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When Friends Fight

What types of things do you and your friends fight about? How do you work things out?

Here's what other kids had to say:

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”My best friend dated my ex 3 times and lies to me practically every day. Should I be her friend anymore?”
--Sammy, 11

”I kept getting mad because my best friend was always being so nosy and when I said I was not her friend, she would tell me that a pop star that I love was her cousin and she tried using me to get more friends, which everyone doesn’t like, and I ask her why she does this to me.”
--Evelyn, 11

”My friends and I fight over very stupid things, like last week, my friend and me fought over what makeup we should use. We just make up.”
--Jennifer, 10

”My friend and I used to be best friends, but every time she switches classes she ignores me and I feel lonely. Now and then when I decide to talk to her about it, she says she is sorry but then she thinks that's enough and leaves me in the dumps again. Now I've made a new best friend and she has the same problem with her best friend. But I still am sad because her new best friend (my newest best friend's used to be best friend) and her are like glue and always brag about it in front of me. I don't know how to confront them without feeling guilty. Then I get mad at myself and now I pretty much hate my (best) friend. So help us please.”
--Isabelle, 12

”My friend and I fight over what we want to play at recess. If I lose all my other friends because I am upset about losing this friend, we will fight more. But when I tell her how I feel she stops fighting with me because she knows how I feel.”
--Emily, 10

”My best friend and I fight because I’ll say something, then she will disagree or she will say bad stuff about my bro and sis. I don’t say anything but when I tell her that her bro is annoying, sometimes she gets all mad and tells me not to talk about her bro. What a witch! Can u believe that?”
--Amanda, 12

”My friends and I always fight about friends, like I'm in this fight with this girl who I thought was my friend. Her and a girl I thought was my best friend told one of my true best friend’s that they never liked me.”
--Kalicia, 11

”My friend Brenda does not want to be my friend because someone told her something that was not true. Now we are kind of friends and we are going to call each other tomorrow.”
--Stephanie, 12

”We fight about where we should eat, so I just tell her that the pizza place is better all our friends are there or sometimes we vote.”
--Jennifer and Sage, 10

”Once my friend and I started to fight. It got really serious. She made other people not talk to me. I took it to the principal and that is how I worked it out.”
--Sheridan, 10

”My friends and I fight about stupid things, like who has the better boyfriend or who has the better hair. Just agree with them and it would work out fine!”
--Baylee, 10

”Sometimes she bosses me around. She pretends nothing happened!”
--Claudia, 12

”Last year in sixth grade I had problems with this one girl. She was nice at the beginning of the school year and we became best friends. Then as we went on she started to be a brat and was very mean, rude, and she lied all the time. My true friend Viri thinks the same too, we can't stand her anymore. At the end of the year she said she was going to another school and I was so happy ‘cause she caused problems and I didn't want to be friends with her anymore. Now she Instant Messaged me and said, ‘Guess what? I am going to your school again.’ I got really mad cause I had issues with her last year and I want 7th grade to go by smoothly I don't want her as a friend. She doesn’t know that, but I don't know how to tell her. What should I do next year? Ignore her or just tell her I don't want to be friends with her because she is mean.”
--Kimberly, 12

”My best friend got mad at me for pointing her boyfriend out in the yearbook. She got mad at me. I told her that I was just doing it in case she didn’t see him. I think that she thought that I liked him but I didn’t. I would never do that to her.”
--Gabby, 12

”My friend Almedina told my friend Kristen that I hated her, but I don’t. I was so upset when I found out Almedina made up that lie. I even hung up with her on the phone because I was so sad. I couldn't stand her lame excuses. I don't know how to work this out. Can someone help me?”
--Megan, 10

”When my friend Ariel and I fight, we think about how to say sorry and sometimes we will not talk.”
--Shaina, 8

”One of my friends has sickle cell anemia and is out a lot. When she is there though, my teacher lets her get away with everything and it's not fair at all because she gets to do whatever she wants to and never gets in trouble, yet when I do it, I always get in trouble. That's totally not fair! What should I do?”
--Ashley, 10

”When I get in a fight with my friend, I get scared that someone might say something that goes too far and we will be mad at each other forever.”
--Oanh, 10

”My best friend and I got into a big fight 3 weeks ago and we still are not talking to each other. I don't know what to do.”
--Ashley, 12

”Hi everybody! My name is Sammy and my best friend that dated my boyfriend 3 times lies to me practically every day and is extremely rude. She talked back to my grandmother and my mom. Should I be her friend any more?”
--Sammy, 11

”Once when I went to school a girl tried to fight me, so she slapped me and she said she didn't care who I told. So I said I don't want to fight her.”
--Sabrina, 10

”Well my best friend Tiffany and I were arguing about her niece staying the night with us, and I didn’t want her to stay the night cause she takes my stuff. How we resolved it was we stayed ay her house instead.”
--Shannon, 11

“My friend got mad at me when I played with another friend and didn't play with him. I finally got the courage to go tell my friend I'm sorry and now we are friends again.”
--Alexis, 11

