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When Friends Fight

What types of things do you and your friends fight about? How do you work things out?

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.

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"My friend turned on me for no reason and said she wasn't my friend and she's been ignoring me at summer camp 4 ever. Should I give her one more chance, cause now she wants to be my friend?"
--Colleen, 11

"My friend is ignoring me, and every time I look at her, she looks away. It gets me really mad. Also, when I try to talk to her, she will start to talk to someone else, and when I sit next to her, she will go sit next to someone else. What should I do?"
--Lily, 8

"I feel really bad when me and my friend get in a fight, because I don't have anyone to hang with, and I know she doesn't either."
--Amber, 11

"Well, my old best friend and I got in a fight, because I spent the night at her house, and I found a note that said she wished I had never come here. We talked about it, and forgave each other, but decided we shouldn't be best friends anymore."
--Lauren, 9

"My best friend, Anna, is very outgoing when we're playing together. But, if we're at school or something, she refuses to act normally. She is not really into boys, and I am, and she insults me sometimes. But, I understand, because we're each different, and we don't really verbally fight. When we disagree, we usually make a compromise."
--Lesley, 11

"There was new girl in school. My friend and I did everything together, but this new girl made friends with my best friend. She became best friends with her. She is snotty towards me (the new girl). I told my friend how I felt left out, but she just rolled her eyes. I have no clue what to do."
--Heather, 12

"She always hits me, and then I hit her back. Then she tells her dad. Her dad yells at us."
--Annie, 10

"We fight over our crush. His name is Barthapew. He likes us!"
--Megan & Alyssa, 9

"Me and my friend fight over boys. There are a lot of HOT boys, and we fight over who gets what boy, and which one is cuter, and stuff like that."
--Amy, 13

"Me and my friends fight about boys and about being mean."
--Shannon, 11

"My best friend and I fight about the weirdest things. How do we get out of this habit?"
-- Peppi, 9

"My friend lied to me by saying she wasn't having a birthday party this year. But she did, and I just found out, and her birthday was in January."
--Leigh, 10

"Me and my friend at church fight a lot. She's my best friend. We're getting into a lot of fights, because we talk behind each other's back. How do I stop?"
--Hannah, 10

"What should I say if my friend makes me cry, like my friend Katherine?"
--Masako, 9

"My friend and I fight. Telling a teacher or an understanding adult about your fight is good. She thinks telling a teacher or an understanding adult can help all the time. Of course, they can help at times. But all the time is not the best. We think about what we fought about, and than we say sorry. Sometimes, when I fight with my other friend, we get so caught up in fighting that we forget what we are fighting about!"
--Chloe , 9

"My best friend, Veronica, and I fight, because she didn't invite my to her pool party, and we have been planning it for like two weeks, and she keeps calling me and rubbing it in my face."
--Ashley, 11

"My friends, Jordan and Jolene, and I fight over what we want to do. We fight about how one person wants to do this, another person wants to do that, and I want to do this, so it turns out we get in a huge fight, and we ignore each other for days. But then we're friends again."
--Erin, 12

"Well, me and my friends fight about what we're going 2 do and who is going 2 do it! We solve them by letting the person do that certain thing that she wants to do, so we get out of fights that way!!!!"
--Mandy, 11

"Sometimes my friends and I fight over little things, like who said what about who. But, we just bring it up with each other, and no more then 2 days later, we hug and make up. Once, we fought over a boy, and at the end when we weren't fighting anymore, neither of us still liked him!!!! "
--Erin, 11

"My best friend invited my sister to dinner when I was at the mall. I was so mad when I got back and my sister wasn't home."
--Katie, 11

"If I do not play with her or she takes things I am using. [We fight about] very stupid things."
--Rebecca, 10

"Me and my friend Maria fight about stupid things, like, she has a friend who will be the craziest person you have ever met, and I totally hate her. She is such a jerk!"
--Alex, 10

"My friends and I fight about really stupid things. Like, if someone didn't get to be the captain of a game, they will whine like a little baby. Or when someone heard that someone said something about him or her, they get all mad. A way to fix this is by going up to the person very calmly and asking them if they said it. Usually, it's just a rumor. I do that instead of yelling at the person."
--Magan, 11

