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Raven0921,Your cat has an ailment,eh?Well,first thing's first,ask a vet what to do.Thats always the first thing to do.Second,if you want my advice,here it is-You say that your cat has trouble breathing.Heres the main list for lung irritation-Dust,forgotten litter boxes,cockroaches,(yep) smoke,(if someone in your family smokes,it can hurt the cat as well) mold,allergies,and many other common household chemicals can make it hard to breathe for your kitty.Maybe you can check your house for things that may make your cat's lungs irritated?(sorry about all this knowledge...I'm just an animal freak.)XD

I have an adorable black cocker spaniel named Annabelle. We have a family dog who is Annabelle's sister, Gracie. My sister has a entergetic dog named Noodle. My aunt's cat just had 5 kittens, Ceaser, Charlotte, Charlie, Cecilia, and Callie. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO in love with Charlie.

i love my kitty

my cats not feelling well do you have any segeshionsons how to help him if you arnt talking an iml and you have a segestion please tell me im woried about my kitty he is haveing truble breathing!!!!!!!!!!!!!11☻☻☻☻☻☻:(:(:((:(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(;(;9:(:(:(:(:(:(:((:(:(:(:(((:(::(:(:(:(

I have an Akita, a mutt cross with pitbull and husky, another husky, lots of birds, a turkey and lots of more. gotta go bye!

remember Oakey? Coat:Reverse Brindle(rare, when a coat is brindle with fawn as a base coat) Size huge (daddy was 200 pounds

@PandaLoves I am SOOOOOO sory about your pets that died! I have a cat and a goldendoodle! they are SO cute!

my cats not feelling well do you have any segeshionsons how to help him???????????????????????????

I used to have a Japanese Fighting Fish, named Beta, a Cat-Fish, named Big-Mouth, and an African Dwarf Frog, named Dwarfie, living in the same tank. They all died a few years ago from a sickness that Beta spread. Then I had pet dinosaurs (they were from one of those things that you can buy the eggs at the store and put them into water and watch them grow) and one of them had a growing disorter and it's name was hot dog since it's shell never grew and made it look like a hot dog. Also, I had a dog named Shelby who died of cancer last year. Now I have a dog named Lucy. Also, there was a frog which I named Toby, which would visit me every night. There was also a bird named Sam, which I considered my boyfriend (don't ask) and he would visit every day and watch me. The problem is I haven't seen Toby for a while. Also, ever since I get a REAL boyfriend (the funny thing is HIS name is Sam! Haha) Sam (the bird) won't visit me anymore. Haha

i have 9 pets

aaaawww you guys are so lucky you have pets!if i had a pet, it would be a dog :)

i have a pet fish named sushi! she is so cute and is now 6years old! we got her when she was an egg!

Oh, hey guys! My name is sushiw0lf. Just call me wolf or sushi. I have two dogs. One's a mutt, and one is a awesome Siberan Husky! (They look like wolves. Thats why my user is like that.) The mutt is a half beagle and husky! so long, golden fellows! Yours truely, Ssushiw0lf (call me sushi.)

My grandma has a dog witch is kind of our pet. Her name is Lily. 7 fish and I want a cat but my mom is allergic to them. And my sister wants a kitten and my mom will have to be careful. Cause grandma has a cat!

i love my dog Freddy. He's a pugglge. He love's me and my brother

i love my dog. he's the best. his name is Freddy. he's a puggle.his mom is a pug and his dad is a begle. LOVE FREDDY

I have a 3 year old pug. Her name is "Tiggy", its a bit of a funny name but it fits her perfectly. I love her so much. she is spoiled all the time and i like to give her pieces of chicken under the table when im eatting...hummm... maybe that's why shes getting so fat...:)

I have a dog that is a golden doodle. I also have 3 gerbils. My bro owns a hermit crab.

my pet is a cat it likes to play with a ball we have fun playing to my is sweet tome

well, i have 3 dogs 2 of them are boston terriers there names are chloe girl is 2 she will be three in june and the other boston terrier name is baby dog and she is 11 years old, and i have a boxer her name is jasmine and she will be 2 in july. and a goldfish her name is princess.

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