”We always fight about our relationship.”
--Nicole, 12

”My friend was not my friend ‘cause I didn’t give her a letter. We worked it out and have been friends forever.”
--Anna, 9

”I have a best friend in the whole entire wide world. Then when my friend and my best friend get together, my just regular friend thinks we're going to get into a fight and we do, all because of her. She annoys us so much we can't even stand it.”
--Nicole, 10

”We fight over boys, who did what, and who said what.”
--Chasney, 13

”Well two of my friends don’t like each other for dumb reasons, but both of them talk about each other to me. What would u do? Someone help me.”
--Jessica, 12

”When my friends get in fights, I'm always the one to try to fix things. But then they get mad thinking I'm trying to make the fight more intense. But I'm not. So I'm asking you guys what I should do. Thanks guys!”
--Daisy, 11

”About boys, but then we realize that we can't let a boy ruin our good friendship.”
--Eileen, 11

”My friend and I love a guy and we fight all the time, what can I do?”
--Browneye, 13

”When my friend and I fight we have a lot to talk about. You know when you have something really exciting to say, that’s when we start to fight, and I get mad when she hangs up on me.”
--Jenna, 9

”When I agree with one of my friends & not the other they get mad at each other. So I tell them both how stupid it is to fight & that their friendship is more important than anything. Then they make up & we’re all friends again.”
--Sarah, 12

”Hi, my name is Amber and my friends Abby and Frankie are mad at each other. The reason is one said the other lied, and the other said the same thing. What should I do?”
--Amber, 12

”Why do friends get mad at each other?”
--Annie, 9

”Well Emily and I fight over all different things but the biggest fight was when we fought about whose bf was better. We weren't friends till a week later cuz I missed her & she missed me, and we always email each other when we are in a fight cuz we don't want to talk to each other.”
--Courtney, 12

”My friend is so mean. One day I told her something and she said tell it to someone that cares. Now she thinks that she's cool because she's got a boyfriend, and he does not even like her.”
--Samantha, 8

”My friend Brittany and I were great friends, until one day she wanted to chat on Friday at 6. She was an hour late and I had waited the whole time. It made me mad so we got in a fight, now Brittany is sending unkind e-mails since I got mad at her. How can I stop it?”
--Sara, 12

”We fight about weird stuff. One time two boys were following me. I told her and she got mad and stopped talking to me.”
--Haille, 12

”Well right now I am in a fight because she is ignoring me and I am trying to be nice to her but she doesn’t want to be mine it seems. How I work it out is I call her and say I am sorry and ask her why she is mad at me.”
--TalIa, 12

”My friend Alex and I fought about a website just because she wouldn't give me the site, but we are friends now.”
--Tiana, 11

”Sometimes when my friend and I fight we just laugh because we fight for no reason. So that's how we work it out, kind of.”
--Krissy, 12

”Sometimes when my friends don't like something I do, I ask them what is wrong. If they talk to me and tell me what's wrong, I tell them that what I did, I’ll try to never do again. That's how we work it out. If they don’t talk to me I say, ‘Hey man, whatever I did I'm sorry and I’ll never do it again.’ If they don’t talk to you let them be, and try the next day.”
--Diego, 10

”Friends, boys, well lots, but I just tell her if she is my friend she would let it be my way.”
--Jo, 13

”My friends and I fight, but get over it easily.”
--Christa, 12

”My friend has been my best friend for so long. We went on a trip together, and when we came back, we haven’t talked for three weeks. It really hurts to know your friend is mad!!! What do I do?”
--Christen, 12

”One of my friends stutters and my other friend makes fun of her because she stutters. I know it’s wrong, but I don’t want to lose my friend.”
--Suzy, 9

”My best friend and I fight about stupid things. One time we got in this big fight and we thought that we would never be friends ever again. But it took almost one week to clear everything up. But what really made me mad in our fight was that she was ganging up on me with my two other friends. And she was telling everyone lies about me. I just played it cool. But I did say a few things myself. When we made up, we were standing at our lockers and she said, ‘We have a sub!’ and I said, ‘I know.‘ Then I was about to say sorry, when she said, ‘I am sorry,‘ and I said, ‘I was just about to say that! But instead I will say it now, sorry.’ Then we hugged. Now we are totally friends again!”
--Julia, 10

”My God, I said, ‘I don’t want to play cards,’ and she got mad. She ran to the gate to grab my bag and dump it. She was blocking the gate so I could not get out so I pushed her on the ground so I can leave, and she cried and got her parents.”
--Emily, 11

”My best friend and I usually fight about what to do, and really one person will get to do what they want. And then we sometimes get mad at each other.”
--Catherine, 8

”I like a boy named Jason, but I just don’t know how to tell him. Should I keep it a secret or should I just tell him? If you understand, you’ll know how I feel.”
--Katrina, 9

”My friends and I fight about leaving each other’s stuff! Dumb right? Yes or no? Please write!”
--Kathy, 10

