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What do you and your sibling(s) fight about most? Do you solve the problem on your own or get an adult involved?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Me and my brother and sister fight over stupid things. We fight over the remote, who gets to sit in the front seat, ect. But, i get blamed for everything that goes on around the house. If i accendently bump into my brother, he over reacts and screams and I get in trouble. But sometimes i do blackmail them into being nice.

my brother says just because hes older mean he can be more responsiable and can get ipods phone stuff like that before me but my parents say age dosent matter what matters is the level of maturaty

my brother used to love me her asked for a baby siter when he was little and he was so sweet util i was aroud 6 then her started hitting me i didnt get it i would hit back and her would call me hurtful things but my mom would usaly take my brothers side

You know being"The King of Cartoons?Is tough.Especially when your older sister copy's u.Tough she's a plaragrist.It's ok.cause were cool with that.

we mostly fight about who is better at evrything though cus my bro and sis r youngeer than me and i know a lot more things than them i sort it all out by my self

Ever since i was 5 my little brother was in the family. After a couple of years i noticed he got almost everything he wanted, he got all the attention and icouldn't lay a finger on him but he could do stuff to me without getting into trouble. After all those years of being ignored no matter how many times i tried to get noticed it started to leave a hole in my heart and started dying inside. at the age of of 9 i started hurting him because ,well, kids feed of of praise, love ,and happiness, right, well after being ignored i started to hate him because he's the reason why i'm alone in the house i'm the only girl and i have 1 other brother but he always plays with the younger one . I get pretty lonely you know talking to nobody. The only one who actually cares is my dad and grandparents please help me :(

We usually fight about stupid things like how I always do what I'm told so he calls me "a little kiss up" but those fights don't get physical, other fights we have do, and there's no cure. He doesn't care about punishments.

my sister is sooooooooooooooooo so anoyying tell me i'm not the oly one

Gosh, I can't keep it up! My brother always gets more playtime than me! And he always picks on me. He calls me "Angearollie" and "Angapewpew" because my name is Angelina Do ( Do is my last name. It's Vietnamese.) And he always, ALWAYS loves to carry my dog, Chips first. Plus Scout. (Scout is my other dog, a Siberan Husky.) x_x Im probobly gonna die now.....

my sister is super cool

My sister is nice ok.

My sister calls me barbie because i have blonde hair and I USE TO LIKE THE COLOR PINK i dont anymore but she just wont let go of it its getting on my nerves what should i do

Alumm88---IKR IT'S SOOO ANNOYING WHEN THEY KISS YOU ANYWHERE BUT THE CHEEK!!! I know they're not tall enough but...--.-- It's irking...

ARGH!!! I am in a volcano! i have three younger sisters, one older brother and sister. My bro won't leave me in peace. My older sister teases me and calls me fatty. My two sisters follow me 24/7. My baby's ok, though. But, what should i do?

i know its dumb but we fight about toys i try to solve it but all my siblings are boys so they think im kind of weird and i wont solve anything but i will try as hard as i can to do so!

Sometimes me and my little bro fight for fun and me and my sis barly fight.

My mom loves my older sister better than me! she is in College and is very pretty and I am never a competition to her. She knows she's better than me.

My family and relatives favor my older brother and don't even try hiding it.For my birthday my aunt got me some stupid small fish that dies the next week and 3 balloons.Then my brother's birthday was next month and he got a $100 check.I hate this.For Christmas my other aunt got me some clothes and he got an i Pad 2!!!!!

my little sister is so annoying.sometimes i sit on here and she's on four!

Every time I try to talk to my sis for advice she says "shut you're mouth I'm watching a movie" I can not help asking for a new sister.

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