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Are you an immigrant, or do you know someone who is? Tell us about it!

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Me and my parents imagrated form Haiti. Besides the earthquake it is a beautiful country with good food. :)

wait!i take that back. i am moving to brownsvalley.(my brother says its sounds like a nickname for a toilet!)

My first name was named after one of my ancesters who immigrated to th US from Hungary. My middle name was named after another ancestor who immigrated to the US from Germany.

I was born in Iceland. Then I moved to Indonesia. Now I live in the United States. My best friend came from Russia at the beginning of the school year. It was kind of awkward at first, since we didn't speak each other's languages, but now, we understand each other.

I was an immigrant from Taiwan who came to the U.S. in 2010. I felt really nervous and didn't talk to anyone, but now I know it's okay to talk to different people. The more people you know, the better it is.

I am an immigrant because I came here from Germany 13 years ago in 1999. My parents and brother are from Pennsylvania and my sister is from Idaho. I'm so glad to be an immigrant!! <3

It is my frenid megan she came to my birthday party

my parents are from dominican republic and im proud of that its kinda weird because im palish my mom is tan and my dad is chocolate and then my half sister looks some wjhat like me

My parents came to Australia from Sweden.

I've been in the same country all my life.. :)) God Bless the US!! I've lived in the same house for years, but lived on the same street for I rhink about 13 or 14 years.. (Me and my neighbors switched houses lol) I was born in cleveland and am still living there.. :)))

I was born in the Ukraine, moved to Russia when I was 2, moved to Thailand when I was 3, moved to Australia when I was 6, moved to America when I was 8, and when I was 10, I moved back to Australia.

My mom immigrated from the Ukraine to Russia, but I am not sure if that counts.

in the 1800 my jewish family went from germeny to amrica i am glad they left before adolf hitler took it over otherwise they could of gone to auschwitz!

My teacher is an immigrant. She came from Iceland.

I knew one named Jeffery he was very sick when he came here so we took a feild trip to the hospital and we helped the doctor. And we each got a special ribbon. :)

My friend is an immigrant and she just came to this school

rrebecca215, so if your grandfather lived in italy and moved to where u live is it in the same contient? like if i moved from california to texas no your not a immagrant,if u move from california to juneau,alaska no because u still live in the same conintent , but if i move from california to austraila yes i'm a immagrant because i moved to a different conitent called austraila i live in u.s doe so if u need advice ask me

i nevar moved in my life

i never been a immagrant need advice send me a friend request on your secret box to mhlove222

my grandfather is one i think im not sure does it count from itany to wear i live?

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