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When Friends Fight: Make Peace, Not War

When things are going great with our friends, life is good. When things are going not-so-great, life can turn super-crummy, super-fast. Many of you wrote to us to share your experiences and questions
about what happens when friends fight.

  • Sydney, 11, was confused because she heard a rumor that her best friend was talking about her.
  • Jordan, 10, wonders if you can still love someone after they make you mad.
  • Jasmine, 9, feels a lot of pressure when she gets into a fight and knows her side of the fight is wrong.
  • Emily, 11, told us that her best friend tells a lot of "little lies" and now she doesn't trust her anymore.
  • David, 12, and his best friend got into a big fight and although he wants to apologize, he doesn't know how to do it.
  • Krystal, 10, and Jennifer, 10, are both sad because their best buds don't seem like they want to be friends with them anymore.

The truth is, even the Greatest Friendship In The World will run into some bumpy spots. Everyone fights with his or her friends every once in a while, whether it's a small misunderstanding or an atomic blow-up. Because our close friends mean so much to us, fighting with them can make us feel hurt, angry, frustrated, and deeply sad.

Our thanks to Deborah Hardy, President, New York State School Counselor Association, for her contribution to this topic.

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