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Crushes: From the Mentors

From Jenna
I remember when I was 10, I had the biggest crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT, from Home Improvement). One summer when I was at sleepaway camp, I taped posters and pictures of him above my bed so that I could look at him before I went to bed. It was definitely my biggest celeb crush! Eventually my obsession died down, and I went on to liking boys that I knew. It's totally normal to have crushes on famous people when you're young. It's fun, especially because you can't get hurt!

From Jaron
Crushes are the most frustrating when you're trying to get someone's attention. I think that in order to do this, the best way to do it is by just being YOU. Your crush should see you for who you are. Another one of my rules is that when it comes to crushes, it's important to treat other people the same way you would want to be treated. I did find myself in a "three's a crowd" situation once. I was trying to "be better" than my friend to win the person I liked over to my side. But believe me, that is the WRONG thing to do. I almost ruined my friendship over a girl. Always put your friendship first.

From Tiffany
Oh my gosh, how scary is it to confess a crush? Especially when you tell someone who isn't the crush and you expect them to keep it a secret. When I was younger I had so many crushes that it was unbelievable. Now I have a crush every now and then, but it's only for a few days. I think everyone has at least one crush turn them down, and that's normal. Yeah, it hurts like heck, especially when you extremely like the person, but as long as he or she turns you down nicely, you get over it. It helps to keep in mind that maybe this person sees that the two of you are just not compatible. It's better to know that before trying to start a relationship and finding out it's just completely wrong. I've also crushed on adults...too many! I think that as long as you realize that your crush is an adult and you can only admire this person, you're okay. Think of it this way: an adult crush is older and (supposedly) more mature, and might feel the things you like are childish. So my advice is to stick with crushes in your age group. At least that way there's more on a chance that you'll get along, and possibly get together even if just as friends.

From Joyce
One of my biggest crushes was on the most popular boy in school. I had no idea how to get his attention. I tried to smile at him when he walked past and casually say "Hi." Another good thing to try is to get to know people who know him, and ask questions like "What's his e-mail address?" I got my crush's e-mail and I sent a message to him, casually saying, "I love to get to know people through e-mail and I just got your address somehow." I was actually trying to make it sound like he's just one of the crowd. That was the most comfortable way for me to start getting familiar with him!

From Mikey
It can be very difficult to get someone's attention, especially if they're popular and a lot of people are trying to get their attention. I think the best way to get someone's attention is to try and talk to him or her alone. When guys or girls are with other people, especially friends, they tend to be less outgoing than when they're alone and have nobody to rely on. If you can talk to that person alone, he or she will probably devote all of their attention to you.

From Cyntianna
When it comes to dealing with someone who likes you, but you don't like back, my mom once gave me some great advice. She reminded me that it's very hard for most people to admit their crush, so if you don't like a person back, it's really important to be nice and let him or her down gently. I think it's also a good idea to tell the person that although they're really nice, you'd like to remain "just friends." He or she will probably feel let down and maybe embarrassed, so make it a point to say "Hi" when you see him or her. Maybe you'll end up with a new friend out of the whole thing.

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