”My friends and I fight mostly about boys. Like when my friend said I was flirting with her BF, we solved it by just spending time apart.”
--Megan, 12

”I have a friend and whenever I start a new trend, she says she did it. Everyone believes her because she's a little cooler than me. I'm not really her friend because she uses her friends and has people get mad at them. And then every day she changes her best bud. So when she started doing that I started a new group. The group’s called ‘Two Cool,’ and almost everyone likes me now. She harassed me on the phone. She tells lies about me and a whole bunch of other stuff. What should I do?”
--A wreck, 10

”My friend was mad at me for what I did in the past. Once she got mad at me, and all our friends took sides, it was all a mess. But one day she came to her senses that what happened in the past happened, she shouldn't have brought it up in the future because what happened, happened and we should forget about it.”
--Kimberly, 11

”My friend and I fight about one another’s friends, since she doesn't like mine and I don't hers. So she says hers are better then mine, but then the next day we are best friends because we told each other sorry, and we like one another’s friends.”
--Karen, 10

”I have a friend that will fight over stupid things like if I got something she wanted at the store. She would say, ‘Stop bragging,’ and I’m like, ‘I'm not bragging, I'm just telling you what I bought at the store ‘cause you asked me!!’ And she won’t talk to me for a week just because of it.”
--Sundus, 11

”My friend thinks she’s always right when she knows that she’s not right and I am. What should I do?”
--Emily, 10

”My friend and I fight about who is the best dancer. We say we both are, so we keep on playing and we get along.”
--Valerie, 9

”Well, I was ending a baseball game against my friend, and after when we shook hands he said that I stink. So when I went home he called me and he said I stink again. I forgot about it and things were a lot better. We are friends again!”
--Maxwell, 10

”We would fight about us having different friends, boys and getting on each other’s nerves. The sad thing is, I tried to work it out, but she either ignored me or just hurt my feelings. I don’t think we are still friends.”
--Jennifer, 11

”My best friend Lauren (she is fourteen) and I fight because she is always hanging out with other friends that are bad people, and when she does she never hangs out with me.”
--Kayla, 12

”We fight over stupid stuff! Like when I was in the 4th grade my friend Jasmine got mad at me because she thought I was getting taken away from her because I got a new best friend! So dumb!”
--Symon, 11

”About Donnie. My class went skating one day. I was going to ask Donnie out, then April says to me, ‘Donnie is going out with me because I asked him out in Art.’ I got so mad. I sat on the bench, then she said, ‘What's the matter?’ I said, ‘You know why.’ Then she brings me to Donnie, I do not say anything. She tells Donnie that I like him and he said, ‘I do not like Amy,’ and she says he said that because I was mad, but not as mad as I was at her. I cried until my new best friend told me Donnie broke up with April, then I sat next to Reanna, one of his old girlfriends. I gave her the sad face, than she hooked me up with Donnie. April saw the whole thing that started the fight.”
--Amy, 8

”My friends don't want me to have any other friends. I'm not their friend anymore.”
--Alex, 10

”I have a friend who is very mad at me. She won't talk to me. Should I move on, or should I wait for her to say sorry?”

”We fight about boys! So at this age which one is more important, boys or friendship, and we all come up with the same answer, friendship of course. No doubt about it!”
--Thea, 11

”My friend is never interested in what I have to say unless it’s rude. He confronts me on everything that’s wrong with me or annoys him, but when I do the same he gets mad at me.”
--Jazzie, 12

”My friend Lilith and I always get in a fight, but she always bosses me around. What should I do about it?”
--Amy, 10

”When I get into fights with best friends they usually don't talk to me. I keep saying sorry and I really am, but they don't listen. So at a time that we can talk, I have her sit down in front of me. It always gets resolved.”
--Andrea, 11

”My friends and I don't really fight a lot, but when we do fight about boys, we also fight about teasing because we always tease each other in a fun way, but sometimes we hit the ‘I can't take it any more’ spot. Then we get mad at each other, and instead of telling each other how we feel we kind of ignore each other (the longest time I think we ignored each other was for 15 minutes). Anyways, one of us will ask what’s the matter and say to each other, we should tell each other when we do something the other one doesn't like, and then we will start making fun of what we were fighting over. Now we’re getting used to saying what is bothering us.”
--Amber, 12

”When my friend Haleigh and I fight she always tells her mom and she is nine. I usually ask her why she can’t solve anything herself. She always says I will get in trouble because we have known each other since we were born, but I am thinking we get a little too much of each other.”
--Courtney, 10

”My friend (second best in the world) fought about how we both like the same boy, but since we were so much of best friends we decided that best friends are more important then fighting over boys!”
--Nadege, 11

”My friends and I fight about big and little things. Like one time we got in this big fight over a color. Yeah, that stupid!”
--Anna, 11

”My friends and I fight over boys, then we stop being friends, and then we forget about the boy and are friends again!”
--Chevonte, 10

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