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Have you and a friend ever crushed on the same person? How did you deal with it?

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2 + 1 = Enemies

Sadie and Allison have been best friends since third grade. They share clothes, CD's, and even a fun crush on the hottie star of their favorite TV show. But lately, things between them have gotten tense. Julio is a new student who transferred into school last month, and both Sadie and Allison instantly thought he was really cool.

At first the girls thought it was really fun that they both liked Julio, and they could call each other up and talk about what he wore to school that day, or what it would be like

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The Square Dancing
2 + 1 = Enemies
A Crush Come True?
to get to know him better. But when the girls started talking about how they might actually try to be friends with Julio, trouble started. First, Sadie arranged to pick him as her partner for a Social Studies class project, and Allison wouldn't speak to her for two days. Then Allison got Julio's e-mail address and sent him a message telling him not to trust Sadie, which led to the biggest fight the friends have ever had.

Now there's a rumor going around that Julio really likes a girl in class, but won't say who it is. Both Sadie and Allison hope it's them, even though each one knows how it will hurt the other. They haven't been able to be nice to each other for a week now, and the sad part is, it's getting to the point where it's not really about Julio anymore. They're not sure if their friendship will ever be the same.

Cast Your Vote!
1. What do you think about Allison and Sadie's

It's normal. I would have done the same thing.
They should have decided early on who could have the crush
        on Julio.
It doesn't seem like they really deserve to be friends.

2. What do you think Allison and Sadie should do
    if Julio admits a crush on Sadie?

Sadie should turn down Julio for the sake of her friendship.
Sadie should go out with Julio and see if Allison can deal with it.
        If Allison can't, Sadie should break up with him.
Sadie should go out with Julio, and if Allison can't be happy for her,
        maybe their friendship isn't meant to continue.

3. If you absolutely couldn't make them both work out,
    would you ever choose a crush over a friend?

No, never! I'd give up the crush if I had to.
Only if the whole thing proved that he/she wasn't as good a friend
        as I thought.
Yes I would, and hope that my friend and I would eventually
        make up.

4. Have you ever had a "three's a crowd" situation and
    been able to make things work out with your crush
    and your friend?

No, I've never been in that position.
Yes, and I was able to keep my crush and my friend.
Yes, but I had to give up one to save the other.

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