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Is there someone who bullies you? How do you deal with it?

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.


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"The very reason that there are bullies is that they're hurt. We should be nice to them. They are hurt inside and are trying to defend themselves."
--Corinne, 10

"There is this girl Lindsay that goes to my school. She calls me 'big nose' just because I have a longer nose than others."
--Stacey, 11

"Well, I decided to be 'nice' to him and he did the same to me!"
--Amanda, 12

"There was one kid that used to bully me around by saying that I have a really big nose and stuff like that. I dealt with it by doing this: Just go up to a teacher or any grown up at school and tell them that so and so has been bullying me around. That's what got it to stop. My mom came in and talked with my teacher before school. It really worked!!!!"
--Terry, 9

"I deal with a bully by telling them to BUG OFF!!!"
--Roxie, 9

"My BFF (best friend forever) is kind of a bully. She is always telling me what to do. She thinks she is so perfect in every way. She is one of those girls that loves the color pink and paints their nails and likes to dress up. I am a TOMBOY of course and she just bullies me around."
--Allison, 10

"I deal with it by crying or telling the teacher or come home and tell my mom."
--Lisa Marie, 11

"This guy in my class bullies me by calling me bad words. I deal with it by telling the teacher or principal."
--Naaila, 8

"I talk to my parents, teachers or friends."
--Kristina, 12

"Since I (talked to my friend about it) she doesn't do it to me no more."
--Marlenah, 11

"There is this girl in my grade who thinks she 'all that'. She's always making stupid comebacks at things I say, but her friends think that they are good comebacks. She gets on my nerves."
--Emmy, 9

"I would stay away from them." Jade, 12

"There is this boy at school and he always calls me a 'punk', etc. (but I like him he's cute!)"
--Kristin, 10

"The way I deal with bullies is to simply walk away like they're nobody to you and they'll just leave you alone."
--Clarissa, 10

"If some one ever bothers me I defend myself!!!!!!"
--Melissa, 10

"One time I was playing outside and my next store neighbor came over and pushed me down."
--Diana, 9

"This how I deal with bullies: I leave it alone, or tell someone who is in charge at the time. The only time you should fight is for self-defense, which means don't ever throw the first punch."
--Sydney, 11

"If someone bullies me, I will just tell them I am sorry for what I did wrong. Or, I might just tell my friend. Or, I might run or walk away."
--Ayanna, 10

"Hey, when I was younger I got teased a lot and I really hated it. I didn't tell my parents (which I should have). I went along with (the teasing) and they stopped because they knew it wasn't bothering me. If anyone teases you, please TELL SOMEONE if it goes too far!"
--Jessica, 12

"I have a girl in my class who everybody teases. I always watch to see what happens. Sometimes I feel sorry for her. When it was her first day of school I played with her, but now people are talking to me telling me not to be her friend."
--Codi, 8

"Yes, I try to talk to them first then I tell a grown up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
--Clifford, 13

"I do get bullied all the time. So what I do to deal with it is talk to grown-ups. For example, my parents or school counselor."
--Victoria, 12

"There is a girl who bullies me. She's always been a bully. My friend even think she's a bully and he's her cousin!!!! She tells lies about me and my best friend. She thinks she's 'all that'."
--Nicki, 8

"There is a group of bullies who bullied everyone when I was in the 1st grade. My friends and I met at the big tree on the playground and everyday one of the girls went to see what the boys were doing to helpless little kids. If they were doing something bad then we stayed together in our group. When I moved up to the 2nd grade the boys decided to be nice and our girls' group is fine."
--Jane, 8

"I think that bullies stink and that they just bully you because you are 'SMALLER' than them. Thanks to posters at my school, we don't have many bullies."

"I don't get bullied but I know how it feels because I help kids at school work out problems with bullying. My friend was being bullied and she talked to her guidance counselor. After a while they were able to figure out why this boy was bullying her. It turns out that the boy was jealous of her wealth."

"There's a kid who goes to my school who teased me and called me names. I didn't appreciate it. I told my teacher, she talked to him and now we are friends. You should tell (bullies) how you feel. I am sure they will listen. They probably have never been teased before, they don't know what its like."

"I would tell somebody or talk to them and try to solve it by myself."

I said to a bully once, "Shutup, lard butt or I will punch your nose and you will look a pug dog!"

"I just tell them to go and if they don't they will get in big trouble."

"I have never been bullied but (I know) this one girl in my class who is bullied all the time! I just don't think it's fair. The kids that bully her make her cry. They push her, but sometimes they are nice to her. But that HARDLY ever happens. I want to help her but she won't let me."

"There's a kid on my street who tries to take my backpack away from me almost every day on the way home from the bus. My mom talked to his mom, but I think that only made it worse."

"I sort of just avoid her so she doesnít have the chance to be mean to me."

"Actually, I have a whole group of kids who like to pick on me. I donít know why they do it. They all hate me for some reason. Usually I just try to ignore them."

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