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What's the worst thing about moving, or having a friend who moves?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I'm moving to traverse city,Michigan and I get to spend a whole week at an indoor water park called the great wolf!!!!

i had so many friends where i uused to live but my least was its like vevery time i'm moving when i meet new people but where i'm living now absoublutely no friends so angry

The worst thing about moving is the change. The change of living in a new place, going to a new school, and having new friends. I have moved 2 times already, and im going to move a 3rd time in about 4 weeks. Im really going to miss my friends. :(

some of my friends are moving.

My dad is in the Air Force, so I move every 3 years. The worst thing about moving is leaving your friends!

I've been to 5 different schools in 7 and a bit years. I hate having to leave all my friends but i guess thats just life. After i moved to the 4 i got a boyfriend but i couldn't tell my parents. Then i had to leave him because i moved schools again. I have been depressed because i guess, well, i loved him. I know I'm only 11 but i still feel depressed almost every day of my life and i just want to scream at the top of my lungs sometimes...

Very sad when a friend moves. When we move it's a struggel giving stuff away ug when we moved from atlanda to orlando was about the most challging thing i have faced moving away from friends giving away almost all my stuff it was crazy but I am over it now i have made new friends now and i enjoy it here in florida the sunshine state.

When my friend moves I get mad or sad because I won't beable play with her or him and that is the reason why I hate for my friends to move

In December my peer tutor/friend told me that she was moving sometime during 2nd semester. On February 2nd she told me that it was her last day. I couldn't help but cover my face and start crying. My friend comforted me, telling me that it was okay and that I could still message her on fb. When school was over I walked to my mom's car, got in, and was hysterical crying. I cried for about 2 hours because I was so upset. At this time I felt that she would never talk to me again after she moved. The next day I went up to the library and my friend was there! She smiled at me and I smiled back. I was really happy to see her! At the end of the school day I went up to her and gave her a BIG hug! When this happened it was very hard for me because none of my friends ever moved away. This was a first. It was very hard but I stayed strong. We both still chat with each other on fb at least once or twice a week. It makes me happy!

My family moves a lot. I've found that its worse when you have a friend that moves that when you move. I know if you move, you have to leave ALL your friends behind. But at least if you move you get to pretty much start part of your life over. When a friend moves you'll just be in the same place doing the same thing as always without your friend by your side.

My parents move a bit frequently, or it might just seem like that to me. I don't like how long it takes to move and you have heavy stuff to take out :p And it's kind of like I settle down in my old house so it's a little hard adjusting to moving. But it's not so bad

my name says it I am moving cuz my parents split from the comfortble beach home in California where my sister,brothers and I all have our own spacoius rooms,tons of friends nearby and the surf seconds away with BOTH my parents to my grandmother's home in Montana where my sister and I will be cramped in a closet where we know nobody and there's no Dad and 3 brothers.you know u never know how much u actulley love ur sibs til ur taken a part.They will be living in a loft in California far from from friends close to the surf all sqeezed together Now I really dont care where we live as long as we are together :(

leaving my church

moving is interesting when you think about it. A fresh start, an new beginning. But my house is up for sale and I am going to miss my tree house, house, everything.I try to think about the positive things which help a little.

my frinend moved and i cant stop thinking aboyt him

Its way better to move at an early age because you most likely wont be as hurt to leave your friends.When your older you are much closer to your friends and are very emotional when you move.

I think my friend Brendan moved to Hawaii. I'm pretty sad, because he was very sweet, but I'm glad he's making new friends at his school!! He was my crush in sixth grade and still is. I miss you Brendan Toki!! <3 You are the BEST!

i really dont move alot but when i do i really dont like it becuase you have to leave friends

i move all the time and i hate it i moved half way into 1st grade then in 2 grade i moved again then in 3rd grade again and it stinks.

The worst thing about moving is leaving friends. But it also is hard to get used to a new lifestyle. So far I have lived in 5 countries and 3 continents. I was born in the Ukraine, moved to Russia when I was 2, moved to Thailand when I was 3, moved to USA when I was 6, moved to Ukraine when I was 6.5, moved to Australia when I was 8 and lived here ever since and I love it.

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