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When Friends Fight

What types of things do you and your friends fight about? How do you work things out?

Here's what other kids had to say:

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”I know I could have created a problem if two of my good friends found out I did what I did to save their friendship. Okay, my two friends Tyler and Alex got into a fight because Alex took Tyler's expensive calculator and broke it because Tyler took Alex's book first and accidentally ripped the spine of the book. I couldn't stand them bickering about the other one and how dumb they were. So I did this; I got two sheets of paper and I wrote a fake apology note to the other person, for example, 'Dear Tyler…From ALEX’ and ‘Dear Alex…From TYLER.’ I said what the other might have said if they were apologizing on their own. So I sent the letters to them and before I knew it they were friends! So because I'm such a good friend and all I gave Tyler my calculator (It's better to do the math in your head anyway) and I taped Alex's book.”
--Terri, 12

”Every day people tell me that my best friend in school is always talking about me, then I get an attitude with her and then we start fighting, I mean arguing.”
--Ivana, 11

”When me and my friends fight, it seems like the world has just been blown up. Because you just don't feel right until things are right! Me and my friends usually fight about little things, but once and in awhile it can turn major. One of my friends and I fought about this: One day at bible school we were eating lunch and there was a cute boy there who I’ve liked since I was in the 3rd grade. Well anyway, I looked at him and I stared. Then my friend got this big idea, which she thought was cute I guess. She told him that I liked him and he looked over at me and said YUCK! How embarrassing? I turned a dark red and I could not keep from crying but I held it in! In the car we had a big fight, but think that was bad? NOT! Just the other day I borrowed a toy from my friend and my dog Rusty chewed it up totally! And you know what, I still have not told her! But of course that’s a different STORY!”
--Jessie, 12

”We fight about what game we want to play. And we play a game to see what game we're going to play.”
--Leo, 10

”I have this friend named Bobby and he is 6 years old. He is always yelling, screaming and ruining things. He yells in my ears. He screams when I didn't do anything. He ruins everything that I bring over there to his house. What should I do? Will you help me?”
--Hannah, 10

”It seems like my friends always fight! One reason is that I have two groups of friends. One of them is with my friends that I like to talk about boys with and the other group is more like me, they like to play sports! They always fight about dumb things. One time they fought over who was first in line, the other time they fought over me! So I have a twin sister and she was in the group that likes to talk and ask her to just kick me out of the group (because I never hang with them) so she did and that was that! But I am still in the group a little bit because my twin sister is in it and we cannot be told apart! I love having good friends and a good sister!”
--Katherine, 11

”My friend Kelly and I are always getting into fights. But we always get back together, like this one time she told my mom and her mom that I did something when she’s the one who did it. Our moms asked my sister if I did it and the only reason my sister said yes was because my sister was mad and she was tag teaming with Kelly, plus Kelly paid her to lie about it. And this was the same day we made up.”
--Katy, 9

”Once I told this popular girl how much my other friend weighs.”
--Ashley, 12

”When my friends and I fight we have a talking fight and she can’t get over any little thing I do, and we don't get back together. Like now she wrote me a letter saying that she did not want to be friends anymore and I don't know why she wrote that. That is how my friend and I fight.”
--Alyssa, 11

”Hi. I am in a fight with my friend Chelsea because she stole my pencil, my pencil sharpener. When she returned them she said bad words! What should I tell her? Should I say: 'Chelsea, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but friends don't steal stuff from each other or say bad words. So I don't want to be your friend anymore!’ What do you think?”
--Lindsey, 8

”My friends fight and pick on this girl. I told him to stop. He said, ‘Why?’ and I said to him, ‘Stop picking on my friend and pick on someone else.’”
--Leeann, 11

”I have 2 friends who lied to me and it hurt. Here is what they did: they pretended to be in a fight to see what I would do. So basically I wasted my feelings and when I cared it was useless. Why would someone do that to someone that they were friends w/? Well I should have known from the beginning that those 2 people were up to something ‘cause they're always doing it. Do u have any advice about my problem and if so I would like it. FYI: this isn't worked out yet.”
--Lindsey, 12