"When my friend and I get in fights, we just don't talk for a while. Then, she eventually calls me, and I go to her house, or she comes to mine."
--Ashley, 13

"Me and one of my friends are fighting because I caught her in a lie, and she tried to deny that she said it. Also, she has been acting really two-faced around me lately. But, I'm not tripping over it, because she really wasn't that great of a friend n*e*wayz."
--Tenia, 9

"Pretty much anything and everything. We have three main girls in our group, and sometimes we are all mad at each other at the same time. It gets pretty bad, but we get over it. We just talk to each other, and end up laughing over it."
--Starla, 13

"My friend and I fight about our other friend. We get jealous when one of us is with her. I try not to, because I know I'm her best friend. We work it out by just all trying to get together so that none of us gets jealous."
--Jessica, 13

"We fight about silly things, like, a lot of kids pick on me because of my ears, but I always have my pack. But in that pack, there is always someone who makes fun of me, and half the kids take my side, and half take the other person's side. To become friends again, we just send someone to go tell the other person, 'I'm sorry,' or vice versa."
--Jessica, 10

"My friend and I were getting along so great, then we had this school project, and everything I suggested, she never wanted to do. I tried talking to her, but she wouldn't listen. Then she said I was being mean and selfish. I was still calm, but then she started saying mean things right in front of me. I got so mad at her, and we still haven't gotten along. Oh, and by the way, our project turned out HORRIBLE."
--Melissa, 9

"My friend is mean. She almost never lets me play with her. She thinks I make faces at her. I end up wanting to go home. She moved to North Carolina."
--Kate, 9

"If I buy an outfit, and my friend goes out and buys the same outfit, we argue about who had it first. We work it out by saying that we both have real good taste, because we have the same outfit, and we both wear our outfits."
--Brittany, 13

"My two best friends always fight over silly things, like if they find something, they fight over who saw it first and who gets to keep it. I don't know what to do to make it so that I don't have to take sides."
--Sarah, 11 "Me and Jillian had a big fight. Jillian's friend Emma told Jillian to kick me on the swing, because I accidentally kicked her on the swing. They both ran away from me, ran in the house, and locked the door. I didn't see Jillian for one week after that. After that week, Jillian and I talked it out, and now we are friends again!"

"When me & my friends fight, we usually fight about feeling left out, or someone hogging the school talent show. But, we always work it out."
--Tabitha, 8

"I have this one friend, and we fight sometimes. I don't like it when we do, because she starts to call me names, and tells other kids not to play or talk to me, and I feel very sad about that. And I feel so bad that I don't say anything about it to her, that she hurts me when she does that, but we will be friends again later. And sometimes she lies about me, and that's not nice. What should I do?"
--Lilleen, 8

"My friend likes my brother more than she likes me."
--Jennifer, 9

"Me and my friends fight over the dumbest stuff, like what each other said or did. I hardly fight with Melissa and Kaycie, but me and Sarah fight all the time (24/7). I think it is because we spend so much time together. We spent 1 week in Virginia Disney River Ranch quad racing, plus school, and now middle school. She talks a lot in class, and gets me in trouble all the time, and never drops the subject of us not being friends when we are mad at each other. She always asks me to be her friend, and I tell her no because she blabs all my secrets to the class and embarrasses me."
--Paige, 11

"Brianna, my friend, and I fight about which boys are cute and which are not. We both are ten, so it shouldn't matter, but it does, so I just agree with her."
--Da'Pree, 10

"Me and my BEST FRIEND fight about other people!! I know, it is stupid!! The day after my sister and I took them to Six Flags, they both got mad at me because they said that I said I hate a girl they like. And 1 of the girls says she doesn't even like her, but they said to be their friend I have to be her friend!! I always feel like I am the BAD PERSON!!!"
--Hannah, 11

"My friend and I talk about how we dis', like, each other's friends, so I just apologize, stop talking, and change the subject."
--Da'Pree, 10

"My friend is always talking about people (including kids/children/adults/parents), and she always tries to pick a fight by calling people names."
--Bri, 11

"Me and my ex-best friend, like, hate each other. Well, I don't hate her, I want to be friends again."
--Amie, 13

