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Have you and a friend ever crushed on the same person? How did you deal with it?

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Read each of these tales of romance and friendship. Then, vote your opinion…and see how everyone else voted!

The Square Dancing Square

All the girls in 7th grade think Connor is the cutest guy in school. Last Valentine's Day, Connor must have gotten a dozen cards.

For one week every year, gym class turns into square-dancing class. Almost everybody hates it, except Mary, who actually knows all the steps and moves! Gossip among the popular girls has it that

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The Square Dancing
2 + 1 = Enemies
A Crush Come True?
Mary has actually taken square-dancing lessons outside of school. What a total freak!

When it comes time to divide into dancing groups, all the popular kids, including Connor and his friends, quickly huddle together. The groups form up so quickly that Mary is left standing on her own. Mr. Mathers, the boys' Coach, puts Mary in Connor's group, making everyone crack up. But Connor's big secret is that he really likes Mary and is afraid to admit it. She's really sweet, smart and shy, and there's just something about that combination that really appeals to Connor.

When the dancing starts, Connor really likes having Mary as his partner, but later, when his friends tease him, he denies liking Mary. The guys buy Connor's story, but he feels terrible. He really wants to ask Mary out, but he's sure his friends would give him a hard time about it. A few weeks later, Connor finally gets up the courage to tell Mary how he feels, but it's too late. He sees her hanging out with Brad Lowry, and it's obvious they like each other. Now Connor feels miserable, and he can't even tell anybody why.

Cast Your Vote!
1. Did Connor do the right thing in denying his crush
    to his friends?

Yes, it wasn't worth being teased.
No, he should have stood up for himself anyway.
It would have been okay, if he'd admitted his crush to Mary and
        then dealt with his friends later.

2. What do you think would have happened if Connor
    had been honest about his crush?

His friends would have stopped hanging out with him.
His friends would have given him a hard time, but eventually
        respected his feelings.
Some friends would support his crush, and others wouldn't.

3. If you have a crush on someone, is his or her level
    of popularity a factor in how you feel?

Yes, definitely.
No, never.
Sometimes. It depends on the person.

4. Have you ever crushed on someone who nobody
    else in your class liked?

Yes, but I kept it a secret.
Yes, and I didn't care what everyone else thought.

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