”My sister and my friend, which is her friend, were fighting because my sister likes to hang out with little kids like 9-10 and she's 12. My friend T. J gets mad and tells me things about my sister I don’t like, so I tell her I am going to tell my sister. She gets mad at me, so my twin sister and I play a trick on her. We switch because we look alike and she thinks it’s me and talks about my sister right in my/her face.”
--Amanda, 12

”If you and your friend are fighting, you should try to stop the fight. You can do this by saying sorry. If a friend says something mean about you, walk away. Don't start talking about them behind their back. It just makes the whole situation worse than it was before.”
--Anna, 10

”When my friends and I fight, we fight about is boys. We all love boys so we fight and guess who wins, me! I am the popular girl in the school…that’s what me and my friends fight about!”
--Melinda, 13

”I really don’t like it when my friends fight. Last year my friend Marley and I were the best of friends and she got strep throat. I had no one to play with so I saw a girl in my class that looked very nice, her name was Christy and we did everything together and I thought to myself that she was nicer to me than Marley, but that would never change my friendship with Marley. But Marley thought that she lost her best friend, but she didn't. So it was like war with them and they were fighting like crazy OVER ME. They both wanted me to play with one of them and not the other. They would not just play together with me at the same time.”
--Lauren, 10

”I was having a pool party and I invited two of my friends. One of them was wild and the other one was normal. So anyway, the girl who was wild was playing a Marco Polo game and accidentally bumped into the girl that was normal. The girl that was normal started yelling and pushing the wild girl. I want to be both of their friends, but I thought it was so unfair what one did to the other. What should I do?”
--Tracey, 10

”When my friends fight, the boys cheer for Marisa, Kim, or me.”
--Kathy, 9

"Me and my friends fight about how they ignore me. I have not talked to them in seven months. Oh well, they lost. I was the best friend they could ever have had.”
--MonIesha, 8

”My friend and I get along sometimes, and at her party, her other friend asked me a question about her when she left to get something. I said, ‘She’s just a little mean.’ I look back and there she was. Her other friend had gotten to sleep over, and KeiI (the other friend) told me, ‘I don't want to be Kristen's friend’ and said that that I brag about my pool. Also Keil had to go to a baseball game, dinner and Smily’s, an ice cream place, and Jessica got to go just because Keil was sleeping over. Now Jessica is taking advantage over Keil, so she hasn’t played with me since the 23rd of June. The 26th I called her at my fence (because she lives in back of me) and I said 'Jessica, well I know your outside if you want your stuff here it is.’ I waited and she did not come. I hope and want Jessica to know I'm sorry. But what do I do? I wrote a letter.”
--Kristen, 10

”When my friend and I have a fight we just don’t talk to each other until we are ready to talk, or one of us says sorry.”
--SaynIa, 11

”My friends and I fight about stupid little things that just aggravate us. When we get into a fight we usually work things out by just talking it over and then realizing that it was just plain stupid of us to get in a fight in the first place. So she either comes over to my house or I go over to her house and the funny thing is that we usually work our fights out in the same day in a time limit of one hour. That is how my best friend and me stay best friends. Maybe you should try it sometime.”
--Heather, 13

”Me and my friends fight because my ‘friend’ tells too many lies, then she changes what she says. Then we use a boy that’s in a few of our classes with us as a messenger boy. Then we make up.”
--Jamie, 11

”My friends and I fight because sometimes she thinks she needs to lose weight, but she is really skinny.”
--Katrina, 11

”One time my class went to our neighborhood park and my friends and I got into a fight. Toward the end of the day we did not like each other. The next day they were using me! I felt terrible.”
--Kristen, 10

”We normally take sides with people that we normally don't hang out with. When we get in from recess, at least one of us would be crying because people would call people snotty. But when we always fight, we always find a way to make peace. Whether it's saying sorry or a hug, we are all still friends.”
--Sabrina, 10