"My best friend and I are in a fight, because we both like the same boy, and she is trying to make me jealous, saying that they kissed and everything, when that's not even true. I really like my best friend, and I want to apologize, but I don't know how to."
--Kate, 11

"This girl, Kristi, was friends with my friend, Courtney, and Kristi wouldn't let Courtney be my friend!"
--Brittany, 11

"My friend, Olivia, is 13, and she doesn't want to be friends with me anymore, because she finds it embarrassing that I am 3 years younger than her. We talked it out, and we said that we can have different times and days for each other. In school, and on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, she'll be with her 13 year-old friends. After school and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, she'll be with me. Sunday is our day of family time, no friends at all, except we might see each other at church."
--Kaylee, 10

"My friends fight about 'he said, she said,' and it's hard to get them to be friends again. It's always about that. As soon as someone talks about them, they are ready to fight."
--Ashley, 12

"Hi, I wanna know why every day me & my best friend always fight, because she has to baby-sit, and I don't get to see her anymore, and it's like the baby that she is watching is MUCH more important than me. She gets to go out everywhere. When she sees movies, she doesn't even ask me if I wanna see it with her. But every time I go to see a movie or go out, I ask her! HELP!!!"
--Brittany, 11

"My BFF all of a sudden started ignoring me! She invited some people who we hate to her house. All week, I was waiting by the phone to get an invitation to come to her house to hang out…She never called! Then she sent me an e-mail saying I needed to stop being so jealous! We haven't talked in two weeks or so, and I don't know why. She just hasn't called…I want to call her, but I am scared we will get in a fight!"
--Jackie, 11

"We normally like to fight about name-calling. My friends have a problem with calling people names."
--Esther, 12

"My friend is mad at me, because I don't like her other friend, and I tried saying sorry, but she ignored it. And I feel really bad about it."
--Kendyll, 11 "I have this friend, Brianna, she is cool, and this friend, Jenny, she's not, and they are fighting over which one is my best friend."
--Amy, 10

"Normally, it's about a rumor that a girl in my class tells me about my friend, and then we fight. But later, it's cool again."
--Lizzie, 10

"Me and my best friend in the world sometimes fight over the same boy. And, whenever I like a guy, she likes the same one. Once, she hugged my boyfriend when I was standing right next to her. What should I do next time?"
--Anonymous, 11

"Sometimes we fight about little things, and it turns out to be something big. When I want to settle a fight, I just call them, close my eyes, and say sorry. Most of the time, it works."
--Deanna, 11 "I hate it when my friends fight. They fight and fight, and most of the time they blame me! Other times, they forget about me, 'cause they get so caught up!"
--Ashton, 10

"My friends and I fight about how immature the other is acting. But in the end, we all are."

"Me and my friend argue a lot, but I still have to pretend to like her. Sometimes I like her, sometimes I don't."
--Holly, 9

"We're fighting, because I told my mom something that she told me not to tell, and my mom told her grandpa, and her grandpa told her that I said it, and my mom was the one that said it."
--Sara, 12

"We fight over boys. We work it out by saying that boys aren't worth it."
--Marquita, 12 "When me and my ex-best friend, Meagan, would fight, we would get really mad at each other and not talk. We usually made up, but one day she pushed me over the edge, and I told her that we shouldn't be friends anymore. So now, her friends always yell at me for that, but I decided I did what I had to do."
--Allie, 12

"When me and my friends fight, we fight over the stupidest things. The only way we work things out is by saying sorry or talking things over. That always helps for me."
--Daniela, 10

"My best friend gets in fights with people a lot, so should I help him fight or step out?"
--Matt, 10

"Hi, I have friends at school, and they're, like, a group. Well, the leader thought I was annoying, but I haven't done anything. What should I do?"

