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What are some of your theme park stories and survival tips?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I LUV ZOOMBEZI BAY! i luved the dolphin dash and barracuda bay...

and the maverick was awesome

i love michigans adventures mad mouse i didnt even scream cause i was so used to all the rides i went on and i love cedar points magnum XL 200

I went to seaworld a few days ago. I went on a net climb but my brother was way to chicken because it was 4 stories high. FFFFFFUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol lol i love the Mad Mouse at michigans advesere lol i was screaming lol who has gone to michigans advenchere


on year i rode the freak out at the i-x center freaking awesome sweet just so amazing it swings side to side but the thing is when it swings it goes 100 feet over the rides next to it and it turns me and my oldest sister who is 27 went on it but my other sister who is 14 was to scared to go on it wow chicken :0

I rode the nighthawk at Carowinds in North Carolina. It flips you upside down where your facing the ground 100 feet in the air. It was so much fun..... Even though I puked........ JUST kIDDING my lesson is DON'T GO ON A ROLLER COASTER WITH A FULL STOMACE.


I went on the Wooden Warrior Roller Coaster 4 times at Quassy Amusement Park. IT WAS SOOOOOO AWESOME!!! Anyone else?

OH YEAH!!!! I RODE THE WILD EAGLE!!! It's the first Wing Coaster in America. The line was like 40 minutes, and it was sprinkling outside, but it was worth the wait!!

Yeah, my sis, when she was 2, got lost at Disney world, on Star Wars weeked. And Star Wars weeked is VERY crowded.

Ferret, LOL! My mom lost her glasses on Tower of Terror!Literatly, on the ride!

I LOVE the roller coasters at Dollywood. I've ridden Mystery Mine (a coaster that goes straight up, upside down, and other stuff), Tennessee Tornado (loop-de-loop) and Thunderhead (A awesome wooden coaster). I love thunderhead and MM the best. I'm also going to go on Wild Eagle, the new roller coaster that's coming this spring, March 23. (tomorrow) I'm also a season pass holder.

i want with my dad brother cousin and her friend. and Grandpa, it was Awesome i want on a lot of roller coaster's!!!!!!!

I love being home alone first we do all our chores then we chillax!

Don't eat right before going on rides, when you do eat make sure it's healthy, and filling. No greasy fast food.

(TJMAXX101), Sorry sis... Mine is still funnier!! :p tehe.. Quick Poll: Everybody look at my last post (as CNDG1234) and tell whose story is funnier.. Mine or my younger sister's.. 3-2-1 GO!! It's on lil sis!! =)) YAYA!!

Well, i went to cedar point with a friend and we had just eaten and we went on the bluestreak and she threw up all over my jacket GROSS!

Hmmmm...I went to Hershey Park with my dance team last summer. We went on this really tall roller coaster that goes straight up and straight down. It's called Fahrenheit. It was really scary. My friend threw up (not on me, thank god) right next to me, and it made me feel really sick after the ride. I got through the day, and had a lot of fun, but that night in the hotel room, we both got sick again. It might have been related, we don't know. But it was awful. It was definitely not worth waiting in an hour long line just to go on a 30 second roller coaster that made us sick.

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