”When my best friend and I fight we talk it out or I say sorry first because they will never say sorry to me first. So I am the one who will say sorry first. If that doesn't work, I write them a note and say that you have been my best friend for so long and I don't want to break our friendship. And that is how I get my best friend to be my best friend again!”
--Rachel, 9

”My friend and I fight all the time about love. She says love is not true. I say it is true. We fix it by trying not to say things that aren’t true.”
--Amanda, 10

”A boy I know said that I was cute, but a few days before that he told me that he kissed two of friends. He dumped one of them, but she still had feelings for him.”
--Sonya, 9

”My friends get mad at me because I don’t talk to them or hang out with them. They say that I spend too much time with my boyfriend. But I don’t ever talk to him. Well, they will lose their best friend!”
--Angel, 13

”My friends fight ‘cause I hooked up with a guy and I couldn't make a sleepover cause of it. They got really mad. Also my friend Caroline tells a million lies every day and we fight over who is the better horse rider. Caroline and I never get along. What should I do?”
--Sarah, 11

”When I am right and she is wrong, and when she tells lies to me.”
--Sabetha, 13

”We fight about who we want to call and what we should do online, what game we should play, and places we should go.”
--Bree, 10

”Just the other day, my brother Jeremy told me that my friend Kelly was saying mean things about me. I asked him what she said and he said that she called me a brat, a jerk, and a spoiled princess. That made me feel really bad because I try to be as nice to her as I can and she just makes things up about me like that. So the next morning we went over to her house and she answered and we told her that she has been mean to me and that she shouldn’t do that. Then she told me to come inside while Jeremy waited. She said to me 'I am so sorry that I ever said anything bad about you, I'm sorry I lied about you, and I'm really sorry that I hurt you, I’ll never do it again.” I said that it hurts me when she does that. I started to cry and she gave me a lot of hugs. Then I forgave her and now everything is great between us.”
--Kelly, 11

”My best friend Madison and I are good friends, but now she just moved to Idaho. For a while she wasn't paying attention to me, and she was being kind of mean to me too. What should I do even if she has moved?”
--Lia, 10

”I get in fights with my friend. She just walks away whenever she does not like something. KaIee and I have had the longest fights you have ever imagined.”
--Sylvie, 9

”My friend Tanaka I sometimes get into fights because she is too messy. My other friend Kimberly, her mother doesn't even like Tanaka. Kimberly's mom told Kim not to play with Tanaka.”
--Teandra, 10

”Me and my friends sometimes fight about boys or other friends.”
--Annie, 10

”Me and my friends fight about something going around, saying, ‘Oh she was talking about you.’ Or like when she did not know that I went out with a boy and she goes out with him and found out, and I don’t say sorry, but in the end we say forget about it. Then we hug and act like nothing happened.”
--Cherice, 12

”My friend is fighting with me ‘cause I got her out on a four square game, and I did it on accident. She gets me out on purpose, what should I do?”
--Christine, 13

”There are a couple girls that are mad at me ‘cause I don't hang around w/ them anymore ‘cause they are bad kids who get in fights with everyone. So I started hanging around w/ other people and now those girls are calling bad names and they won't leave me alone. I told them that our friendship was over, but they still won’t leave me alone. I feel like I can't do anything and this one girl won't leave me alone. She keeps on talking and talking and she won't leave me alone. I feel like she is a stalker and it's also hard because my best friend is out of town and I can't talk to her, and I talk to her about everything. I feel that if I did then everything would be great.”
--Brittany, 13

”Boys! There is a boy I Iike, and she went out with him, and now she’s mad at me for some reason.”
--Melissa, 12

”My friends and I fight about the stupidest things! I am going into the 7th grade and one time in 6th a girl named Kayla, the leader, got mad at me for some reason. I don't no why? Later my best friend was mad at me, when I didn't even do anything to her! It is all about who you hang out with and then the only friend I had was asking everyone why they were mad at me, and they just said they wanted to be mad at for no reason! It made me mad but since Kayla said sorry, everyone else said sorry because Kayla is the POPULAR one in the whole group! That got me so mad!”
--Rebecca, 12

