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You Said It
Have you and a friend ever crushed on the same person? How did you deal with it?

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A Crush Come True?

Every time Tonya passes Shawn in the hall, she feels like she's going to trip over her feet. Most of her friends think that Tonya is really smart and funny, and she never has trouble finding the best thing to say in any situation. But when Shawn is around, her tongue gets tied in knots. One time he was standing in front of her locker talking to another guy, and Tonya thought of a perfect, charming way to ask him to move so she could get at her books. But when she opened her mouth, nothing came out! She ended up staring at him until Shawn's friend

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The Square Dancing
2 + 1 = Enemies
A Crush Come True?
Randy laughed and asked her if everything was okay. She felt like dying right on the spot!

Every time there's a school event, like a field trip, a chorus concert, or a soccer game, Tonya feels like asking Shawn if he'll sit next to her. But because she's certain she'll just look like a fool or say something stupid, she does nothing. Still, her feelings for Shawn don't go away.

One day, she hears from one of her friends that Shawn is totally crushing on her, but he's too shy to talk to her! Tonya wants so badly for this to be true, but now she doesn't know what to do next. Could it be that they're both feeling the same way?

Cast Your Vote!
1. What do you think Tonya should do now?
Write Shawn a note, telling him about the rumor she heard and
        confessing her crush.
Ask one of Shawn's friends to find out for sure if the rumor is true.
Wait for Shawn to do something. If he really likes her, he'll go for it.

2. What do you think Tonya could have done to get
    over her shyness?

Practiced talking to Shawn in the mirror, then trying it in person.
Tried to talk to Shawn when she had a friend with her for
        moral support.
Gotten Shawn's e-mail address or IM info, and started "talking"
        to him that way.

3. What do you do when you find yourself too shy to
    talk to someone you like?

I keep my feelings to myself and hope they eventually go away.
I tell my friends about my crush and hope he/she hears about it.
I summon the courage to write or speak to my crush.

4. When you hear a rumor about what someone thinks
    of you, how do you usually find out the truth?

Ask one of my friends to talk to him or her, and get the real scoop.
Ask other people if they've heard the rumor. If enough people have
        heard it, it must mean it's true.
Ask the person directly, either face-to-face or in a letter.

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