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Do you live in a stepfamily? What are the best parts about it? Whats difficult about it?

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Here's what other kids had to say:


Hi I am Kylie I live in a stepfamily.And my life is crazy.Most of the time i live at my moms house(A)expect every other weekend and in August I live at my dads(B)i label my stuff A & B so i dont lose it At house A the people living there are my mom my stepdad Jim my stepsisters Mary and Evelyn who are 6 and 7 my step grandfather(Jims father)Poppa Every other month Mary and Evelyn go to their moms house At house B there is my dad my stepmom Gina my stepbrother Jack who is 15 my stepsisters MiKayla whos 5 and Emma whose 17 my half brother Andrew who is 8 monthes old the dogs Ruthie and Jamie Jack and Emma are brother and sister they visit their dad every Sunday MiKayla visits her dad well there really is no schedule just when he calls and then picks her up I am alone now I never have any peace Dad and Gina are at the garden center and Jack,Emma and MiKayla are at their Dads and Andrew is asleep -Kylie

ah! in 12 days my crush will be my cousin or something my uncle is marrying his mom so he would be my step cousin can you say very akward oh yea and we have 2 spend 3 weeks at the beach together this summer

When I was 4 my Mom and Dad had enough of eachother and my Mom and I moved to USA and my Daddy stayed in Holland. In USA my Mom foud another boyfriend and decided to get divorced with me Daddy. The new man can throw spells(CURSE PEOPLE TO DO BAD) and one time I got child abouse at about 9- 10. For everything bad I did BAD forced me to write out of a book all day and night and if it was rubbish handwriting i would do it 10 times and not sleep. now am 13my mommys angry at him and we are moving to a diffrent house and living alone. life is so hard :/

My step mom is mean. She doesnt like me and my dads in the army and i don't have a mom so i stay with her and my dad is gone for another 5 months and she spanks me for everything!

My uncle was married to a lady who then dumped him and left my cousin when he was seven. Years later my uncle remarried to this kind woman who was married before and had two sons. My aunt smokes and drinks but she very nice

my friend's mom remarried to a guy who my friend and her sister hate he smokes,drinks and does not let them see their dad and pretty soon she will have a half brother my uncle is marrying for the second time in may my new cousin is the guy i like!

my best friend maggie does her parents split when she was 1. her dad remarried to Danellie when she was 10.danellie had a then 12 year old now 16 year old daughter from before.her dad died when she was 12.her mom remarried to sean when she was 3.sean and her mom had 3 sons together.maggie lives with her mom and sean and halfbrothers.though her dad is dead maggie visits danelle and her stepsister for the month of july

I do live in a step family home. I have a step mom and a step dad. My step mom tends to leave me out and always treats her kids better then me and my older half sister. My step dad accuses me of things, like stealing from him, and I really don't. He has it in my moms head that I do steal from him. It's really hard because my mom was married to this other man (my ex step dad). We moved to my ex step dads when uneasy six, they got married when i was seven, and got a divorce a week before my fourteenth birthday. I had a sister, three brothers, three nephews, and a niece. I miss my ex step dad soo much. My mom and ex step dad have been divorced for about four years and it still gets to me. I wish they could've worked it out. I'm seventeen and its still really hard to deal with.

sealover talk to your mom or dad then maybe they'll help PS no offence but what does that have to do with stepfamilies?

i dont like my stepmom michelle i jux think shes after my dads money. he has a high-paying job an she dont i dnt liyk the way she treats my father either

My Grandpa, my Step-Grandma, and my Grandma, all smoke. First of all, my Grandpa smokes HUGE cigars that cost 15 dollars each and he wonders why I don't kiss him on the cheek like when I was younger. When I tell him why, he gets offended and tries to avoid me for the rest of the day. Second of all, my step-grandma gets very offended when I try to avoid the smell and say something about it. She says, " I'm an adult and I can do whatever I want. Don't be nosy, it's rude. You are a child, I'm an adult, we are not equals. " Third of all, my Grandma smokes 2 packs of cigars each day and she runs out of money and then calls my dad to pay her and if she doesn't take her medicine, she says foul words and says VERY bad things about me and my family. Then, a week later, she apologizes, then, it's just an endless loop. I've tried everything and anything I say offends them or shocks them immensely. I have NO idea what to do. HELP!

i have one stepfather who is in prison for the rest his life and i hate his guts

I have a stepfather and I hate him so much.

My step brother Paul's birthday is the day after mine!! :)) Hes i believe 26.. maybe 27.. we didn't know that until my dad married my step mom..

No. But my friends all have one. Thats really sad. That the dad is funny. Ella Meade said. That your seprate from your real dad. With like all my friends. My friend has a stepdad.. (NOT REALLY) but mom has a BF. So yes. And really much more...

No but some of my friends do

My mom is alone.... and my dad remarried when I was little.. I think it was about 10 years ago.. I was a flower girl in their wedding.. :))... along with my younger and older sister.. Moms still alone...

No but 3 of my friends do but one because of it I don't see too much

My mom has a boyfriend...... and my dad used to have one............ Please help me cheer up!

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