"I was fighting with my friend about a cookie. I wanted the cookie, and so did he, so we broke it in half."
--Sarah, 10

"Once upon a time, there was a girl who always got her way, and never let anyone play what he or she wanted to play, unless she liked it. Soon, I changed all that, but we ended up fighting. I don't think I like her as much as I do April."
--Holly, 9

"Three days before my last day at school, my best friend, Paula, and I got in a fight. We did not talk to each other. I thought that night, if I don't tell her I am sorry, I might lose my best friend forever. I decided to say I was sorry instead, but it was too late, she did not go to school that day. I was going to a different school that she was going to. So, because I did not say I was sorry, I lost my best friend forever."
--Anonymous, 11

"We fight about lying, taking sides, and talking bad about each other behind our backs."
--Christine, 10

"I have fights with my friends, and I always try to say I'm sorry. So then, I ask them what's wrong, and if it was my mistake, I try not to do it again. See I'm a leader type person and I have certain qualities that people like and some qualities that people dislike. So for the disliked qualities I try to change them into likable qualities. The way I solve my fights with my friends is that I either talk to them or just think of a way for them to enjoy my company as a friend. Believe me, the true friends are the ones that don't fight with you more than your superficial friends."
--Harneet, 12

"This girl always tells lies on people, like me, and gets them in trouble. She always tells people that I talked about them, even when I didn't. Then, she told everybody that the reason I made the cheerleading team was because I was fat, and they needed someone to be the back watcher just in case someone falls, and that really hurt my feelings. But the bad part about it is that I thought we were supposed to be friends. Then, when I found out that people were saying that about me, and telling me that she said it, she comes to me and says that she didn't say it."
--De-De, 12

"Me and my friends fight about boys. We solve the problem by talking about it."
--Ashantia, 13

"My friends and I talk about why we're mad at each other, and why we did whatever we did."
--Caroline, 10

"My friends and I fight about the problems our friends make for us. They don't want us, me especially, to hang around with my best friend. We work things with words, and by telling what we did wrong. But you know what, they are still my friends, and nobody can change that. We know what we did wrong, and we are best friends."
--Patsy, 10

"Me and my friends fight about really stupid things, like when my best friend said that I was ugly, and it got to the whole school. I was really hurt."
--Cameron, 11

"Me and my friend, Bonnie, had a fight, because I wouldn't tell her why I was busy. She got mad and said it was my fault, and we started fighting online. Then she said she was sorry, and we were friends again."
--Angela, 9

"Me and Katie are best friends, but sometimes I want to play with Tanner, and we become enemies because she doesn't like her. We stay enemies for about a week. What should I do?"
--Devyn, 9

"Me and my best friend sometimes fight over stuff, like, who looks better, and if I get mad at her."
--Ciera "First of all, my friend starts the fight all the time. I ask her why she tells boys stuff about me, that I'm too skinny and I walk slow. She doesn't want to work it out. I express my feelings, and she doesn't care. It's always her! Her! Her! Her!"
--Jeannie, 8

"See, me and my friends made up a club, but me and one of my club members are always arguing about something. I really don't know what to do or say. But I was hoping I came to the right place."
--Janayah, 10

"Okay, one day, I went to school, and my friend's crush asked me out. I said yes, then my friend found out and started yelling at me. He is the most popular guy in school. He is nice and he is a hottie. I told my friend that I couldn't help it if he liked me better. She got mad, but she went out with my crush, and I didn't get mad."
--Brandy, 13

"Me and a friend of mine got into a fight, and I don't know how to tell him I am sorry. But it was both of our faults, we played jokes on each other. But I want to be the bigger person and say sorry first."
--Rica, 12

"Me and my friend got in a fight because she wouldn't stop trying to put a Band-Aid, that I didn't want, on a scratch. I know that sounds funny, but anyway, we made up on that, but got in a bigger fight about her not going 2 the movies. Our moms got in a fight, and she hasn't spoken to me since."
--Kaylyn, 12

"My friend, Patience, and I fought once, because I didn't want to be her friend anymore. We made up, but even to this day, I STILL don't want to be her friend."
--Taylor, 9

"When me and my friend fight about something, we give each other room or time to cool off, and then we make up."
--Alyna, 12

"Hello. Me and my friend, Maria, fight about, like, when she sits at my desk and messes it all up. I tell her, 'You better not sit at my desk,' and then we aren't friends anymore, until I call her and tell her that I am sorry. Then she says, 'That's okay,' then I tell her I miss her, and we get back to being friends. I just can't leave my friend Maria without any friends, that's why she has me."
--Linda, 11

"Even if you're not in the wrong, you should say sorry."
--Cleo, 12

"Rodnicka and I fight about sharing things."

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