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Have you and a friend ever crushed on the same person? How did you deal with it?

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Crushes: Affairs of the Heart Cupid
Ba-boom. Ba-boom. There go your heartstrings. That person across the room is making your legs feel like Jell-O, and all you want to do is stare.

Topics on Crushes:
Affairs of the Heart
Confessing A Crush
Ouch! Denied!
Embarrassing Crushes
When You Don't Crush
Three's A Crowd
Celebrity Crushes
Crushes on Adults
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The Square Dancing
2 + 1 = Enemies
A Crush Come True?
But if you stare, he or she will (a) know you like him or her, or (b) think you're a total weirdo.

You know that the two of you would be perfect together, but you're worried that he or she (a) has no idea you exist, or (b) knows you exist but doesn't like you back.

If you tell your crush about how you feel, his or her reaction might (a) be the beginning of something really cool and special, or (b) leave you totally rejected and heartbroken.

You're convinced that your best friend either (a) likes the same person and will get there first, or (b) thinks your crush is a total geek and will think you're a geek by association.

Then there's that person who likes you but you don't like her or him back. You could (a) reject him or her and feel bad about it forever, or (b) figure out a way to let him or her down easy and maybe you'll end up being friends.

Crush. Why does the whole thing have to be so COMPLICATED?

When it comes to romance, nobody has all the answers. The smartest, most beautiful, most successful people on the planet still have trouble in the heart department. Just look at Britney and Justin!

Still, there are ways to make it all easier…and less painful. Read on, and you'll get some great ideas and tips for dealing with crushes, starting with Confessing A Crush!

Printables Explore the topic of crushes a little deeper with a printable IML Journal page and discussion questions to bring up with a parent or guardian. Also, check out our list of fiction and non-fiction books about crushes!
Our thanks to Josephine Schiff, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., for her contribution to this topic.
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Tough Crush Canyon
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Tough Crush Canyon

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What do you look for most in a crush?
Good looks
-- From Christina, 11

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