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Crushes: Embarrassing Crushes

You can't help it. You think he's cute, even though all your friends think he's King of the Dorks. Or you'd really just like to get to know this one girl better, despite that weird rumor about her keeping an insect collection in her locker.

What do you do when you feel you have to keep your crush a secret because of what others might think? Well, there's nothing wrong with keeping your feelings to yourself. But you might want to ask yourself if you're putting everyone else's opinions before what really makes you happy. Here are some things to remember:

DON'T see your crush through other people's eyes. If some of your friends don't like your crush or think that liking this person is somehow wrong, don't take their word for it. Maybe they just don't know your crush like you do. Maybe they think they're helping you avoid a broken heart. Talk to your friends about why they feel the way they do about your crush, and explain to them why you feel the way you do.

DON'T worry too much about how others might judge you. Everyone judges. We can't change that. What we can change is how we let it affect how we live our lives. You may be afraid to show that you like someone because of what your friends might think or do. But if you feel strongly that someone is special and worth being around, it's important to stay true to that. A real friend will try to see someone the way you see her or him, and respect you for following your heart.

DO think for yourself. So, what happens if you hear some horrible rumor about your crush? Don't believe it…at least, not until you can find out the truth for yourself. If you're having trouble getting past the "label" that others have given your crush (like "geek" or "rich kid"), get to know him or her as an individual, and try to judge this person honestly and fairly.

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