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Crushes: Celebrity Crushes

Who doesn't have a crush on a celeb?

Margo, 12, likes Tom from Blink 182 and Billy from Good Charlotte.

Katie, 12, told us: "My celebrity crushes are Jimmy Fallon and Indiana Jones (yes, I know he's not real.) There is no fear of rejection. In all likelihood, you will never meet this person. Also, no one will make fun of you for liking this person."

Celeb crushes are mostly safe, fun, ways to test our feelings of love and attraction. Sometimes, though, we get so into a celeb crush that it actually starts to hurt, or take up way too much of our attention, time or money. Here are some tips on how to enjoy celebrity crushes:

DON'T go overboard. It's easy to get caught up in the hype and convince yourself that you really know this person you have a crush on, and that if he or she met you, it would be love at first sight and you'd live happily ever after. That's a cool fantasy, and it should stay that way! Of course, nothing's impossible, but if you find you really start believing that you have a future with your celeb crush, it might be time to come back to earth.

It's fun to have a star's poster or pictures all over your room, or to read everything you can about him or her. Keep in mind, though, that the people involved with this star -- a movie studio, a record company, a manager or agent -- want you to get really obsessed. The more money you spend on magazines, CD's, DVD's, t-shirts, and all that other stuff, the more money they make!

DON'T let it affect your actual relationships. Crushes on celebs or fictional people can be a nice break from the pressures of the real world, but our imaginary lives should never be more important than our relationships with real people like parents, siblings, and friends. If you spend more time watching tapes of your favorite show than hanging with friends, or if you get into real arguments over your feelings for a star, then you're spending too much time and energy on the fantasy. Plus, you might be so star-struck that you'll miss out on a real-life crush!

If you feel silly or strange about your celeb crush, it might help you to know that even celebs have crushes on other celebs. Take a look at this list of famous folks who have admitted their celeb crushes, past and present!

'N Sync
Lance Bass
thinks Shania Twain is super-cool.

JC Chasez has crushed on Michelle Pfeiffer and Naomi Campbell.

Joey Fatone has admitted a crush on Demi Moore.

Chris Kirkpatrick has no doubts about Gwen Stefani.

Justin Timberlake used to think Janet Jackson was all that.

Selma Blair found herself all googly over American Beauty's Wes Bentley.

Kirsten Dunst says her first crush, which will "last forever," was Johnny Depp.

Michelle Branch feels the Force is with her and Hayden Christensen.

Mary J. Blige has admitted she had a teenage crush on Michael Jackson.

Eve used to cut out pictures of Michael Jordan from Wheaties cereal boxes to put on her bedroom walls.

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