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Great Books About "When Friends Fight"

Fiction Books

Waiting for the Rain
by Sheila Gordon
Set in apartheid-era South Africa, this is the story of Frikkie and Tengo, two friends from different ethnic and social backgrounds.

Just As Long As We're Together
by Judy Blume
Rachel and Stephanie are best friends until a new girl, Alison, moves into the neighborhood and changes things.

Bridge to Terabithia
by Katherine Paterson, Donna Diamond (Illustrator)
Jess is the fastest runner at school until Leslie, a new girl, manages to beat him. They develop a friendship and together create an imaginary kingdom in the woods called Terabithia

Horrible Harry and the Dragon War
by Suzy Kline, Frank Remkiewicz (Illustrator), Frank Renkiehicz (Illustrator)
Song Lee and Harry are best friends forever until a school project about dragons threatens to tear them apart.

Freak the Mighty
by W. R. Philbrick, Rodman Philbrick
Embarrassed by his slow cognitive abilities and his huge size, Max resigns himself to a life as a misfit until he meets Freak, a tiny person with a genius I.Q., who teams up with Max to form a special bond.

Best Enemies
by Kathleen Leverich, Susan Condie Lamb (Illustrator)
Priscilla starts at a new school and meets Felicity Doll, who is as dangerous as an enemy as she is as a friend.

That Was Then, This Is Now
by S. E. Hinton
Mark has lived with his best friend Bryon ever since his parents died, but now something is changing between them. Is it Cathy, Bryon's new girlfriend?

by Alice Hoffman
Two best friends share a mysterious secret: a mermaid at the bottom of the pool.

The Girls
by Amy Goldman Koss
Maya thought she had a great group of friends...until they suddenly "drop" her and won't explain why.

Non-Fiction Books

Itís My Life: The Guide To Friendship
By Jennifer Castle and Deborah Reber
This book, based on "It's My Life" tackles the big questions such as: "How can I make friends?"; "How can I help a friend in need?"; "What do I do when my friends and I get into fights?"; and "What if I feel like I need to end a friendship?" Filled with expert advice, comments from teens and tweens, polls, quizzes, journal pages, "Thinksheets" and more.

The Care and Keeping of Friends
by Nadine Bernard Westcott (Illustrator), Sally Seamans
This book has lots of advice for making friends and being a friend, with crafts, quizzes, and creative ways to celebrate all your special friendships

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