”My best friend and I always meet at my house to watch our favorite show 'Degrassi, the Next Ggeneration' and we both like 'J. T', a character on Degrassi. Every time one of us mentions his name, we start to fight over him. What should I do?”
--Shannon, 10

”When my friend is in a fight, I don’t even get into it. But what would you do if you were me? I hate it. It is over a boy, school, or friends. I even get in a fight. How can I stop this?”
--Teddy, 10

”The things that my friend and I fight about are usually silly, like who gets what first. How do things work out? They work because we just forget about it and go on with our lives, and laugh. Here is some advice: if things get too serious, talk about it, don't back down. If things are just little, forget about them and don't worry, just laugh. Always remember things are silly in life, so if you’re really down about it, talk it over always!”
--Adriana, 13

”Well, my friend and I fight about dumb things, like what we wear. But there was one time when we fought about a mistake we did and it was a big mistake. If it could, it would be about our other friend, we wouldn’t fix it. Now we are best friends.”

”Well, sometimes I don't talk to my friend for a while because I let things cool down, then I talk to my friend.”
--Tamika, 12

”They fight about me going to play with one person or the other.”
--Dallas, 9

”My friends and I fight about our relationship. We fight about when some of my friends talk about me behind my back. Also about one of my friends trying to cancel me out of our friendship, by having my best friend for herself. Me, Jordan, and Deanna worked it out by talking to Chelsea. We told her to stop having Jordan to herself. And told her to stop trying to hurt Deanna and me by canceling us out of our friendship. So Jordan, Deanna, and me talked to her, and told her we can still be friends with her. But we can't hang out anymore. She said I understand and she left.”
--Brittany, 11

”When I fight with my friends, they always think I did something that I didn't do, or they will yell in my ear a lot of times. That’s when we get in fights. Then sometimes my friends will say we’re not friends anymore, but they are not telling the truth. So I say, ‘How about we work things out.’ So we work things out!”
--Alana, 9

”My friend Gina always gets mad at me for no reason or for a stupid reason, like she is mad at me for talking to my friend Courtney. Since Gina was mad at Courtney, I'm thinking I shouldn’t deal if she’s gonna get mad, like that she isn't a friend. What do you say?”
--KK, 13”Okay, this time I'm not fighting with my friends, but my friends are fighting over a guy that they like. The boy they like is with one of the friends fighting. The friend that is not with the boy lives in San Francisco. What can I do to make every thing be fine again?”
--Brianna, 12

”I like this boy, and my best friend likes him too. He likes her and they both know it. I want to tell my friend, but what if it ruins her relationship with him. And if I tell the boy, he will probably just give me the cold shoulder ‘cause he doesn’t know what to say. That’s what all boys I tell do, but maybe he's different. Maybe he will like me, who knows, but then my friend might be mad at me.”
--Kat, 10

”My friend always tells lies about me and she calls me names. We have been fighting since we were 5 years old, and I think I am starting to give up on her. She says things behind my back and everything!”
--Alyssa, 11

”About lyrics to songs and who started what trend.”
--David, 12

”My two bfs live in the same neighborhood and I live in a different neighborhood, and when they are together they leave me out, so now we are not really friends!”
--Lindsey, 12

”My friend and I always fight. Say if her and me were to work on a project together, and I was supposed to draw the pictures and her part of the project was to write a story, she would always want to draw the pictures. If I didn’t let her draw the pictures, she would ignore me. And if I tried to talk to her, she would say, ‘Shut up I’m not talking to you.’ So far I have not talked to her.”
--Jessica, 11

”I am sad because my friend Erin is not my friend anymore and she is Carly's friend. I taught her how to climb from tree to tree, and how to go fast on the swings, and how to be a good friend. She has bossed me for all of 3rd grade and got me in trouble. If she is Carly's friend, who is my friend, and if she doesn't want me as a friend, she isn't worth it.”
--Megan, 9

