tell him. Then a couple days later he asked me if I could be his girlfriend. We've been going out for a month.
--Ellen, 10

"Well the first thing I did was go and talk to her. We became best friends and started liking each other. Then finally on a rainy night, I rode my bike to her house. She came to her window and I asked her out it, was so romantic. She said yes. See, don't be afraid to show your love for someone. 'Cause if they don't like you, then you got your answer. "

"To tell you the truth, I personally didn't tell him! I had my friends do it for me, but as my crush for that guy grew, I got more confidence in myself! So I just went up to him and asked, have you heard that I like you? And who cares if he doesn't like you back, it's your crush not his, so you have full control over your crush! But if you are too embarrassed, have a friend do it for you!"
--Leah, 11

"The person I like is a boy {I Can't tell the name} I didn't tell this person that I liked him face to face, I told a friend, and asked her to tell for me. Then later on he confessed, and told my friend and my friend told me. Me and this boy became really close friends!!"
--Christina, 10

"I liked this 1 boy and I didn't think he liked me. But I went up to him and said, 'Do you like someone?' And he said, 'Yah.' I said, 'Who? Only tell me if you're comfortable about it though.' He said, 'Who do you like?' I said, 'On the count of 3 we will say at the same time.' He said okay. Then we both answered 'you.' And we sighed and hugged and he said, 'I'm glad I got that off my chest.' I said, 'Yah' and sighed."
--Alexis, 13

"In the fifth grade I walked up to my crush (Gerardo) and asked him if he would go out with me. He said he'd think about it, the next day he told me his answer was yes. We have been going out for 2 and a half months."
--Heather, 11

"When I was in third grade, I told him that I liked him and I also gave hints and I wrote a letter to him telling him I liked him, and he told me that he liked a girl named Rachael but we could be friends. And that girl named Rachael told him my phone number and Rachael called me and told me his phone number. And one day he called me and I went to his house and now in fourth grade we went out 2 times already. But now I found out he was a cheater cuz he cheated on me and he is also a player cuz he goes from girl to girl."
--Shelby, 10

"I know you're probably not looking for this from me but all you do is say that you need to talk to the person in private, and if it doesn't work, step on their foot to get their attention and give them a note that says it. That way you have a plan B."
--Corynne, 9

"There is a girl in my grade that I think is really really hot. No one else likes her because she is a brat sometimes. My best friend is her best friend but my best friend says that if she weren't her friend, she would be a nobody. I'm not the most popular kid in my school, although there are some worse ones but no one's willing to admit it. Whenever I like someone they think it is the end of the world. Could you tell me how to get this person to like me?"
--Bobby, 11

"No matter what you do, feel confident it really works. If you believe in yourself you will feel more comfortable. If you really like a person, go for it. So what if they don't like you? Maybe that person will be nicer. You might even hook up."
--Ali, 11

"I like this 1 guy, he is sooo cute, but 1 of my best friends likes him (but does not say). He is the most popular kid, but I am also pop. I do not want to tell him though. My friends will probably start laughing. I don't know what to do."
--Mary, 10

"Why is it so hard to tell the cutest boy in the whole universe that you really, really like him?"
--April, 10

"Okay, I told the boy I liked that I liked him and he said, ' I like you too, I just wouldn't say.' I was sooo happy. But be VERY cautious that you know if they don't have another long time crush. But it's always good to just let them know how you feel, but only when it's you two alone. I told my crush while we were talking on the Internet."
--Aimee, 12

"I told a guy that I like him on the last day of school. It turns out that he likes me too. We're going out now, BUT I MISS HIM! My advice--tell him before it's too late!"
--Rachel, 11

"I just said I really liked him and after that he just acted like he didn't even know me."
--Natasha, 12

"My best friend went to tell my crush that I was staring at him and he was playing four square, and he looked over at me and the ball was coming right toward him, and he missed it completely. Then he said he wasn't ready and he has been showing off in front of me ever since."
--Emily, 11

"I told this girl I liked her and she knew that already but she still won't go out with me."
--Spencer, 12

"I was going to my best friend's house and when I got there I saw the boy I had a crush on since the 1st grade. We talked, then I found out that he was my best friend's step-brother. So I stayed and got tricked into playing Truth or Dare (the game I always have to tell my secrets). I got dare to tell him how I feel about him. Turns out he likes me too. The only thing stopping him from asking me out is that none of his friends like me but one. So he thinks if they know he's going out with me they won't be his friends anymore. But he still flirts with me like crazy and he wants to go out with me but for some stupid reason he wants me to ask him out."
--Cindy, 12

"I liked this boy, and I told people to ask him if he liked me. Everyone said he did, but when I asked him, he said no. I hate it when guys do that. I still like the guy though, but I'm still not sure if he likes me."
--Sarah, 12

"Once there was a boy called Jeremy at my school. Well, we were great friends and on the last day of the term I found out I liked him, I went over to him (I was 5 okay!) and gave him a huge kiss. Things worked out and we saw each other in the holidays a lot but at term time he changed schools. Sooo sad!"
--Jess, 10

"Yes, I did. Kind of. I was at camp and we were going to go skating that day. Before it was time to get ready to go, they had partner skating. I was too shy to ask him to skate with me, so I got one of the camp counselors to ask for me. After that we were together for a year."
--Claire, 11

"Well, I like to get her phone number and call her, so if she rejects me I don't have to get it shoved in my face the next day."
--James, 13

"I just told the guy that I liked him one day. Before I actually told him I had talked to my friends about him (good, of course), and when he was around I talked even louder. So, he picked up hints and now we're going out. Oh, but HE asked me out, I didn't ask him."
--Haley, 13

"About the question...I don't have enough courage to tell anyone I like them even if I did. If they like me they will ask me out or tell me. I don't like anyone now anyways [at least I think I don't]."
--Sweetheart, 12

"One day I and some friends (including my crush) were playing a game. It was like Spin the Bottle but instead of kissing, whoever the bottle pointed to, they had to tell everyone who they liked. So finally the bottle turned to me. I didn't want to tell everyone so, I told my crush that I liked him and he liked me ever since!"
--Raena, 11

"I improvised. I liked this boy named David ever since 1st grade but I switched schools. When I was at my new school for a year they 'HIGHLY SUGGESTED' that I ask him out because I always talked about him. So I told him a lie. I said, 'I need a date to our Valentine's Day dance and since we've known each other since 1st grade, maybe you'll go.' He asked if I was trying to ask him out. I said yes. He said, 'I'm not into getting a relationship yet.' And 1 week later my best friend was his girlfriend!"
--Cydney, 12

"I have never told a boy I like him, to his face. All I did was tell my friends I like that boy and whatever happened happened!! But mostly I'm liked by boys before I like them first!!"
--DeJoire, 12

"I went up to him at the end of the day, and said 'I like you.' He said 'I like you too.' So we've been together from 4th grade to the 7th grade and it's still good."
--Shanell, 12

"No, I haven't. I wrote him a letter instead. That way, I could think about what I wanted to say. I hope I helped you and good luck!"
--Alison, 11

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