”Me and my friend fight over stupid things such as books, who copied who, he said, she said, etc. We usually work it out by talking it out on our porch (since she lives upstairs from me) or writing each other apology notes.”
--Nat, 12

”My friend Cash is mad at me because he is jealous of who I Iike. I don't know what to do, but right now we are admitting our problems and making deals and compromises.”
--Brittany, 12

”My friends and I fight about lots of stuff, but after a while we always end up together again. But when we know there's going to be a problem, nobody ever listens to each other and then when we break our friendship because of that.”
--Audrey, 9

”My friend Samari gets on my nerves sometimes because she starts stuff with people. I don’t like it when she starts stuff.”
--Ashley, 9

”My friends and I argue about my boyfriend Jossie and his friends. So we just talk it out or talk to someone else.”
--Ty'Yanna, 11

”My best friend's name is Taylor. She and I are very close. But sometimes we argue over stupid things like what we should wear, where we should play, or what we should do our reports on. Our other friends talk to us one at a time, and they tell us what we did wrong or what the other person thinks we did wrong. We apologize and are best friends again.”
--Catherine, 11

”My friends and I fight about tiny things. We just say sorry and hug.”

”My friend tells big lies about me. Over and over I try to tell her to stop but she won't. I can't trust this friend any more. But she thinks it's funny.”
--Monique, 11

”My friends and I always fight about someone spending a whole lot of time with one person and not everyone. We always work things out by having a slumber party for the whole weekend, it is always so much fun.”
--Danielle, 11

”I don’t fight with my friends, but my friends fight with each other. But when they do, I don’t pick sides, I just go sit with another group because a have a lot of friends. I have I big choice of who to sit with until every thing gets back to normal, which is only a day or two!”
--Tiffany, 12

”It started on the last two weeks of the school year. Kiera and I are cat lovers and then we got two new friends but they are dog lovers. Then they started this big fight. They said cats stink and a lot more very, very bad things about cats that aren’t ever true. Should cat lovers be friends with dog lovers?”
--Sherry, 13

”My friend Chelsea and I fight just about every time we are together. And well sometimes what we fight about doesn't even make sense. So a lot of times that sort of thing makes us feel stupid. But luckily we have the best friend in the whole wide world to help us work us out.”
--Anna, 9

”Girls, and I don’t answer any of his phone calls and I don't talk to him for 2 weeks and one time I fought my friend and I hurt him so bad that I sent him to the hospital, and he had to get stitches because I hit him with a chair.”
--Marquis, 11

”My friends and I get into fights, like one of our friends tells another friend a lie and we go to another and fight, and then we tell the teacher about it. She has us tell the truth to one another out side by ourselves, and we talk things out.”
--Raven, 11

”I mostly fight with my 'best friend' who lives in a different area then me. We fight about the stupidest things and I always forget what we are fighting about. Right now we are fighting, so I'm glad I found this article, but we usually make up, but we haven't yet. :( Hopefully we will soon!!! Good luck to making up with your friends to anyone who needs it!”
--Amanda, 13

”My friends and I fight about boys, clothes, and my attitude. We work it out by just asking the boy to pick the girl, and then we tell them not to wear that outfit.”
--Sharon, 10

”Wazup! Everyone that I know is my friend, so I think that friends should not fight. My friends and I are close so I think friends shouldn't fight!”
--Keke, 10

”My friend is kind of a nerd and I started hanging out with some other girls. She still thinks we are friends and she won't get a hint. She said her life would be ruined if I weren’t her friend!”
--Mia, 10

”My friend and I sit next to each other in class. We always fight about who is better at playing handball. We always figure out our problem by talking about it. We never last more than a few days without being friends because we can’t stand being enemies.”
--Marilyn, 10

”My best friend sometimes has a temper. When I make a joke the she doesn’t like or I sit next to someone else she gets mad. When I try to say I am sorry she ignores it by saying ‘Yeah right' or 'I know you still hate me.' But these fights usually end soon (in about a day), but they happen all the time so I don't know what to do.”
--Maddie, 11

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